Top 5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Buy iPhone X

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So recently, Apple has just launched a brand new iPhone, claiming that it is the best iPhone in its history – iPhone X. The same day, apple also launch its second-best iPhone series – iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. This launching gives all of us the curiosity – the curiosity to know what exactly are the new features with this high-end iPhone X or Should I spend my hard-earn money on this iPhone X? or maybe go with an Android-based smartphone?

That is a tough question. And to answer it, I brought here with my post today, the Top 5 Simple Reasons You Should Buy iPhone X. You do not need to be a technology geek to read this because I will try to provide the details in simple words. After all, it is you to decide whether it is worthy to go for this brand new iPhone X. (See Official iPhone X video on YouTube!)

#1 Elegant All-Screen Design

iPhone X

For about a decade, Apple has never disappointed us at exterior product design. iPhone X is the first iPhone ever that comes with no home button. I think we all have expected this for ages. First, Apple introduced a phone that end-user can actually touch and feel the software (touch-screen technology). And now it becomes more futurist, an all-screen and no-home-button design.

Even the design of the iPhone X does not have a significant change except the camera and home button. Yet, the look is still elegant and almost perfect. The no-home-button design creates an ideal appearance at the front making it the best smartphone we have ever seen.

#2 Face-ID Technology

Face ID

By giving up the home button, Apple introduced Face-ID as a new feature to unlock your iPhone and proceed your Apple Pay. “So what is so good about this so-called Face-ID?” you asked! Well, to the extent of my knowledge, there are few points that make Face-ID is a futurist technology.

First of all, Face-ID provides far better security compare to Fingerprint technology. The data for fingerprint or touch ID is 1 in 50,000, meaning that it takes approximately 50,000 random people to have similar or the same fingerprint like you to possibly unlock your phone. And that is surprisingly impossible already. Remarkably, the data is 1 in 10,00,000 (1 million) for Face-ID. This would mean a chance of a random person use his or her face to unlock your iPhone X is about 1 in a million. And that how secure it is when we talk about Face-ID.

Second, I would like to discuss its convenient. Face-ID is somehow a brilliant technology. In order to unlock your phone, you are required to look at the phone as you have the intention to unlock it. If you say you close your eyes or you are looking away, then the phone won’t be unlocked. This is to avoid accidental unlock without intention.

#3 Animojo

EmojiSo if you haven’t watched Apple Special Event (September 2020), you probably haven’t heard of “Animoji” either. And yeah, what exactly is “Animoji”? Animoji, as according to Apple, is Animated Emoji. In addition, Animoji used the true-depth camera technology to recognize your face and at the same time creating animated emoji with your voice and your face movement.

Animoji is simply a built-in in Message app. You can record your message using Animoji and send it right away to your loved one. This way, your communication becomes way more expressive than ever before.

#4 Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging
iPhone X, Apple Watch, and AirPods on AirPower CREDIT: APPLE

iPhone X, Apple Watch, and AirPods on AirPower CREDIT: APPLE
So Face-ID is really incredible, providing both security and convenience. Now let’s take a look at the fourth pro point: Wireless Charging.

Wireless Charging is probably what we all expected to see with iPhone X. It is still a surprise and huge change for this new iPhone. This Wireless Charging technology has been around in the market for a few years already. And the good news is, Apple actually use “Qi” a wireless charging standard which is widely used in the industry. What does that mean?

Well, it simply means that you don’t need to stick with only Apple wireless charging for that. You can buy any wireless charging from other manufacturers. This enables you to find a variety of choices of a charger for your iPhone and of course you can spend less money for having this technology.

#5 Processors – The A11 Bionic Chip

A11 Bionic Chip
A11 Bionic Chip CREDIT: APPLE

Almost all phone manufacturers always try to make sure that their new models have better processing units to meet the requirement of their users and Apple is no exception. From time to time, Apple always introduces new processors almost every year. This time, for iPhone X, the processor will be A11 Bionic Chip. So what exactly is A11 Bionic Chip?

The last time Apple introduced A10 Chip with so-called Fusion technology. A10 came with 4 processing cores, 2 of which are called “high-efficient” core and other 2 are called “high-performance” core. But this time, Apple has gone far better. A11 Bionic Chip comes with 6 processing cores. 4 of which are “high-efficient” and 2 are “high-performance” (which apple claims that it is 25% faster than A10).

Now, what does it mean in comparison? According to the article from TheIndianExpress, it did make a comparison between Apple iPhone X and its top Android competitor Samsung Galaxy S8. The score for iPhone X was 4188 in single-core, 10069 in multi-core, while the score for Samsung Galaxy S8 was 2024 in single-core and 6714 in multi-core. This means with A11 Bionic Chip, Apple might perform twice better than its Android best competitor. So next time when an Android-fan friend of your telling you that the new iPhone X is not worth investing with, show him this report.

Final Word

These are top 5 pros of iPhone X that attracts me the most. There are, for sure, more pro than just the above-mentioned. As a human being, our preferences are surely different.

For me, I will entirely go for iPhone X because I am a die-hard fan of Apple and of course, because I want to experience these new technologies. So, What about you? Will you go for that? The decision is yours! Good luck with choosing your smartphone.

In order to understand more about iPhone X, I would like to recommend you to watch the full video of Apple Special Event. September 12, 2020.” On Apple official site.

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