AUVON Waterproof Rainbow Weekly Pill Organizer With Colorful Container

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AUVON Rainbow Weekly Pill Organizer With Colorful Container 1

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When it comes to keeping track on medication, pill organizer is the first thing to have in mind. If you are looking for the best pill organizers, this is the option that you should have in mind. It has everything from convenience to durability that you can trust, and its price is also great as well. To make things easy for you to make your decision, check out my experience below. I got it for my mom because she has to take daily medication for 5 months, and we both like it. You will find all the details in the list below, so feel free to check them out.


The design is important in pill organizers because it brings the convenience of use for you. There are 7 small cube containers in the tube, and each of which comes with different colors. At the same time, there is also a printing of each day on the container as well. This is to ensure that you use the right medicines on the right day which is so easy and simple. Another good thing about the colorful design of the containers also makes it easy for you to find and notice. In case you store it in your bag, you can spot it right away since it is quite colorful. Not to mention that the whole thing is compact and sleek, this pill organizer is so great to have.


Every single item in the package of this pill organizer features the construction from durable and high quality BPA-free plastic. At the same time, this plastic is also food grade which is absolutely safe for daily use. On top of that, you won’t have to worry about chemical or harmful substances at all which is a total plus. You can store all types of medicine in the containers, and their quality remains the same. No matter if it is indoor or outdoor use, this pill organizer is ideal for them all which is super nice.

Easy Use

One of the main purposes of pill organizers is the convenience of use. With separate containers, you can easily bring one compact cube for a day with ease. At the same time, both the containers and the tube are very easy to open and close. It closes securely so that no pills will spill out, and the whole thing is very convenient to use. I like the fact that it is compact either with the whole tube or just a single container. This pill organizer is easy to bring along with and store, and it is ideal for all users out there.


When it comes to protection, there are many things to have in mind. The design of this pill organizer is more protective because it won’t break or crack the medicines. More than that, the main tube is waterproof which means it can protect everything inside very well. By being waterproof, it keeps your medicines from humid environments so that the effectiveness of the pills remains the same. Thanks to the IPX5 material design, this pill organizer is more than just waterproof. It also helps to prevent the pills inside from being damp, breaking, sticking, and tainting. That way, you won’t have to worry that your medicines will lose its quality or shape at all.

AUVON Rainbow Weekly Pill Organizer With Colorful Container 2

Storage Capacity

It is true that there is no one pill a day when it comes to long term medication. This is the reason why I really like this pill organizer. Despite the fact that it is compact and portable, its storage capacity is quite generous. You can use it with all types of medicines from capsules to pills and tablets or more. There is always enough space for all of them along with great protection at the same time.

Another tiny detail that I find interesting about the containers is that they are easy to take the medicines out. Some users have quite big fingers so taking out one or two medicines can be quite uncomfortable. Things are different with this one, and this is why both my mother and I really like it. Small point like this always matters, and it makes daily use extra convenient for users out there.

In Summary

  • It is ideal for everyday use both indoor and outdoor.
  • Everything in the set is compact and portable which is convenient to use.
  • The containers keep the moisture away to maintain the quality of the pills.
  • The containers and tube are durable and waterproof which is very protective.
  • The storage space is large enough to fit multiple and all types of medicines inside.
  • All containers come with colorful design with each day of the week marking for easy use.
  • Both the containers and the tube feature the design from BPA-free and food grade material.

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At some point in life, many of us will need daily medication. The great thing about about this pill organizer is that it is very convenient and easy to use. It comes with both durability and quality along with style that all users can use every day. Not to mention the colorful design with days of the week markings, forgetting is not in the menu. Plus with the reasonable price, you will not regret choosing this option. It offers everything you need in the best pill organizers, so let’s see if you like it too.

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