Top 8 Best 32-Inch TVs That You’ll Love – Review In 2021

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I am not a big fan of the TV. However, my wife and children are. I did not see the need to buy a larger television screen, as I felt that the small one that they used to watch movies with would serve the purpose. Every night, before I could sleep, my wife would pester me that we needed to upgrade just like our neighbors. Well, I fell into the idea, and I took the time to understand why they did not want the small one. After careful thought, I noticed that bigger screens produce high-quality images. Therefore, we decided we were going to buy the best 32-inch TV for our family. Before I could settle for one, I combined a list of several screens that I felt were of high quality. This article will provide information on the best that we have.

List Of Best 32-inch TVs In 2021

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#8. 32 inches 720p LED TV

Sceptre 32 inches 720p LED TV

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By: Sceptre

Whenever the boys and I meet up to play some video games, it would be difficult to share the laptop’s screen because it is small. They suggested that it was about time I upgraded. I sought out for the best 32-inch TV in the market, and I love when I saw the magic that this screen would do for us. We now sit a mile away from it, and the picture quality is very high. With two HDMI ports, I connect my laptop, and I can even use it to watch movies as well.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • You can connect your laptop via any of the 2 HDMI ports
  • Viewers enjoy a high resolution of 720p
  • Gives you an option between the stand and wall mount

#7. 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV

LG Electronics 32LB560B 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV

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By: LG

The previous set that I had had poor quality sound. Soon after I bought it, the bass speaker, including other speakers refused to function. Since I am a music addict, I thought that I needed to buy a TV screen that would let me experience the joy of listening to good music, especially the bass speaker. When I came across this top-quality 32-inch TV screen, I could not complain about anything. I do not need any external speaker to help with the sound. It is clear, and whatever volume level the sound is at, I will enjoy from anywhere in the room.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports for camera, and phone
  • Energy efficient
  • LED backlight feature brings out clear images
  • Produces clear images

#6. D-Series 32″ Class Full-Array LED TV

VIZIO D32hn-D0 D-Series 32 Class Full-Array LED TV

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I heard my neighbors brag about their VIZIO 32-inch TV, and I was quick to check how the TV functioned. I was shocked at how complex but simple to use it was. The menu is straightforward, and you do not have to take time trying to figure out where to find what. I also noticed that you could watch YouTube videos, especially when you need to watch concerts and web series. This was by far one of the greatest 32-inch TVs I saw. Additionally, the sound is marvelous, and the installation process takes a few minutes.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • The TV does not consume a lot of energy when functioning
  • You have access to 2 HDMI ports, and a USB port to connect your hard disk
  • Already installed smart apps
  • Features LED backlight

#5. 32-Inch 720p LED TV

Hisense 32H3B1 32-Inch 720p LED TV

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By: Hisense

My son wanted to lose some weight and wanted a screen that he would use while working out in the workout room. I was a bit hesitant at first when I saw this best 32-inch TV screen. However, this TV’s features blew my mind. This is a perfect screen for such a small room, a game room, or even a bedroom. The resolution of the screen is 1080p; nonetheless, the first resolution you will see is 780p. This makes the picture quality amazing. You can enjoy the picture quality even when you are 4 feet away from the screen.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • 3 HDMI ports, 1 USB port, and one digital audio output
  • Lightweight TV
  • Has 60Hz refresh rate, which helps to minimize motion blur

#4. 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

Samsung UN32J6300 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

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By: Samsung

My son loves to spend most of his time watching YouTube videos on his computer. In the quest to save his aching eyes, my wife and I discussed on how we would spend some money on a smart TV that he would watch with even when he was more than 10 ft away. We got this product from Samsung, and he never complains about his eyes. The browser works perfect, and the picture quality is excellent since it has an in-built WIFI system. It has an Eco-sensor that helps to adjust to the light intensity in the room.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Eco-sensor system that adjusts the picture quality depending on the light intensity in the room
  • It boasts an in-built Wi-Fi
  • 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports
  • Features a quad-core processor, which enhances its response to commands

#3. 32-Inch 720p LED TV

Samsung UN32J4000C 32-Inch 720p LED TV

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By: Samsung

My son bugged me for months that he needed a TV screen for his dorm room. I sought the best for a small apartment like his, and I found this best 32- inch TV set from Samsung. He is thrilled that I had to choose this one for him because of one thing: he likes the screen quality of images that it produces to whoever is watching. I also think that Samsung is very reliable, and their electronics are worth the money. In addition to the quality of images, you will have more ports to attach extra devices.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • The screen has 2 HDMI ports
  • Extra menu features to help adjust the color
  • The screen features a LED backlight technology

#2. 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

Samsung UN32J5205 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

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By: Samsung

After my friend bought this TV, he thought it was not worth the money. It was not until he installed it that he changed his mind. The stands, as much as they are plastic made, are very stable because the screen is light. Another thing that made him recommend it to me is that it has in-built WIFI, which gives you the ability to watch series and movies from NETFLIX, and surf the internet. The menu system is easy to navigate, and it did not take him much time to figure out how to switch from cable to Netflix, or the internet.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • It’s affordable.
  • Stable stands to hold the weight of the TV
  • LED backlight feature, which is amazing
  • 2 HDMI and 1 USB port

#1. 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV

TCL 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV

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One problem we had with our previous TV set was that it would be slow whenever I wanted it to connect to the WIFI. This was a huge frustration and opted for a new TV set. This 32-inch TV set was the best I have ever seen. It connected with the WI-FI within seconds. Besides, mounting it up on the wall took a few minutes. The screen is very light, and when I switched it on, the color quality is fantastic.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • It offers 720p HD resolution
  • You can view more than 4000 channels
  • The screen has 3 HDMI ports and a USB port
  • The screen features a mobile App, which turns your smartphone into a remote control

What To Look For In 32-Inch TVs

Even if 32-inch TVs is the least popular size for TVs these days, they are still good to have. They are compact and space-saving, and their screen quality is also great as well. There are a few things to look for in the best 32-inch TVs, so let’s check them out.

Full HD Resolution

Small screen size does not matter the resolution is crystal clear and bright. Avoid TV resolution lower than 1080P if you want the detail and high-quality images. The best TV to have is the ones with full HD of 1920×1080 display, and that is what you should look for. With this quality, you can enjoy watching movies, playing games, streaming, and more conveniently.

Smart Features

The great thing about smart features is that they improve the utility and entertainment on a TV. Even with the screen size of only 32 inches, you still can stream Netflix, Amazon, and other online platforms easily. This is a great way to spice up your TV at home without having to purchase another streaming stick or box. At the same time, find the ones with Wi-Fi capability since it also supports video streaming and file sharing.

Ports & Inputs

Depends on your purposes of purchasing the TV, the ports and inputs also play a part as well. In case you want to play a game or watch movies on DVD, look for the TV with ports and inputs for those. This also makes your TV extra versatile to use as well they can do a lot of things to entertain you.

Sound Quality

High-quality screen resolution is nothing when the sound quality is not good enough. You can look for rated speaker output specifications to see if the sound quality is acceptable or not. If you don’t like the sound quality that the TV delivers, you probably need to purchase additional woofers or speakers.


This is still a very debatable topic among TV owners out there, but they are quite easy to understand. Both types deliver display through Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), their only difference is the lighting arrangements. Let’s break it down a little bit with us so that you know which type to choose.

LCD TVs have CFL bulbs that serve as the light source. Meanwhile, LED TVs have LEDs as their source of light. LEDs are brighter and more long-lasting than CFL bulbs, and they take less space to fit in. That is why LED TVs are thinner, lighter, and more stylish than LCD TVs. So if you want a TV with brighter and clearer quality with style, then LED is the type that you should go for.

How About Plasma?

Plasma screen is great, and it is better than both LCD and LED technologies. They are more natural and kinder to the eyes, and their screen quality is amazing. However, you will never find a plasma TV on-screen size smaller than 40 inches.

Wrapping It Up!

After careful thought, the best 32-inch TV according to my opinion is the TCL 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV. This smart TV offers great WIFI that is not slow. Therefore, even when visitors come into my house, they can enjoy surfing the internet without any delay while loading. While choosing the best TV screen, be sure to consider how large your room is. You may end up buying a screen that may exhibit low-quality pictures when you are at the farthest end of the room. I know it is difficult, but you have to take your time while choosing the best for you, and your family.

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