Top 4 Best 90-100 Inch TVs You Should Buy Review In 2021

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If you have a large room where you want to hang out with your friends and family members, you need to install a large TV to get the real feel. With one of the best 90-100 inch TV, you will feel like you are sitting in a stadium and watching matches or sitting in a movie theater and watching movies. There are only a handful of such large TVs available, and it is better if you buy quality sound-bars to get an immersive sound experience. Check out the best 90-100 inch TVs below from quality brands having various types of modern features.

Best 90-100 Inch TVs Review List

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#4. 98-Inch Class 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV With Web OS (2015 Model)

LG 98UB9800 98-Inch Class 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV with Web OS (2015 Model)

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By: LG

This is a 98-inch smart television that comes with amazing features. This has multiple inputs like HDMI ports, USB, RF, composite, component, and LAN. It has an effective refresh rate of 240 Hz and includes an IPS panel. Moreover, it has an LED backlight with local dimming. This also comes with a magic remote that lets you use it with ease. This has 4K resolution and features True4K engine pro. It also has an HEVC decoder that easily displays the 4K content.

This has a powerful performance and is in a sleek design. Furthermore, you can mount it anywhere you want. This will allow you to customize your home screen and easily switch between apps. In this, you will also find the feature of smart share, which will enable you to send your files directly from Wi-Fi. Moreover, this has a dual play and also includes outstanding 3D effects. It has impressive audio and lets you enjoy beyond Television.

In Short:
  • 240Hz (Effective) with IPS Panel
  • Measures 98 inches
  • Smart functionality and magic remote
  • Ultra clarity index

#3. 100-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV 2018 (100L8D)

Hisense 100-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV 2018 (100L8D)

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By: Hisense

This is a 100-in TV that is compatible with Alexa. This has a light rejection screen that makes it perfect for different types of environments. It has smart features, and you can easily connect it with a Bluetooth device. Moreover, this has built-in apps that let you stream from thousands of contents. In this, you will also find the feature of DLP technology that enables you to view clear images and is perfect for fast-moving action scenes. It also has laser technology that delivers a range of contrasts and colors.

Furthermore, this has a viewing angle of 180 degrees, and it includes outstanding sound quality. This has dual-band Wi-Fi that has incredible performance. It also has 4K Ultra-HD to provide you with a defined picture. This will enhance your TV viewing experience and is beyond Television. It has more than 8 million pixels and has a Hisense Smart operating system. It is one of the best 90-100 inch TVs to buy.

In Short:
  • Features 100 inch ambient light rejection screen
  • DLP technology for smooth, crisp images
  • Laser technology generates amazing colors
  • Can be connected wireless with other systems via Bluetooth

#2. 90-Inch Aquos HD 1080p 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV (2014 Model)

Sharp LC-90LE657U 90-Inch Aquos HD 1080p 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV (2014 Model)

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By: Sharp

With an effective AquoMotion of 240, this 90-inch TV will provide you a pleasant television viewing experience. This has a full-array LED backlight and has a native refresh rate of 120 Hz. The Television has smart functionality and lets you browse popular apps. It has built-in Wi-Fi along with a web browser. Moreover, this has a powerful performance due to its dual-core processor. This has a slim profile and includes a super-thin bezel. Furthermore, the Television will also allow you to use it in wallpaper mode and enhance the décor of your home.

Moreover, this has optical picture control and automatically adjusts the brightness according to the light. With this, you will be getting two pairs of Bluetooth glasses and convenient remote control. This will let you capture every detail and enables you to see in electrifying motion. In this, you can download the dedicated app and control your Television from your smartphone.

In Short:
  • 120Hz native refresh rate
  • 4 HDMI, 2 USB, PC input, RS-232C, MHL inputs
  • Comes with two pairs of Bluetooth 3D glasses and universal remote
  • Backlit LED and smart functionality

#1. 90-inch 1080p 120Hz LED 3D HDTV (Old Model)

Sharp LC-90LE745 90-inch 1080p 120Hz LED 3D HDTV (Old Model)

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By: Sharp

This 90-inch LED television has smart functionality and will provide you with a fantastic experience. In this, you will find built-in Wi-Fi and comes with a web browser. With this, you can have access to many popular apps and view movies and shows directly from the internet. This is in a sleek design, and you can also mount it conveniently anywhere you want. Moreover, this has many inputs including USB, Ethernet, HDMI, composite video, and audio inputs. This also has an optical output.

The Television comes in a large size and has breathtaking color. It will let you view the crystal clear picture and provide incredible detail. Furthermore, this is a full-HD TV that supports 1080p video resolution. Moreover, this has a full-array LED backlight system, and you will find fantastic sound quality. This has a native refresh rate of 120 Hz and has a pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080. This also comes with a remote for your convenience. There is no doubt that it is one of the best 90-inch TVs to buy on the list.

In Short:
  • Billed as the world’s largest LED TV
  • Full HD active 3D
  • Built in WiFi
  • Smart TV with web browser

How To Buy The Best 90-100 Inch TV?

Before buying a large-sized TV, here are some important things to remember –

Display Parameters

As an audio/visual medium, the display plays an important part for a television set. Generally, the display consists of some vital components and these are as follows-


This particular component of TV determines the color and picture clarity of the unit. You can only witness the HDR mode in TV when you plug into some HD contents. The term HDR means High Dynamic Range.


The contrast is also one of the factors before buying a TV. The higher contrast ratio means better display. The TV with higher contrast level allows you to notice every finest detail of the content on the screen. In that case, the present days’ OLED television sets also have a higher contrast ratio.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate means the numbers of image your TV changes in a second. The higher refresh rate allows you to enjoy the sports and action movies. The measuring scale for this refresh rate is either FPS or Hz.


The resolution means the number of pixels a display contains. The higher pixels rate means higher resolution. The higher resolution also adds clarity to your TV screen and lets you enjoy every single color and shade. According to the market, there are four types of TV resolution available. These are HD ready, Full HD (FHD), 4K and UHD.

Types Of Display

Based on display type, you can categorize a TV in three basic types. They are LED, QLED and OLED TVs. OLED offers perfect black colors, the thinnest screen. On the other hand, the QLED provides a perfect white color with a thin screen. In the case of LED display, you get a thin screen but not perfect colors like the other two types of display.

Connectivity Of TV

Modern-day TV offers your multiple connectivity options. The choice of connectivity option totally depends on your requirement. You get some common connectivity options like USB ports, HDMI ports, and Bluetooth connectivity.

  • USB Port: This type of connectivity mode allows you to plug-in and access files for a digital camera, internet dongles, pen drives, and hard drives to your Television.
  • HDMI Port: With the help of this port, you can make a better and stronger connection with your TV and other devices. Even, you can get better audio and video quality between two devices. This type of port allows you to connect a set-top box, DVD player, Fire TV stick, gaming consoles, and laptops.

In the case of the output ports, you can see these options for connectivity:

  • RCA Audio Output: This kind of output port easily connects with a home theater system and sound-bars.
  • HDMI Arc: You can easily connect a home theater system to your TV by using the HDMI arc.
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack: This common type of output port permits your TV to make a connection with speakers, headphones, and sound-bars.

Sound Quality

Generally, modern-day TV sets come with special crystal-clear sound quality. The sound intensity of TV measures in Watts. The higher watts provide a louder sound. The new generations of TV come with predefined sound modes. Therefore, you can enjoy playing games, watching sports or movies with more definition. Even, the predefined sound modes also automatically tune the volume according to your TV viewing experience.

The recommendable sound systems for TVs for present days are DTS Premium, Harman Kardon and Dolby digital. Apart from that, if you want far better sound, you should plug-in home theater systems or sound-bars.

Smart TVs

These are the latest generation of TVs. You can do multi-tasking easily by using Smart TVs. These Television models allow you to surf the internet and watch content directly from the internet as well. Even if you can watch movies online and play a game. Such TVs also allow you to access social media from your TV. Some of the models have the feature of HD video calling. Moreover, some of these TVs have a camera. Furthermore, the highest calling video function somehow allows you to conduct video conferencing as well. You need to go for higher RAM and high storage capacity. Besides, it should also have a voice control remote.


The larger the screen size of your TV, the better it is for watching experience. If you are more into movies and sports, the larger TVs are a treat for you. Moreover, you can play games, and the experience will be at the next level. We have listed the best 90-100 inch TVs, and you need to go through them minutely and understand the features they have to offer. According to your budget and requirements, you should buy the best one and while buying, keep the buying guide in mind.

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