Top 10 Best Cheap Air Hockey Tables In 2021 Review

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Are you searching for the best cheap air hockey tables? Do you desire to bring the fun indoors? Or are you wondering if you made the right choice when you bought the air hockey table? Well, all these plus more questions will be answered in this review. Just like you, I always engage in this fun activity. At times, I am a bit of an addict. But, it doesn’t hurt to ease the stress once in a while, does it? I have owned and played on different tables. Some have really worked well while other tables were simply never cut from the same cloth. In this review, I have pointed out the very best in the current market.

List Of Top Best Cheap Air Hockey Tables In 2021

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#10. Face-Off Air Hockey Table

NG1009H Carmelli Face-Off Air Hockey Table

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By: Carmelli

This is one of the easiest air hockey tables to set up. It took me less than 3 minutes to have it ready for the game. I love the good dimensions that offer the perfect playing space and the nice design that improves the realistic feel. Coming with two 2 1 /2-inch pucks and two 3-inch strikers, a game on this table is pretty impressive. I love the practical electronic scoring system, stability, and sturdiness.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • 1/8-inch “CARB” Certified MDF material for strength and reliability
  • Electronic scoring system for easy scorekeeping
  • Reinforced L-shaped legs for sturdiness
  • Large independent levelers improve stability

#9. Air Hockey Game Table, 4 Ft

Harvil Air Hockey Game Table, 4 Ft

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By: Harvil

I still remember the first time I played air hockey on this table – the extra smooth surface, the nice dimension, and the elegant appeal. In fact, I recall winning my games, although I was still new to the game. Moving the table was very easy thanks to the compact and user-friendly design. It also doesn’t take up too much space and is perfect for small rooms.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Smooth playing surface for the best experience
  • Dimensions of 48(L) x 24 (W) x 31(H) inches to conveniently fit in most places
  • Weight of 28 pounds for easy carrying

#8. Air Powered Hockey Table, 48-inch

Goplus Air Powered Hockey Table, 48-inch

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By: Goplus

Although we had never assembled an air hockey table before, it took us a very short time to set up the Goplus table. I give credit to the simple and basic design and clear instructions. Despite its simplicity, the table is pretty solid and doesn’t wobble or shake. It also has good dimensions but takes up minimal space. Other reasons I featured it on this best air hockey tables are sturdy legs, good balance, and easy adjustment.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Full Panel Legs for maximum support
  • Leg levelers for improved balance and easy assembly
  • Slide Manual or Side Rail LED Electronic for tracking scores
  • 12V DC electric motor for delivering consistent airflow

#7. Shoot Out Plus Air Hockey Table

Playcraft Sport Shoot Out Plus Air Hockey Table

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By: Playcraft Sport

As a family, we agreed to settle on this air product for several reasons. My wife and daughter were drawn by the colorful and elegant design. My son loved the nice dimensions and smooth playing surface, while I was more drawn to the sturdy legs and easy adjustability. We however all agreed that it was very well-made, would look nice in our playroom, and loved the option of either using the manual or electronic scorer.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Purple color for the royal look
  • 1.5- inch thick side rails for good puck rebound
  • High-Velocity fan for good airflow
  • Manual and Electronic scorer for improved choice

#6. Face-Off Air Hockey Table, Blue/Black

Hathaway Face-Off Air Hockey Table, BlueBlack

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By: Hathaway

Many people may be surprised that this blue, black table is featuring on the best air hockey tables. One, many who have used it claim that it is substantial, well-made, and feels like tables that cost way more. Two, the elegant blue/black color together with the high-grade laminate give it the luxurious and costly appeal. Three, It has a powerful electric motor that is usually found in high-end tables. It’s, therefore, no surprise that it ranks as one of the best.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Dimension of 60 x 26 x 31 inches for the perfect playing surface
  • 1/8 -inch CARB Certified MDF construction for straight and long life
  • Great hockey graphics for the lush and pricey appeal
  • Poly-sealed laminate coating for a smooth and effective playing surface
  • 110-vol UL Approved electric blower for high airflow

#5. Air Hockey Table, 40-inch

Best Choice Products Air Hockey Table, 40-inch

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By: Best Choice Products

Although it measures 40 inches long, this item is among the most portable in the market. Moving it was rather easy and this didn’t affect its balance thanks to the sturdy frame. The integrated electric motor, although silent, is very powerful. This is evident from the high-quality airflow that makes the game more exciting.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • 40-inch dimension for a nice playing surface
  • High-quality MDF frame for strength and stability
  • Maple finished exterior for extra elegance
  • UL-certified, 100V motor for producing quality airflow
  • Compact design to save space

#4. Table Top Air Hockey, 40-inch

Playcraft Sport Table Top Air Hockey, 40-inch

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By: Playcraft

Measuring 40 x 8 x 20 inches, this air one is well-suited for everyday applications. It features a nice dimension and has a pretty sturdy top and frames. The well-balanced unit boasts of a powerful motor that delivers high airflow but keeps the noise level minimal. Assembling the unit is simple and straightforward and only requires basic tools and skills.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • 40-inch tabletop for a decent playing surface
  • Quality MDF hardwood frame for good support and sturdiness
  • UL-approved, 100 cfm air-powered motor for high airflow
  • ABS puck catcher for quick puck return

#3. Compact Air Hockey Table

Sport Squad HX40 Air Hockey Table

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By: Sport Squad

I got to play on this table when a visited friend out of town. For almost an entire weekend, we were busy trying to beat each other. These 2 days were enough for me to conclude that its one of the best cheap air hockey tables. It had a large playing surface, was very easy to carry and move around, and also easy to assemble. The unit features a simple manual scoring system and delivered good airflow.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Tabletop design for the best experience
  • Compact design and lightweight for easy carrying and convenient storage
  • High-output fan for fast action
  • Manual scorers for easy score keeping

#2. Sting Ray Hover Hockey Table, 84-inch

NHL Sting Ray Hover Hockey Table, 84-inch

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It wasn’t for its moderately bulky nature; I would have ranked this product much higher. Nevertheless, it’s still among the 10 best air hockey tables. I love the solid legs that provide excellent support and balance, the simple design that makes playing easy, and the good dimension to suit everyday play. The smooth and glazier surface offers added protection and is also easy to clean.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Glazier compound coating for resisting wear
  • Simple design for quick set-up
  • Large size to accommodate up to 4 players
  • Automatic LCD Electronic display for keeping scores

#1. 4-In-1 Multi Game Table

Giantex 4 in 1 Multi Game Table

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By: Giantex

After playing on this air one, I regretted why I hadn’t come across it when I was searching for the best air hockey tables. It has a lovely dimension, an ultra-smooth surface, and is also very sturdy. Moving or aligning, it is also simple thanks to the user-friendly design. Other than air hockey, it can also be used for billiards, table tennis, and football.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Rotating design for versatility
  • Multifunctional table for air hockey, football, billiards, and table tennis
  • Smooth surface for a better playing experience

Best Cheap Air Hockey Tables


A good air hockey table is very versatile a suits many different situations. You can use it in the gaming room, backyard, Home, and many other places. What’s more, it is easy to handle and suits users of varied ages. You won’t need to acquire many pieces to suit different ages or situations. Besides, it will prove very reliable.

Brand Reputation

There are all kinds of products and manufacturers of the accessory. What may be okay for another person or situation may not be very okay for you? Also, the need to keep changing over time. When searching for a unit, it’s necessary to focus on the source or manufacturer. This increases the odds of you owning the right product.

Products Review

Like other products, consumers and analysts will share their opinions and insights about the available products. This comes in handy for users with limited time or knowledge to distinguish the good from the very best. Also, it saves you time since you simply will focus on a select few top options. The best-rated units enjoy excellent reviews and will also come from top manufactures. Also, they will regularly feature in leading sites.


In searching for the best air hickey tables, it’s necessary to look at the construction materials. You desire an item that is robust and durable since it’s less likely to break or come apart. Also, it will handle regular operations well. This allows you or other users to enjoy longlasting service. Also, it will require minimal maintenance.


The right item is straightforward to move around or carry. This allows you to change the location with minimal issues. There are many things they contribute to its portability. These include the size, weight, design, material of use, and carry-friendliness. An excellent choice will not be very heavy or too bulky. Also, it will be compact and takes up little space.


It’s essential to go for products that are highly rated in regards to safety. This gives you peace of mind when you or another person is using the item. It will have a smooth surface and won’t bruise or injure the skin. Also, it won’t contain harmful chemicals, as this may bring about side effects. Moreover, you should pick a stable table which is less likely to fall or topple and in the events injure a person. Top picks don’t contain toxic chemicals like BPA or phthalates.


People also pay lots of attention to the color. I mean, who wants to own a bland or boring looking unit? What’s more, people want is something chic and trendy. In addition to looking nice, it will also blend nicely with the surroundings and other decors. You’ll discover all kinds of colors as well as styles. You have cool and warm colors, traditional and also modern styles. The choice you make is influenced by individual preferences as well as the latest trends.


Other critical things that influence a decision include the trend, safety rating, and price.

Final Thoughts

Air hockey is among the most exciting and growing games. Both the young and older participate in it as part of recreation and relaxation. However, for you to have the best experience and ultimate fun, you need to invest in these best air hockey tables. You also don’t have to dent your account or burn holes in your pockets by buying a precious piece.

With proper knowledge and a bit of research, you will find a quality, reliable, decent and affordable table. It will not only deliver excellent service but will also be easy to maintain and lasts for many years. So if you desire the ultimate experience, then you shouldn’t buy an item before reading this top 10 best cheap air hockey table in 2021 review.

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