The Top 13 Best Android Car Stereos In 2021 — Complete Products Review

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The mood of the driver plays a prominent role in the way he/she drives. To enjoy the flawless ad pleasurable car riding experience, there must be some effective and enchanting sound system incorporated. For fulfilling these needs, there are many best Android car stereos available on the market. They are guaranteed to boost the existing sound system of your car. Contrasting the traditional car stereo systems, the implementation of the Android car stereo systems provide enhanced convenience. This is because of the use of advanced wireless technology.

Whenever you plan to drive to work, go on a road trip, enjoy a romantic drive, or enjoy a picnic with friends, these stereo systems prove to be extremely beneficial. There will be no hassles while fitting such devices on the car’s dashboard. There is the inclusion of many diverse settings that can effectively facilitate music playback as per your needs. At the end of the ride, your mood will be enhanced and your mind will be occupied with positivity. Go through the below products that describes the best Android car stereos:

List Of Top Best Android Car Stereos In 2021


#1. Audio Systems Double Din Car Stereo

BOSS Audio Systems BVCP9685A Double Din Car Stereo

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By: BOSS Audio Systems

From the convenience of your car’s steering wheel control buttons, this stereo can be controlled. Belonging from BOSS, this car audio system is one of the best Android car stereos on the market. There is a superior quality digital touchscreen TFT capacitive display panel. This panel is accompanied with the advanced graphical interface for the touch control. There is an excellent safety feature packed inside. This feature lets you lower the volume each time you put your car in reverse.

In Short:
  • Its capacitive display panel is widescreen
  • By activating Siri voice controls, it is possible to access voice controls from your iPhone
  • Presents a safe backup facility
  • The audio output is outstanding and enchanting

#2. 9 Inch Android 8.1 Car Stereo Radio

Eonon 9 Inch Android 8.1 Car Stereo Radio

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By: Eonon

Suggested from the product name itself, this car stereo radio comes with a large 9-inch HD display. The display resolution is 1024×600, and it makes it visually appealing. The users will be able to read the road information more clearly while reversing or navigating. This Android 8.1 based car stereo comes with the ability to stream Pandora and Spotify. You can stream them from your phone through Bluetooth connectivity. Furthermore, there is a special hands-free calling feature to ensure safe driving experience. This Eonon device is found seamlessly compatible with a majority of the steering wheel control functions.

In Short:
  • Allows connecting your iPhone wirelessly or your Android smartphone via USB cable
  • Works well with most of steering wheel control functions
  • Capable to seamlessly stream Pandora and Spotify from your phone via Bluetooth

#3. Single Din Touch Screen in-Dash Android Car

Single Din Touch Screen in-Dash Android Car

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By: Binize

Equipped with the Android system and tons of functions, this single din car stereo comes with a 10.1 inches screen. With the mentioned screen size, it can supports up to 1024 X 600 of resolution. This compatible car stereo possesses inch capacitive touchscreen of superior quality. Additionally, it comes with enough hardware that is sufficient to run every task as you wish. The device comes with 16GM of ROM, Quad Core, DDR3 2GB of RAM, and can support up to 32GB Flash memory. There are various applications and task that you can do with Binize Adroid car stereo. You can do online map navigation using Google Map or other apps while at the same time connect to hotspot and surfing or downloading any content that you like.

When talking about bluetooth and phone system, it supports hands-free phone call with a high-quality built-in microphone that provide smooth call connection. In addition, you can also browse your phonebook just like you do with normal Android phone. Last but not least, it also supports other functions such as mirror link, steering wheel control, rear view camera recording, other configurations such as EQ , wallpaper, car logo, brightness, so on and so forth.

In Short:
  • Has a screen size of 10.1 inches
  • Great processor and hardward that can make apps run smothly
  • Support hand-free calling, map navigations, and other necessary features
  • Support other minor features such as sterring wheel control, rear camera, an other settings.

#4. Premium 6.5″ Double-DIN Android Car Stereo Receiver

Premium 6.5 Double-DIN Android Car Stereo Receiver

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By: Pyle

Now you can relish excursion with the use of this receiver. Basically, this Android car stereo system allows easy access and flawless operation. It comes with special wireless streaming ability. There is an exclusive inclusion of a hi-res 6.5″ 1080px digital display. This display is accompanied by a dashcam and rearview camera. This camera strives to present an excellent vision for you while riding on the road.

In Short:
  • The included audio controls are customizable
  • Allows the users to listen to FM radio
  • Facilitates the support in Android OS & Apple iOS for wide compatibility
  • The contained camera supports a dashcam and rear view

#5. Android 8.1 Double Din Car Stereo

EZoneTronics Android 8.1 Double Din Car Stereo

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By: EZoneTronics

All the best Android car stereos do not come with the steering wheel control. But this device from EZoneTronics is equipped with this control. Furthermore, the brand considered implementing the GPS module for the purpose of GPS navigation. Basically, this double din car stereo provides support for phone pairing operation. The same is streamlined by a simple click and successful connection. It comes with a pre-installed Android app that works flawlessly with different devices. To let you connect an Android smartphone, there is a special facility for 2 options. These options are USB and Wi-Fi.

In Short:
  • Safe experience is facilitated by the steering wheel control
  • Comes with easy-connect app preinstalled
  • For precise navigation, there is a built-in GPS module

#6. In-Dash Android Car Stereo With Floating Display

In-Dash Android Car Stereo With Floating Display

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The cool thing about modern Android car stereos these days is the multitasking ability that they offers. This is exactly what this device delivers, you can use different tabs simultaneously which is so convenient. On top of that, it even comes with dual Bluetooth connection. That means you can connect this Android car stereo with multiple smart devices for various use. Simply put, it allows you to connect two or more smartphones at the same time for internet, music, and more. Speaking of music, you can stream songs and videos from various applications with ease which is absolutely amazing.

As for the display, it is bright and clear while the touchscreen is responsive thanks to the LED-backlit LCD technology. The full HD display is all there on the large screen which makes it very easy for you to control. Plus with the floating design, you can even adjust the height and viewing angle of this car stereo. The whole thing is very convenient and modern, and it makes a beautiful compliment in most vehicles. There are many functions and features, and it supports both Android and iOS. If this is not among the best Android car stereos, we don’t know what is.

In Short:
  • Multiple inputs, outputs, and slots
  • Durable and crystal clear HD touchscreen
  • Dual Bluetooth connection with wide compatibility
  • Split screen display with built-in GPS and navigation
  • Floating display design for adjustable height and viewing angle

#7. Double Din Car Radio

Podofo Car Stereo - Double Din Car Radio

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By: Podofo

The aspect in which this model of the car stereo sets unique from the rest is it comes with the mirror link i.e. dual system. There is a special two-way connection for android phone and single approach projection to the unit for phone with iOS. The special facility of the built-in WiFi is found in this double din car radio system. The same allows you to attend the phone call via the wireless function. In this way, you will be able to relieve hands and focus on riding car.

Inside its structure, there is an all-compatible backup camera with support for the 170-degree broad view lens. Moreover, this camera comes with the four bright night vision and it is IP68 waterproof. Once making connection to the overturn gear, this camera unit will automatically make transition to rearview camera.

In Short:
  • The included backup camera comes with a wide viewing angle
  • Supports GPS navigation module and AM / FM Radio
  • Can work with Android and iOS phone
  • Its camera is IP68 waterproof rated

#8. Android 6 Touch Screen Car Stereo

Android 6 Touch Screen Car Stereo

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By: Corehan

The special support for online and offline navigation is found in this car stereo system from Corehan. You will find the pre-install navigation app inside its internal memory. It will be quite simple to download your preferred GPS app from google play. Moreover, you can get an offline map in the micro SD card in order to save internal memory. There is special support provided for the Wi-Fi connection. Hence, you will be able to download apps at any time to create a multifunctional entertainment system within your car. The excellent combination of the latest Android 6 OS and powerful hardware is seen in this device. This system uniquely supports USB drive input with many facilities. These include dual USB ports, phone mirroring, SD card with dual SD card slots, and OTG.

In Short:
  • Comes implemented with the latest Android 6 OS
  • To display the readings, there is a 7-inch big screen
  • Supports dashcam recording and steering wheel control
  • Supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity

#9. KWV140BT Bt in-Dash – Double Din

KWV140BT Bt in-Dash - Double Din

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The versatility of this Android car stereo system makes it unique audio equipment on the market. On the surface, you will find a clear resistive touch panel display. This display is equipped with a touch panel with high transparency and brightness. Therefore, the images will be shown in vivid colors. The special facility of the monitor touch controls makes sure the user simply needs to touch and move their finger over the screen. By doing this, many different operations can be accomplished through your finger movements.

The special provision of intuitive control is found in this system. It offers safe operation for enjoying in-car entertainment. There is special support provided for iPhone/Android Bluetooth automatic pairing. There will be no complex manual procedure to concern about. This JVC KWV140BT system is embodied with Spotify and Pandora control.

In Short:
  • Supports iPhone/Android Bluetooth automatic pairing
  • Includes a USB port for music playback
  • Provide a safe and pleasurable experience
  • Possesses AM/FM radio capability

#10. 2-Din In-Dash DVD Monitor Bluetooth Receiver

Kenwood DDX25BT 6.2 2-Din in-Dash DVD Monitor Bluetooth Receiver

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By: Kenwood

In the Kenwood DDX25BT Bluetooth receiver for car, there is the particular implementation of the wireless technology. This advanced technique suggests that you will be able to wirelessly stream content from your phone. During this process, there will be no need to make a physical connection. In case you wish to use the USB connection, you still have an option. The facility of USB connection enables you to play content. Furthermore, it makes sure your device always stay charged while you are riding. One of the appealing benefits of using this best Android car stereo device is it comes with the lightweight design. Therefore, there will be great simplicity while carrying this entire receiver system and make installation simple.

Taking a look at some of its specifications, it comes with 6. 2 inch VGA color LCD display with LED backlight. Furthermore, there is a built-in Bluetooth technology to support hands-free talking and audio streaming.

In Short:
  • Includes wide LCD display with excellent resolution
  • The peak power output of 50W is delivered to 4 channels
  • There is the implementation of USB connection
  • Process of setup will not take much time

#11. Digital Multimedia Video Receiver

Pioneer MVH-1400NEX Digital Multimedia Video Receiver

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By: Pioneer

Presented in the form of digital multimedia video receiver, you will perceive that this Android car stereo pack in tons of features. Basically, the AVH-1400NEX system features Apple CarPlay. This essentially functions as the safe, smart and fun-filled approach to make use of your iPhone in the car. The Apple CarPlay serves the iPhone users a remarkable intuitive method to make calls. Furthermore, it allows the users to use the maps, enjoy music, and flawlessly access messages with a simple touch.

It will be quite simple to connect your compatible iOS or Android smartphone through this receiver system. In this way, a real connected experience will be facilitated. On its dashboard, several of your favorite apps are available. These apps allow you to flawlessly communicate through the cutting-edge Bluetooth connectivity.

In Short:
  • The facility of built-in Bluetooth allows hands-free calling and audio streaming
  • Compatible with many different USB devices
  • Many of your favorite apps will be available on the dashboard

#12. 7 inch 8GB 256MB Car Truck Lorry Satellite – GPS Navigation System

7 inch 8GB 256MB Car Truck Lorry Satellite - GPS Navigation System 

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By: Aonerex

The sole specialty of this Aonerex car satellite navigator device is it comes with efficient GPS navigator. As per your choice of Aonerex navigation system, the built-in GPS navigator could make easy positioning by GPS satellite signal receiver. Consequently, it displays the output on the navigation map. It is this car stereo system that can seamlessly calculate the best route after setting the destination. In this way, the users will be benefitted with safe arrival to destination. In addition to being safe to reach the destination, the users can reach the destinations quickly.

Furthermore, this stereo system allows you to relish the output in many different ways. The same includes vivid animation, bright vision map, flawless voice indication, and words indication. To precisely display the readings, there is an HD touchscreen available. The size of its TFT LCD display is 7 inches and it comes with the bright color display.

In Short:
  • Includes pre-installed latest maps
  • Comes with spacious and bright HD touchscreen with excellent resolution
  • Includes several navigation features
  • The users can arrive at the destination safely

#13. Car Audio Radio Receiver

Pyle Car Audio Radio Receiver (PLRUB69)

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By: Pyle

The current model of the Pyle Stereo Receiver for the car has the head unit incorporated inside. This unit combines wireless music streaming capability and flawless call-answering capability. Both these wonderful capabilities are combined into one convenient unit. Inside this receiver unit, there is a Universal standard Double-DIN size that guarantees superb compatibility with different vehicle models. Apart from being packed with the latest audio and video features, this best Android car stereo system is easy to use. The integrated microphone and Bluetooth enable you to relish the benefits of the hands-free calling.

Throughout the use, there will be zero compromises with safety and the setup process will be quite simple. Moreover, the included 6.5-inch dash touchscreen video clearly shows the multipurpose dashboard entertainment. With this feature, it will be quite simple to upgrade your automobile dashboard with great safety & entertainment functionalities.

In Short:
  • Comes with wireless streaming and calling capabilities
  • Allows hands-free calling by Bluetooth connectivity
  • Can be easily set up in your car
  • Audio and video will be added to your comfort

Benefits Of Having An Android Car Stereo

There are tons of benefits of owning Android car stereos but it is first essential to understand its meaning. In simple terms, the Android car stereo is precisely what it sounds like i.e., it is basically Android software that is being integrated into your audio. The best Android car stereos provide most of the functions that you may not find on an Android smartphone. For example, you will be benefited with a home screen, a couple of audio applications, and integrated Google maps. Let’s look at the benefits of the best Android car stereos:

Flawless Music Browsing and Playback

If you are among those individuals who prefer to listen to music while riding then these devices provide excellent benefit. For that, they deliver flawless support for music browsing and playback via the head unit. The same will make things much simpler for you. It is essential to note that you need not fiddle with your phone to queue up as well as play songs. You will be able to effortlessly browse and choose music tracks via the head unit itself.

Sufficiently Large Screen Size

The screen size is basically how you interact with the head unit. Therefore, it is one of the crucial aspects of any Android car stereo. For such devices, the ideal screen size typically falls in the range of 6-7 inches. It is important to note that anything smaller may be hard to interact with. Particularly, the lettering on the screen is chosen to be bigger because it assists in taking less time to gaze at it and control different aspects.

Intuitive Interface

One more beneficial aspect of such devices is they come with the outstanding interface. The last thing which you need is to end up with a head unit which you can’t navigate. The same will not only prove irritating but it would also hamper you from availing accessing certain features. In such devices, the interface is specially made user-friendly, so there will be no hassles during the use and while selecting different parameters.

Supports Android App Control

There are many people who actually don’t rely on any physical storage media for their digital music. However, they insist to go for some streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. For those services, a head unit which supports app control would prove highly beneficial. These types of units can effortlessly connect to your device and assume the control of streaming radio apps. Therefore, the users will be saved from the hassles of having to fiddle around your phone.

On the other hand, there are some persons who are still dedicated to utilizing physical media storage platforms. In the present time, most people choose live streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora. The finest Android car stereos are among those devices that support app control. It is assumed that all users require connecting to the head unit to phone and he/she would possess direct control for streaming radio apps. It is this feature that removes the troubles of fiddling around with your smartphone in case you wish to skip certain songs.

Support for the AM/FM Radio and Satellite Radio

Nearly all car stereo available on the market comes equipped with an AM/FM radio tuner. But a majority of such systems possess the basic radio tuner package. In case you ought to obtain an improved experience, it is best to go for inventive options like HD radio decoders. Therefore, there will be an improvement in audio quality. The facility of satellite radio proves to be the best option for the travelers who prefer playing their favorite tunes or wish to listen to their preferred stations instantly.

Improved Connectivity Options

There are few car stereo models that feature USB connections for connecting Android devices. However, they fail to provide 100% compatibility. To understand this, for example, Pioneer supports many different phones in order to work with their AppRadio One app. However, you might still need an extra adapter in some cases. In case you find Bluetooth to be a more feasible option, then these stereo devices are going to be the ones that incorporate the A2DP Bluetooth protocol.

Allows Bluetooth Connectivity

It is true that there are tons of car stereos that support USB connections. But such units are not fully compatible. The Android car stereos are perfect because they will show a list of certain phones which can work with its built-in app. It is a better alternative to make use of Bluetooth connectivity found in these stereo units equipped with the A2DP Bluetooth protocol.

Accurate Navigation

One of the supreme benefits of using the best Android car stereos is they come with precise navigation. These navigations are shown on the big screens to enhance the convenience of viewing navigation maps. Therefore, you need not install your phone over the windshield for GPS purposes.

Supplementary Capabilities

Few of the other capabilities that these stereo devices come with benefit the users in a unique way. For example, they come with the benefits of built-in GPS, built-in HD, and built-in CD player. Moreover, they will benefit the users in terms of the external memory cards which they can support. Since they support the latest OS, there will be no issues regarding the compatibility with devices. You can just check the Android OS version and begin using these stereo devices.

Safety First

Not only about entertainment, but Android Car Stereo is also about safety. For instance, most of the device in the market support a so-called hands-free phone call. This means that when you connect your mobile phone to a car stereo, you do not need to pick up your phone and talk. You can receive and make a call via car stereo instead. Moreover, without turning your head around, you can also see your surrounding object clearly on the screen if your car is equipped with an Android car stereo that supports or comes with a backup or rearview camera.

For Entertainment

Of course, a silent car is boring! That’s why you need something to keep you occupied through the entire journey. Android car stereo can surely provide entertainment to your automobile. In general, Android car stereo comes with FM & AM radio, music and video player, or even games. Most of the device can easily support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which is a massive benefit to the users. The function can easily sync your mobile phone to your car and use it directly from there. However, you should always consider safety before entertainment.

Navigations and Directions

In the old day, people ask other people for direction. Later on, people use their phone to check for the roads and directions before driving, then stop in the middle of the road and recheck their phones if necessary. Those are the old-day techniques. Today, we do it differently. As you have noted from the above items, most of the best android car stereos have GPS navigation systems which help you locate your directions.

With Android car stereo, the device can tell and navigate you to your desired direction without having you to unlock your mobile phone. This is a combination of safety and comfort at the same time. If you look back to the past ten years, this seems like magic. But it’s not, it’s just technology.

Buying Guide – Things To Keep in Mind

If you are buying an Android car stereo for the first time, the following guide will be extremely useful in helping you buy the best one for your car.

The Sound and Video Quality

You have to look for an Android media player which delivers high quality and zero-delay sound. You can simply connect your Android phones or tablets to play music from your music libraries. The stereo sound system of an Android car stereo has to be crystal clear to offer the best-in-class audio quality. You need to select a stereo sound system which can easily play any video and audio file formats. On the other hand, a stereo sound system mandatorily supports the AM, FM, and RDS radio stations. Some of this stereo system seamlessly plays 4K videos.

Storage Capacity

You need to opt for an Android stereo for a car which comes with sufficient internal storage as well as high profile ROM. With the internal memory, you can save your own favorite playlist and many more other things. It is always better to choose a stereo system with an expandable SD memory slot to keep your stereo storage free from overloading. The memory card slot allows you to store more of your valuable data with ease. The more storage capacity you get, the more Android car stereo runs smoothly.

Bluetooth connectivity

There are so many stereo systems available in both USB and Bluetooth connectivity. You need to go to the Bluetooth enabled Android car stereo, as it offers wireless connectivity. On the other hand, USB stereo systems also deliver the proper connectivity, no as well as the Bluetooth ones. While you are driving a car, USB enabled stereo systems can get easily disconnected, just because of their wired connection. But, there is no chance of disconnection when you connect your device via Bluetooth.

Internet Accessibility

Look out for an Android car stereo which offers easy internet accessibility. A few car stereo systems have this internet access facility. With the help of this function, you quickly check the weather report, get live news and updates. You can stream online songs and videos as well. You can create a Wi-Fi zone in your car with the help of this functionality. One does not have to scroll down your Android devices while driving to get updates and entertainment.

Voice Control

This is a significant feature of an Android controlled stereo when you drive a car. You do not have to take your hands off from the steering wheel to operate your stereo system. You need to look for an Android stereo which runs in the voice command mode. With this voice control feature, you can easily change your track, get the voice control GPS navigation guide, and more other facilities. Moreover, you can have the hi-tech, smart, and hands-free operation.

GPS Navigation

Most of the modern-day Android stereo system is equipped with GPS technology. This technology guides with live location information and guides you while you are in an unknown route. So, you can drive without any problem. Even, the system allows you to share your live location with others without any hassle. You no longer need to repeatedly check your Android devices to reach your destination while you own an Android car stereo. There is no chance of getting lost in the presence of this GPS satellite navigation feature. Moreover, you can get live traffic update of your regular road and save the location as well with the aid of this GPS navigation. So, this is a must-have feature in a car stereo system.

Apart from all these factors, you have to choose an Android car stereo which matches best with your car. Always try to buy the latest version of this Android car stereo to avail the updated features.


The best Android car stereos are dedicated to enhancing the audio output in your car. These devices are uniquely designed and found compatible with Android OS and related devices. Now you will be able to enjoy a joyous car driving experience.


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    If I buy Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX , Can I run Android Debug bridge on it? I want to ontrol the radio remotely.

  8. You need to look at Eonon Android Stereos as well.

    The GA 2176 2Din universal is nice. While it doesn’t support Android Auto or Apple Carplay it has something much more valuable to end users. Google app store support. You can install any app that’s in the play store!

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  13. Archive: Previous Version (01): Top 9 Best Android Car Stereos

    When looking for top quality android car stereos, you can never get anything on a silver plate. In fact, you always have to dig deeper into the market, leaving no stone unturned. Let’s just say I have zero tolerance for low-quality car stereo accessories. That’s why I delved into the market and sifted through every available android car audio in an attempt to reveal the picks of the bunch.

    – – –
    #9. Android 6.0 Car Stereo – 2 Din In Dash Bluetooth Radio

    By: Pumpkin, Dimensions: 10.6 x 7.5 x 11 in. | Weight: 4.5 lbs. | Screen Resolution: 1080P | Display Size: 6.95 in. | Android Version: 6.0
    Comes with a built-in WIFI modem: The WIFI modem allows you to access wireless connectivity at all places for utmost performance and streaming of music.
    Features a clear touch screen: The exclusively sensitive touch screen enables you to undertake various activities conveniently.
    Fits most cars: This android car stereo fits most cars since it features various shapes and sizes for convenience.

    From pumpkin, this is a 6.95 inches Android car stereo whose performance caught my attention. Of course, it’s never easy to ascertain the performance before trying anything out. That’s why I personally used it to confirm what was written about. It offers an instant boot and takes less than five seconds to power on. The 16GB Nand memory ensures that you never have to put up with inferior performance. With a phone mirror, it supports bidirectional operation with Android phones.

    – – –
    #8. Android 5.1 Car Stereo in Dash 2 Din GPS

    By: Pumpkin | Dimensions: 7 x 3.9 x 5.6 in. | Weight: 5.2 lbs. | Screen Resolution: 1024 x 600 | Display Size: 6.2 in. | Android Version: 5.1
    WIFI connectivity: The WIFI connectivity is mainly for IOS. So, if you’re using an iPhone, you will need to connect via WIFI
    Bluetooth connectivity: As for the Android users, the Bluetooth connection is what you need to be exploring.
    Has steering wheel control: With this best android car stereo, you won’t be required to take your hands off the steering wheel since it has a steering wheel operation.

    Another impressive from Pumpkin, this is yet another incredible and undoubtedly best android car stereo. Making use of Android 5.1 operating system, it features 1GB of RAM and 16GB ROM. The Quad-Core 1.6GHz processor makes it incredibly responsive and sufficiently reliable. And yes, with a GPS navigation system and a 6.2-inch touchscreen display, you can never go wrong with this system. The screen is super sensitive for quick navigation. The mirror-like functions at the dash make an image of your phone on the screen, allowing you to operate it conveniently.

    – – –
    #7. Android 5.1.1 Lollipop 2 Din Car Stereo

    By: EinCar | Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.9 x 7 in. | Weight: 5.5 lbs. | Screen Resolution: 800 x 480| Display Size: 7 in.| Android Version: 5.1.1 Lollipop
    Offers simple operation: The simple operation makes this android car stereo quite reliable since you won’t have to follow countless procedures.
    Offers language options: Whether you know Spanish, English, French, Arabic, German, or Thai, you can easily customize your stereo to any of them.

    Coming in a 7-inch display, this is yet another incredible item on the market with excellent performance and incredibly advanced features. The resolution of 800 x 480 makes it better and ideal for any car owner. Supporting almost all Android applications, the high-resolution screen, an automobile data recorder, and a built-in WIFI module make this product quite reliable. What’s more, it supports 3G connectivity and several other exclusive features aimed at making it extremely stable. With built-in Bluetooth, you can make hands-free calls at all times as well as stream audio music from your tablet or Smartphone.

    – – –
    #6. 6.2″ Android 6.0 Car Stereo, Bluetooth For Hands Free Calling

    By: Pumpkin | Dimensions: 10.8 x 11 x 7.5 in. | Weight: 5.5 lbs. | Screen Resolution: 1024 x 600
    Display Size: 6.2 in. | Android Version: 6.0 Marshmallow
    Comes with built-in WIFI modem: The WIFI modem allows you to connect and easily access any information from online.
    Comes with 1.5m antenna: The antenna allows easy connection for better signal reception.

    By Pumpkin, another one of the best android car stereos comes on the 6th tier position. This is a 6.2-inch car stereo which features some of the latest and most advanced features on the market. It uses Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which is the latest version boasting advanced features. With 16GB memory and a Quad-Core processor, you can never go wrong with this stereo. Furthermore, it can support up to 64GB SD card, which means that there’s no limitation to how much fun you can have. It also supports subwoofer audio output, which means that you can also increase the music using a woofer.

    – – –
    #5. 7″ HD Touchscreen 2Din Android Car Navigation Stereo

    By: Atoto | Dimensions: 6.3 x 4.1 x 7.1 in. | Weight: 4.2 lbs. | Screen Resolution: 1024 x 600 | Display Size: 7 in.
    Comes with Google voice command: This allows you to just speak and everything changes, thus eliminating the need for you to use your hands.
    Has built-in GPS and maps: The GPS and maps ensure that you never have to get lost or spend hours trying to locate any given place.

    Deeply customized and optimized, this android car stereo from Atoto comes in on the 5th position. It comes with numerous features including a backup camera in, Radio tuners, Bluetooth hands-free, and Steering key control as well as dash camera in. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a built-in DVD or CD players. The quick booting offers power-on in a span of very few seconds, approximately two seconds. The steering wheel operation key enables you to operate everything without having to take your hands away from the steering.

    – – –
    #4. Premium Double-Din Android Car Stereo Receiver With Bluetooth & GPS Navigation

    By: Pyle| Dimensions: 12.4 x 10 x 7.2 in. | Weight: 8.7 lbs. | Screen Resolution: 1024 x 600 | Display Size: 7 in. | Android Version: Android 4.4.4 KitKat
    Has GPS Navigation: The GPS navigation, like earlier, pointed out, ensures that you don’t have to get lost while traveling.
    Has Bluetooth connectivity: The Bluetooth connectivity facilitates quick access to music from one’s phone.

    Making use of Android 4.4.4 KitKat, although the version might be a little out of date, it’s still considerable responsive. If you love traveling but aren’t thrilled by the idea of driving in a grave-silent car, then this best android car stereo is an ideal item for you. This double-Din dashboard car stereo offers unlimited entertainment, ensuring that you don’t get bored while traveling. And yes, you will no longer get lost thanks to the built-in GPS and maps. With a touchscreen functionality facilitated by HI-Res 7’’, this is a great item for any car owner.

    – – –
    #3. 7 Inch 2 Din Head Unit Android 5.1

    By: Panlelo | Dimensions: 6.3 x 4.1 x 7.1 in. | Weight: 4.2 lbs. | Screen Resolution: 1024 x 600 | Display Size: 7 in.
    Extremely Versatile: This stereo supports GPS navigation as well as Google, Waze, and Sygic, making it quite versatile.
    Comes in a full package: It contains the car stereo, a rearview camera, power cable, tempered glass, wire terminal as well as all the other necessary accessories.

    Opening the top three positions, this 2-Din universal car stereo from Panlelo comes in. It offers easy wiring process eliminating the need for you to hire technicians to fix it for you. And yes, using the latest Android 5.1 operating system, this stereo gives a superb performance and exceptional user interface for all Android applications. It makes use of Quad Core 1.6 GHz processor. Of course, this is a reasonable speed for any Android device. The 1GB RAM makes it even better. Additionally, it offers multiple ways for you to play music, including downloading via WIFI or simply using an SD card.

    – – –
    #2. 7″HD Touchscreen 2Din Android Car Navigation Stereo

    By: Atoto | Dimensions: 6.3 x 4.1 x 7.1 in. | Weight: 4.2 lbs. | Screen Resolution: 1024 x 600 | Display Size: 7 in.
    Has a pre-installed map module: The pre-installed map module allows you to trace your direction from whatever location you are.
    Has unlimited micro SD slot: The unlimited SD card slot enables you to insert cards of up to 128GB, making it quite reliable.

    This one of the best android car stereo from Atoto scoops the 2nd tier position leaving only one slot for the top product. It’s developed from Android and uses deeply optimized and customized features. It comes with radio tuners, dash camera in, Backup Camera and steering wheel control for smoother performance. Just like its earlier sibling, this android car stereo doesn’t come with a DVD/CD player. What’s more, it offers quick booting with a span of fewer than 2 seconds before powering on.

    – – –
    #1. 7 Car Stereo 2GB 32GB Android 6.0

    By: Joying | Dimensions: 7 x 5.6 x 3.9 in. | Weight: 4.4 lbs. | Screen Resolution: 1024 x 600 | Display Size: 7 in. | Android Version: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
    Has customized features: The customized and customizable features allow you to personalize your car to your desired features.
    Compatible with Android 7.0: Being compatible with Android 7.0 means that you won’t be worrying about a change or advancement in the devices you use.

    Finally, with an impressive rating on Amazon, the Joying android car stereo tops the list. Making use of the latest Android versions, Android 6.0, this is a must-have stereo for any car owner. With a resolution of 1024 x 600 HD, you can imagine how much entertainment you’ll be able to get from this stereo. It supports numerous types of GPS navigation, including online and offline maps. And yes, it also features a secure and easy connection to the WIFI and internet hotspots. With hands-free calling and instant streaming, you will love this stereo. When looking for the best android car stereo, don’t just gamble with your money and pick those half-baked items. Instead, take time and choose something worth the bucks. With the options listed above, you can never go wrong.

    – – –
    Bonus: Pumpkin Android 6.0 Car Stereo – Motorized Multi-touch Screen

    If you are looking for an android car stereo that enables you to have a regular phone mirroring, then I think you should hold on to this tight. For Android smartphone, this 2-Din from Pumpkin allows user mirror and take control via connection of USB cable. For iPhone user, you can mirror it via Wi-Fi connectivity with AirPlay. Lastly, this device is manufactured with 1GB of DDR3 RAM, 1.6GHz Cortex A7 Quad-Core, 16GB of memory, and of course, Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

    In Short:
    – 2-Din Android car stereo
    – Smooth mirroring (For both Android and iPhone)
    – High-performance audio output: Max. 45Watts x 4
    – Support 3G Internet and Wi-Fi
    – Comes in Android 6.0 Marshmallow

    – – –
    Bonus: Pioneer AVHX5800BHS 2-DIN Receiver with 7.0″ Display/Built-In Bluetooth
    By: Pioneer

    Here, we are saving the best for last. Standing at the very top of the list, this 7-inch double DIN Pioneer AVHX5800BHS is nothing but the best. To be honest, my friend, Jim, is using this with his car and he absolutely loves it to the max. First of all, it comes with a well-design Bluetooth built-in, which means that you do not need to worry about getting another Bluetooth receiver if you want to use this function. And you might not need to worry about fail connection as well. Second, there is one big reason why my friend loves this guy so much. My friend loves to listen to the radio all along the road. And if you are the one who enjoys listening to the radio just like he does, then this one is what you should invest in. There is a feature called HD Radio which let you listen to the radio with a CD-quality sound without distortion of audio. Maybe some other car stereo also has this feature too, however, Pioneer AVHX5800BHS works pretty well with this powerful feature. My friend and I actually admit that this android car stereo is the best when it comes to radio. The list of pros goes on and on such as voice recognition, MIXTRAX, Audio Video Quality so on and so forth. You may actually want to check it out for complete details.

    In Short:
    – Supports two phones simultaneously
    – Hand-Free calling provide maximum safety of phone use in the car
    – Variety of display and color to change and modify as the way you want it to look (maybe to match with the color of your car)
    – Comes with MIXTRAX & works with SiriusXM Sxv300
    – The longevity of use without any major issues

  14. Archive Purpose: Previous Version (02): Top 12 Best Android Car Stereos

    When we are talking about a car, sometimes it gets complicated. Owning a car, there are so many add-ons you need to consider. For example, you surely need to make your car smell better, so you need car air freshener. You may also need to do a regular checkup by yourself, so you need OBD2 Scanner. The list goes on and on. But one crucial thing that we really need is joy and happiness while riding (especially if you usually take a long ride). This is why car stereo comes to place. A few months ago, my friend (Jim) and I bought several so-called best Android car stereos or Android head units just to test and experience them. And for sure, I have to admit that there are many products in the market which covered with their sweet and beautiful words in their description or advertisement, yet the quality is just sad. The only way to experience these car stereos is to try it out. Fortunately, you don’t really need to try everything out there. With this article, I am willing to share with you some of my experiences by reviewing and listing down on the best Android car stereos. Whether you are looking for the ones that are durable or the ones with the most features, they are all here.

    – – –
    #12. Double 2DIN Android 5.1 Car Radio Stereo Touch Screen
    By: LESHP

    This 7-inch, LESHP double din might also be what you are looking for. First of all, I love this because it has many built-in features. Starting from built-in GPS, built-in Bluetooth, video, audio, google maps, and other functions. On top of that, the HD Digital Touchscreen will definitely bring touchscreen experience to a whole new level for the user. It also has a responsive screen with fast and robust processing power. This Android car player carries 16GB of internal storage in which 12GB is usable. Last but not least, with your shipping you will receive almost everything you need along with the car stereo such as reverse camera, installation bracket, frame kit, an antenna for your GPS, etc. The only downside of this is that it comes from a seller that is a bit less popular if compared to others on the list. Bottom line, it is nice to have this one in your car.

    In Short:
    – Double din car stereos
    – Comes with a majority of built-in apps
    – HD digital touchscreen experience
    – 16GB memory (12GB usable)

    – – –
    #11. 7″ Android Car Stereo GPS Navigation Touch Screen

    By: Henhaoro
    This Henhaoro 7” double-din Android car stereo is manufactured with a built-in GPS player. The included GPS can support both online and offline maps. If you want to try an offline map, you can do it by downloading your desired map, and the GPS will work just fine – just like an online map. Moreover, this double-din car stereo comes with no DVD player. This scenario can be either pro or con depends on how you like it to be. Some people say this is a con because they want an option on disc player while others wish to have more space on the player and think that DVD is just a thing in the past. Lastly, it sure comes with other essential features such as EQ settings, wheel control, FM & AM radio, etc.

    In Short:
    – Quad-Core double-din car stereo
    – GPS function that can work on both offline and online map
    – No DVD player
    – Comes with other necessary features

    – – –
    #10. Android 6.0 Head Unit Double Din Touch Screen Car Stereo

    By: Joying
    First I would like to provide some details on its machine. This car stereo comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It is designed with Intel Sofia 3GR Quad-Core, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of ROM, which undoubtedly enables itself to run more smooth especially on multitasking and to store more apps and stuff in your internal storage. It also features a sleep mode which allows you to save your battery in various ways. For your information, I have never tried this with my own hand, yet my younger sister did with her friend’s car. And yes, it is suitable for this price range. Last but not least, the only drawback for this one is that it does not support USB/Bluetooth tethering. And if you think you don’t need this feature, then you might want to check this out right now.

    In Short:
    – Best known for good specs & fast performance
    – Comes with sleep mode reducing waste energy consumption
    – No USB/Bluetooth tethering.

    – – –
    #9.  Android 7.1 Double Din In Dash Radio Car Video Receiver DVD Player

    By: HIZPO
    This android car stereo is undoubtedly rich in features. However, let us stick to the most important ones. This is a 6.2-inch android car stereo with Cortex A9 Quad-Core 1.6GHz and a resolution of 800 x 480. Also, it comes with an operating system of Android 7.1. Which includes a multi-languages operation for a different individual user. On top of that, the car stereo has a built-in microphone for Hands-free calling as for your driving safety. There is a built-in GPS receiver, GPS antenna, and North America map inside the device that is preloaded without the need of internet. However, just as another android car stereo, this one can seamlessly support map applications such as Google map too. This hizpo double din also has a Dual Zone – a feature that enables you to watch videos or play your favorite music during navigation. As good as it looks, it can support an SD card or a USB up to 32GB of storage. Last but not least, what makes this unique is the ability to record your radio while playing.

    In Short:
    – Run-on Cortex A9 Quad-Core 1.6GHz with Android 7.1
    – 6.2 inch with 800 X 480 screen resolution
    – Supports hands-free calling
    – Comes with built-in GPS receiver with offline North America map
    – Dual Zone & Recording feature to help with entertainment

    – – –
    #8. 6.8″ In-Dash Car Bluetooth Receiver Android

    By: JVC
    JVC has been in the electronics industry for ages, and their name is still among the popular brands. JVC KW-M730BT comes with 20 preset stations in which 15 are FM, and 5 are AM channels, EQ setting, and 2 USB ports. If you are a fan of and are using an Android phone, then pay attention closely to this device. The very main reason that this JVC car stereo is on the list is that it is well-known for the flawless Android Auto feature it provides. With Android Auto, your car stereo is equal to your Android phone. With less to no touching or looking at your phone, you can access many features on your phone right there from this device screen. Although it does not support wireless CarPlay, you still can connect it to the via either one of the USB ports. And with two USB ports, the device allows you to simultaneously connect two mobile phones at the same time and creating two individual profiles for that. What’s more, JVC also has its personal apps that you can download to change and customize a few settings for the device itself. Besides all of these, it has more features, mostly related to the workability and the sound quality, that we highly recommend you to check it by out by yourself to clear out your curiosity.

    In Short:
    – 20 preset stations with 2 USB ports
    – Superb Android Auto feature
    – Support android CarPlay
    – Custom apps can be downloaded to change the setting

    – – –
    #7. In Dash Double Din DVD CD Navigation Receiver

    By: Pioneer
    I think we all know Pioneer is one of the best sellers when it comes to the car stereo. And of course, from here onward in the list, you will find some more android car stereos that actually comes from Pioneer. Talking about this 7 inches Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX, I used to test it once in my coworker car. To be frank, this one is the best of the best. Then you probably wonder if it is the best, why it stands in this position? Well, the only thing that I don’t like about this car stereo is its price. The price is a bit high, somehow more than double of some of the product in this very list. Besides this, this car stereo is all you need. This 2 in Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Although, I might explain a bit about these two features in the text above, let me clarify more. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are similar features – it is just that one is for iOS, and another is for android users. These features will automatically bring helpful information and organize this information from your phone to the car stereo just the way you want. A good example would be information about the map, navigation, point of interest, etc. It is really abstract and hard to try to explain this feature unless you give it a possible try. Until then, you would be amazed by this android car stereo just like I was. Last but not least, according to the vendor, there are maps of United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and other 9 millions points of interest that you can easily access from this tiny little device. If you really love your car and care about choosing the very top-rate car stereo, then you might want to re-read the details of this product again and make the purchase right away.

    In Short:
    – Double din car stereo
    – A bit pricey yet the quality is acceptable
    – Able to connect to Android Auto & Apple CarPlay
    – Maps & points of interest

    – – –
    #6. Premium Double-DIN Android Car Stereo Receiver With Bluetooth & GPS Navigation

    By: Pyle
    Just like the other in the list of the best android car stereos, this one lets you have some entertainment by listening to your audios, watching videos, and of course making calls. The one thing that I really love about this Pyle 7In Double-Din is because it has an excellent so-called turn-by-turn voice direction assistant that help support you with navigation really well. Wherever you go, this one is your cute little assistant along the road. This android car stereo is well-known for its longevity of use. Also, the product comes with a good user interface and easy installation. It will come with a bit old version of Android, KitKat 4.4.4 and that might be the only shortcoming for it.

    In Short:
    – Double din car stereo
    – Features turn-by-turn voice direction
    – Long-lasting car stereo
    – Using Android Kitkat 4.4.4

    – – –
    #5. In-Dash Receiver With Wireless Apple CarPlay

    By: Alpine
    Although this does not come with a CD or DVD player, this one has as many functions as others and can be considered as a good car stereo in the market. First of all, most of the customers, including me, love this Alpine ILX-107 because of its amazing wireless Apple CarPlay. Yeah, you’ve heard right – wireless. The feature allows iOS users to have a peace-of-mind in using Apple maps, Siri, and other cool stuff in iOS without touching their iPhone. The best thing about wireless is that there is no need to get your phone out of your pocket and let the wireless do the magic. On top of that, this 7” VGA-display Alpine ILX-107 comes with a capacitive touchscreen. The capacitive touchscreen works only when it is touched by a finger and is not responsible for gloves or standard stylus. In short, it is the touchscreen technology that is used by modern mobile phones. Lastly, the device can work seamlessly with Alpine TuneIt App – a professional app that allows you to tune and optimize your preferred sound for the inside of your vehicle. Although it is a bit pricey, it is sure to be a high-end device that can meet all of your needs for an Android car stereo.

    In Short:
    – Unable to play disc
    – Awesome wireless Apple CarPlay
    – Capacitive 7” touch screen
    – Compatible with Alpine TuneIt App
    – High-quality android car stereo

    – – –
    #4. A6 Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo With Dual Bluetooth

    By: ATOTO
    First of all, you need to know that this is a very optimized car stereo. It comes with a lot of features that you and your car might need for the long run. Those features include radio, backup camera & dash camera, Bluetooth, steering wheel key control (SWC) and many more. Similar to other models from ATOTO, the car stereo comes with nine built-in languages providing convenience to a different type of users. The second thing that I love about this is the fantastic quick boot performance. You can guess how long it needs to get booted, but I will tell you right here. It is actually 2 seconds. I am not sure whether this is the fastest booting time in the Android car stereo industry, but to the extent of my knowledge, it is. The faster boot-time not only provide convenience for your use but can somehow prevent the battery from draining out. And, you can efficiently run third-party apps in this device as well.

    In Short:
    – Bunch of useful features
    – Faster boot-time (2 seconds)
    – Nine languages in the system
    – Friendly and smooth run for third-party apps

    – – –
    #3. 6.4″ Car Play/Android Auto Media Receiver With Bluetooth

    By: Sony
    If you take a look around yourself, I bet you’ll find some of your electronic devices are from Sony. Yes, Sony is very famous mainly for its unmatched audio and video quality. And this Sony car stereo player is no exception. Sony XAV-AX100 is a 6.4” player comes with almost everything that you need. First and foremost, it supports voice control with both CarPlay and Android Auto smoothly without any interference. It also comes with audio streaming with a Bluetooth function which allows a hands-free call. On top of these, the quality of entertainment is somehow fantastic. It manufactured with a built-in SiriusXM tuner that has a 3-month free service. The device also has ten band EQ with an extra 55-watt amplifier of bass. It also has 18 channels of FM, and 12 channels of AM radio. The only downside would be not having an optical disc drive. However, if you really want a CD or DVD drive, I recommend you to check another style/option that is CD/DVD w/ Sat radio. However, the price is a bit higher.

    In Short:
    – Voice control for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
    – Hand-free call with audio streaming
    – Built-in SiriusXM
    – 10 Band EQ
    – FM:18, AM: 12 channels

    – – –
    #2. 2-DIN Receiver With 7″ Motorized Display

    By: Pioneer
    Coming to the top among the list, this is a the-same-but-different car stereo. Okay, so what are the differences? You asked! Well, first, it can support up to 2 phones at once. This enables you and your friend easy access and the need for not plug and unplug the phone again and again. Secondly, it functions well with SiriusXM Sxv300 tuner. On top of that, it works smoothly with everything you need, such as sport flash features, traffic, weather, so on and so forth. If you are the looking for the car stereo to use your Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, then I am sure you wouldn’t find anything else better than this one since it is carefully made for these features. Last but not least, if you’re browsing for the best android car stereo with top-rated quality, then I suggest you can go for this one. Maybe it is a bit pricey compared to others on this very list, but it is worth the spending.

    In Short:
    – Allow you to connect up to 2 smartphones simultaneously
    – Works with SiriusXM Sxv300 tuner
    – Optimized for Android Auto & CarPlay
    – Allow user to connect up to 4 amplifiers

    – – –
    #1. 7″ Motorized DVD Receiver

    By: Pioneer
    Here is another one from Pioneer coming to the list. Of course, as I said earlier, Pioneer is among the best in this industry. Their products rarely disappoint consumers. So how about this 7-inch Pioneer AVH-X4800BS? You asked. Of course, coming at the second top of the best android car stereos list, this one must have something special. First, this comes with a universal double-din size, which I guess can fit very well to your car. To this date, I still think this is the best one according to its price. And let me be honest with you! This is the one that I use in my car these days. Just like other people, I love it because it can support two phones at once. On top of that, the device uses MIXTRAX – a creative app that creates a list of mix music to play continuously with some of the sound effect bringing the awesomeness of your trip to a whole new level. MIXTRAX is a Pioneer technology that is not found on any other car stereo brand, and exist only in some of Pioneer models. For, sure enough, there are plenty of features to be discovered, such as Spotify app control, creating music with Pandora, Voice recognition engine, navigation ready, and much more. No wonder why this one scope the position of the second top.

    In Short:
    – Two dins Android car stereo
    – Support 2 phones at once
    – Support Backup Camera
    – Using MIXTRAX technology
    – Compatible with SiriusXM Sxv300
    – Provide access to Pandora and Spotify, voice recognition, navigation, and more

    – – –
    Final Word

    Android car stereo is one of the most excellent add-ons to have for your car. Having the best Android car Stereo will provide you with the maximum of joy along the road. As you can see what I have mentioned earlier in the text, these are the best of the best that is alive from our filter and review. Although some of them are a little pricey, it seems that they will be worth the investment. Whatever your preference is, with these best android car stereos, you would never regret your choice one bit.

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