Top 10 Best Beach Towels in 2020 Reviews

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I have never met a single person who did not love the beach! The sight of the ocean is peaceful and quite fascinating. Unfortunately, I didn’t grow up near a beach, but I guess that at the end of the day it is the same reason why I tend to appreciate it even more. I remember the first time I saw the ocean! It was breathtaking! I ended up lost in my thoughts in about 10 minutes or so. My friends kept making fun of me for the rest of the afternoon, but I didn’t mind. I couldn’t help myself. Today’s review is beach-related. I decided to write about the best beach towels and give you a variety of options to choose from. It can greatly influence your experience since it will add on to your comfortability as well.

List Of Best Beach Towels In 2020

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#10. Large Beach / Pool Towel

Large Beach Pool Towel

By: eLuxurySupply

This is the best beach towel for individuals who don’t mind adding a splash of color to their collection. Going to the beach is generally a fun experience; it’s only natural that you get a vibrant towel. It has polka dots, and it is pink, so if those are your favorite color and pattern, then you should get one right away. Most importantly, it comes in so many other vibrant designs and best of all, it does not fade. The towel has a hanging loop which is very convenient and happens to be super soft and luxurious as well. This product has measurements of 34 “x64” and is 2-ply.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • You will get a 100% money back guarantee for your purchase.
  • It is machine washable.

#9. 2 Pack Terry Beach Towel

Cotton Craft - 2 Pack Terry Beach Towel

By: Cotton Craft

At number nine, we have another product from a cotton craft. The quality you will get is up to par with cotton craft standards. What makes it qualify to be listed among the top selection is its reliability. It is one of those products that will not let you down.

Finally, you are guaranteed to get the highest standards that the company has maintained since 1968. You will be in great hands if you are looking for variety, affordability, and durability. The purchase gets you a pair of towels, and you will not have any issues that concern shrinkage, fading or size.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • The Terry beach towel is 30×60 inches in size.
  • It is made using 400 grams of absorbent cotton.

#8. Luxurious 100% Cotton Beach Towels

Superior Luxurious 100% Cotton Beach Towels

By: Superior

I would recommend this one as the best beach towel for those looking for the beach towels which are softest and most durable for their household. First, they are made using combed cotton; this means that this is made using only the finest and longest fibers. This guarantees that they last longer and feel better than beach towels made using standard cotton. One side of the towels is made from velour which is sumptuous soft sheared, while the other hand is made of highly absorbent terry loops. The benefit of such a make-up is that the it can be used to dry off and also lounge in the sun.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • The beach towel is very large in size.
  • It retains its color even after washing.

#7. Black Striped Turkish Towel

Black Striped Turkish Towel

By: The Riviera Towel Company

As the name suggests, the Dark Grey Striped Turkish Towel is made of 100% Turkish cotton. It has a spot on the top beach towels list because it is versatile and multi-functional. It can be used as a scarf, stylish beach towel, bathroom towel, wrap, sarong or blanket. Moreover, it is flat-weaved, thinner and smoother than the traditional one. Unlike other terry towels, it will not have any sand sticking to it at the beach. This shortens the time you would normally use to clean up.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • The towels have been made using safe and environmentally friendlyOEKO-TEX® certified natural dyes
  • The purchase will get you a lifetime warranty.

#6. Oversized Jacquard Double Woven Velour Beach Towel

Cotton Craft - Oversized Jacquard Double Woven Velour Beach Towel

By: Cotton Craft

This item comes in a two pack. Any product that comes in two for the price of one is always a win in my books. This is the best deal for anyone looking to get affordable and good quality towels. Its construction is definitely durable, and it is superiorly woven. This cotton craft product is highly functional and is very easy to maintain/handle. It is made of absorbent cotton which is very soft, and ring spun. This type of item also comes in very vibrant colors which are intense.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • It can be used for the pool, beach, and lounging as well.
  • It weighs about 450 grams.

#5. Luxury Hotel Towel Turkish Cotton

Luxury Hotel Towel Turkish Cotton

By: Chakir Turkish Linens

When you buy these, you will be getting a variety pack of 4 towels. They are an excellent buy for someone who is looking for the best beach towels that will be most convenient. The reason behind my statement is that you will be getting four of these at the same time. Therefore, you will not need to spend any more time shopping for more towels any time soon. They are often purchased by 5-star hotels; this speaks highly of their performance.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • The towels each weigh 1.25lbs.
  • They are extremely absorbent.

#4. Microfiber Beach Towel

Akumal Microfiber Beach Towel

By: WildHorn Outfitters

If you are planning to carry a beach towel while traveling but you couldn’t get one that was space friendly, and of could fold down to the right size, the Akumal Microfiber Beach Towel is the top of the list for you. The microfiber used is very light and easily portable. This towel can dry triple times the speed of a regular cotton one. Come to think of it; it ends up helping save time which makes it quite convenient. What stood out most about it was that it is capable of holding water that 3-4 times its weight. It is definitely worth having in your collection of beach towels.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • The product is available in 6 different designs.
  • It comes in a mesh pouch which is quite convenient when it comes to storing other personal items as well.

#3. Cotton Beach Towel

AmazonBasics Cotton Beach Towel

By: AmazonBasics

If you like to have optimal coverage, then this is probably the best choice for you. They are huge in size and have fluffiness that is significantly noticeable on both sides. Additionally, Its level of absorbency is quite exceptional and hemmed edges which are professionally done. This feature greatly contributes to the beach towel’s additional strength. Moreover, if you are a fan of cabana stripe patterns, then you are definitely in luck. The product is available in multiple colors ranging from the navy, sky blue, seafoam green and yellow.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • This item has OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory certification.
  • It should be tumble dried on low.

#2. Plush Cabana Beach Towel

Plush Cabana Beach Towel

By: Laguna Beach Textile Company

Although the order will come with a single pack, the Laguna Beach towel is definitely worth rating among the top list. It can’t be compared with the normal beach towel because it has 630 GSM, while most towels have 350-450 GSM. The quality can’t be questioned, and its classic fresh look contributes even further to its appeal.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • It has measurements of 70 in. X 35 in.
  • It Is made from 100% cotton.

#1. Large Beach Towel

Large Beach Towel, Pool Towel, in Cabana Stripe

By: Utopia Towels

The Utopia towels all come in cabana stripes. They are rated as the top among the best beach towels. This is because their composition consists of natural materials. The towels do not have any traces of chemicals which are considered to be harmful. The only synthetic materials used are also very safe.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • They consist of pure ring spun cotton.
  • They are machine washable.

Final Thoughts

Beach towels are a necessity for anyone who loves swimming or going to the beach. If you love either of the two activities, pick one that will suit you and enjoy your experience at the beach even more. Although looking for the greatest beach towels is a tedious process due to their large numbers, this list gives the best right ones for any beach lover. If you’re looking for the right option, then be sure to grab one of these options and have a great time at the beach.

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