The 7 Best Built-In Wine Coolers Review In 2021

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“Do you know the best built-in wine coolers in the market?” I was once asked this question during a wine sampling event. Besides not answering, I didn’t even have the slightest clue. And anyway, who would blame me. Whenever I needed to stock wine, I simply slid a bottle or two in my refrigerator. However, as I became more interested in wine, and I started paying attention to the different types. I also wanted a better way of storing them. The truth was my refrigerator was a bit small for my growing collection. I also wanted to store them in the right temperature since I came to know that I was doing it the wrong way. My journey of discovery unveiled so many good products. Nonetheless, the following are the top 7 best built-in wine coolers in the market.

List Of The Best Built-In Wine Coolers In 2021

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#7. 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

#7 EdgeStar CWR181SZ 12 Inch Wide 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

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By: EdgeStar

This has got to be one of the slimmest wine coolers on the market. Thanks to its design and size, it doesn’t occupy lots of space, yet it has a decent capacity. According to the manufacturer, this unit can handle up to Eighteen (18) 750ml bottles. I’ve seen it used in a freestanding as well as built-in design.

I also love the combination of glass and silver, which brings out a contemporary look that looks amazing in different situations. It never gets a frosty meaning that you don’t have to worry about ice buildup or to defrost it regularly. The wine cooler is also very silent, and you can hardly hear it.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Stainless Steel construction for strength and easy cleaning
  • Single zone cooling for simplicity and efficiency
  • Ultra-slim design for space saving
  • Reversible tempered glass door for improved functionality

#6. 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

#6 EdgeStar CWR301SZ 15 Inch Wide 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

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By: EdgeStar

I’ve come across many CWR301SZ wine coolers in the market. And one thing that amazes me is how simple the unit is. The slim and versatile design allows it to be used either under the counter or in a freestanding format. Like most wine coolers from the manufacturer, it also boasts of the reversible tempered glass door that makes operation much more accessible.

The smooth stainless steel and black finish doesn’t get dirty easily and is very easy to clean. Simply wipe using a clean rag. With this cooler, you don’t have to worry about regular defrosting since ice never builds up thanks to the advanced technology.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Stainless steel finish for easy maintenance
  • Versatile design for supporting normal and reverse racking
  • Built-in carbon filter and auto defrost for improved efficiency
  • Dimensions of 32(H) x 15(W) x 23 3/4(D) inches to support up to 30 (750ml) bottles
  • Rubber bushing for minimizing compressor noise and absorbing vibration
  • Blue interior LED lighting for better elegance and visibility

#5. 34 Bottle Wine Cooler With Compressor

#5 EdgeStar CWF340DZ 34 Bottle Wine Cooler with Compressor

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By: EdgeStar

If you are keen on wine coolers, then you probably have come across this type by EdgeStar. Although it may look small, this appliance can handle as many as 34 bottles with a 750ml capacity. It feels very solid and sturdy thanks to the stainless steel construction and the freestanding design.

I’ve personality moved the cooler myself, and it wasn’t that difficult due to its moderately lightweight. It comes with dual temperature zones that make it easy to vary the temperature. Other reasons why it’s one of the best built-in wine coolers in the market are the small footprint, silent operation, easy maintenance, and good looking.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Stainless Steel construction for sturdiness and long life
  • Compressor based cooling for simplicity and efficiency
  • Accommodate up to 34 750ml bottles
  • Built-in lock for improved security
  • Dual temperature zones for improved efficiency

#4. Compact 29 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler

#4 NewAir AWR-290DB Compact 29 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler

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By: NewAir

If you want the best built-in wine coolers in the market, one of the choices you have is the AWR-290DB cooler from the NewAir brand. It’s among the most compact and energy-efficient accessories on the market. While it may look slim, this unit can accommodate as many as 15 bottles with a 750ml capacity.

Thanks to the easy-adjust wooden shelves, you can vary the space to accommodate smaller or large bottles. I like the dual temperature zone that supports different temperatures and the blue interior lighting that gives it a chic appeal. And considering it’s constructed from stainless steel, cleaning or wiping it is very easy.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Blue interior lighting for improved brightens and beauty
  • Adjustable beech wood shelves for more flexibility
  • Minimal vibrations for silent operation and preventing sediment
  • Double-painted glass for UV protection
  • Locking door for improved security

#3. 112 Bottle Multi-Zone Wine Refrigerator

#3 Allavino FlexCount 2X-VSWR56-2SST - 112 Bottle Multi-Zone Wine Refrigerator

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By: Allavino

“Wooow!” this is what I uttered when I first saw this wine refrigerator from Allavino. In fact, if not for a relatively bulky nature, this unit would be sitting top on the top 7 best built-in wine coolers review, 2020. Can you believe that it can occupy as many as 112 bottles at ago? Do you also know that it comes with multiple temperature control? Simply put, you can choose different temperature for the reds, a different for the whites, and even a different temperature for the sparkling wine.

The movable shelves can support very large as well as small bottles. Operating the cooler is made easier by the side-by-side design and the user-friendly handles on each door. Like other leading types, it also features a towel bar handles, push-button controls, and a digital display.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Large capacity to hold up to 112 bottles
  • 10 shelves for maximizing space
  • The multi-zone temperature to suit different types of wine (white, red, sparkling).
  • Intuitive digital control panels for easy and simple operation
  • Push-button control for simplicity
  • Front-venting for improved versatility

#2. 157 Bottle Freestanding Wine Refrigerator

#2 Kalamera 157 Bottle Built-in or Freestanding Wine Refrigerator

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By: Kalamera

With a capacity to hold up to 157 bottles (750ml), the Kalamera wine refrigerator is one of the largest units you find in the home. It’s also one of the most silent units, and you can hardly hear it when it’s running. This is because of the advanced compressor technology.

I love the fact that it can be used either in a freestanding or built-in design. Its stainless steel appearance makes it perfect for use in many places, including the dining area, kitchen, or entertainment area.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Large capacity for accommodating up to 157 bottles
  • Stainless steel finishes for extra elegance
  • Triple-layered tempered glass for sturdiness and efficiency
  • Removable beech wood racks for a classy look
  • Superior compressor technology for minimal noise

#1. 18 Bottle Built-In & Freestanding Refrigerator

#1 Kalamera 12'' Wine refrigerator 18 Bottle Built-in or Freestanding

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By: Kalamera

Topping this review on the top 7 best built-in wine coolers is this stainless steel unit by Kalamera. It is small, compact and will comfortably fit in tight spaces in the home or even office. The refrigerator can accommodate up to 18 750ml bottles and can be used in a freestanding or built-in position.

I like the silent operation that makes it perfect even in a quiet environment. It gets good revs for energy efficiency, easy control, portability, and good temperature memory function. It also doesn’t cycle too often, and this keeps the energy consumption low while extending the life of the compressor.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Double-Layer Tempered Glass Door for improved efficiency and durability
  • Temperature Memory Function for improved performance and convenience
  • 12 inches wide to fit in small spaces
  • One Touch control for easy operation
  • Frost-Free for added convenience

Best Built-In Wine Coolers Buying Guide

Wine coolers do not only keep the wine cool but also allow it to age properly at the right temperature. That is why you don’t just leave the expensive wine in the refrigerators. This buying guide is here to show you some tips on how to pick the best built-in wine coolers. There are just a few important tips to have in mind, so don’t forget to check them out.


This refers to the amount of bottles that the wine coolers can handle for you. Built-in wine coolers come with difficult size and capacity options that you can choose from. For commercial use, the larger the capacity is, the better. There are built-in wine coolers that can hold as many as 190 bottles or even more. The key is to choose the built-in wine coolers in accordance with the types of a wine bottle that you have. White and red wine bottles are regular, but champagne and burgundy bottles are usually bigger, so they take more room.

Insulation & Temperature

Different temperature levels depend on the types of wine that you store, mainly white and red wine. For example, white wines should be in the temperature between 7 to -11 degrees Celsius. Simply put, the lighter the wine, the colder the temperature. Some built-in wine coolers come with a dual temperature that allows you to store both white and red wines. That is both space-saving and economical as well as convenient at the same time.

Insulation is also very important as well in built-in wine coolers. With the right insulation ability, the temperature inside will remain consistent and stable. That will ensure that your wines inside receive the right temperature levels without interference from the outdoor heat. At the same time, insulation will also keep your electricity bill at a minimum level as well.


The more shelves a built-in wine cooler has, the easier for you to organize the wine. One thing to have in mind is to make sure that those shelves are adjustable. That way, you will able to receive full flexibility in personalizing your storage facilities. Also, make sure that the shelves are strong, durable, and supportive to ensure the safety of the bottles. If one shelf fails to do its job, there will be a huge mess and loss. You wouldn’t want that, so don’t overlook this part.


Choosing the right built-in wine coolers require space to install them apart from the above points. If you have a large space available, then this last part shouldn’t matter. In case you want a big built-in wine cooler, but you have limited space, there are slimmer options available. The key is to compromise the space and the size of the wine coolers that you choose. Also, remember that the number of wine collections will always increase, so make sure you prepare for that. So if you have a lot of free space, go for a large size since you will only have to buy and install once.

Final Word

Your search for the best built-in wine coolers in the market should be over once you read this review. I have listed the very best that am sure will serve you right for a long time. You probably have noticed that although I’ve ranked from the best to the very best, they are very similar in many ways.

For instance, they boast of efficient cooling systems, come in a user-friendly design, and have a good capacity. They also are effective for everyday use, are easy to operate, quiet, and are suited for a range of wines. Owning the perfect product is as comfortable as following the top 7 best Built-In wine coolers in 2021 review.

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