Discover The 10 Best Camping Blankets Of 2021 – Review & Guides

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You don’t need to bear the cold, wet interior or discomfort. With the best camping blankets, you’ll stay warm and cozy even in the chilly days or nights. What’s more, you’ll have little trouble carrying or using it. This is because the top picks are lightweight for better handling and also carrying. Also, they fold into a smaller size and are very compressible. This makes fitting them inside a sack or bag or rolling them to a smaller pack much easier. Moreover, it will have a tough fabric as well as stitching to put up with the use.

With a feeble unit, it’s very likely that it will tear or rip due to being caught by rough or jagged stones, the sharp thorns, or branches. Also, a good piece with keeping the occupants dry even in a wet environment owing to their good waterproofing as well as weatherproofing. Other reasons to pick the appropriate piece include durable, no shrinking, or stretching, no odor, and also no toxic compounds. But which is the right choice? Well, any of the options in the following best camping blanket review should be suitable:

Best Camping Blankets Review List

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#10. Camping Down Blanket With European Standard 90% Down Blend & Puffy 600 Fill

Zefabak Camping Down Blanket with European Standard 90% Down Blend & Puffy 600 Fill Power Waterproof

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By: Zefabak

This blanket will make camping more exciting and rewarding. It provides excellent coverage and also has a nice warmth to keep cold at bay. Moreover, it’s a lightweight piece hence easy to use as well as carry. It’s a perfect choice for the young and old as well. And thanks to its sturdy 20D ripstop nylon, it will resist ripping, tearing, wear, and also fraying.

The accessory has a nice smooth texture, which feels very nice even on bare skin. What’s more, it doesn’t feel sticky or stuffy even in the hot weather. The accessory also comprises duck down to enhance the warmth and comfort. This makes it a good pick for the cold environment as well as season.

Thanks to its compressible nature, it will fit inside bags and carry sacks with ease. Nonetheless, compressing and squeezing it won’t damage it. Instead, it enhances its portability and also saves space. When not using it for camping, it’s also useful for hiking, picnics, and also travels. And weighing just 1.76 pounds, you’ll have minimal trouble carrying it around. It’s simple to wash and also does fade easily.

In Short:
  • Provides good coverage and nice warmth
  • Lightweight and easy to use and carry
  • Perfect choice for the young and old as well
  • Comprises sturdy and durable 20D ripstop nylon
  • Smooth texture feels very nice even on bare skin
  • Doesn’t feel sticky or stuffy even in the hot weather
  • Comprises duck down for warmth and comfort
  • Weighs just 1.76 pounds and very portable

#9. Extra Large Merino Wool Camp Blanket

Woolly Mammoth Woolen Co. | Extra Large Merino Wool Camp Blanket | The Perfect Outdoor

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By: Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company

The next option in the best camping blanket is the Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company unit. It’s a decent piece that is useful in lots of outdoor situations. These include camping, trekking, hiking, and survival. You also can use it indoors as a throw blanket. It comes in a simple gray color but blends very well with the surrounding. This makes it a good pick for many situations.

It’s a lightweight piece and, therefore, easy to use and also carry. Also, it’s compressible and should fit in backpacks, sacks, and other places well. It’s a warm and cozy unit that will keep the cold at bay. The reason for the decent warmth is the virgin merino wool composition. It helps to trap the warm air and at the same time, prevent the entry of cold air. This makes certain the occupant(s) is/are warm even in the very chilly nights.

It’s a large unit with a dimension of 66″ x 90″ inches. Therefore, it will cover one or two people pretty well. And with a weight of just 4 lbs, it should be easy to carry around. The utility blanket has tough double stitching to prevent ripping and coming apart.

In Short:
  • Useful in lots of outdoor situations including camping, trekking, and survival
  • Useful indoors as a throw blanket
  • Simple gray color blends well with the surrounding
  • Lightweight and easy to use and also carry
  • Compressible and fits in backpacks, sacks, and other places
  • Warm and cozy to keep the cold at bay
  • Virgin merino wool composition offers good warmth
  • Large with a dimension of 66″ x 90″ inches
  • Weighs just 4 lbs and easy to carry around

#8. 90% Wool Blanket, Washable

EKTOS 90% Wool Blanket, Grey, Warm & Heavy 4.4 lbs, Large Washable 66x90 Size

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This blanket is perfect for the outdoors. You can use it for camping, hiking, survival, emergency preparedness, and much more. It’s a high-grade blanket that offers you or another user good service. The large size offers good coverage even for tall users. Also, it has a nice warmth to keep the occupant warms, especially in the cold days or night. The unit comprises tough loom weaving which gives it strength and longevity. Also, you’ll find high-quality wool to deliver good warmth and coziness as well.

Although it provides amazing warmth and is also tough, it’s not a very heavy unit. Therefore, you’ll have little trouble using or /and carrying it. The texture is very smooth and also non-scratchy. This ensures you enjoy maximum coziness. Besides, it’s also super soft and does have any odor. Also, it doesn’t have any dyes or fire retardants, hence prevents any like odd of allergic reactions or side effects. These include itchiness, sinuses, reddening, or rashes.

It makes a nice gift item for father’s day, mother’s day, weddings, engagement, housewarmings, and much more. You can either wash it by hand or machine. And this is due to its tough tailoring which puts up with the regular washing quite well. What’s more, the color doesn’t fade out easily. It is resistant to shrinking; stretching hence maintains its appeal and integrity for a long time.

In Short:
  • Perfect for the outdoors including camping, hiking, survival, etc
  • A high-grade blanket with a nice warmth
  • The large size also suits tall users
  • Tough loom weaving gives it strength and longevity.
  • High-quality wool delivers good warmth and coziness
  • Not heavy hence easy to carry
  • Super soft texture and no odor
  • Contains no dyes or fire retardants

#7. Outdoor Lightweight Packable Down Blanket Compact Waterproof

Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket - Outdoor Lightweight Packable Down Blanket Compact Waterproof

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By: Horizon Hound

Coming in green color, this blanket will be perfect for camping, hiking, survival, travel, and much more. It has a practical size and offers adequate cover for one or two people. Besides, it’s lightweight and also very foldable. This makes using it pretty easy. We love the lightweight of just 1lb 1oz. Also, it is compressible and fitting it inside a bag or sack is pretty easy.

Thanks to the flexible nature and tough materials as well as stitching, it won’t reap or rip when forcibly inserted inside a bag. Also, it won wrinkle or crease too much. The dimension of 77″ x 50 inches is pretty practical and offers good protection and warmth. It’s also a tough and durable unit courtesy of the 20D ripstop nylon construction. Furthermore, the blanket is resistant to stretching and shrinking hence will endure many cycles of washing.

It has good resistance to water, and therefore, you or any other user will enjoy a dry interior even when in a moist or damp environment. The smooth texture feels cozy to the skin and won’t scratch, irritate, or leave any marks. Besides, it won’t cause any irritability. The blanket is machine washable, but you can still use hands. Moreover, it is tolerant of odors and stains hence easy to take care of.

In Short:
  • Green color is perfect for camping, hiking, survival, etc
  • Practical size offers adequate cover for one or two people
  • Lightweight (1lb) and also very foldable
  • Compressible and fits inside a bag or sack easily
  • Tough materials and strong double stitching
  • practical dimension of 77″ x 50 inches
  • Tough and durable 20D ripstop nylon construction
  • Resistant to stretching and shrinking
  • Water resistance and smooth texture

#6. Waterproof Picnic Blanket – Lightweight Camping Tarp

BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket, Waterproof Picnic Blanket 55″x60″ - Lightweight Camping Tarp

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By: BEARZ Outdoor

This Bearz outdoor blanket will make camping a good experience. You’ll have little worry about the elements or cold. It offers great warmth as well as protection. Besides, it’s a lightweight but still quite strong. Using as well as carrying it is therefore easy. It’s a good option for the young and old as well. And thanks to the tough materials, it will resist tearing as well as likewise fraying. It also has tough stitching and this boosts its strength.

The smooth finish feels very nice on the body. Besides, it measures 55 x 60 inches and should be okay for most uses. The good breathability ensures that it does not feel stuffy or have an odor in the hot surrounding or day. It’s additionally lightweight and compact hence very portable. And by being compressible, it will fit inside sacks and bags effortlessly. This boosts its mobility and additionally saves space.

Using these blankets is pretty straightforward. What’s more, it’s not just good for outdoors but also for the indoors. It doesn’t produce any sounds during use. In addition to outdoor camping, it’s likewise helpful for trekking, hiking, travel, and sports. It’s easy to wash and maintain and likewise doesn’t fade. It’s well suited for the rough outdoors thanks to being sand proof, puncture-resistant as well as waterproof. It will thus give you decent service for a long period and also require very little maintenance.

In Short:
  • Great warmth and protection
  • Lightweight but still quite strong
  • Easy to use and carry-friendly
  • Tough materials and resistant to tearing and fraying
  • Smooth finish feels very nice on the body
  • Measures 55 x 60 inches and fit for most uses
  • Lightweight, compact and very portable
  • Useful in camping, trekking, travel, and sports
  • Easy to wash and maintain and resistant to color fade

#5. Genuine US Military All Weather Poncho Liner Blanket

Genuine US Military All Weather Poncho Liner Blanket

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By: Generic

Genuine US military poncho liner also ranks among the best camping blankets in the market. It’s a respectable item that proves very reliable in many outdoor circumstances. These consist of camping, hiking, sports as well as survival. It has a nice size of 82 x 62 inches and provides a decent covering to as many as two people. Besides, the unit has nice wooden camouflage colors that look perfect outdoors. It blends with nature well and is also trendy.

The unit is tough and durable and comprises polyester and nylon fabric. Also, it’s a lightweight piece and, therefore, easy to use. Moreover, it’s compressible and also foldable to fit inside sacks, bags, and various other areas. It’s a warm and comfortable unit that prides good warmth even in the cold days. And since it is made in the USA, you can be certain of its quality and reliability too.

Using this blanket is easy thanks to its easy spreading. Also, it doesn’t feel weighty on the body. And owing to its military-grade, it handles the outdoors as well as misuse very well. Like the other blankets in this review, it’s not a heavy unit and this contributes to its portability. Carrying it is thus very easy. It also handles regular washing well and doesn’t shrink or stretch. Also, the color doesn’t fade easily and it maintains its density and integrity as well.

In Short:
  • Very reliable in many outdoor circumstances
  • Nice size of 82 x 62 inches provides decent covering
  • Wooden camouflage color blends with nature well
  • Tough, durable and lightweight
  • Comprises polyester and nylon fabric
  • Compressible and foldable to fit inside sack and bag
  • Offers good warmth and comfort

#4. Snugpak Jungle Blanket

Snugpak Jungle Blanket

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By: Snugpak

This Blanket measures 76 inches by 64 inches and is perfect for the outdoors. You can utilize it for outdoor camping, trekking, survival, emergency, and much more. It’s a top-quality blanket that supplies you with nice warmth and protection. Also, the size provides good coverage and is also very flexible for easy spreading. The unit has excellent quality and handles the use and misuse pretty well.

The tough stitching, as well as materials, is less likely to rip or come apart. Moreover, it’s very smooth and also non-scratchy to ensure you appreciate optimum comfort. It additionally odor-free and also contains no toxic compounds that may cause side effects or allergenic reactions. The lightweight unit keeps you warm courtesy of the high fiber insulation. At the same time, it makes certain you don’t sweat a lot, especially in hot surroundings. This is courtesy of the good breathability.

The item also has nice wicking properties to ensure you don’t sweat a lot. Also, it weighs just 25 ounces, compresses into a small size of just 6 by 6 inches, and will fit inside a sack well. The good water repellent properties and windproof nature ensure you stay dry even in a damp setting. It’s both hands as well as machine washable and very easy to clean. What’s more, the color doesn’t fade and it also doesn’t stretch or shrink upon washing.

In Short:
  • Measures 76 inches by 64 inches and perfect for the outdoors
  • Offers nice warmth and protection
  • Good size provides good coverage
  • Very flexible for easy spreading
  • Tough stitching and materials are less likely to rip or come apart
  • Very smooth and non-scratchy for optimum comfort
  • Odor-free and contains no toxic compounds
  • Nice wicking properties and good breathability
  • Weighs just 25 ounces and compresses into a small size of just 6 by 6 inches

#3. Twin Wool Camp Blanket With Leather Carrier – Mineral Umber

Pendleton Twin Wool Camp Blanket with Leather Carrier - Mineral Umber

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By: Pendleton

Comparing 86% Wool and 14% cotton, the Pendleton blanket will make the camping experience quite enjoyable. You won’t bear the cold, heat, or odor. Also, it’s very lightweight and also compressible. Moving with it is very convenient and it also takes minimal space in the sack or bag. And with measurement of 66 in. x 84 inches, the twin size unit should suit 2 users well.

The unit is excellent for outdoor camping, hiking, survival, traveling, and a lot more. The robust sewing, as well as materials, won’t reap or tear. Also, it doesn’t crease or folds too much when inserted inside the sack. The blanket has excellent resistance to wind as well as water. For that reason, you or any other individual will enjoy a warm and dry interior even in a windy or moist atmosphere.

It features a smooth texture that feels cozy and also won’t scrape, irritate, or harm the skin. Also, it won’t cause any side effects. Moreover, it is tolerant of smells and also very easy to care for. It’s a good pick for teens as well as adults. And if not getting it for yourself, you can also bestow it upon someone less. Mother’s day, father’s day, wedding, anniversary, graduation is but just a few of the occasions it will work okay.

In Short:
  • Comprises 86% Wool and 14% cotton
  • Very lightweight and also compressible
  • Takes minimal space in the sack or bag
  • Twin size unit measures 66 in. x 84 inches
  • Excellent for outdoor camping, hiking, survival, traveling, etc
  • Excellent resistance to wind and water
  • A smooth and cozy texture

#2. Extreme Weather 100% Waterproof/Windproof Outdoor Blanket

Mambe Extreme Weather 100% Waterproof:Windproof Outdoor Blanket, Camping Blanket, and Stadium Blanket

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By: Mambe

This blanket will certainly make camping, hiking, and trekking even more fun and exciting. One thing we like it for is its trendy nature and colorful Royal color. The unit measures 5 x 7 feet or 58 x 84 inches and is fairly large. It gives excellent coverage to as many as 2 people and spreads out easily. Likewise has a good warmth; hence will ensure you stay warm in the cold days. Moreover, it’s a lightweight blanket and thus quite easy to carry.

It’s an excellent option for kids, teens as well as adults. And thanks to its durable materials, it will certainly resist ripping, tearing, and also doesn’t fray. And for the warmth, you can count in the Polartec 300 fleece to deliver. It’s very fluffy and has good warmth retention characteristics. This prevents the heat from escaping. At the same time, the fabric prevents the cold air from coming inside. It has a wonderful smooth finish that really feels really great on bare skin. What’s more, it doesn’t have the annoying sticky feel or makes sounds, especially when tossing and turning.

The accessory additionally is compressible and will certainly fit inside sacks and bags well. And despite the folding and compressing, it will keep its shape and density. This also helps to conserves space and improves handling as well as storage. The machine-washable blanket cleans easy and also dries fast. Also, the color doesn’t run and thus won’t fade easily. It’s windproof and also waterproof to put up with the outdoor environment.

In Short:
  • Measures 5 x 7 feet or 58 x 84 inches and is fairly large
  • Gives excellent coverage to as many as 2 people
  • Spreads out easily and has good warmth
  • Lightweight and quite easy to carry
  • Durable materials are resistant to ripping, tearing and fraying
  • Fluffy Polartec 300 fleece offers good warmth
  • Compressible and easily fit inside sacks and bags

#1. Outdoor Waterproof Blanket Warm Fleece

Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Blanket Warm Fleece Great for Camping, Outdoor Festival, Beach, and Picnic Use

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By: Oceas

This blanket is excellent for the outdoors. And measuring 79″ x 58 inches, it is perfect for up to 3 adults. It’s useful for camping, trekking, survival, emergency, sports, and much more. It’s a high-grade unit that provides you and other occupant’s great service. The extra-large size has decent coverage and is also flexible and easy to spread out. The unit comes in a royal blue color that looks trendy. Also, it merges quite well with different situations.

It has nice warmth retention, thanks to the plush fleece. The amazing insulation helps to maintain the warmth. At the same time, it doesn’t feel feely heavy on the user courtesy of its lightweight. The blanket comprises robust materials that give it strength. Therefore, it puts up with the use, regular washing, drying, pulling, and much more well. You’ll find a sturdy polyester waterproof backing that improves its strength.

The unit is 100% waterproof hence will ensure the interior is always dry. This is made possible by the polyurethane coating. The texture is extremely smooth and also non-scratchy. This guarantees you or any other user of maximum comfort. Besides, it does have any kind of smell and also contains no harsh chemicals or compounds. You can wash the blanket by machine or hand. And whichever the method, it cleans fast and also doesn’t shrink, stretch or fade.

In Short:
  • Measuring 79″ x 58 inches and perfect for up to 3 adults
  • High-grade unit provides great service
  • Extra-large size has decent coverage
  • Flexible and easy to spread out
  • Royal blue color looks trendy and suits different situations
  • Plush fleece offers nice warmth retention
  • A sturdy polyester backing improves its strength.
  • Polyurethane coating improves its waterproof capability

What To Look For In The Best Camping Blankets

Blankets for camping all serve a similar purpose. What’s more, many share lots of similarities. But without the right knowledge or information, it’s very easy to pick the wrong camping blankets. Yes, the unit will look amazing and the size will be perfect. However, it may offer little protection against the cold Temperature or maybe it will be very warm and cozy such that it ensures you are very comfortable in the cold nights. However, it will rip or tear easily. It may shrink or stretch after several washing cycles. You can prevent the above issues and more by focusing on the following issues.


Before you purchase an item, it’s essential that you have an idea of the size that is right for you. Shorter people or kids may get away with a smaller unit. However, if you are very tall, you’ll need to go for a larger piece. If you are a single user then a smaller unit may be appropriate. But for a couple, a larger piece is better. You should familiarize yourself with the sizing. This entails understanding the cms, Inches, feet, and more. For reference, you can use the size of the blanket you have at home.


The sole idea of a blanket for camping is comfort. You want to replicate the same environment you have at home despite being outdoors. And to do this, it’s paramount that the blanket offers maximum comfort. This entails focusing on the texture of the unit. The right piece will be ultra-smooth and also soft. This prevents any scratching or irritation on the skin. Also, you need a piece that has good warmth retention. Camping blankets will keep you warm and cozy during the cold days. Another thing is that it should have good breathability. This minimizes odor and sweat buildup, particularly on a hot setting.


One obvious aspect of camping is that you’ll be moving around a lot. It may be for a short distance or a long one. Also, you may be changing camp base on a regular basis. Now imagine having to carry a heavy blanket, not forgetting you still have other belongings? Not such a nice thought. Before splashing money on camping blankets, it pays to make certain that the weight is decent. It shouldn’t be heavy. Instead, go for a lightweight piece. Top choices will comprise of materials like polyester and nylon, which is lightweight. Also, for the fillings, they will have down feathers or ultra-light fibers. Nevertheless, you should balance between weight and comfort.


The outdoors is prone to humidity, rain, and other wet situations. And while you may be enjoying the comfort of a waterproof tent, it’s still important that you pick a blanket that is equally waterproof. This ensures you’ll have a nice dry cover even in a damp surrounding. Top camping blankets will comprise a waterproof material or a waterproof coating. And although it will prevent water from seeping or soaking through, it still will support good air movement. With this, you’ll be certain of a dry and comfortable interior.


As said earlier, camping involves moving a lot from one place to another. Also, you’ll also be carrying other things other than just the blanket. Therefore, you should pay attention to the carry-friendliness of the accessory. The best camping blankets is very portable. It will be lightweight hence light on the hands. This means you have minimal trouble carrying for long distances. Also, it will be compact and also compressible. This allows you to fold it into a smaller size. You’ll thus be able to roll it and strap it or fit it inside a sack or backpack. Some camping blankets will have straps that help you to tie it tightly on the bag.


In addition to the above things, prospective consumers should also look at the brand, durability, stitching quality, consumers take/ reviews, color, versatility, and also price.

Final Word

By following this read, you should have an easy time owning the best camping blankets in 2021. You simply need to peruse the read one more time, ascertain your needs, and then pick any of the camping blankets. They all score pretty high in the most critical aspects. These include warmth, comfort, durability, flexibility, portability, easy maintenance, quality, easy cleaning, and much more.

Therefore, when using camping blankets, you’ll be more certain you have a good choice. This ensures the experience while camping, hiking, traveling, and in other outdoor applications is good. You won’t worry too much about shivering in the cold days. Also, carrying accessories and storage will be much easier. We went for camping blankets that already have amazing reviews from analysts and consumers as well. And as you’ll observe, they get numerous 4-5 star ratings and reviews. Choose the best camping blankets to have a wonderful time outdoors.

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