Top 9 Best Candle Warmers You Should Own In 2021 Review

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Today I decided to write a review catering to those individuals who are interested in buying the best candle warmers. I gained exposure to the subject a few months ago, and it has become quite a topic of interest to me. I have decided to share my opinion and the opinions I had gathered on the top products with everyone else.

My cousin is a massage therapist. She and 2 of her colleagues combined their resources and opened up their private practice. We were so proud of her, and to show our support we helped out in whatever area they were shorthanded in. Everything had been going great. However, they had not yet settled on which ones would best suit them.

One of them, however, had a really great suggestion. She pointed out that they could look for delivery services, and request for several samples to be brought to the shop. This would happen during the small friends and family launch the following week. This way, we would all deliberate on the best picks and allow those interested in buying them for their personal use to also get some.

List Of The Best Candle Warmers In 2021

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#1. Hurricane Candle Warmer Lantern

Candle Warmers Etc. Hurricane Candle Warmer Lantern

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By: Candle Warmers Etc.

One of the other guests requested to be handed over a lantern. I was a bit confused since I didn’t understand why he was talking about a lantern. That was until I got a closer look and everyone started laughing at me. He had chosen this as his best candle warmer because it was made using environmentally friendly materials. He also pointed out that its style and versatility was beyond compare.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • It has an electrical rating of 120V, 60Hz, 25W.
  • It is an NP5 Candle Warmer.

#2. Signature Aurora Candle Warmer Lamp, Black

Candle Warmers Etc. Signature Aurora Candle Warmer Lamp, Black

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By: Candle Warmers Etc.

One of my colleagues’ wanted this model. She had gotten one like it from her boyfriend combined with other gifts on valentines. However, her niece accidentally broke it a month later. It now became clear why it was the best candle warmer for her. It looks exquisite, and it is also patented. The base is a pedestal which accommodates different types of candles.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Its construction consists of heavy-duty metal.
  • It produces soft halogen light.

#3. Cream Ceramic Fragrance Candle Wax Warmer

Hosley Cream Ceramic Fragrance Candle Wax Warmer

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By: Hosley Candle Company

All the colleagues simultaneously agreed to pick this one. During their training, it was their teacher’s best candle warmer to use. It had just the right appeal, and would also fit in with their décor. It was a perfect fit for them. Also, it is ceramic and could be used with Hosley fragrance and essential oils, and the brand wax melts and cubes. My in-law also took one to accent his office. This happens to be one of the best candle warmers on the market.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • It has dimensions of 5.98″ x 5.98″ x 4.84″
  • To unplug it, first, grip the plug, then pull it from the outlet.

#4. Crackled Amber Glass Mosaic Illumination

Candle Warmers Etc. Crackled Amber Glass Mosaic Illumination

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By: Candle Warmers Etc.

My wife and I both reacted when we saw this one. Everyone started laughing; just we shared glances across the room. The reason for that was that we had looked for this type for quite some time. When we went on our honeymoon, as a gift, we had a couple’s massage, and this was the best one they had there. We wanted to buy it to commemorate our honeymoon. Given its excellent design, accessing the bulb or replacing it is a great thing.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • It uses NP5 replacement bulbs.
  • The top tray is removable to give access to the bulb.

#5. Candle Warmer

Darice 1199-15 Candle Warmer

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By: Darice

My mother vouched for this one. It has been her best candle warmer for quite some time now. She often uses it with her lavender-scented candles. She used to have a hard time dealing with the small jar she had whenever she tried reaching out to light it. Also, she hated how the wicks used to burn down at times and made it difficult to light up as well. If a surface is delicate, it is protected by the felt covered feet. My mum is allergic to those rich scents, and she loves the great scents which accompany this one.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • The scent released I better felt because of the lack of a flame.
  • The diameter of the heating plate is 4.25 inches.

#6. Original Candle Warmer

Candle Warmers Etc. Original Candle Warmer

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By: Candle Warmers Etc.

My wife said that this item reminded her of the one she had in college. Compared to the ones they had bought with her roommate at the time, this was definitely the best one they had. It has a heat vent which prevents any overheating by dispersing the away the heat from the base of the warmer. This was important to them because they had been once in an accident after they mistakenly left a warmer switched on overnight. They learned to be more careful and looked out for appliances with better safety features.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • It has a light indicator that shows if the lighter is on or off.
  • It can fit both small and large candles.

#7. Wax Melts Air Freshener Warmer

Glade Wax Melts Air Freshener Warmer

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By: Glade

I liked this one because it had some pleasant memories attached to it. It was the first-ever candle warmer that I had bought. I had been planning to propose to my wife at the time, and it played a role in making that a romantic evening. It provides up to 16 hours of quality fragrance and individual wax melt. It is made from wax that has been pressed, resulting in hands that are not oily or greasy. All the melts are packed individually, avoiding all the messiness. I always made sure to buy the 11 pack because it delivered up to a total of 176 hours per pack.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • One has the option of 13 fragrances.
  • The scents linger after the it is turned off.

#8. White Electric Candle Warmer

Hosley White Electric Candle Warmer

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By: HG Global

This one from Hosley was proposed as the best candle warmer by her second colleague. She said it was the ideal one she needed to use for her aromatherapy and had worked with it before when on internship. She claimed that with the Hosley brand, one is always assured of getting exceptional quality. It is used best with pots or cups which have no raised edge bottoms. It fits wide-3-wick candles and is slow but very effective.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • The burner is 4 inches wide.
  • It has a voltage of 120.

#9. Plug-In Fragrance Wax Melt Warmers (Damask)

Plug-In Fragrance Wax Melt Warmers (Damask)

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By: Dawhud Direct

This was the first product that was shown to us. One of her colleagues had gone nuts for it. She is more of an artistic individual and believes in self-expression. It did not come as much of a shocker that her best candle warmer would be one that is equal to her persona. The design is decorative and is quite artistic. It is likely to create the type of ambiance that they require for the business. She vouched for it because she had the same one in a different color. It is a plugin fragrance wax warmer.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • It comes included with a bulb.
  • It can be replaced with a 15W, 120v light bulb.

Benefits of Candle Warmers

  • They are more efficient: They melt all the wax and last longer compared to flame lit candles which don’t burn candles entirely. Of course, if you compare a flame lit a candle and a candle warmer, the rate at which they burn down is simply incomparable.
  • They are risk-free: They are not as hazardous because they do not have any flames, to risk fires. I have seen most people who have had their property razed down by infernos emanating from candles which are left unattended.

Types Of Candle Warmers & What To Look In Them

Candle warmers are an easy and convenient way to enjoy your favorite scent naturally in a healthy way. We are going to talk about the types of candle warmers and how to find the best ones. Let’s find out what they are below.


There are 4 different main designs of candle warmers that are common and popular among users which are:

  • Candle Crock: Easy and simple, this type is the container that takes jar candles. It simply heats up the candle from the bottom and sides for faster heating and melting. If you want fast fragrance delivery, this is the type to go for. However, the scent wouldn’t last too long because they melt the candles too quickly.
  • Lamp & Lantern: Looks exactly like the lantern or lamp, and it is sophisticated and elegant to have. With such a design, people usually use them are part of room decoration. Since their heating element is above, they allow for more efficient burning as well as long-lasting scent. This type slowly and steadily fills your room with fragrance which is relaxing to use.
  • Plate: It is inexpensive, and it is nice to have if you don’t look for anything fancy. It is the heating base that melts candles, and both the use and design are very simple. There are some good looking designs as well, so maybe you can search deeper for those.
  • 2-In-1: This design works with both regular and tart types of candles. If you use tart candles, the top ceramic plate will do the warming job. In case you prefer the regular candle, simply remove the top ceramic plate and place it in the candle inside. It is simple and convenient, and it is perfect for users who use different types of candles.

How To Choose The Best Candle Warmers

There are a few simple things that you should look for when buying a candle warmer which are:


There are many stylish designs of candle warmers that you can choose from. Go for the one that matches the décor of your room so that it delivers both scent and style. When it comes to the design, the appearance and the color of the candle warmers play a huge part. There are even the ones that come with cool carving designs as well which are vintage and authentic.


If you choose the lamp or lantern design, it is important that it is durable and heavy-duty. The ability to last longer is simply worth the price because this type is a little pricey. Find the ones with construction from durable and heavy-duty materials so that you can use them for years.


We are talking about the space that they take in your room and the space that they offer for candles. Choose the candle warmers that can fit both small and big candles while saving space at the same time. It is convenient and versatile, and you can use it with different types of candles with ease.

Wrapping It Up!

Candle warmers are much more efficient to use; no wastage is incurred when they are used. They produce better scents, and they are safer because there is no direct fire involved. Problems such as soot or lighting will no longer be an issue for you. You also have the option of buying decorative or stylish candle warmers. They can be used to help one relax and even set the right mood if needed.

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