Be More Healthy With 10 Best Diabetic Socks In 2021 | Review & Tips

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When a person gets into the diabetic condition, he starts to some sensation of his nerves in his leg and feet. Such a person cannot wear regular socks as they are no good for him. He must wear special diabetic socks which have specific therapeutic properties that will provide him comfort and recover back the sensation in the long run. Apart from a diabetic condition, a pair of diabetic socks can be helpful in all the different types of feet and ankle issues. We have handpicked the best diabetic socks and listed them down from you to choose from.

Diabetic socks can reduce pressure, prevent the blistering formation, and stop moisture accumulation. They are designed to bring back the lost sensation in the nerves, provide comfort and protect your feet from infections. Also, they are generally non-elastic in nature to prevent constriction. They are also slightly cushioned to avoid injury accidentally.

List Of Best Diabetic Socks In 2021

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#10. Thin Non Binding Extra Wide Loose Top Cotton Diabetic Socks

IOMI - 6 Pack Mens Thin Non Binding Extra Wide Loose Top Cotton Diabetic Socks

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Circumstances come with conditions. If you have diabetes, then it is very crucial to put on the right socks. This is why we bring you IOMI. Some other qualities of this fantastic product include but not limited to soft-touch cotton, honeycomb uppermost which shape is the natural contours of your legs and hand connected toe which ensures smooth, comfy seam merely to provide comfort for diabetes and avoid sourness. Lastly, in its structure it is composed of 77 percent Cotton, 19 percent Polyester 3 percent Nylon and 1percent Elasthane.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Tailor-made construction for therapeutic problems.
  • Natural contours for perfect fit and comfort.
  • Soft cotton keeps the feet dry and fresh.

#9. Men’s Diabetic Non-Binding Mid-Calf Socks

Top Flight Men's Diabetic Non-Binding Mid-Calf Socks 2 Pack

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By: Top Flight

Top Flight men’s Diabetic non- binding Mid-calf socks are made in the United States of America. The structure of the prominent product constitutes 80% polyester, 17% nylon as well3% spandex. It is presented in two classes that are 9-13 and 10-13 sizes. This product ships to Kenya and other countries in the world.

Moreover, it also offers foot and heel mitigation merely to provide additional comfort. The materials constituting its structure are breathable, lenient and fit well. It can be machine washed with like colors. It also features excellently woolen non-binding loose-knit that protects the skin.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Mid-calf length provides extra protection.
  • Cushioned heel for super comfort.
  • Different attractive colors available.

#8. Diabetic Crew Socks Unisex

LM® 12 Pairs Diabetic Crew Socks Unisex

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By: L&M

Are you looking for outstanding unisexual socks for diabetes? Look no more! LM 12 pairs Diabetic crew socks come with incredible features including therapeutic approval by the physician, non- binding first as well as loose-fitting. This fantastic product includes 90% cotton and 10% nylon. This unisexual sock set size comprises 9-11, 10-13 and 13-15.

Furthermore, it comes in three colors that are white, grey and white. It allows for blood circulation, something that is very crucial for the diabetics as well as those with circulatory problems. Note that for the mentioned sizes, a buyer, especially with severe edema, may find it difficult selecting the right size.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Unique design for better flow of blood.
  • Machine washable and sweat resistant.
  • Approved by physicians for diabetes.

#7. Unisex Diabetic Socks Crew


Physicians Approved Diabetic Socks Crew Unisex 3, 6 or 12-Pack

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By: Falari

Physician approved Diabetic Socks comes with different features some of which includes 90% cotton, polyester 7%, and 3 %elasthane. It is best recommended for persons with circulatory hitches, Neuropathy, Edema, and diabetes. This fantastic brand is freely shipped and comes with warranty hence you have no reason to worry since we offer you full recompense in case of the faulty of the product which is very rare.

Besides that, it comes in different sizes ranging from men size 10-13, 13-15 king-size and lastly 9-11 women or men size( universal ). It also comes with 12 pairs of black colors.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Machine wash possible without losing elasticity.
  • Recommended for all ankle and feet issues.
  • Nonbinding design boosts blood circulation.

#6. Men’s Bamboo Diabetic Ankle Socks

Yomandamor Men's Bamboo Diabetic Ankle Socks

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By: Yomandamor

Yomadamor is one of the products that highly sells worldwide. It comes with amazing features that include seamless toe, odor-resistantt antiseptic, lightweight and many others. Other features include non-binding topmost which is suitable for those who have comfy demands. In its structure, it constitutes 70 percent bamboo, and 30 percent elastane merely for the best fit as well as comfort.

What’s more, this socks brand assists seniors and even the individual who requires support and also are diabetes. This socks, on the other hand, features components that offer reduced infection risk, reduced foot pressure as well as blistering and breathing holes as well as micromesh.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Unique material composition for superior quality.
  • No irritation, odor resistant, anti-bacterial property.
  • Breathable, stretchy and has sweat discharging structure.

#5. Diabetic Arthritic Ankle Cushioned Sole Smooth Socks

Sierra Socks Diabetic Arthritic Womens Ankle Cushioned Sole Smooth Toe 3 Pair Pack

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By: Sierra Socks

Do you have diabetes with inflamed ankles as well as terry-cushioned sole? Sierra Socks Diabetic Arthritic is designed to cover sore ankles, subtle feet, arthritis, pregnancy, running, travel, among others. In its structure, it constitutes 80 percent Pima cotton, 18 percent nylon, and 2 percent spandex. When there is a need for bleaching, then the only, argent recommended is the non-chlorine components.

In addition to that, this product is freely shipped and comes with a warranty. The socks possess spandex- elastic especially at the edges of the socks that ensure the socks do not move at the leg. It maintains one place. It comes with 6-9 and 9-11 sizes respectively. This product also comes in black, puff white or white.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Perfect for swollen ankles.
  • Terry-cushion for high comfort.
  • Suitable for arthritis, athletic activities, and sensitive feet.

#4. Crew Ankle Diabetic Socks Cotton

USBingoshop 6 or 12 Pairs Mens Physicians Approved Crew Ankle Diabetic Socks Cotton

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By: USBingoshop

USBingoshop 6 or 12 pairs of diabetic socks are designed for persons having circulatory hitches, diabetes, edema, and neuropathy. The socks sizes range from 10-13 and 7-13. Did we hint at its super comfort? Some of the materials used in its structure include 90% cotton, polyester 7%, and 3% elastane. The materials are breathable, lenient and fit well. It can be machine washed with like colors.

On top of that, when there is a need for bleaching then the only thing to avoid is the non-chlorine components. This product is freely shipped and comes with a warranty. They also feature a loose weave design merely to offer precise cushioning without squeezing on tightening your legs in whatever way.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Suitable for therapeutic treatment.
  • Loose knit design promotes circulation of blood.
  • Highly durable and elasticity does not fade.

#3. Unisex Diabetic Socks

Debra Weitzner Mens Womens Diabetic Socks

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By: Debra Weitzner

Settle down for nonentity more than the preeminent. In case you have been searching for the top quality socks, then your search stops here! Debra Weitzner Men’s women’s Diabetic socks come with first-class features that suit your quest. These include maximum comfort, excellent blood circulation, a variety of sizes (available in three sizes, i.e., 9-11 women, 10-13 men and 13-’15 men) and in two various designs, i.e., crew as well as ankle lengths. Other features that come with the prominent socks include moisture wicking, non- binding top and breathable fabrics.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Breathable, soft, and custom fitting.
  • Loose knit design for super comfort.
  • Better blood circulation and physician approved.

#2. Diabetic Ankle Unisex Physicians Approved Socks

Falari 12-Pack Diabetic Socks Ankle Unisex Physicians Approved Socks

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By: Falari

Falari Diabetic Socks is a first-class sock pair that comes with numerous fantastic features such of which includes non-binding top with loose fitting, approval by the physicians for therapeutic. Some of the materials used in its structure include 90% cotton, polyester 7%, and 3% Elasthane. Physicians recommend these socks since it offers your legs with complete blood circulation as well as quality blood flow. This prominent product is unisex hence no restriction on which gender should put it on. The socks stretch well and are very comfy. They come in different sizes.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Loose fitting and machine washable.
  • 90% cotton and highly durable.
  • Approved for the therapeutic property.

#1. Creswell Diabetic Socks

Creswell Diabetic Socks

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Do you have circulatory hitches, edema, diabetes and even neuropathy? Creswell Diabetic Socks are the most recommended socks for you. These odd socks come with a number of features, some of which includes comfort and effortless slip, especially over the ankles without any tussle. It also comes with less firmness merely to confine the circulation.

What’s more, these socks are made in the USA. Some of the materials used in its structure include 85% cotton, polyester 15%, and 0.5% elastic. The tops are flexibly designed to stretch over the ankles and recoil back to its standard shape. This allows for proper blood circulation which is very crucial for the diabetics and individuals with circulatory hitches or even neuropathy. All these reasons are why this product is the best diabetic socks among all.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Highly comfortable and easy to put on.
  • Easy circulation of blood with less compression.
  • Suitable for edema and neuropathy other than diabetes.

What Are Diabetic Socks?

People with diabetes have sensitive feet, and some suffer from various foot conditions. That is why diabetic socks are important because they help to protect the patients’ feet. The special thing about diabetic socks is that they have unique features that make them different from regular socks. These socks simply keep the patients’ feet comfortable, dry, and healthy. At the same time, they also help to decrease the risk of a foot injury while enhancing blood circulation as well.

How To Use & Care Diabetic Socks

  • You have to wear a fresh clean pair of diabetic socks every day. This is to ensure that your feet remain clean and dry all day long. Along with that, you will also be able to see if you have any new draining wounds that need attention.
  • High-quality diabetic socks allow you to wash with regular laundry load, on a warm cycle.
  • When washing your diabetic socks, avoid using chlorine bleach and fabric softeners. Their harsh chemical can shorten the life and performance of the socks.
  • Make sure to check your diabetic socks regularly in case there are any holes, loose threads, or rips.

Types Of Diabetic Socks

There are some different types of diabetic socks that do different things. You might want to check and see which one matches your conditions the most.

  • Diabetic socks that keep feet dry
  • Socks that decrease the risk of a foot injury
  • Non-binding diabetic socks without elastic
  • Extra thick diabetic socks that are soft in heels
  • Socks that prevent circulation from slowing down
  • Diabetic socks with padding and without seams that prevent rubbing and blisters

Extra Tips To Protect Your Feet

Apart from wearing diabetic socks, there are also other ways to protect your feet as well. There are a few other things that you can do such as:

  • Avoid Going Barefoot: If you have neuropathy, walking barefoot is very risky since you can injure your foot without knowing.
  • Change Your Socks: As soon as your feet get sweaty, make sure to change your socks. Also, change your socks after walking, hiking, or exercising because it is important to keep your feet dry.
  • Examine Your Feet: This is something that you should do on a daily basis. Even with socks, your feet can get injured as you walk when you have diabetes. That is why you should examine your entire feet at least once a day. You should look at the top, bottom, between each toe, and check the skin around your toenails.
  • Trim Your Toenails: This is something that you should do regularly because overgrown toenails can become ingrown. They can rub against your shoes, and they can hide small cuts and blisters as well.
  • Wash Your Feet: When you wash your feet daily, you can reduce the chance of having bacteria on your feet. That also washes away the dirt as well which is a total plus.


Whether you have diabetes or feet issue, you should ditch the traditional normal socks and go for diabetic socks that have therapeutic property to keep the nerve healthy. The blood circulation is maintained at an optimal level and the cushion provided in highly comfortable. There is no chance of moisture formation and infection from bacteria. They are absolute value for money product, and you should shift your attention to the care for your feet with these socks. However, it is advised to pick the best diabetic socks.

(To learn more what actually are Diabetic Socks and why they are important, you can also go through this link: Orthofeet)

One Comment

  1. Criteria To Look For Before Choosing Diabetic Shocks
    Diabetic socks are different from compression socks. These socks are designed to regulate blood circulation, prevent from external damage, minimize irritation, prevent accumulation of moisture and blistering, bacteria, and fungal, and they do not form a lump. If you have less sensation on your feet and having any feet issue, diabetic socks are for you.

    They are often made of spandex, acrylic, wool, bamboo charcoal mixture and much more. Spandex makes the non-elastic while other materials ensure no moisture accumulation. The materials are also responsible for its no wrinkle formation. They prevent bacterial and fungal growth. There are certain premium diabetic socks available that are having silver and copper traces available, and they prevent foul smell and kill bacteria and fungi. Non-cotton materials are even better for their natural anti-microbial property.

    Most of the diabetic socks have slight padding in them to make them comfortable and prevent any injury. You can also find diabetic socks having thick padding and depending on the activities you are going to perform, you need to choose. The more padding means more price, but the price should not be a constraint when it comes to personal security and health. If you are going to walk daily, you need the padding in your heel for support. If you are going to run, you need the padding at the ball of your foot to prevent or minimize friction. Various other athletic and sports activities require just enough padding to avoid primary injuries and infections.

    The design of the diabetic socks is extremely important. Not every pair of diabetic socks is equal in all regions. Make sure that one you are buying has physician approval and therapeutic property. These socks need to be washed every day to prevent infection irrespective of its inbuilt property. The quality of the socks has to be high so that every after repeated washing, the elasticity should not become loose or the color should fade. The difference between compression or traditional socks and diabetic socks is that the former strangle the feet while the latter conform to the feet according to its shape. They are entirely seamless in fitting, and that is why no lumps or blister forms.

    Apart from these, there are some new types of diabetic socks hitting the market, and they are called smart socks. These socks have sensors that you will be able to connect to your smartphone app, and you get to know vital stats like pressure, moisture content, angles and various other developments of nerves. They can warn you against ulcers and infections.

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