Top 10 Best Dog Raincoats — Pet Products Review For 2020

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After going through the best dog raincoats reviews, you should find something that will suit your furry friend. We can’t deny that the dg is our loyal friend. It will protect us from harm, keep us company, and also entertain us as well. I mean, many of us can’t imagine being away from the dog. The sad bit, however, is that a good number of owners do neglect the dog when it comes to protection from the rain. Yes, it has thicker fur and skin to endure the elements better than us. However, just like us, it will still feel uncomfortable walking, running, or sleeping in the rain. In fact, it will likely become sick. If you do care for your pet, you should endeavor to get the best dog raincoat. And in this review, we will highlight the most worthy pieces.

Let’s Check Our Review For The Best Dog Raincoat

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#10. Voyager Dog Raincoat Set

Voyager Dog by Best Pet Supplies

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By: Best Pet Supplies, Inc.

This rain dog will look lovely on your furry friend. It’s a versatile piece that will fit on dogs with a chest size16 -19 inches. This suits it for most small and medium-sized dogs. We love the sweet yellow color that enhances the dog’s looks as well as the lightweight. Moreover, it’s very flexible and will mold to the dog’s physique quite well. It also has a nice finish to prevent any scratching, discomfort, or irritation. The seams and stitching also don’t feel rough and make it among the safest units.

It’s very waterproof despite its lightweight. It will handle light as well as heavy rain pretty okay. Besides, it’s also more resistant to dirt, dust, and sweat, and stain. This makes cleanup much easier and effortless. The unit supports good air ventilation to ensure the dog doesn’t sweat a lot. It also minimizes odor, especially when the dog is active or has been adorning it for a long session.

In Short:
  • A versatile piece that fits chest size16 -19 inches
  • Fit most small and medium-sized dogs
  • Nice yellow color and lightweight
  • Very flexible and ultra-smooth finish
  • Waterproof and good breathability

#9. Waterproof & Lightweight Large Dog Raincoat

Mikayoo Large Dog Raincoat Adjustable Pet Waterproof Clothes Lightweight Rain Jacket

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By: Mikayoo

This is also another best dog raincoats which is a worthy choice for any dog owner. It’s yellow in color and this enhances the pet’s appearance. Besides, it also helps to make the dog more visible from far. This aspect is improved by the reflective strips on it. The XXL size works okay with most dogs and also has a simple yet effective strapping system. They are easy to use and will make certain the raincoat stays firm on the body. It won’t move unnecessarily even in intense activities like running or playing. And like other featured units, it’s very lightweight and adds no weight to the dog.

The smooth interior minimizes the possibility of irritation and scratching, whereas the flexible nature improves wearability. It’s a professionally designed unit that looks nice on most dogs. Moreover, it is very waterproof and chances of moisture and water getting through are minimal. It also has good breathability for good airflow and to prevent sweating and odor,

In Short:
  • Yellow color and enhances the pet’s appearance
  • XXL size works okay with most dogs
  • Simple yet effective strapping system
  • Lightweight and smooth interior
  • Professionally designed and very waterproof
  • Good breathability prevents sweat and odor

#8. Waterproof Lightweight Dog Coat Jacket

Dog Raincoat Leisure Waterproof Lightweight Dog Coat Jacket Reflective

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By: ordeals

Your dog will appreciate you more for getting it this raincoat. It’s very effective in stopping rain and water from getting through to its fur or skin. Moreover, it does look stylish and trendy. The accessory comes in X-Large size and will work well with many types of dogs. It’s also very lightweight and flexible. Putting it on as well as taking it off is not a problem. Besides, the finish is ultra-smooth and it also doesn’t have any rough or hard seams. Therefore, chances of it scratching the skin or removing any fur are unlikely.

It comes with a hood for extra protection as well as simple and effective harnessing straps. The yellow piece is made from water-resistant 100% polyester material. It is also highly breathable to ensure the fur and skin stay cool even after extreme or intense activity. And thanks to the innovative design, it’s very easy to attach a leash. Moreover, it also includes a back pocket for carrying dog snacks.

In Short:
  • Waterproof and effective in blocking the rain
  • X-Large size works with many types of dog
  • Comes with hood for extra protection
  • Made from water-resistant 100% polyester material
  • Highly breathable for a cool interior
  • Back pocket for carrying dog snacks

#7. Dog Rain Jacket With Hood

Fashion Pet Dog Raincoat for Small Dogs | Dog Rain Jacket with Hood

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By: Ethical Pet

This raincoat will certainly look wonderful on your hairy buddy. It’s a flexible item that will certainly fit on most ranging from small to large. The coat is 100 percent waterproof and is made from polyester. We like the visible yellow shade that improves the pet dog’s looks as well as the reflective straps that improve visibility at night or in the dark. It’s lightweight and it’s extremely adaptable to the pet’s figure. It additionally has a smooth texture to stop any kind of scraping, pain, or irritability. The well-sewed seams and joints additionally do not feel harsh or rough to the fur.

The good water resistance deals with the rainfall. It’s likewise more immune to dust, dirt, sweat as well as stains. This makes cleaning it a lot easier. The good air ventilation guarantees the pet dog does not sweat a great deal and also reduces smell, especially with an energetic dog. Moreover, The Velcro straps are easy to adjust and fit nicely around the chest and belly section.

In Short:
  • The coat is 100 percent waterproof
  • Made from lightweight polyester
  • Visible yellow color and the reflective straps
  • Smooth texture and safe design
  • Good water resistance and breathable
  • Easy-adjust Velcro straps

#6. Large Dog Raincoat

NACOCO Large Dog Raincoat Adjustable Pet Waterproof Clothes Lightweight

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This is additionally a deserving selection for any type of canine. It’s yellow in color and like most on this review also comes with reflective straps. This makes seeing the dog at night easier. The XL dimension functions fine with the majority of pets and is basic yet reliable. The raincoat remains firm and will not move needlessly even when the dog is running or playing. It right-weight and has a smooth texture to prevent irritability and scratching the body.

The unit features elastic straps that go around the legs, the chest and the belly section. They are super smooth and also very lightweight. Nevertheless, they provide a tight hold onto the dog. Moreover, it’s skillfully made to look wonderful on the majority of pets. Additionally, it is extremely water-resistant, and cases of damp fur are tiny. It likewise has good breathability to avoid sweating or a smelly scenario where water and sweat mix.

In Short:
  • Yellow in color and comes with reflective straps
  • Elastic easy-adjust straps
  • Super smooth and also very lightweight
  • Extremely water-resistant and good breathability
  • Minimal sweating or odor

#5. Raincoat Hooded Slicker Poncho For Small to X-Large Dogs & Puppies

HDE Dog Raincoat Hooded Slicker Poncho for Small to X-Large Dogs and Puppies

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HDE Dog Raincoat is what you need for your canine. It’s really reliable in stopping rainfall as well as water from getting into its hair or skin. Furthermore, it does look elegant as well as fashionable thanks to the trendy styling. The device is available in X-Large dimension to function well with most pets. It’s likewise extremely light-weight and also versatile. Placing it on the dog as well as taking it off is not a trouble. Besides, the coating is ultra-smooth and possibilities of it, causing abrasing or any type of harm are very unlikely.

It features a hood for additional functionality as well as an efficient Velcro strapping system. They adjust very easily and smoothly but still keep the coat firm and at the same point. It is made from waterproof 100% polyester and is very breathable for easy air circulation and to prevent excessive sweating or odor. Thanks to the simple layout and quality naturals, it handles the use well and is also long-lasting. It will put-up with regular washing, drying, folding, unfolding, and the elements.

In Short:
  • Available in X-Large dimension to suit most pets
  • Light-weight and also versatile
  • Ultra-smooth and cozy interior
  • A hood for additional functionality
  • Efficient Velcro strapping system
  • Made from waterproof 100% polyester
  • Very breathable for easy air circulation

#4. Waterproof Lightweight & High Visibility Dog Coat Jacket

Viper Dog Raincoat Waterproof Lightweight & High Visibility Dog Coat Jacket

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You shouldn’t allow your pet to suffer in the rain. What you need is to invest in the best dog raincoats. This one by viper is a worthy choice and comes in a functional and practical nature. It should, therefore, suit most dogs quite well. We like the green color as well as the reflective straps that are visible from far and also at night. It’s extremely versatile and has good coverage for maximum protection. Furthermore, it likewise has a good surface to avoid any abrasion, sensitivity, or rough feeling. The seams are smooth and also do not feel harsh against the fur or skin. We also love the well-crafted leash opening that makes attaching leash much easier and also doesn’t affect functionality.

The coat is very water-proof and will take care of light as well as heavy rainfall. Besides, cleaning it is a lot easier thanks to the more dust and dirt tolerant nature. The excellent air ventilation makes certain the pet dog does not sweat a whole lot and likewise reduces odor.

In Short:
  • Visible green color and reflective straps
  • Extremely versatile and good coverage
  • Smooth texture and seams
  • Well-crafted leash opening
  • Very water-proof to handle even heavy rainfall
  • Excellent air ventilation minimizes sweating and odor

#3. Dog Raincoat Adjustable Lightweight Jacket With Reflective Straps

Pro Plums Dog Raincoat Adjustable Lightweight Jacket with Reflective Straps

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By: Pro Plums

Coming in a navy blue color, this raincoat should be just right for your dog. It comes in large size to suit chest sizes ranging from 18 to 21 inches. This means that it will work okay with most dogs. Moreover, it has a tough material to handle the use and environmental factors as well. The piece is waterproof to prevent rain and water from reaching the dog’s fur and skin and causing discomfort. Moreover, it’s a flexible piece and super easy to put in on and also take it off the dog’s body.

It has reliable straps that firmly harness it’s to the body. They go around the legs and belly section well. And thanks to their smooth finish and nice diameter, they don’t cause a squeeze or any discomfort. Adjusting the length is also easy and you also get a sturdy buckle for a firm hold.

In Short:
  • Come in a navy blue color
  • Large size suits chest size 18 to 21 inches
  • Tough material handles the use and the environmental factors as well
  • Good waterproofing stops rain and water
  • Flexible and super easy to put in on and take it off
  • Reliable straps firmly harness it to the body
  • Easy to adjust and a sturdy buckle

#2. Dog Raincoat With Reflective Buttons, Pockets

Ellie Dog Wear Yellow Zip Up Dog Raincoat with Reflective Buttons, Pockets

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By: Ellie Dog Wear

This is likewise one of the best dog raincoats you can get and is quite popular. It looks stylish and this boosts the canine’s appearance. Besides, it will make the dog extra noticeable from a distance or in dark situations thanks to the reflective buttons. The dimension functions all right with many pet dogs. It also has a reliable strapping system to firmly secure it to the body. Chances of it moving needlessly, even in extreme tasks like running or playing, are minimal.

Like various other highlighted devices, it’s really light-weight and has a smooth surface to prevent abrasion and irritability and is versatile to boosts wearability. It’s well made and looks great on the majority of canines. In addition, it is extremely water-resistant and ensures the dog remains dry even in a heavy downpour. This also prevents it from becoming sick or smelling. Thanks to its good resistance to grease, oil, dirt, and other things as well as the smooth nature, it’s effortless to clean.

In Short:
  • Stylish nature boosts the canine’s appearance
  • Reflective buttons make the dog extra noticeable
  • Reliable strapping system firmly secures to the body
  • Light-weight and has a smooth surface
  • Extremely water-resistant and good breathability

#1. Adjustable Lightweight Waterproof Dog Rain Jacket

Nourse CHOWSING Dog Raincoat Adjustable Lightweight Waterproof Dog Rain Jacket

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By: Nourse

Your pet will love this raincoat. It’s really efficient in combating rainfall and water and will keep its hair or skin dry. It does look elegant and also stylish and comes in a simple grey color. The device can be found in XXL dimension and function well with most dogs up to 66lbs. It will fit on small, medium, and large dogs and comes with Velcro straps that secure it tightly on the dog. Moreover, to have reflective strips to ensure the dog is seen in poorly lit situations.

The coat is likewise lightweight but will handle even the heavy shower pretty well, and this is owing to the tough materials. It comes in a professional design to endue the use and the elements. Besides, the surface is ultra-smooth and also very cozy. It’s also windproof and will handle the winds for extra convenience. Also, it’s breathable for good airflow and also to minimize a stuffy situation.

In Short:
  • Stylish and comes in grey color
  • XXL dimension fits small, medium and large dogs
  • Handles dogs up to 66lbs
  • Velcro straps secure it tightly
  • Professional design to endue the use
  • Ultra-smooth and cozy surface
  • Breathable for good airflow

Why Pick The Best Dog Raincoats

There are all manner of products in the market. In fact, it can be overwhelming to settle for a specific piece. Some are exceptionally good and you still find not-so-good options. But with little information or lack of knowledge, distinguishing the good from the bad is a little challenging. This is one reason why many people prefer relying on reviews. Your work will be count out and you’ll spend lesser time and effort yet will own a good product. The following are some reasons why you should always go for the best

Good Protection

When buying the product, you want full protection for the dog. A good pick will have good coverage that ensures most parts of the dog are covered. This prevents rain from getting through and making the animal too wet. Also, you want it to handle light showers as well as heavy rain well. The top choices are made from heavy-duty and waterproof materials. They will ensure that no moisture or water penetrates through. This makes certain that the pet’s fur and skin will still remain dry even in a heavy downpour. Other than just rain, a good choice also prevents dust, dirt, flying debits, and other things.


The best dog raincoats will be very easy to use. Youll need very little effort and time placing it on the dog. However, coverage and service will be pretty good. Removal, just like putting on, will equally be easy. The right option will come in a dog-friendly design for easy fitting. It will not affect the dog’s movements and also will be lightweight to not add unnecessary weight. It will have a few strapping points that are easy to use. Nevertheless, it will remain intact on the body once secured.

Durable Service

Similar to any other product, when purchasing a unit, you intend it to last for a long time. You don’t plan to be repairing or replacing it too soon. However, with substandard options, they are more likely to get torn, rip, or fade sooner-rather-than-later. This because of feeble/weak materials or poor tailoring. But with the best dog raincoats, you have more guarantee on longevity, reliability, and effectiveness. They will be made from high-quality materials that endure the stress, regular use, wetness, pulling, and much more. Moreover, most will come with a long warranty from the manufacturer.

Safety Guaranteed

Like other owners, you desire your dog to be safe when adorning the raincoat. Nobody wants to see the dog itching or scratching itself because the surface is a bit too hard or rough. You also don’t want it getting allergic reactions because the coat contains some not-so dog-friendly compounds. A right item will come with an ultra-smooth and soft finish that feels extra cozy to the skin or fur. It also won’t have substances or chemical which may trigger an allergic reaction. Moreover, it will be certified safe and won’t cause any side effects.

Maximum Satisfaction

The best raincoat ensures the dog enjoys excellent protection. It won’t leak or allow water in; it won’t rip or wear out easily, and also will not cause the fur and skin to sweat too much. Also, it doesn’t encourage odor buildup or allergies. This gives the dog enjoys maximum satisfaction. As the owner, you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing your trusty friend isn’t being hit hard by the rains. Also, it won’t have any adverse effects and will continue to offer excellent service for a long time to come.

Consideration Factors:

The Size

The size of the raincoat is crucial in ensuring that your dog is comfortable. No one would want to have their dog strapped to anything that will have it whimpering all day since its being choked. Although we want to find the perfect fit for the dog, it is always recommended to up the size just a bit to allow it to be comfortable while moving around or finding the best position to rest in.

The Material

Dog raincoats are usually made as lightweight as possible. The thick material will cause the dog to strain during movement and prevent it from going about its normal activities. However, some dog breeds with fewer fur coats need raincoats with a little more material to them to shield them from the cold.


It goes without saying that material gets tattered over time, depending on the frequency of its use. Therefore, dog owners who live in areas that experience frequent rainfall would consider buying a raincoat that’ll last them a while longer.


Dogs are playful animals, and even though one may have a leash on them, in one way or another, they might end up escaping from us. It’s, therefore, advisable to buy a brightly colored raincoat with a reflective to help you locate the dog in case it runs off to one of its doggy escapades.

Leash Access

Dog leashes are of different types, and so one would consider checking the type of leash access hole or space provided by a particular raincoat before rushing to purchase it just because it’s adorable on the dog.


This review has looked at the best dog raincoats in the current market. It also has gone farther to give you reasons why you should go for a top unit. All of the above options are suitable for different dogs. They come in a nice size that offers decent coverage. This ensures the dog enjoys maximum protection. Moreover, they are very lightweight and also flexible. Therefore, they won’t add unnecessary weight. In fact, the dog won’t feel any difference other than it’s not getting hit hard by the rain. They all are of high quality, made from resilient materials, and also enjoy positive reviews. With the best dog raincoats, your dog enjoys maximum satisfaction while you as the owner get peace-of-mind.

Check out the previous-version article! (Version 01)

Previous Version (01): Top 10 Best Dog Raincoats

Dog car seats were our topic of discussion in the previous article; let’s now shift our attention to dog raincoats. Most people love pets and dogs are preferred compared to others. Taking good care of a dog tells or shows kindness and love in a person. So it’s essential to make sure you give your dog the necessities required. People live with their pets and are not taking good care of them. You find 50% of the pets are suffering due to neglect. A well-kept dog stays healthy, active, and efficiently performs the function to the owner, thus making him/her proud. The invention of dog raincoat to prevent dogs from being soaked up has helped a great deal. Let’s spend sometimes read the top 10 best dog raincoats review.

10. Zip up Dog Raincoat

Zip up Dog Raincoat

  • By: Ellie Dog Wear | Product Weight: 6.4 oz. | Product Size: Extra Small

This is a double-layered zip up raincoat with additional buttons which makes putting this coat on comfortable as well as adjustable and stylish. It also contains a small opening on the upper back of the rain jacket for harness users, thus making adjustments to fit any dog breed.

It also contains a small opening on the upper back of the rain jacket for harness users thus making adjustments to fit any dog breed.


  • This dog raincoat appears to be the best since it comes with multiple buttoned pockets for easy storage of small items and also includes a removable hoodie.


  • Once in a while, the slit for the leash is sometimes too small.

9. Outerwear Raincoat

Thundershirt Outerwear Raincoat

  • By: Thundershirt | Product Weight: 10.4 oz. | Product Size: Large

The material used in the manufacture of the Thundershirt Outerwear Raincoat is of amazing quality, not to mention the ease in which you can put it on your dog with the help of the Velcro straps.

Furthermore, the hood fits just right so that your dog can see correctly without any hindrance.


  • Durable material.
  • Easy to put on.


  • The material is a bit too stiff.
  • There’s a struggle when male dogs want to pee since there’s not enough allowance.

8. Pet Rain Pet Jacket

Guardian Gear Pet Rain Pet Jacket

  • By: Guardian | Product Weight: 1.2 oz. | Product Size: Extra Large

It fits right, but the elastic straps in the back are uncomfortable. This raincoat also keeps the dog dry and durable, thus performs its duty well.

It does seem pretty well made and is convenient. Lastly, this heavy-duty, waterproof vinyl Guardian Gear Rain Jacket is definitely efficient for anyone looking for a quick save.


  • Easy to put on and off your pup
  • Simple and cute
  • Comes with an adjustable strap


  • Surprisingly large for small dogs even with the adjustable strap
  • The chest part is too long, and some dogs may step on it

7. Waterproof Rain Jacket For Dogs

Ruffwear Waterproof Rain Jacket for Dogs

  • By: Ruffwear | Product Weight: 11.4 oz. | Product Size: Extra Large

Coming to the 7th on the list, I have a rain jacket from Ruffwear. If you are into the pet market, you probably already heard of Ruffwear. It was manufactured for a dog to make sure that they can enjoy their typical routine and their adventure even in bad weather. Also, it comes with the best design, which will benefit your dog by covering almost everywhere to make sure your pet gets less wet and muddy.

Last but not least, this is not only applicable in the winder to protect the rain and wet, but you also can use it to protect your dog from the sunlight in the summer as well.


  • Sturdy, durable material that will definitely suit the use.
  • Can be employed multi-purposely and be worn during cold weather for keeping the dog warm.
  • It is compact and travel-ready hence an instant rain gear.


  • Needs keen maintenance thus will not last long if the instructions are not followed well.

6. Jelly Wellies Premium Raincoat

Jelly Wellies Premium Raincoat

  • By: American Kennel Club | Product Weight: 4.8 oz. | Product Size: Medium

This type of dog raincoat provides safety and visibility at night. It’s also lined with polar fleece which keeps the dog warm and dry. This raincoat fits long-legged dogs and also reduces stress only because the owner does not need to clean the furniture and even towel off the dog’s feet in case it’s wet, this is so since the coat covers the body well and the legs.

Furthermore, it has generous elastic straps that slip around the legs which do not restrict movements in any way. Lastly, there is a reflective strip on the back of the raincoat making your pet more visible in the rain and wet weather. It is undoubtedly a well-made one and is essential in this climate.


  • Heavy-duty vinyl keeps pets dry in the rain
  • It’s affordable


  • Most dogs don’t like the hood

5. Lightweight Rain Jacket Poncho

Lightweight Rain Jacket Poncho

  • By: Genenic | Product Weight: 12.6 oz. | Product Size: Extra Large

This type of dog raincoat is made of a very high-quality material; it also has high breathable qualities. It’s one of the best in the market with no harm to the pet. It is made up of lightweight, water-resistant vinyl shell.

Similar to some other on the list, there are so many varieties of size and color to choose from this one. It comes in 5 different sizes include Small, Medium, Large, XL, and XXL. For colors, you can select between Yellow, Blue, Lake Blue, Orange, Pink, Transparent. Therefore, if you are looking for various options for both size and color, then this one should be in your shopping basket.


  • It can help to keep pets dry and comfortable in wet weather. The light raincoat weight is enough to prevent it from getting blown by the wind


  • It smells during the first days.

4. Waterproof Dog Raincoat

BINGPET BA1888 Waterproof Dog Raincoat

  • By: BINGPET | Product Weight: 0.3 oz. | Product Size: Small

The raincoat is lightweight with a water-resistant shell; this coat easily tucks into a convenient carrying pouch so you can carry it on your leash or stow it in your car. If the dog is not in the standard size chart, one only needs to use the largest size to choose the dog to clothe. It’s essential for the owner of the dog to ensure that the correct measurements are taken.


  • The coat is adjustable
  • The rain jacket has a liner that keeps the dog warm and dry for both seasons.
  • It fits well short legged dogs, unlike others.


  • Can be very uncomfortable if the right measurement is not taken
  • The weak material wears out quickly.

3. Waterproof Puppy Raincoat

TOPSUNG Waterproof Puppy Raincoat

  • By: Topsung | Product Weight: 2.4 oz. | Product Size: Small

This is by far the most adorable raincoat in the market. Other than being affordable, you’ll find that the hood fits perfectly; thus, the dog’s ears get protection from the cold. Topsung also keeps the dogs dry on their back, and head doesn’t matter which breed, it fits perfectly. It is floppy and adorable.


  • It is affordable unlike other dog raincoats
  • Topsung dog rain coat is the most flexible, fitting all types of breeds and sizes.


  • The construction is poor; it doesn’t have an opening for the leash.

2. Dog Rain Poncho

RC Pet Products Dog Rain Poncho

  • By: RC Pet Products | Product Weight: 0.3 oz. | Product Size: Medium

This is a water-resistant taffeta shell. It best fits long-haired breeds that don’t need additional warmth. The right size is recommended to avoid unnecessary stress to the owner and the dog itself. It’s the most recognized and outstanding among the other dog raincoats. It has also been found to have the best quality and craftsmanship. The raincoat pet products have a leash access hole and adjustable Velcro waistband also. The Company is committed to the excellent work that it offers repair to any of the spoilt raincoats and even replace guarantee on all their products. This has made them retain their clients.


  • The length covers the dog well
  • The hood too is perfect
  • The raincoat packs up quite well and very portable.


  • The hood will not fit small puppies so it should be made adjustable

1. Fashion Pet Rainy Days Slicker Yellow Raincoat

Fashion Pet Rainy Days Slicker Yellow Raincoat

  • By: Ethical Pet | Product Weight: 6.4 oz. | Product Size: Medium

This adorable raincoat is super sturdy curbing all the worries of it tearing apart in case your dog starts playing around with it. The fabric is commendable, and the extra girth allowed on this thinner slicker will also come in handy if your dog is somewhat chubby, making it comfortable for it.

You will definitely like the cute hood on it that provides extra safety from wetness, and it will stay in place without slipping and slide with the help of the contrast piping around the edges and reflective stripe on the back.


  • Has a Self-adjusting belly strap hence can be used for different dog sizes.
  • It is light weight.


  • May seem a little too tight at the neck
  • Significant differences between the sizes hence may lack perfect fit.

Now that you have seen the top ten dog raincoats, so let’s come to factors to be considered before purchasing.


After all, is said and done, the general overview is that all the dog raincoats are definitely exceptional and convenient for their job. Depending on what exactly you’re looking for, any of the ten coats should have you covered, no pun intended and should be the perfect fit for your lovely dogs. Do not hesitate to pick at least one of the listed best dog raincoats. Show your pet the love it deserves by purchasing the crème de la crème of raincoats in the market for it! The ball is in your cat, play it well!

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  1. We absolutely love raincoats by Bark&Go and highly recommend this brand! Fit perfectly, great quality and desing, protected my dog’s white fur from the rain.

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