Top 13 Best Dog Shoes On The Market In 2021 Review

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Even though you see dogs running around in the streets or any outdoor place with naked feet, they need as much protection as human beings. Therefore, if you are a dog owner, you should buy the best dog shoes to ensure safety. The dust, dirt, and germs accumulating on the paws of the dogs can lead to several health issues. Moreover, the cold or wet surfaces are particularly not suitable for the dogs to move around in different seasons. Go through the following list of the best dog shoes and be a responsible and caring dog owner.

Best Dog Shoes Review List

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#13. Australia Antiskid Winter Warm Skidproof Dog Boots

ZEKOO Dog Shoes Australia Boots Pet Antiskid Winter Warm Skidproof Grains

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  • By: ZEKOO
  • Size: 1 to 5
  • Color: Brown

Made with PU leather, this dog shoe is straightforward to clean. This has a plush lining and is resistant to wind. It will keep your dog’s paws warm and is ideal for all types of weathers. It has a waterproof splash and lets your dog have easy maneuverability. Moreover, it has a unique foldable rubber sole and prevents slipping.

This has tight sewing and is very durable. It comes in different sizes and allows you to pick from different colors. Furthermore, it will protect the paws from thorns and hot pavements and has an opening at the back ankle. This is easy to put on and reduces the risk of getting any hurt on foot.

  • Wind resistant and waterproof splash.
  • Folding rubber sole and easy to clean.
  • Wear-resistant, anti-slipping, and durable.
  • It is a relatively new product.

#12. Dog Waterproof Shoes With Anti-Slip Sole

ASMPET Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes Reflective Anti-Slip Sole Snow Boots Warm Paw

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  • By: ASMPET
  • Size: 4-8
  • Color: Black

Equipped with nylon fastening tape straps, this dog shoe is effortless to put on. This is very flexible and has sturdy waterproof soles. This is tough and skid-resistant and provides your dog with better traction and stability. Moreover, this will bring comfort and is capable of keeping the debris out.

This is very convenient and keeps the paws warm and dry. Furthermore, it improves the mobility of dogs, and there will be no more sandy or muddy paws. This is hand washable and is very durable. It is also very adjustable and keeps your dog safe at night. It has cute paw embroidery and is extremely fashionable and lightweight.

  • Anti-slip and water-resistant sole.
  • Durable, lightweight, soft, and easy to wash.
  • Fashionable and nylon tape straps.
  • The average rating is less than others.

#11. Breathable Dog Boots

Xanday Breathable Dog Boots, Mesh Dog Shoes, Paw Protectors

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  • By: Xanday
  • Size: 1-8
  • Color: Black

With this dog shoe, there will be no more slipping, and it provides your dog with a comfortable fit. This is easy to put on and take off, and you can wash it easily. Moreover, this is in three different comes and provides you option to choose from many sizes.

It has a water-resisting sole that makes it very suitable for autumns. Furthermore, this has adjustable and reflective straps that provide a perfect fit. This is made of fashionable design and is very soft. It is also lightweight and gives good protection at night. With this, you can comfortably take a walk with your canine friend and receive compliments. This is also breathable making it perfect for all types of weather.

  • Waterproof, wear-resistant, and breathable design.
  • Lightweight, fashionable, and all-weather protection.
  • Easy to adjust and hand washable.
  • It could be a hassle to get the right product.

#10. Dog Boots Paw Protectors

BESAZW Dog Boots Paw Protectors Antiskid Durable Soft Warm Pet Shoes

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  • By: BESAZW
  • Size: XS
  • Color: Black

Available in two different sizes, this dog shoe is made of waterproof fabric. This will give good protection from water and keep the paws warm and dry. This is easy to wash and is very durable. It comes in a set of four and is very protective. Moreover, this is fashionable and has a reflective weather Velcro for perfect adjustability.

This is made of nylon and has high-quality knitting. Furthermore, this is suitable for all types of weather conditions and provides your dog with an easy maneuver. It has a flexible ripstop that avoids the dog from the wrench. This will let your dog perform all types of outdoor activities and is easy to put on and take off.

  • Easy to clean, long-lasting, and protective.
  • All-weather usage and waterproof nylon.
  • Flexible ripstop and adjustable leather Velcro.
  • Hard for arthritic fingers.

#9. Dog Cat Boots Shoes Socks With Adjustable Waterproof Sole

SMARTHING Dog Cat Boots Shoes Socks with Adjustable Waterproof Breathable and Anti-Slip Sole

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  • Size: S, M, and L
  • Color: Black

Suitable for dogs under 12 pounds, this is a very protective dog shoes. This is available in three different sizes, and you can choose from four attractive colors. This is made of natural rubber and is waterproof. Moreover, it has adjustable straps and is tough to slip off. This is a perfect rain shoe and is very durable.

Furthermore, this has an anti-skid bump and looks very cute. This will give a natural feeling to your dog and gives good cover from grass allergies. It will make the dog move comfortably in different types of floor surfaces and is very soft. This is easy to clean and is hand washable. This is suitable for all types of weathers and keeps your dog safe.

  • Natural rubber made and all-weather protection.
  • Durable, lightweight, and easy to wash.
  • Stylish, anti-skid, and waterproof.
  • The straps could have been better.

#8. Waterproof Dog Shoes For Various Sizes

Fantastic Zone Waterproof Dog Shoes for Various Size Dogs Labrador Husky Paw Protectors Shoes

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  • By: Fantastic Zone
  • Size: 4-8
  • Color: Red

This is an exquisite dog shoe, which is very durable and soft. You can firmly fasten it with its adjustable reflective straps and is easy to put on. It is available in different sizes and keeps your dog safe. Moreover, it has a cute paw embroider and is hand washable. This is lightweight and suitable for puppies and dogs.

It comes in a set of four and is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. This is difficult to slip off and is ideal for various seasons. Furthermore, this is made of tough material and is very flexible. This is also water-resistant and has sturdy soles, which will keep dirt out. This is comfortable and is skid-resistant.

  • Soft, lightweight, and easy to wash.
  • Attractive design and comfortable fit.
  • Waterproof and keeps away dirt.
  • It is not completely waterproof.

#7. 4Pcs Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes

4Pcs Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes

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  • By: ZXM
  • Size: 4-7
  • Color: Black

This dog shoe comes with nylon buckles that make it very easy to wear. It will provide your dog with a comfortable feeling and protects their paws from getting hurt. This is a quality product that will keep the dog’s paws clean and is suitable for medium to large dog breeds. Moreover, this is very fashionable and allows you to choose from different sizes.

This is waterproof and ensures that their paws remain warm and dry. Furthermore, this is wear-resistant and has an anti-skid bottom. This is in attractive black color and is perfect running shoes for your pet. You can use it both indoors and outdoors, and it comes in a set of four.

  • Convenient to wear and take off.
  • Fashionable, protective, and multiple sizing options.
  • Lightweight, waterproof, and anti-skidding.
  • There could be some slipping off issue.

#6. Dog Shoes Pet Winter Boots 4 Pcs Outdoor Waterproof

Dog Shoes Pet Winter Boots 4 Pcs Outdoor Waterproof

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  • By: GGR
  • Size: 4-8
  • Color: Black

Are you looking for dog shoes that will keep the debris out? This dog shoe is made of tough materials and keeps the paws clean and cool. This is water-resistant and provides good traction to your canine mate. It has a pet paw embroider and looks very cute. Moreover, this is very comfortable and is in a set of four.

This is available in different sizes and offers good protection in all types of conditions. Furthermore, this is hand washable and is very durable. It is fashionable and soft and has a wide split seam top opening. You will also find reflective adjustable Velcro straps that provide them with a secure fit and enhances visibility at night.

  • Attractive design and waterproof protection.
  • Lightweight, durable, and secure fit.
  • Adjustable Velcro straps and perfect for different situations.
  • The average rating is low.

#5. All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots With Reflective Velcro Straps

Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots with Reflective Velcro Straps

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  • By: Bark Brite
  • Size: S, M, XL
  • Color: Black

Made with neoprene, this dog shoe is very breathable. This will conform to the natural paw shape of dogs and let them have easy movement. It has a rubber sole with tread and is very durable. Moreover, this will aid in traction and is resistant to punctures. This is also water-resistant and is suitable for all types of water conditions.

This will keep your dog’s paws dry and clean and is in many different sizes. Furthermore, this has two reflective straps that let the dog with better adjustment and visibility. This is very comfortable and includes a non-skid rubber sole. This also has a light lining on the inside that helps to control the temperature.

  • Breathable material keeps paws warm and dry.
  • Suitable for all types of weather and easy movement.
  • Flexible, expandable, and reflective straps.
  • It is not suitable for outdoor walking.

#4. Dog Winter Skidproof Sneakers

WINSOON Dog Australia Boots Pet Antiskid Shoes Winter Warm Skidproof Sneakers Paw Protectors

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  • Size: 1-5
  • Color: Pink

This is a very lightweight dog shoe that allows you to choose from many available sizes. It comes in many different colors and has added velvet on the inside that keeps your dog warm in winters. This is made of high-quality material and provides your dog with a comfortable experience. Moreover, it has fine craft and looks very attractive.

The shoe has a rubber sole and gives anti-skid function. Furthermore, this will protect the paws of your dog and comes in a set of four. This is suitable for various types of dog breeds, and you can confidently take them for a walk. This is easy to wear and take off and provides your canine friend with a comfortable fit.

  • Multiple sizing option and attractive design.
  • Different available colors and soft velvet on the inside.
  • Anti-skid, rubber sole, and comfortable to wear.
  • Not suitable for wet conditions.

#3. Waterproof Shoes For Large Dogs

QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes for Large Dogs with Reflective Velcro Rugged Anti-Slip Sole

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Size: 5-8

Color: Black

If you are looking to keep your dog’s paws warm, then this is the one for you. The dog shoe is straightforward to put on and includes adjustable reflective Velcro straps. It has a wide split seam opening and comes in a set of four. Moreover, it has a rugged anti-slip sole that provides them with traction and stability. This will give your dog a comfortable fit, and it is also very safe to use.

This is made of high-quality fabric and is extremely soft. Furthermore, this has wonderful embroidery and is hand washable. With this, your dog can have any type of adventure, and it allows you to choose from multiple sizes. This is suitable for all types of weather conditions and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. This is also water-resistant and includes a molded rubber bottom.

  • Non-slip sole and adjustable reflective Velcro.
  • Fashional and easy to clean.
  • Soft and very safe for the night.
  • There is no con in the product.

#2. Dog Shoes for Medium Large Breed Dogs Boots

Dog Shoes for Medium Large Breed Dogs Boots

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  • By: QUMY
  • Size: 4-8
  • Color: Black

This is a cute dog shoe that is made of high-quality materials. This is waterproof and can endure dirt. This comes in a complete set for your canine partner and has a skid-proof sole. It has embroidery and is very soft. Moreover, this is easy to clean and provides your dog with stability and mobility. This is a very durable shoe and allows your dog to move on different types of floor surfaces.

This is very convenient to put on and has a wide split opening. It is lightweight and has two straps that help to fasten the shoe. Furthermore, the straps are adjustable and provide a secure closure. It will let you have custom tightness and includes reflective lines that improve visibility. This will make your dog safe and has reflective straps.

  • Lightweight design and durable soles.
  • Water resistant, endures dirt, and soft.
  • Hand washable and custom tightness with reflective straps.
  • There is no negative point.

#1. Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes for Dogs with Reflective Strips

Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes for Dogs with Reflective Strips

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  • By: QUMY
  • Size: 1-8
  • Color: Red

This is a waterproof dog shoe that has anti-slip soles. It is made of high-quality fabric with a rugged sole and is very easy to put on. This is available in many different sizes and has a wide split seam opening. Moreover, this has adjustable reflective fastening straps that will provide your dog with a comfortable fit. With this, your dog will have better traction and stability and will protect their paws.

Furthermore, this will ensure that their paws remain warm and dry and will protect their nails. This will allow them to walk on different types of floor surfaces, and it comes in four different colors. This is suitable for all types of seasons as there will be no more hot pavements during summers. This has a superior grip, and they can easily hike on rocks and ice. This is lightweight and is suitable for most types of dog breeds.

  • Water-resistant design to keep paws warm and dry.
  • Multiple sizes and color option.
  • Easy to use and all-weather safety.
  • It is not completely water-resistant.

Benefits of Dog Shoes


One of the best benefits of dog shoes is that it gives good protection to the paws. It gives them optimum comfort and provides protection of thorns or other sharp objects. As dogs often like running at times, they are always prone to hurt their paws. With a dog shoe, they can easily hike on anywhere they want. You do not have to worry about glass shards or other pointed objects that may lead to harm your pet.

Prevents Dirt

With dog shoes, the interior of your home will be neat and clean. Your dog will not pick up any debris or dirt when they roam outside the home. Your furnishing will not only look clean but will also last longer. When your dog is wearing dog shoes inside the house, then there will be minimal chances of getting any scratches on your furniture. There will also be no scratches on the floor surface. Furthermore, you will witness less pet hair on the floor as a dog shoe will completely block the nails when they scratch their own coat.

Keeps Paws Clean

You do not have to worry about cleaning your dog’s feet after coming from a walk. It has the capacity to keep the dirt and debris out and ensure that the feet of your dog remain clean. There will be no more dirt, twigs, mud, and other debris, as you will only have to remove the shoes. There will be no more rubbing of paws in your home and avoids constant cleaning.

Provides Easy Maneuverability

A dog shoe will comfortably fit in your canine mate. It will help them to move quickly in various types of floor surfaces. More importantly, it will give protection on harsh terrain. There will be no risk to injure the foot from rocks or broken shells. The shoes have good padding, which provides them with the quality of shock-absorption. It will also add as protection when your dog has an existing foot injury. It will secure the bandage and ensures that your dog will not chew the bandage.

Protection from Temperature

A dog shoe with waterproof protection will ensure that the foot of your dog remains clean and dry. It will allow them to walk comfortably and give adequate protection to their feet. As a dog’s paw has a thick skin, it tends to heat up faster. If the dog shoe is for summer, then it keeps their naked paws safe from the sun. Some will even keep them warm when used during winter months and secure their feet from the extreme cold. It is also breathable and keeps their feet fresh. It will give overall weather protection and ensure the feet.

Other Benefits

Most of the dog shoes come with reflective adjustable straps, which not only provide them with a secure fit but will also help then with visibility at night. Apart from that, it is exceptionally adorable and enhances the look of your pet. It will improve the appearance of your dog and make them look stylish. Walking with your dog will make you receive compliments when a dog shoe is on.

Factor To Be Considered Before Buying

What Kind Of Dog Is It?

We all have our preferences when it comes to the type of pets we want. More often than not, we end up with dog’s that fit our lifestyle or hobbies. It also makes it easier to spend time with them and cater to their accustomed nature.

For example, if you are an outdoorsy person, you are more likely to go for a Labrador retriever to go hiking with, compared to getting a Chihuahua. The same applies to the type of shoes you’re going to buy. You have to make sure they go hand in hand with the kind of dog you have.

Season/Time Of The Year

When it comes to our outfits and wardrobe choices, most of our purchases are significantly affected by the seasons. The same goes for the best dog shoes; some shoes are custom made for protection in winter and other shoes done to ease the dog’s paws when taking summer walks etc.

The Climate And Weather Conditions Where You Live

Some places tend to be generally sunny while other locations rain more often than not. You will need to get the shoes that will be able to offer the functionality required depending on where you live. For example, waterproof rain boots for the dogs in wet areas to help prevent them from spreading mud.


Much like us, dogs also get more fragile with age. Their health starts to deteriorate, and some end up having medical conditions as a result. Such dogs would greatly benefit to health-specific shoes such as shoes of the orthopedic nature.


Ask yourself why you want to get a pair of dog shoes. No one can resist a cute doggy or say no to an adorable pup, barking out for more doggy treats. If you want to add on to their irresistible value, then you are sure to find matching shoes and outfits for you and your dog and have fun while at it. ‘A doggy and me’ photoshoot never sounded so great before.


After going through the benefits of a pair of dog shoes, you must have understood the importance of them for your dog. It is true that the majority of dog owners does not even know about it or care to buy it. However, if you really love and care for your pet, they are a must for the wellbeing of your dog. All these best dog shoes are highly affordable and durable. You can use them indoor mostly while some of them are also suitable for outdoor use.

Read the previous-version article!

Previous Version: Best Dog Shoes Reviews

In the previous article, we talked about Acana dog foods. In this article, let’s explore the options available for the best dog shoes. First, my love for pets is unquestionable, but let’s face it, none of them can compete with man’s best friend; the dog!

I recently went to visit a friend of mine and found her going through a pet supply catalog that got my attention. She had stopped at an advertisement on booties for dogs! How awesome was that? I had to take her shopping and gain some insight into myself and maybe a pair or two for my puppy as well.

If you call yourself a dog person and you still haven’t gotten a pair, I don’t know what you’re waiting for! Yes, at first the idea of getting shoes for your dog may seem hilarious to some extent but trust me, once you actually start to see their usefulness, you’ll end up buying more and more of them. However, to get the right pair, you should consider these best items

9. Puppy Daily Soft Sole Nonslip Mesh Boots

9 - Lonsuneer Puppy Daily Soft Sole Nonslip Mesh Boots

  • By: Lonsuneer
  • Size: XXS, XS, S, M
  • Color: Bright Green

If you are against animal cruelty, then fear not. These shoes are actually made from faux leather and come with insoles that help the pup on a day to day movement. These are among the most sensible shoes for small dogs currently available.


  • Back ankle design makes it readily accessible in the wearing process.
  • Price is affordable
  • Easily washable.


  • Can’t be used in deep water and sandy environments.

8. All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots

8 - All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots

  • By: Bark Brite
  • Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Color: N/A

These are the perfect shoes to go to for someone on a long-term budget. Even the name itself screams affordable. Why? Because this one pair is absolutely ideal for all weather conditions. Hence you do not need to buy three or four different sets of shoes to meet your needs. Last but not least, you need to get a pair and save up to get the next when you can afford to.


  • The boots are comfortable to put on and off with the help of a back placed slit.
  • It provides for the dog’s paw safety in various weather conditions and environments.
  • Flexible and easy to move in compared to other boots.
  • Adjust to the dog’s natural paw shape.


  • The price may seem a bit high in the short run.

7. Waterproof Dog Boots

7 - EXPAWLORER Waterproof Dog Boots

  • Size: 4-8
  • Color: Black

German shepherds and other medium-large dogs are the more favored category here, but that does not mean that they aren’t some great pair of boots. Unlike some other boots, they have an ergonomic shape that really comes in handy to the dog’s needs around the paw area.


  • A unique type of shape
  • Are both indoor and outdoor shoes


  • Are not made for other varieties of dog sizes.
  • Tend to be challenging to keep on.

6. Waterproof Dog Shoes

6 - Magic Cindy Waterproof Dog Shoes

  • By: Magic Cindy
  • Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Color: Black & Green

These are among the most colorful, fun designed, soft shoes out there. Furthermore, they are fashionable with their diamond shape; it makes them stand out from the rest. The shoes have a split opening with a seam top that makes it easy to put on. One can also use the size chart for paw measurements.


  • Easy to wash and can also be air-dried.
  • Retains warmth keeping the pet comfortable in the cold.
  • Price is affordable.


  • The dog shoes are not reliable in deep waters or sandy areas.

5. Dog shoes

5 - Ruffwear Dog shoes

  • By: Ruffwear
  • Size: Various
  • Color: Blue Spring, Obsidian Black, Red Currant

Good news for all the outdoors people and dogs out there, Ruffwear just came up with the perfect shoes for you! Whether you are going on a hike or exploring different types of terrain, it is safe to say that these shoes have been customized for its paws. Also, the boots are even ventilated with a mesh that helps to keep out the dirt.


  • Best buy for dog owners living in extreme surroundings.
  • The shoes have a flexible outer sole that offers maximum support on different terrain for your dog.
  • It provides flexibility.


  • The upper material can be punctured by long nails.
  • The boot top could be better if made taller.

4. Rugged Dog Boot

4 - Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boot

  • By: Ultra Paws
  • Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Color: Black, Orange, Red

Finally, one of my favorite types of boots gets to be mentioned. These are the kind of the best dog shoes used by hunting folks or folks like me who tend to live in the urban-type of setting. What actually made me love these shoes is because they are made from the material that has been recycled. To be specific, they are made from tires.

As an environmentalist, that fact made me highly rank them on my list. If you’re a hunting enthusiast who loves going with their dog but isn’t thrilled by the idea of having to expose the dog to all the dirt, germs and bacteria along the way, these shoes are your best bet.


  • Environmental friendly
  • Suited for both moderate and harsh weather conditions.
  • They are more durable than the average dog boots


  • If not measured correctly the fit can be a terrible bother

3. All Weather Dog Boots

3 - Pro-Active Paws All Weather Dog Boots

  • By: Proactive paws
  • Size:
  • Color:

The reason why I rank Pro-Active Paws All Weather Dog Boots so highly is because they are simply amazing. I am yet to see other companies come up with shoes that address various needs, such as these, in particular. As the third on the best dog shoes list, they have four features that I loved; all put into one product. Also, they have a high level of convenience that comes along with them. Out of all your shoes, I’d imagine that you have your best selection, right?

Those shoes which always pop up whenever you’re exploring the options for the weekend? Well, just like you, your dogs will also have these shoes being their favorite pair. Lastly, the excellent design will catch your attention the moment you step into their aisle on any stall for dog’s shoes.


  • They are all-weather and protects from glass, coral, heat, ice, and snow.
  • Orthopedic in design.
  • Can be used for dogs with sensitive skin.
  • Made from materials that allow pores to sweat and thus speed up the healing process.


  • The product has not been on the market for too long.

2. Waterproof Dog Shoes

2 - Fantastic Zone Waterproof Dog Shoes

  • By: Fantastic zone
  • Size: 4-8
  • Color: Blue

These shoes have the cutest embroidery of a paw on them. These shoes are actually very durable for boots that can be hand washed. Furthermore, the main attractive feature of these boots is the support it has been able to give to dogs with specific health issues and have shown remarkable improvements.

If you have a dog suffering from various health conditions like arthritis, this shoe doesn’t just protect them from exposure to more bacteria but also improves their health status significantly.


  • Recommended by dog owners who have dogs with arthritis, interdigital furuncles, bad hips and injuries as well
  • Waterproof
  • The boots can be used both indoors and outdoors.


  • Can’t be used in deep water or sand infested areas.

1. Water Resistant Dog Shoes

1 - My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Shoes

  • By: My Busy Dog
  • Size: 1-8
  • Color: Black, Green, Orange, Red

If you’re looking for quality water-resistant shoes, especially when it comes to fabric, then you’re in the right place. No more sharp objects or dirty floors. The shoes go with a size chart that allows you to get your dog’s perfect fit to let it play and run around freely.

Of course, uncomfortable shoes would have adverse effects on your dog’s movement. Just like we feel uncomfortable in tight shoes; that’s the exact thing about pets, especially dogs, and cats. If you get them tight shoes, you will be punishing them. For that reason, if you want to give your pet the best shoes, get them the right size.


  • The shoes have a significant level of stability due to their anti-slip feature.
  • They are waterproof/water-resistant and can also be used during summer.
  • Dogs wearing them can navigate around wooden floors.


  • May not work for dogs with sensitive skin,
  • The stiff material used makes it hard for movement.

Final Word

When you want to have your dog matching in style, getting them nice and, best dog shoes is a fantastic idea. Like I keep insisting on all other articles about pets, dogs are quite selective. They are selective and can only feel contented when they have the right item.

Do not gamble with your dog’s happiness and comfort, only grab one of these awesome best dog shoes and have yourself a happy, comfortable, and secure pet.


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