Top 10 Best Dual Monitor Stands Review In 2021

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In professional life, there are many times when a person needs to use two monitors or TVs simultaneously. In fact, computer professionals have two monitors on their desks to increase productivity and output rate. That is why buying a dual monitor becomes mandatory. A dual stand mount has two arms to hold two monitors of different sizes at any desired height. You can change the angle and tilt as per your requirements. The following article contains the best dual monitor stands with versatile flexibility.

Best Dual Monitor Stands List

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#10. Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount Stand

Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount Stand

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This dual monitor stand will give you a floating screen display as it gets easily attached to your monitor. You can turn it in any direction, whether up or down or left and right. One can easily adjust it and can also tilt it as per requirement. This is compatible with monitors of 17 inches to 32 inches and can hold 17.6 pounds in a single arm.

You can even remove the arms if you want to fix it with a single monitor. Both the forearm and the plate joint can be swiveled. Moreover, the two arms of the stand have different heights so that you can place your LCD monitor on top of the other. You can either fix it with a grommet mounting kit or a C clamp. This is very easy to install, and there is also proper cable management. Despite being lightweight, this is very strong and durable.

In Short:
  • Its overall structure is made lightweight yet durable
  • Easily compatible with monitors of 17 inches to 32 inches
  • Each of the two arms has diverse heights
  • Allows setup of LCD monitors in stake design

#9. Dual Arm Monitor Mount With Full Motion

Dual Arm Monitor Mount, Full Motion Height Adjustable Desk Riser Stand

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This dual stand monitor comes with universal compatibility. It is powerful, and a single arm can hold up to 17.6 pounds. Furthermore, this is also fully adjustable, and you can mount it anywhere you want. You can rotate it in different directions and also set it in portrait or landscape position. This has an ergonomic height which can also be adjusted and will remove your neck and back pain. In this, you will be able to manage the cable efficiently and keep your workstation neat.

Besides, this has cord clips for cable management. You can install it very easily as it has curved legs and ergonomic arms. With the C Clamp, the stand will become even more stable. This will lift your monitor to an optimal height and sit in a comfortable posture. This is very lightweight and has adjustable joints. The dual stand monitor has a post height of 18 inches.

In Short:
  • Allows rotation in diverse directions based on your need
  • Cable management is neat and efficient
  • Its ergonomic arms and curved legs guarantee easy installation
  • Its height can be effortlessly adjusted

#8. Dual Arm Monitor Stand With Adjustable Gas Spring

Dual Arm Monitor Stand, Full Motion Adjustable Gas Spring Monitor Mount Riser

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This is a versatile dual monitor stand which is perfect for any productive work. You can quickly elevate the height and relieve the stress from your back and neck. It comes with full-motion adjustments, and you can even remove the arms. Both the arm plates can be rotated to a full 360 degrees, and you can also swivel the arm plate as well as the joint arm. With an ergonomic height, this is perfect for people who have neck issues due to proper posture.

There are also two fixing methods, and it can be done either through a C clamp or grommet mounting. This is a universal stand compatible with 17 to 32 inches monitor. This will save your space by placing two monitors in one place and will also not cost you much by buying two stands. It is lightweight and strong and can hold weights of up to 17.6 pounds on a single arm.

In Short:
  • Enhances the work productivity
  • Works well with 17 to 32 inches monitor
  • Allows space-saving by positioning two monitors in a place

#7. Dual Monitor Stand Riser With Adjustable Length

Wood Dual Monitor Stand Riser with Adjustable Length

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Unlike other dual monitor stands, this one is a multiple function monitor stand. You can adjust the length depending on your preference, and it can be adjusted from 23.4 inches to 35.7 inches. You can extend or shorten it as per your choice. With the ergonomic height design, you can raise the monitor to get a comfortable viewing. This will reduce the strain from your eye and neck. It is made up of durable wood and has a smooth finish.

This is also very sturdy and will look perfect furniture in your workplace or home. The stand is very lightweight and can hold weights of up to 33 pounds. With this, your workstation will look very neat and clean, and it will also look well organized. It can also serve as a shelf organizer. Underneath the stand, you can keep a keyboard or other items like books and gaming stations. This is one of the best dual monitor stands on the list.

In Short:
  • The length can be effortlessly adjusted
  • Can seamlessly hold weight up to 33 pounds
  • No strain employed on your neck and eye
  • Use of durable wood guarantees sturdy construction

#6. Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount Height Adjustable

VIVO Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount Height Adjustable

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This dual monitor stand will securely hold your monitor in a perfect position. This comes with an easy installation process and can be mounted with a grommet mount or a C clamp. The C clamp is very strong and will hold securely. This is fully adjustable and has a counterbalance in all directions. You can safely place your monitor without any tool. Each arm can hold a monitor weighing up to 14.3 pounds and having screens of up to 27 inches.

Moreover, you can swivel or tilt the arm in 90 degrees position and rotate it in full 360 degrees. The gas spring arm will let you watch the screen from any angle without giving stress in your neck or back. You can even rotate it in portrait or landscape positions. With the touch of your hand, you can adjust the height, and you can also push it back when you are not using it. This is lightweight and has integrated cable management.

In Short:
  • Comes with dual-arm for ease of installation
  • Its C clamp is capable to hold monitors securely
  • Every arm is capable to handle a monitor weighing up to 14.3 pounds
  • The arm can be rotated in 90 degrees position

#5. Free Standing Height Adjustable Two Arm Monitor Mount

Dual Monitor Stand, Free Standing Height Adjustable Two Arm Monitor Mount

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This is one of the best dual monitor stands with unique constriction. It comes with the gas spring mechanism to lift the monitors to a suitable height effortlessly. Therefore, if you are suffering from neck pain and eye strain, this it eh perfect solution for you. The stand is extremely stable, and the C-clamp is suitable for desk thickness of 2.36 inches. There is no need for drilling holes, and it is easy to shift whenever required. The monitor stand is fully adjustable, and you can even remove the arms if you need to.

Moreover, you can swivel the monitors to 180 degrees comfortably, and the tilt angle is -90 to 85 degrees. Besides, you can rotate 360 degrees, and the heights of the monitors are adjustable individually. In short, you can put it just the way you like it to be for optimal support. The monitor size has to be in between 15 to 27 inches, and the weight limit is up to 17.5 pounds. The frame of the stand was premium steel and aluminum construction. On top of that; there is a color coating to prevent rusting and corrosion and also increase its aesthetic beauty.

In Short:
  • Height can be quickly adjusted according to your requirements
  • The included stand is very stable
  • Rotation of monitor is allowed up to 180-degrees
  • Compatible with monitors in size range of 15 to 27 inches

#4. Dual Full Motion Monitor Arm Stand

HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount, Full Motion Monitor Arm Stand

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This is another product from the same brand with a wide application. This is because it lets you attach monitors and TVs of bigger size up to 32 inches. There is no drilling of holes on the desk, and you can move the stand as you like. This is more of a universal monitor holder stand, and the maximum weight of the monitors on each arm can be 17.6 pounds. That is why you can attach LCD and LED monitors only. As far as the flexibly of this one of the best dual monitor stands go, you can swivel t to 90 degrees of both sides.

It also offers complete rotation up to 360 degrees, and the tilt angle can be -45 to +45 degrees. The stand is no doubt of the best with a heavy-duty base and a solid steel pole, and it is capable of holding the monitors stable and firm. Moreover, in the package, you will get clips to hold the cable together, and there is wrench storage space for adjusting the height and other necessities easily. The installation is also easy, and there is a thorough manual available for the same.

In Short:
  • Can attach monitors and TVs up to 32 inches
  • Allows rotation up to 360 degrees
  • The angle can be tilted from -45 to +45 degrees
  • The cable can be held together by clips

#3. Dual LCD Monitor Free Standing Desk Mount

VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Free Standing Desk Mount

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VIVO is one of the most popular brands in the dual monitor stand industry. There are multiple products available with varied features, and this one is suitable for monitors of size between 13 and 27 inches. The weight capacity of each arm is 22 pounds. The tilt angle is 15 degrees while the swivel angle is 360 degrees. The same applies to the rotation parameter, and the best part is that its height is adjustable easily. You can place the monitors in landscape or portrait mode. Moreover, the base is quite wide and highly stable.

On top of that, the base has a padding to protect the desk from scratching and it does not skid for the same. The cable management of the stand is also robust and it helps to keep the desk clean and the clips are detachable. The installation is also easy with removable VESA plates and the package has all the necessary hardware items for easy assembling.

In Short:
  • The angle can be tilted by 15 degrees
  • No problems to rotate in any direction
  • The detachable VESA plates simplify installation

#2. Free-Standing Dual LCD Monitor With Fully Adjustable Length

WALI Free-Standing Dual LCD Monitor Fully Adjustable Desk Mount

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This free-standing dual LCD monitor is a perfect option for those who have thin or thick desks where the clamping mount stands cannot be fitted. This one comes with a free-standing V-base which is highly stable, and there is no chance of falling. You can put in LCD and LED TVs and monitors up to the size of 27 inches. However, the weight limit has to be under 22 pounds as it is the maximum weight limit of each arm. The plates are detachable, and the height is adjustable. It is going to fit in any desk you have at your home or office.

The dual mount stand is highly effective in increasing the efficiency and productivity. Moreover, you can adjust the viewing angle to avoid eye strain and neck pain. Furthermore, the stand helps to make more space on your desk to keep other essential items. The arms can extend and retract, they can tilt and rotate, and you can place the monitor in landscape and portrait mode. The construction of the stand is sturdy and elegant. The design will also suit the contemporary design of the desk.

In Short:
  • Provides considerable boost in efficiency
  • Height can be adjusted easily and the stand is detachable
  • Stability is enhanced by its free-standing V-base
  • No wastage of space on your desk

#1. Dual LCD LED Monitor Desk Mount Stand Heavy Duty

VIVO Dual LCD LED Monitor Desk Mount Stand Heavy Duty

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There is no doubt that it is the best dual monitor stand you can buy to set up two monitors at your desk. It is perfect for heavy-duty use, and it is fully adjustable. The stand can hold monitors in the size of 13 to 27 inches. The maximum weight capacity of each arm is 22 pounds. Coming to the adjustability parameters, the arms can tilt from -80 degrees to -90 degrees. Therefore, you can get almost any desired tilt for your work convenience. Besides, it is 360 degrees rotatable, and one can adjust the height to bring the monitors to their eye lines. Moreover, the monitors can be in portrait as well as landscape mode.

The product comes with heavy-duty C-clamp as well as optional grommet mount. The desk can be 4 inches thick. On top of that, there is a perfect integrated cable management system to keep all the cables perfectly organized. Moreover, there are detachable cable clips available to keep the table neat and organized. The installation is super easy with detachable VESA brackets. The manual contains step-by-step instructions, and the package has all the tools and hardware you need for assembling.

In Short:
  • Can hold monitors that fall in the size range of 13 to 27 inches
  • The included arms can tilt from -80 degrees to -90 degrees
  • Comes with heavy-duty C-clamp
  • No hassles during installation

Things You Should Know About Dual Monitor Stands

If you are new to dual monitor stands, there are a few certain things that you should know. We include some basic information along with the reasons why you need dual monitor stands. Let’s find out what they are and see if they are helpful for you.

  • The dual monitor stands are ideal and helpful for both home and office use.
  • Dual monitor stands help to save space and provide additional space on your working desks.
  • They come in various size options and weight limits to accommodate various monitor sizes that you use.
  • These monitor stands are ideal for standing work areas, visual fashioners, advantage gamers, programmers, and more.
  • There are monitor stands that go by the name monitor risers that use almost no space. It can drift the screen which leaves a lot of space underneath for other items on your desk.
  • You know you need dual monitor stands when you work with two monitors simultaneously. If you also experience neck pain as you work with your monitors, that is also the sign you need them.
  • With dual monitor stands, you will be able to reduce the slouchy sitting position as you work. This is to improve both your sitting postures while relieving pain in your neck and back at the same time.
  • Some dual monitor stands allow users to use for either sit or stand when working. This is extra healthy because you can switch your working positions with ease. That way, you won’t have to sit or stand for hours as you work at all which is so convenient.

Edge Clamp vs Grommet Mounting

Dual monitor stands come with 2 installation methods that you can choose from. Each method is unique in their own way, and the choice is all yours to make.

  • Edge Clamp: allows you to attach the monitor arms to any edge of the desk. This type is more stable, and it helps to retain a little bit more distance between your eyes and the monitors.
  • Grommet Mounting: allows you to mount the arm through the grommet hole in your desktop.

What Is VESA?

If you do some research on monitor stands, you will come across the term VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association). This means it has the universally standard for mounting monitors to monitor arms with a number of applications. Almost all monitors out there that can be mounted are VESA-compatible, especially the new ones. If yours is the older model, you might want to double-check.

When your monitor is VESA-compatible, there should be 4 screw holes at their back. The screw holes are usually either 75mm or 100mm apart from each other. Some monitors come with a removable panel that covers the screw holes that you can see. As for iMac computers, they have the after-market option that allows you to attach one. To make sure, you can look up your monitor arm model online for clearer information.


Whether you are a computer programmer or a stockbroker, having two monitors helps increase the productivity significantly. You can save a lot of time and get more convenience at your work. There are some free-standing dual monitor stands while others have clamp system for a certain thickness of the desk. We have listed the best dual monitor stands you can opt for which are highly durable and stable. The flexibility of these stands are of the next level, and they are going to be a value buy for you.

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