Top 12 Best Fiber Optic Christmas Trees Review In 2021

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In our busy lives, we generally do not have the time to grow a Christmas tree or buy an artificial one and decorate it. Instead, it is better to opt for the fiber optic Christmas tree. You do not have to take the headache of decorating and taking the decorations off. They come decorated, and all you have to do is set them up. Once Christmas is over, you can dismantle and store conveniently and use it again during another occasion or next Christmas. You can also add new ornaments to the pre-decorated fiber optic Christmas trees if you want. Check out the best fiber optic Christmas trees available online.

Top Best Fiber Optic Christmas Trees List

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#12. 36″ Christmas Rainbow Color Changing Fiber Optic Lights Tree


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This 36-inch artificial Christmas tree comes with the fiber optic light and an AC adaptor. You get the 95 pieces of multi-color LED lights all over the tree. Each of the bulbs changes the color automatically from white to seven separate colors of the rainbow. Additionally, you can also get a star top. Even the star top changes the color. Moreover, the leaves of this fiber optic Christmas tree hide away the light bulbs aesthetically to make your decoration look more perfect.

Furthermore, you can reshape the shape of the tree by adjusting the branches of this tree. The sturdy metal stand holds the tree straight, steady and fall-free. This tree is ideal to use for indoor purposes. With this fiber optic Christmas tree, you can flawlessly decorate the windowpane, table or floor. This tree also involves a stress-free installation.

In Short:
  • Installation is hassle-free and straightforward
  • Decoration will look perfect and exquisite
  • Included bulbs will alter colors automatically

#11. 72 Inch Fiber Optic Radiance Fireworks Tree

#11. National Tree 72 Inch Fiber Optic Radiance Fireworks Tree

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By: National Tree Company

You can receive this really big 6-foot fiber optics Christmas tree for the decoration with the 33-inch diameter. The tree is ideal for decorating inside the house. With an elegant gold column base, the fiber optic tree can add shine to your parties. It also comes with a top star. In the place of the LED lights, you can have a solo bulb operation at the base of this tree.

Besides, the multi-color lens over the light also causes the super bright light changes to the tree. You can simply use a 20-Watt bulb for the Christmas tree. For convenient storage for the next year’s Christmas, you can separate it from the base, legs, and tree. This tree comes with the beautiful small strands of fiber optics. Moreover, you can easily set this tree up all by yourself.

In Short:
  • Includes elegant tiny strands of fiber optics
  • Easy to install the tree single-handedly
  • Comes with beautiful gold column base
  • Easy to store it conveniently when not in use

#10. 6′ Pre-Lit Color Changing Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree

#10. DAK 6' Pre-Lit Color Changing Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree

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This fiber optic Christmas tree comes with a straightforward installation. You can effortlessly use this tree to decorate your home for house parties. The 72-inch really long cord with an adaptor helps the tree to place it almost every corner of your room. Moreover, this medium profile artificial Christmas tree has a height of 6-feet and width of 35-inch. The forest green-colored Christmas includes a total number of 276 branch tips. The fiber optic tree also provides you with the multi-color wheel at the base of it.

You can decorate the tree on the provided a plastic made a gold pot stand. Additionally, this pre-lit fiber optic Christmas tree comes with plenty of color variations, like white, blue, amber, purple, red and green. It requires 120-Volt power input to run the fiber optic Christmas tree.

In Short:
  • The included cord is sufficiently long i.e. 72-feet
  • At the bottom, the colorful wheel present
  • Lots of color options available

#9. 24 LED Lights Holiday Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

#9. 6' Fiber Optic w: 24 LED Lights Holiday Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

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The 6-feet tall fiber optic Christmas tree avails with the fiber optic and LED lighting facilities. This is artificial yet looks like the real one with the aid of the distinct branches. You can get 24 colorful LED lights with the unchangeable mode to light up your home for the Christmas parties. Moreover, the branches of this tree offer you enough space for the Christmas tree ornaments. This tree is made with detachable parts, and hence, it is great for suitable storage.

Joining the parts and making the tree ready is really a very stress-free job. The robust metal base is there to keep your tree stand still and straight. Furthermore, a star topper at the top of the Christmas tree compliments the green shade with all the lightings and fiber optics. You also get the LED lights with the seven different colors of the rainbow. It is one of the best fiber optic Christmas trees available.

In Short:
  • Comes with bright LED lights with a total 7 colors
  • The metal base is durable
  • The output may consist of 24 colorful bright LED lights
  • Convenient to store by detaching its parts

#8. Snowy White Pine Pre-lit Flocked Christmas Tree

#8. Snowy White Pine Pre-lit Flocked Christmas Tree

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This completely long-lasting fiber optic Christmas tree comes with the snowy white fiber optic with LED lights. The gorgeous tree already includes the snow-covered big pine cones and the red berries as part of the décor of this Christmas tree. The tree is 4-feet long and has a diameter of 25-inch. Moreover, the improved central source lighting system illuminates the entire Christmas tree.

Moreover, you can see no wires coming out through the leaves. The tree has the well-finished lighting set up hidden in the foliage that will balance the fiber optic. The green texture of the tree under the fiber optic also produces the snowy atmosphere of the winter. The trunk of the tree holds all the branches together. Additionally, the tree requires a no-time installation. You can get a star with LED light at the top of the tree.

In Short:
  • Length of this Christmas tree is 4 feet
  • All branches are combined by the trunk
  • Quick installation without any hassles
  • Presents winter-like atmosphere during Christma

#7. Colorful Christmas Tree Mini USB Christmas Tree

#7. ZERO121 Colorful Christmas Tree Mini Christmas Tree USB Christmas Tree

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By: ZERO121

It is a good idea to gift this mini fiber optic Christmas tree to your beloved ones for Christmas. You can also avail this item to decorate your desk, tabletop at your home or office. This tree changes the color through the fiber optic with the aid of an LED light placed at the base of the tree. Moreover, the tree turns into 7 different colors of the rainbow just one after another in a cycle.

The main feature is that you do not have to wait for the mainline electricity. This fiber optic Christmas tree runs on the USB so you can connect it to your PC or laptop. This tree is quite cute, handy and does not involve any critical operation. It also does not require any installation.

In Short:
  • Easily alter color through included fiber optic
  • Can adopt 7 various colors of the rainbow
  • Can be used to decorate your desk, table, etc

#6. 3′ Musical Spinning Fiber Optic Tree

#6. Northwoods Greenery 3' Musical Spinning Fiber Optic Tree

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By: Northwoods Greenery

The fiber optic Christmas tree has some additional features. The main feature of this tree is that it can rotate 360-degrees. It is a musical tree and plays up to 25 different carols and Christmas related music for you. The evergreen color of the leaves with the color-changing fiber optic also changes the color from red to yellow, blue to green and purple in a repetitive manner. This tree has the length of 36-inch.

To complete the look of this artificial Christmas tree, you also get the attached 18 pieces of the traditional decorative star, ball and candle ornaments of the fiber optic. Moreover, you can add more ornaments to it. You get two different switches to operate the music and light. The rotating golden base of the tree also helps you to watch the tree from every angle.

In Short:
  • To enhance the decoration, the tree comes with star, ball and beautiful candle ornaments
  • Allows adding more ornaments inside
  • People can view the tree from diverse angles
  • Can change color in a sequential manner

#5. Fiber Optic Christmas Tree With Multicolor LED

#5. Goplus 7FT Fiber Optic Christmas Tree Pre-Lit Artificial Fireworks Spruce Tree w:Multicolor LED

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By: Goplus

This 7-feet long fiber optic Christmas tree has the pre-installed fiber optic and LED lights. You do not need to put forth any extra effort to install the tree. The 42 pieces of the energy-efficient LED lights continuously change the colors. The lights and fiber optics also cover the whole body of this artificial tree. Moreover, within a flash, the color of the lights changes into 7 different colors like white, red, pink, blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple.

The lush green leaves of the tree are made from the high-quality PVC. Moreover, to provide the tree with the feel of a real tree, the manufacturer adds 270 branch tips design to this fiber optic Christmas tree. The durable metal legs assure a strong and safe grip over the tree. Furthermore, the stand ensures you to use the tree for decoration year after year.

In Short:
  • Durable metal legs guarantee great stability
  • Can be used for several years
  • Lights’ colors alter to 7 diverse colors
  • Included LED lights are energy-efficient

#4. Fiber Optic Evergreen Firework Tree With Multicolor Lights

#4. National Tree 36 Inch Fiber Optic Evergreen Firework Tree with Multicolor Lights in Gold Base

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By: National Tree Company

The Christmas tree is 36-inch in length with a diameter of 23-inch. It comes with a decorative gold column base to enhance the beautification of the fiber optic Christmas tree. This tree includes a star at the head of it. The simple but yet sophisticated base light brightens up the whole tree. But the light changes into super splendid shades like red, green, and blue and makes the fiber optic glow with these colors.

Moreover, you can easily use this tree as a decorative piece for your indoor Christmas parties. It comes with a large adaptor with a 5-foot cord. You can also add some other ornaments to the branches according to your wish. The Christmas tree is sturdy enough to last for a lifetime. It is a pocket-friendly product and one of the best fiber optic Christmas trees.

In Short:
  • Pack includes a huge adapter as well as a cord of length 5 feet
  • Capable to use for several years
  • Lights will change to beautiful shades to present attractive effects

#3. Fiber Optic Ornament Fireworks Tree With Gold Top Star

#3. National Tree 48 Inch Fiber Optic Ornament Fireworks Tree with Gold Top Star and Multicolored

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By: National Tree Company

It is a very flamboyant fiber optic Christmas tree with a height of 4-feet. With a 27-inch diameter, the tree includes a perfect decorative golden star at the top. The whole tree also gets illuminated with a simple bulb at the base. The rotating lens with multi-color makes the change of the color of the fiber optic. The neat golden column base also complements the evergreen Christmas tree. The pre-installed multi-colored Christmas balls with fiber optic enhance the beauty of the tree.

With the realistic look, the artificial Christmas tree can complete the look for your perfect Christmas home parties. By firmly pressing the branch tips, you can put the tree back in the carton for storage. You can also effortlessly set this thing up all by yourself. The tree is durable enough that you can use it again and again for years.

In Short:
  • Presents realistic appearance
  • When not in use, it can be easily and safely stored
  • Includes swivel lens to change colors
  • Colorful Christmas balls add to the elegance

#2. Fiber Optic Tree With Stand

#2. 6 Foot Fiber Optic Tree with Stand

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By: Home for the Holidays

You get this huge 6-foot fiber optics Christmas tree for the decoration with the 33-inch distance across. To give the tree the vibe of a genuine tree, the producer adds 270 branch tips outline to this fiber optic Christmas tree. The solid metal legs also guarantee a reliable and safe hold over the tree. Additionally, the stand guarantees you to utilize the tree for decoration a seemingly endless amount of time.

You can without much of a stretch, utilize this tree as an enriching piece for your indoor Christmas parties. Moreover, the lights change into super amazing shades like red, green and blue and make the fiber optic sparkle with these hues. An adaptor with the tree also helps you to put it wherever you like. This tree also needs an easy setup. The Christmas tree is sufficiently strong to keep going for a lifetime. It is a pocket-friendly item and undoubtedly one of the best fiber optic Christmas trees on the list.

In Short:
  • Can be set up anywhere by using its adapter
  • Suitable to carry around easily
  • Great stability is guaranteed by its solid metal legs
  • One can use it for decoration for many years

#1. 7.5′ Prelit Premium Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree

#1. Best Choice Products 7.5' Ft Prelit Premium Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree

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By: Best Choice Products

This is one of the most popular brands known for its quality product. This is why it is currently the bestselling fiber optic Christmas tree online. It has a standard height of 7.5 feet, and it is incredibly eye-catching. There is no doubt that wherever you keep it, it will make the place look beautiful. Besides, the spruce-style full-body shape makes it look cool. There are as many as 1346 branch tips available with various ornaments.

The product comes assembled and pre-decorated. Besides, it has UL-certification, and the lights are exactly what festive glow should be. There are 3 different metal hinges available which make it easy to dismantle and store for the next year. There is always scope for adding new ornaments, and it is tailor-made for higher durability.

In Short:
  • Availability of 1346 branch tips
  • For easy storage, 3 different metal hinges are included
  • Allows adding new ornaments when needed
  • Design is customized to add to the durability

Why Fiber Optic Christmas Trees?

  • Their cables are energy efficient which saves a lot on the bill.
  • There is a wide range of designs and styles that you can choose from.
  • They are easy to find, and then assemble and disassemble is very convenient.
  • Some brands even feature MP3 players and sound systems for Christmas vibes.
  • Fiber optic Christmas trees do not produce heat so that they do not cause fire hazard at all.
  • One fiber optic Christmas tree can last up to 20 years with proper care which is economical.
  • You can always add ornaments of various designs to the tree in various themes for each year.
  • It comes with a wide range of size and height options that you can choose from for indoor and outdoor.
  • Fiber optic Christmas trees are the perfect trees to show off the light display with its pure glass strands.

Fiber Optic Christmas Trees Buying Guide

Fiber optic Christmas trees are great, but you should also pick the right one as well to receive all the benefits. There are some certain factors that you should have in mind when looking for fiber optic Christmas trees. We list some of the most important points below so feel free to check them out.


This is one of the main factors that you should have in mind when buying Christmas trees. There are two types of a branch that you will come across: Hinged Branches and Hooked Branches. The better ones are definitely the hinged branches because they come pre-attached. That makes assemble and disassemble easy and fast for you.


The great thing about fiber optic Christmas trees is that they come in many styles and designs. From one color to multiple along with thick and thin texture, they have them all for you. One thing that you should not forget is the sturdy base design because it is also an important part as well. Appearance matters when it comes to decoration, but quality also matters don’t overlook that part.


First thing first, buy a Christmas tree that is not too tall for your ceiling. If you have tall ceilings, then this part should not be an issue. However, make sure that you have enough ornaments to decorate your Christmas trees if you pick the tall ones. The standard height of most fiber optic Christmas trees starts from 4 feet up to 7 feet or taller. The choice is all yours, don’t forget to make sure that you can reach the top to put your star.


You are going to use your fiber optic Christmas tree once a year, and that is why storage is important. Look for a tree that comes with a proper and durable storage box. That way, the quality of the Christmas tree will remain good while the storage is neat and convenient. Also, make sure to store your fiber optic Christmas tree in a dry and cool place to prolong its longevity.


You should go through the description of the best fiber optic Christmas trees we have handpicked for you to understand their features. Keep the size of the tree into your consideration while buying so that the tree looks great in the room you want to keep it. Different Christmas trees have different features which make them unique and therefore, you can order multiple of them for different rooms for variety.

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