Top 7 Best Freezable Lunch Bags In 2021 Review

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Whether you intend to carry food because you’re on a special diet, have food sensitivities and allergies or prefer home-made food to fast foods, having the best freezable lunch bag can work the magic for you by keeping the food in a perfect condition for hours. I have personally had issues with some inferior bags which either rupture after a few days or start leaking. Of course, you can’t always have access to a fridge. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fresh foods at work, school, or during any outdoor adventure. With freezable lunch bags, you won’t even need to worry about ice packs since.

Looking for the best freezable lunch bag is a tough affair these days. Personally, my love for freezable lunch bags was triggered by my undying desire to keep my diet in check and flatten my tummy which seemed to be getting bigger every day. This saw me visit almost every store in a bid to get something worth a purchase. And yes, I came across some awesome freezable bags which I will tell you about in this review.

List Of Best Freezable Lunch Bags In 2021

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#7. New Freezable Lunch Bag, Delamu Insulated Lunch Bag with Shoulder Strap

New Freezable Lunch Bag, Delamu Insulated Lunch Bag with Shoulder Strap

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By: Delamu

There’s this friend of mine who brings her food to the office. I noticed she didn’t have a freezable lunch bag and always had some ice packs in her lunch bag or just had to put her food inside the office refrigerator to keep it cold and fresh. I decided to bring her this freezable lunch bag for her birthday gift.

Then, I loved the great size which makes it enough for her even to carry some extra snacks to consume while driving back home. I know her taste and critically had to scrutinize the design before purchasing it for her. First, it’s more of a purse than a bag which makes it perfect for her to carry it around as she does with her purse. She loves the bag and has been enjoying not having to compete for space in the office refrigerator ever since.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • It features a patented cooling technology.
  • The bag features a wide base for stability.
  • Comes with easy-grip handles for easy carrying.
  • Made from a non-toxic, food-safe and water-resistant material.
  • Designed in California.

#6. Freezable Hampton Lunch Bag, Blanket Stripe

Freezable Hampton Lunch Bag, Blanket Stripe

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By: PackIt

I am a strong believer in PackIt products! There’s this lunch bag I had bought from a local retailer, and it was proving quite a headache. Barely two weeks after purchasing it, I noticed it was starting to leak which was such a disappointing thing for me. Therefore, I decided to look for another option, and that’s when I came across this PackIt freezable upright lunch box.

Ever since things have taken a different twist. I love its large size which offers enough space for me even to carry fruits. With my previous bag, I had to buy fruits on a daily basis from a vendor because I couldn’t carry them from home. However, with this bag, I can firmly sigh with relief.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • It features a PackIt groundbreaking cooling technology.
  • Boasts great walls.
  • Has a unique vertical design for an upright organization of items.
  • The bag comes with a diagonal hinge and a top zipper for ultimate safety.
  • Made from a non-toxic, food-safe and BPA-free material.

#5. Freezable Deluxe Large Lunch Bag with Shoulder Strap

Freezable Deluxe Large Lunch Bag with Shoulder Strap

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By: PackIt

I bought two of these lunch bags; one for my wife and the other one for my daughter. That was like two years ago, and they are still fully functional and operational. I love how easy they are to use, and my daughter doesn’t even require assistance to arrange her food inside it. I, however, assist her occasionally when she’s late for school and have to be in a hurry.

The large space offers extra room for my wife to carry several things to work including fruits and water. It can hold a couple small Tupperware containers, yogurt, fruit and an extra drink which is enough supply for anyone who wants to have a nice lunch. I remember two years ago when my daughter was little, and we have to carry milk for her everywhere we went, this is the same bag we used and 8it never disappointed.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Features a patented cooling technology.
  • Has a permanent freezable gel fitted on the walls.
  • Offers simple usage.
  • Perfect for packing healthy foods.
  • The bag is made from non-toxic material.
  • Boasts a non-zippered wide opening for quick access.
  • Comes with a buckle handle for easy carrying.

#4. Freezable Deluxe Large Lunch Bag With Shoulder Strap

#4 PackIt Freezable Deluxe Large Lunch Bag with Shoulder Strap, Black

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By: PackIt

I noticed my son also needed a lunch bag. He carries food to school and needs it to be cold even on those super-hot days. I got this deluxe make because it boasts an excellent space for him to carry almost everything he requires like fruits, water, and food. It’s now close to one year since I purchased this bag for my son, and it shows no signs or tears or rips.

I remember having to hose it a few weeks ago because of ants, yet it has remained in perfect condition all along. If you want to have a tough freezable lunch bag, I can’t think of a better option than this.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • It features patented freezable cooling technology.
  • Boasts an inbuilt freezable gel.
  • It’s 30% larger than its competitors.
  • The folding design offers convenient storage.
  • Has a nontoxic and BPA-free construction.

#3. Freezable Mini Lunch Bag, Saturday

#3 PackIt Freezable Mini Lunch Bag, Saturday

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By: PackIt

My neighbor’s son goes to a local daycare. She approached me asking for suggestions on the best freezable lunch bag. We had to peruse through the available options since she needed something small in size. This medium size freezable lunch bag was the real thing.

She uses it to send her son cow’s milk from home. The perfect design and size make it ideal for carrying several bottles of cow’s milk. Although her son needs a little warmth, this freezable lunch bag ensures that the milk is fresh and in perfect condition for several hours. This way, she doesn’t have to make trips to the daycare after every one hour to make a different delivery.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Features a patented cooling technology.
  • It’s ideal for kids given its small size.
  • Comes with buckle handle clips for easy carrying.
  • Boasts a non-toxic, PVC, BPA and phthalate-free construction.
  • The interior wipes clean for easy maintenance.
  • Designed in California.

#2. Freezable Classic Lunch Box, Gray Stripe

#2 PackIt Freezable Classic Lunch Box, Gray Stripe

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By: PackIt

I have many PackIt products. However, a single glance at this freezable lunch bag changed my mind, and I had to add it to my large collection of PackIt bags. There’re several things I loved about this bag. First, the zipped shut was a front leap for me since I didn’t have to put up with leakages or some fruits popping through an open-top as I carried my lunch every morning. I have been using this bag for over five months now, and it hasn’t shown any signs of wear or tear.

Considering the fact that I use it every day of the week except Saturday and Sunday, this bag is quite tough. It keeps my food cold for over 10n hours which means I can still eat the food on my way back home on those days when I get too busy and can’t even get time to eat in the office.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • It features a groundbreaking all-in-one cooling system.
  • Has an in-built freezable gel.
  • Collapses flat for easy storage.
  • The large zip opens for quick loading.
  • The buckle handles offer efficient.
  • The easy-clean exterior offers adequate convenience.
  • Made from non-toxic material.
  • Designed in California.

#1. Freezable Lunch Bag With Zip Closure, Buffalo Check

#1 ackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure, Buffalo Check

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By: PackIt

My friend paired this bag with his new Yumbox Tapas, and it fits perfectly. It even has enough space for snacks and juice pouch. He has been using it to carry food whenever he’s going out for hunting or picnics and doesn’t plan on coming back home before sunset. I noticed this bag a few weeks ago when we met for a hunting escapade. I couldn’t help admiring the entire design. It isn’t too large, but it offers enough space for him to carry everything conveniently.

Something else I noticed was the excellent cooling technology which keeps my friend’s food cool for longer hours than my lunch bag. We decided to put our bags to test, and this PackIt freezable lunch bag won hands down.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • It keeps food cool for hours.
  • Offers easy usage.
  • Features a zip closure for adequate performance.
  • The buckle handle clips offer east carrying.
  • It’s made from a non-toxic, food-safe, water-resistant and phthalate-free material.
  • Designed in California.

Bonus – Lightweight Reusable Ice Pack

Lightweight Reusable Ice Pack

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By: Stay Cool

Comes in a set of six, these ice packs are super useful in so many ways that you can use. The nice thing about them is that each pack features the ultra slim and lightweight design for easy storage. Plus with its compact size, these ice packs are simply great to have for multiple uses. That also makes it easy for you to bring along with to places as well. You can use it in your kid’s lunchbox with zero worry that it is heavy for them to carry.

Another great thing about these ice packs is that they come with gel inside which is long lasting. That means they retain the coldness much longer than ordinary ice packs with water. With them, you will be able to keep your food fresh and tasty longer which is simply nice. On top of that, these ice packs are BPA-free and non-toxic which is super safe and healthy to use. Plus with its durability, you can trust that it will not wear out or lose their cooling ability at all.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Ultra durable quality
  • Longer coldness retention
  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Easy to use, clean, and maintain
  • Compact and easy to bring along with
  • Ideal for lunchbox, lunch bag, fishing trip, hiking, etc.


Carrying and keeping food fresh for longer has never gotten any better. Perhaps you’re wondering why this list only has PackIt freezable lunch bags. Well, truth be told; PackIt is the market leader in the production of top quality freezable lunch bags. If you want to have great results, try any of their products.

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  1. Benefits Of Freezable Lunch Bags:

    Offer better food storage: Unlike those inferior or normal lunch bags which call for ice packs, freezable lunch bags don’t require all that to keep your food fresh. With freezable lunch bags, you won’t need to have access to a refrigerator to keep your food fresh and cold.

    Offers convenience: I remember those days when a fridge had to be in the office for me to carry packed lunch. This also meant that I had to carry ice packs when going on outdoor adventures. Luckily, all that is now a thing of the past thanks to freezable lunch bags!

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