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Is finding the best gas cooktop proving difficult? Well, after finishing reading this review, not only will you know the top-rated gas cooktop in the market, but will also learn the benefits of a gas cooktop over the electric type. Although the accessory has been on the market for a long time, many people still struggle locating good products. They end up wasting lots of time and effort. Sometimes, what they discover to be good choices turned out to be not good at all.

Before you acquire an excellent gas cooktop, you need you to look at the heat rating, size, capacity, materials, design, brand reputation, consumer reviews and much more. A better option, however, is to depend on a review that summarizes the top products. This article, for instance, has briefly reviewed the top 8 best gas cooktops for 2020.

The Best Gas Cooktops For Your Kitchen In 2021 List

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#8. 36-inch Gas Cooktop, Stainless Steel

Frigidaire FGGC3645QS 36-inch Gas Cooktop, Stainless Steel

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By: Frigidaire

The Frigidaire FGGC3645QS is made of high quality and durable stainless steel. The 36-inch unit features 5 sealed burners and produces quality heat for the best professional results. It’s ideal for everyday use and has a compact design for improved functionality. The space-efficient design makes it suitable even for small spaces, whereas the smooth and polished finish makes wiping or cleaning spills easy and stress-free. It’s suitable for any kind of cooking and is very solid to bear demanding operations like in a commercial kitchen.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Space-efficient design
  • Good size and quality
  • Five sealed burners
  • Quality stainless steel construction

#7. 30-inch Gas Cooktop, Stainless Steel

Bosch NGM8055UC 800 30-inch Gas Cooktop, Stainless Steel

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By: Bosch

The Bosch NGM8055UC 800 is exemplary for small and medium spaces. It comprises 5 heat sealed burner for improved efficiency. The 30-inch unit is an excellent choice for most kitchens and is perfect for everyday use thanks to its space-saving design. The unit has a maximum heat rating of 18,000 BTU and is fit for any kind of cooking. The compact gas cooktop is made from durable and tough stainless steel to tolerate the high heat, regulate cleaning, bangs, knocks, scraping and much more. Thanks to the several burners, you can cook different meals at the same time and can easily vary the heat via the large control knob.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • High-grade Stainless steel body
  • Durable cast iron grates
  • Spacious and practical design
  • Easy to operate

#6. 30-Inch Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop

GE PGP9830DJBB Profile 30-Inch Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop, Black – Downdraft

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By: GE Profile

Known for its high performance and reliability, the GE PGP9830DJBB will improve your cooking experience. It features a fairly late 30-inch surface and is made using hardwearing materials. The unit has a maximum heat output of 11,500 BTUs and is also revered for good heat generation and concentration. It has a very stylish design to complement most kitchens and cooks relatively fast while conserving energy. The cooking appliance comes in a space-saving design to fit even in the small area. Lastly, thanks to the user-friendly panel, controlling the heat is easy.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Durable metallic knobs
  • Stable standalone design
  • Quality and long-lasting knobs
  • Works great and energy efficient

#5. Titanium Plated Stainless Steel Built-In 5 Stoves Gas Cooktop

WindMax 30 inch Titanium Plated Stainless Steel Built-In 5 Stoves Gas Cooktop, Black

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By: WindMax

Forget about gas cooktop that take-up too much space and at the same time, waste lots of energy. With this unit from WindMax, you are assured or energy efficiency, fast performance, and reliability. The item is famed for its solid construction thanks to the stainless steel construction and also has good heat generational and distribution. The main burner generates up to 10235 BTU per hour and works with natural gas. It features an easy-to-control gas hob panel and provides a large cooking surface to handle several pots or pans at the same time.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Well-placed knob controls
  • Space-efficient design
  • Easy to operate and durable
  • High-quality stainless steel body

#4. 4 Sealed Burner Gas Cooktop

GE 4 Sealed Burner Gas Cooktop, 30-Inch, Black

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By: GE

Made of elegant and easy-to-maintain stainless steel, this gas cooktop will ensure you, your family, and other guests enjoy every meal in your home. The accessory is suitable for the residential kitchen and is very solid to handle for everyday requirements. It has a large cooking surface to minimize spillage due to congestion and is also easy to wipe and clean. The cooking appliance runs on natural gas and is recognized for the high heat output that ensures the food is well cooked while the process takes a short time. Turning it on, off, or controlling the heat is very convenient courtesy of the well-placed control knobs.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • High-quality knobs
  • Good designed size
  • Heavy-duty cast iron grates
  • Reliable Sealed burners

#3. Stainless Steel 5 Burner Gas Cooktop

Empava Stainless Steel 5 Burner Gas Cooktop, 34-Inch

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By: Empava

If you love cooking on a gas cooktop, then you’ll love this appliance by Empava. It’s constructed from a relatively tough stainless steel and cast iron to tolerate abuse and extreme temperatures. It features 4 high-quality burner stoves that deliver good heat and ensure the food cooks fast and tastes great. The appliance can handle small and large meals easily. This Cooktop is an excellent choice for a single user, couples, small and large families. The cast iron burners last for a long time, and just like the unit, it’s easy to clean.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Good flameout protection
  • Natural Gas and LG convertible
  • Takes up minimal space
  • High-quality stainless steel construction

#2. Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop, 30-inch

Frigidaire Professional FPGC3077RS Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop, 30-inch

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By: Frigidaire

The Frigidaire brand is well known when it comes to the best gas cooktop. This model is among the topper in the market. It is made to be suitable for both small and large families. The 36-inch unit can fit well in most areas and won’t take up lots of space. Like other leading cooktops, it’s made from hardwearing stainless steel to put up with the heat, everyday use, abrasion, knocks, rough handling and more. It comes in a moderately large cooking surface to accommodate different pans and pots and is also very sturdy. It’s easy to maintain and clean thanks to the sleek and smooth surface.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Energy efficient and space-saving design
  • Easy to operate and good heating
  • Durable cast iron grates
  • Easy to maintain and clean

#1. 36-inch Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

Bosch NGM5655UC500 36-inch Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

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By: Bosch

This gas cooktop by Bosch will make every cooking experience worthwhile. The 36-inch unit has a good cooking area to accommodate several pans or pots at the same and well-placed control knobs for easy operation. The accessory is made of sturdy stainless steel and is also easy to maintain and clean and features high-grade cast iron grates. The unit delivers maximum heat of 16,000BTUs per hour and has 5 strove burners for improved operation. Cleaning the cooking appliance is easy, thanks to the smooth surface and simple design.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Heavy-duty design and high-quality construction
  • Elegant and long-lasting
  • High-grade and user-friendly knobs
  • High quality cast iron grates

Benefits of Gas Cooktop Over Electric Type

  • Price/Cost: Generally, gas cooktops are more affordable than their electric counterparts. In fact, due to stiff competitions in the market, the prices are always coming down.
  • Running Cost: It’s much easier to run a gas cooktop than the electric one because gas is more affordable than electricity. Modern types are more affordable and consume a little amount despite the higher output.
  • Cooking Speed: It’s a known fact that gas cooktops cook much faster than the electric ones. They will reach the temperature almost immediately and don’t require you to wait for the element to heat up. The gas type also runs much hotter and can handle any type of food or cooking quite well.
  • Versatility: A gas cooktop can be used in many places even in remote locations where there is no electrical connection. You simply need to hook it to a gas container (propane, butane, or natural gas) and enjoy the cooking.
  • Heat Distribution: Many people turn to a gas cooktop because they have better heat distribution over the electric type. This assures you of good cooking and minimizes the possibility of some food sections burning while others are still raw.
  • Maintenance Ease: Gas cooktop has fewer components than the electric cooktop. This means that the repair costs will be lower and chances of a unit failing are also minimal.


After reading the above review on the top 8 best gas cooktops, finding the right item should be simpler and easier. You only need to click see the details of the individual item and learn more about the product so that you can place the right orders. Although the gas cooktops have been ranked from the best to the very best, they are very close in regards to performance, reliability, energy efficiency, maintenance ease, durability, cost, etc. One item will score better in terms of heat distribution and maintain but will come second in regards to energy efficiency or sturdiness. All-in-all, any of the above gas cooktops are worth the time and money.

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  1. RE: #6 GE PGP9830DJBB Profile 30-Inch Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop, Black – Downdraft – I despise this cooktop. When you turn on the downdraft, it sucks the flames towards the vent making it impossible to cook the simplest of meals evenly.

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