Top 10 Best Heated Toilet Seats To Have In 2021 Review

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Maximum comfort is what most of us thrive for in our daily operation. From washing, online shopping, transaction and also using the restroom. Sometimes it can get tricky when you use the bathroom and notice the toilet paper and water has run out. That is why there are devices in the market here to deal with this problem. Furthermore, a heated toilet seat is one of the practical solutions. A small change to your bathroom habits reduces your toilet paper use by 50-100%. Not only does this save water but also the time, effort and power. The less toilet paper, the lower the chance of clog up and hiring plumbers for maintenance. A person scouting for a heated toilet seat might wonder what features to look for. Do not worry because our team of dedicated and qualified researchers has come up with the best heated toilet seats.

Our list focuses on the top-rated products with great user reviews and experiences. Read through and select one that not only fits your budget but also gives you maximum quality service. They are as follows:

List Of Best Heated Toilet Seats In 2021

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#10. Quiet-Close With Grip-Tight Bumpers Elongated Toilet Seat

KOHLER K-5588-0 Purefresh Quiet-Close with Grip-Tight Bumpers Elongated Toilet Seat

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By: Kohler

The very first on the list, this Kohler seat comes with 2 LED settings to guide you at night without the need to turn on the bathroom light. Furthermore, it uses 2 D batteries to power that can last up to 6 months. The guiding light lights up the toilet tank when you put the lid down. It features a one-button operation that activates the nightlight to run automatically in an 8-hour cycle without interruptions.

Moreover, it has a deodorizing carbon filter located in the pure fresh hinge to ensure toilet odors are trapped. And lastly, the odor-locking screen and a scent-boosting fan leave the atmosphere smelling fresh.

In Short:
  • Silent operation throughout
  • Its operation utilizes 2 D batteries that usually last up to 6 months
  • Can be used in dark because of the 2 LED settings

#9. Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat With Remote

Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat in Elongated White with Dual Stainless-Steel

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By: Brondell

This heated seat uses a ceramic-core water heating system that guarantees warm wash at each use. The dual stainless-steel nozzle with sterilization and oscillation offers a safe and clean rinse. It comes with 7 nozzle positions that allow you to position to your desired setting.

On top of that, it features adjustable water temperature and pressure for the smoothest rear and front wash. The aerated wash spray with spray width adjustment enhances your user experience. Besides, it is inclusive of deodorizer that leaves a nice-smelling atmosphere. Warm air dryer, nightlight, gentle-close lid, heated seat.

In Short:
  • Sturdy stainless steel material is used in its construction
  • Includes 7 nozzle positions
  • The water temperature and pressure can be adjusted
  • Ambiance will be pleasant with the inclusion of deodorizer

#8. Innovative Toilet Seat Warmer

Toastie Tush (Round) - Innovative Toilet Seat Warmer

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By: Toastie Tush – Round

The Toastie Tush comes in a round shape that fits perfectly with most units. The white color adds an extra beauty to your bathroom and blends well with most of the appliances. It has 3 warm settings to give you a natural time to adjust to your preferred temperature.

In addition to that, the toilet seat uses between 14-28 Watts of power which ensures minimum and efficient energy consumption. It features a unique heating pad that works as expected without interruptions. On top of that, the modern construction is not only easy to clean but also durable. Zero skills are required to install the unit.

In Short:
  • The desired temperature can be adjusted by 3 warm settings
  • Extremely simple to clean and maintain
  • No hassles required to install, so it comes with quick setup
  • The elegant white color makes your bathroom look beautiful

#7. Elongated Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat, White

Brondell Inc. S300-EW Swash 300 Elongated Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat, White

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By: Brondell

The Brondell S300-EW Swash has a wireless remote to help you adjust water pressure and temperature, seat heating in a smooth operation. It comes with an integrated water heater that gives you a warm wash every time to use it. It features dual nozzles that exert adjustable water pressure in a seamless process.

Moreover, the heated seat offers maximum comfortability and usage. It has a gentle-closing lid that operates noiselessly and provides a slam-free cover and seat. In addition to that, the heated toilet seat has adjustable wash settings to give you a clean and safe front and rear wash.

In Short:
  • Due to its water heater, a warm wash is applied all the times
  • Water pressure can be adjusted easily
  • Extremely comfortable to use
  • Its gentle-closing lid does not generate noise during operation

#6. Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat With Auto Open & Close

TOTO SW584#01 S350e Washlet Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with Auto Open and Close

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This Toto heated toilet seat boasts of a cotton white modern design that complements your bathroom appearance. It has an auto energy saver that efficiently saves power consumption. The seat comes with a firm remote control with a 2-user memory that adds an easy and straightforward functionality. It uses an auto open and close lid and seat system that saves energy and time and the intuitive buttons are easy to use.

On top of that, it features a self-cleaning wand, rear, rear-soft, front, front-wide cleanse options and oscillating and pulsating wash for a safe and instant cleaning process. Also, it comes with an air deodorizer that ensures a fresh atmosphere after every use. The adjustable seat warmer is relaxed and comfortable to use. An instant warm air dryer and 5 heated seat settings make your experience more relaxed.

In Short:
  • The included air deodorizer maintains the atmosphere fresh
  • Its lid automatically opens and closes without wasting time
  • To enhance the simplicity of use, it comes with a remote feature
  • Includes auto-energy saver to make sure power consumption is limited

#5. Advanced Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat, White

Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat, White

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By: Brondell

This heated toilet seat has unique nanotechnology that features a spray width adjustment to allow perfect positioning. It has an endless water heating system that gives you warm washes after every use. The warm air dryer ensures a soothing drying experience. It comes with a dual adjustable stainless -steel nozzle that allows you to get your ideal position. A nozzle oscillation and sterilization guarantee a germ-free operation.

What’s more, it features aerated wash spray with a deodorizer that leaves the atmosphere fresh and clean. Besides, the gentle-close lid and quick-release mechanism ensure a smooth and noiseless user-experience. It also has adjustable pressure with a rear and front wash.

In Short:
  • Overall operation is flawless and noiseless
  • Comes with a rear and front wash where you can adjust water pressure
  • Perfect position attained by a dual adjustable stainless-steel nozzle
  • No germs penetration during operation

#4. Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat, Elongated White

Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat, Elongated White

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By: BioBidet

This heated toilet seat has an eco-friendly mechanism which is good for the environment with the energy save mode to help reduce electricity and toilet paper. It is inclusive of an adjustable heated seat that provides maximum comfort. The item features a slow-closing lid that guarantees a noiseless user experience. It comes with a dual nozzle technology that offers a feminine and next wash to improve hygiene.

In addition to that, the beautifully-designed tank reservoir heated water supplies a steady supply of warm water. It has an easy to use side control panel that lets you select a washing mode. A built-in motor helps to infuse aerated bubble to create a soothing cleansing process.

In Short:
  • Would not harm the environment during use
  • Noiseless operation facilitated by a slow-closing lid
  • Implementation of dual nozzle technology makes sure wash is hygienic
  • Included motor includes aerated bubble

#3. Electric Bidet For Elongated Toilets With Remote Control Electronic

SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet for Elongated Toilets with Remote Control Electronic

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By: SmartBidet

The SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet, one of the best heated toilet seat, has an elongated shape that fits on standard toilets. It has a remote that helps you control the seat seamlessly. The 4 wash features: posterior, feminine, turbo and oscillating wash add a more convenient use. Also, it features a retractable self-cleaning nozzle that automatically self-cleans to improve hygiene.

Moreover, the adjustable water pressure and nozzle positions allow you to adjust to your preferred location. It comes with an air dryer that will enable you to either set it to warm/ cold. Lastly, safety on/off skin sensor automatically operates immediately when it senses your skin on the heated seat.

In Short:
  • Its auto-cleaning nozzle is retractable
  • The air dryer can be set to cold or warm
  • Controlling is easy by the included remote
  • Mostly fits on all standard toilets

#2. Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat With Premist, Elongated

TOTO SW2034#01 C100 WASHLET Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with Premist, Elongated

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Toto toilet seat warm has an auto energy saver that regulates the 3 water temperatures and 3 heating seat settings. It has a sidearm control panel that gives you easy accessibility and use. On top of that, a warm air dryer and deodorizer feature keep your unit smelling fresh after every use.

Furthermore, the seat features 5 water pressure settings allows you to set to your preferred rate. It consists of pre-mist spray, self-cleaning wand, and a quick-release feature to give you a more natural cleaning process. Also, it uses an oscillating cleanse mechanism that goes back and forth after each use. The white cotton color looks good in any cloakroom.

In Short:
  • Lets you choose the one from 5 water pressure settings
  • The cleaning process is natural and smooth
  • Classic white color enhances the beauty of your toilet
  • Utilizes oscillating cleanse mechanism

#1. Heated Nightlight Round Toilet Seat, White

Brondell L60-RW LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Round Toilet Seat, White

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By: Brondell

The best heated toilet seat is Brondell’s seat warmer uses a quiet-closing system that guarantees a slam-free seat and lid. It comes with 4 temperature settings to give options for your desired heating. Also, a standard GFI wall outlet powers it. The intuitive controls are simple to use. The adjustable heated seat allows you to set it in the perfect position to match your individual preferences.

On top of that, it has an ergonomic design that enhances efficiency and comfort in use and also improves safety. And yes, the LED toilet nightlight comes with an on/off button to give you smooth operation and has a round and elongated seat for extra beauty.

In Short:
  • The circular design looks beautiful
  • Ergonomic design improves comfort during use
  • Easy to use by its on/off button
  • Presents 4 temperature settings

Benefits Of Heated Toilet Seats

Using the toilet in winter is not a pleasant experience, and only people who have been through that can relate. If you want to purchase heated toilet seats and want to know about their benefits, you are in the right place. Below are some of the main benefits of heated toilet seats that you should know about.

Arthritic Discomfort Relief

Cold weather can bring pain and discomfort to arthritis suffers. With heated toilet seats, the visits to the bathroom will be easier and more welcoming. They simply help to relieve minor discomfort as well as pain that you experience.

Cold Shock Prevention

You are probably familiar with cold shock as you sit on the toilet on cold nights. There are times when you have to go to the toilet at night with one eye closed. You forget that the night is cold, and so is the toilet because you are half asleep. The moment you sit on the toilet, the cold seat sends a shiver to your body that makes you jump. Cold shock is not a nice thing to experience, and heated toilet seats will never let that happen. This is one of the reasons why heated toilet seats are good for you.


The special thing about heated toilet seats is that they are super convenient in every way. From installation to using, the convenience is always there for you. Not to mention that they are low energy consumption, there is no reason not to install them. Get one, and you will never go back to the cold toilet seats ever again.


It is normal for us to sit on a toilet seat doing our business as we use our phones. Heated toilet seats can provide extra comfort and warmth, especially on cold days or nights. This is actually the main purpose of heated toilet seats, to offer warmth for users. Cold toilet seats are just nightmares, and that is why heated toilet seats are something that you should consider.

How To Remove Stubborn Stains From Toilet Seat

Hard and stubborn stains on toilet seats can be irritating to look at, and cleaning them is quite challenging. Our tip today is to use vinegar since it contains some organic materials that react with stain. This will make the stain easier for you to remove from the toilet seat. There are a few simple steps that you can follow:

  • Pour a little volume of distilled white vinegar to a paper towel until it is damp enough.
  • Cover the entire toilet seat with pieces of damp paper towel.
  • Allow it to sit for around one to two hours, then remove it.
  • Scrub the toilet seat with a soft sponge or a toilet brush.
  • In case some of the stains remain there, pour some more vinegar and scrub again. This will help to make the stain come off quickly.
  • Clean the toilet seat with a different damp cloth, and apply disinfectant and freshener.


When going to the bathroom, you should not dread about the process. A heated toilet seat is one of the essential accessories that will improve the experience.

We have listed the top and best heated toilet seats with excellent features right here. Some of them being sterilized and germ-free wash, water temperature and pressure settings, advanced design and many more. With these products, you are guaranteed superior performance, value, durability and utmost comfort. Additionally, heated toilet seats give you a reliable and enjoyable hassle-free experience.

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  1. From the Author: Why Heated Toilet Seat?

    A Remote: The heated seat comes with a remote to ensure an easy to use process. You can use it to make adjustments and changes as frequent as you want. From changing water temperature up to the pressure. People with injury and the aged prefer this feature because of less manual use.

    Heated Seat: A heated seat provides comfort in every use. It offers a warm place to seat on thus no more of the cold shocks at night on your bare skin. Most heated seats use the lowest power to minimize energy consumption. Besides, the warm sensation brings out a relaxing feeling.

    Adjustable Water Temperature: The adjustable water temperature gives you the ability to adjust the warmth you feel most comfortable in. You have the choice to use the cool setting during the hot seasons. These effects help to alleviate inflamed tissue and elimination of the use of toilet paper.

    Energy Saving: An energy saving functionality helps to minimize electricity use and high power bills. With the auto-shutoff mechanism, it ensures it automatically turns off the unit when not in operation.

    Heated Air Dryer: Another function is a heated air dryer which eliminates the use of cloth or toilet paper for drying. It comes with different air pressure and temperatures to allow comfortable, warm air to dry off your sensitive area. It hugely saves on toilet paper expenses.

    Adjustable Pressure: This feature alleviates the problem of high pressure darting out to the most sensitive areas. You can adjust to your preferred setting that offers relief and comfort.

    Deodorizer: No more embarrassment because of odors that linger around the bathroom after use. A heated toilet seat comes with a built-in deodorizer that eliminates bad smell. Some even have odor locking mechanism to ensure the smell never leaves the bowl. Note that this feature does not cover up but removes the smell. They use carbon filter which helps to purify the air.

    Self Cleaning Nozzles: The heated toilet seats feature self-cleaning nozzles for more hygiene. It uses water to rinse the unit before retracting back leaving no germs behind. Some electric seats come with self-cleaning nozzles which use hot water to flush as long as you connect to your hot water supply.

    Adjustable Nozzle Position: An adjustable nozzle position helps to avoid discomfort and uneven cleaning. This feature allows you to set to your preferred place to ensure no moving around after every use. It can get frustrating for someone especially with muscle pain or the aged.

    Stainless Steel Nozzles: The use of stainless steel nozzles prevents bacterial housing and growth. Also, this material is easy to clean and blends well with most bathroom appliances.

    The features listed above are the most common you expect in heated toilet seats. Various models offer all of these functionalities.

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