The 10 Best Inflatable Bounce Houses You Should Own – Review

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Make an outdoor birthday party more exciting with the best inflatable bounce houses. It has a spacious interior for little ones to jump up and down freely for many hours. In this review, we focus on the best inflatable bounce houses in 2021.

Best Inflatable Bounce Houses Review List

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#10. Ultimate Combo Inflatable Bounce House

Ultimate Combo Inflatable Bounce House

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By: Bounceland

The PVC-coated Terylene material of this bounce house is puncture-resistant. It can bear excessive jumps, falls, and strikes to keep the little ones safe. Not only that, but also the fabric is laminate for better stain-resistance and water resistance. Measuring 12 feet long x 8 feet tall x 10 feet wide, it provides ample playing room. Your children can play together to keep out boredom from their day.

Moreover, this inflatable playing shelter comes with versatile accessories. For instance, the 30 play balls have a colorful style to keep interested in the sport. Also, you can follow the instruction to get simple details about setup, maintenance, and takedown. More features in the packaging are a repair kit, carry bag and stakes. We love the sturdy material that has quadruple stitches for maximum service. The Velcro opening allows easy and safe access to the youngsters.

In Short:
  • It is made from puncture-resistant material
  • The laminated fabric is stain and water resistance
  • With a spacious interior, multiple kids can play at once
  • Comes with secure Velcro opening
  • The carry bag allows secure carry

#9. Costzon Inflatable Bounce House

Costzon Inflatable Bounce House

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By: Costzon

Brighten up the backyard during a birthday even with this best inflatable bounce house. It has a vibrant green surface that lets your kids play and jump in style. Also, it is made from heavy-duty Oxford for maximum longevity. This material will not tear, stain, or sag like the rest for more user value. The internal capacity is suited for three kids to play together as you supervise from a safe distance. Also, this inflatable house comes with protective netting to let young ones to jump freely. It guards them together with the mesh walls to prevent falling.

Apart from safety, the mesh barriers increase ventilation inside the tent for ideal airflow. Whether the children jump for a few minutes or hours, no worries about sweat odors. An added advantage is the inflatable slide to make playtime a joyous experience. Now the youngsters can slide out for may times. In addition, the jumping area is large for multiple persons to jump at once.

In Short:
  • It has a bright and lovely green finish
  • The interior space holds three kids
  • Crafted from heavy-duty Oxford material
  • Comes with high protective walls
  • The mesh netting improves airflow

#8. Royal Palace Inflatable Bounce House W/Slide Bouncer

Royal Palace Inflatable Bounce House W:Slide Bouncer

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By: Bounceland

We understand some of the best inflatable bounce houses are quite hard to setup. Fortunately, Bounceland has this one that requires minimal effort to assemble and takedown. You can use less than 60 seconds to finish the installation so your kids can play almost instantly. What’s more, it holds more that one person simultaneously to encourage a fun interaction. Measuring 31 feet long x 12 feet wide x 9 feet tall, the interior has ample playing room.

Additionally, this inflatable shelter features an 8.5ft x 7ft bouncing areas to give the kids the freedom of movement. They can jump up and now for hours while improving their leg muscles. We also like the included slide with a lengthy size measuring 10 feet for more sporty adventure. Powered by a heavy-duty UL blower, this unit stays inflated for long. More features include an inflatable basketball hoop and a removable sunroof.

In Short:
  • It’s simple to set up and takedown
  • Inflation requires less than 60 seconds
  • It has a spacious playing area
  • The blower ensures it stays inflated for long
  • Comes with a removable sunroof

#7. Mighty Inflatable Bounce House Castle Jumper Moonwalk Bouncer

Giantex Mighty Inflatable Bounce House Castle Jumper Moonwalk Bouncer

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By: Giantex

The Giantex has an excellent bearing capacity to support up to three people at once. It holds a total weight of 300 pounds, for the little ones to enjoy maximum safety. Besides, this item is designed for children 3 to 10 years old to enjoy a sporty and fun playtime. It has a wide jumping area, climbing wall, and basketball hoop. A bonus feature of this top-rated inflatable bounce house is the ocean ball poll for secure water play.

You don’t have to worry about damage thanks to the partially-thickened sections. It is constructed from 800D fabric that provides excellent strength. Not only that, but also the double-layered material of the slide improves safety. It will not tear, fade, or sag for the young ones to play for an extended period. This unit has a repair kit for simple repairs and a bag for secure portability.

In Short:
  • Its capacity hold three kids at once
  • Suitable for children aged 3 to 10 years
  • Allows a versatile use thanks to the many accessories
  • Made from high-strength material
  • Supports quick patching using the repair kit

#6. Jump O Lene Castle Inflatable Bouncer, for Ages 3-6

Intex Jump O Lene Castle Inflatable Bouncer, for Ages 3-6

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By: Intex

Leave it to Intex to come up with the best inflatable bounce house ideal for 3 to 6-year-olds. It has a soft inflatable floor to prevent scratches to the little ones. Also, the material is smooth but withstand excessive jumping. This inflatable shelter comes with high walls that guarantee a secure bouncing platform. Now, the children can keep themselves busy during a birthday party or outdoor events.

Moreover, this accessory has a castle shape to bring out that royal feel to your backyard. It has four turrets that come in handy to improve the children’s imaginations. They can come up with creative play games while enjoying an exciting playtime. Furthermore, setup is a breeze when placed on a flat surface free of sharp objects.

In Short:
  • It is perfect for 3 to 6-year-olds
  • The inflatable floor is soft and reliable
  • With high walls, they offer extra security
  • It helps improve kids imagination
  • The simple design is easy to setup

#5. Inflatable Bounce House, Mighty Water Pool

BOUNTECH Inflatable Bounce House, Mighty Water Pool

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If you are searching for the great inflatable bounce house with a heavy-duty design, you’ve found it. The BOUNTECH is constructed from premium 420D and 840D Oxford fabric for the ultimate performance. Also, it allows a multipurpose application thanks to the double slides, splash pool, climbing wall, and a basketball rim. If the young ones are basketball fanatics, they can practice their shooting skills. Besides, this item fits only three kids that weigh a total of 116 pounds. The recommended ages are 3 to 10 years old for maximum safety.

You can connect this item to a standard hose to turn it into a water park. Children can enjoy hours of fun as they slide down from the water slide. Moreover, it brings a refreshing feel to the bodies during the summer. Featuring a reliable 480W blower, it inflates this bounce shelter quickly.

In Short:
  • It is made from heavy-duty Oxford fabrics
  • The multiple accessories support a versatile use
  • It is spacious enough for 3 kids to play at once
  • You can convert it into a water park
  • The blower uses 480 watts during inflation

#4. [Updated Version] Bounce House

ACTION AIR [Updated Version] Bounce House

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Action Air is the best inflatable bounce house that suits most outdoor events. You can gift to a friend or buy one for a relative to hold a birthday party. Also, it can be used indoors or outdoors for the little ones to delight in a fun playtime. This item satisfies the CPSC test and meets all child safety standards to guarantee a secure operation. What’s more, it is encased with mesh sides to prevent falling while jumping. If you notice some air leaks from the seams, this is necessary to avoid over-inflation.

Furthermore, this inflatable shelter is extra thick for maximum durability. Your kids can use the large jumping surface for more exciting squeals. In addition, the sliding area and durable stitching enhance safety. Note that this product measures 6.1 feet tall x 9 feet wide z 12 feet long to hold up to 250 pounds. That means many children can play at the same time for fun interaction.

In Short:
  • Suitable for most outdoor events
  • It meets all child-safety standard
  • The mesh sides prevent falling when jumping
  • With a thick material, it offers better durability
  • It holds up to 250 pounds

#3. [Upgrade Version] KC102 12×10 Foot Inflatable Bouncer

PicassoTiles [Upgrade Version] KC102 12x10 Foot Inflatable Bouncer

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By: PicassoTiles

We love the sports theme of this top inflatable bounce house. It comes with a basketball rim and 4 sports balls suitable for active kids. Not only that, but also the balls include a baseball, football, basketball, and a soccer ball for more user convince. Now kids and family can bond through a fun and learning experience at the backyard. What’s more, the retractable shade cover provides cool shade on hot days. The little ones can slide and dunk for a prolonged period with additional protection.

Made from toxic-free and ETL-certified material, this item is super durable. It meets all the safety standards for kids to play in a secure atmosphere. Besides, the fabric is strong enough to bear continuous jumping. Inflate this unit in seconds using the 580-watt blower for more user convenience.

In Short:
  • It has a lovely sports theme style
  • The four balls include a baseball, baseball, and more
  • It promotes a fun bonding time for families
  • Constructed from toxic-free material
  • The blower inflates this item in seconds

#2. Inflatable Jump ‘n Slide Bounce House With Heavy Duty Blower

Little Tikes Inflatable Jump 'n Slide Bounce House w:heavy-duty blower

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By: Little Tikes

Another top inflatable bounce house available in the market is the Little Tikes. It has three mesh slides that act as a protective element to keep little ones safe. At the same time, you can watch them from a distance as they jump up and down. In addition, this item’s stakes can anchor this unit in a firm position. You don’t have to worry about unnecessary movements when the children are playing. Plus, a convenient blower delivers continuous and reliable airflow to prevent deflation.

In addition, this bounce house is crafted from heavy-duty material that resists punctures better than the rest. It ensures you have value for money, and the kids enjoy an extended play. What’s more, its dimensions are 106 inches long x 137 inches wide x 65 inches tall when inflated. This is enough space for multiple children to play together.

In Short:
  • The mesh sides let you monitor the kids from a distance
  • It has stakes that prevent movements in use
  • Made from puncture-resistant material
  • The blower delivers continuous airflow
  • It allows multiple kids to play at once

#1. Big Ol Bouncer – Inflatable Bounce House

Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer - Inflatable Bounce House

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By: Blast Zone

Measuring 12 feet wide x 15 feet in diameter x 7 inches tall, this bounce house holds 7 children. It is spacious to let them jump up and down, right to the left, with freedom of movement. Also, the provided UL blower inflates this balloon in seconds to save time and energy. Note that the maximum load it can accommodate is 100 pounds because the gross weight is 600 pounds. This item is perfect for events such as birthday parties, outdoor get-togethers, and for summer occasions.

We also like the simple design that suits most indoor rooms and even yard style. It is colorful and bright for an additional appeal to the surroundings. Besides, it is made from premium material to allow use in rainy and hot seasons. The youngsters will stay safe for an extended period without soaking wet. For better security, this structure is fully-enclosed using a safety net.

In Short:
  • It has a spacious size to hold 6 kids
  • The UL blower inflates this house in seconds
  • It accommodates up to 100 pounds
  • Suitable for outdoor events like birthday parties
  • The safety netting prevents falls and slips

To Finish Up

You can invest in the best inflatable bounce houses to improve an outdoor play. It allows little ones to jump with friends during a birthday party or an outdoor event. Besides, the best inflatable bounce houses keeps children busy and interactive.

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