Top 7 Best Kids Smartwatches To Have In 2021 Review

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The world is changing. Technology is advancing every single day. I can bet that in every 5 seconds, there probably one new gadget coming into the market. For instance, if we take a look back to 5 to 10 years ago, we have never heard of anything called smartwatch. Today, this tiny little thing becomes very popular, not only for adults but also for kids. I admit that there are many buying options that arise on the smartwatch market since people, especially kids, get so hyped about switching from old traditional watch to a new device. This is why finding the best kids smartwatch is no longer an easy task. So yesterday, I went to one of my best friends who actually works in a kids smartwatch repair shop, to ask him to recommend some of the top-quality smartwatches for my little boy.

He pointed out several devices that he guaranteed to be the best ones. In addition to that, he also told me a few essential criteria for us as a buyer to consider before buying kids smartwatch.

Those are the things I should have known years ago, and I think you should too. Hence, I am here today to write down the recommended models plus a short buying guide so that we all can enjoy a new a better experience of kids smartwatches shopping.

List Of Best Kids Smartwatches In 2021

#7. Sweatproof Bluetooth Smartwatch Phone

Smart Watch KKCITE Sweatproof Bluetooth Smartwatch Phone

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By: kkcite

Just by its physical appearance, I think we all can agree that this one looks very similar to Apple watch. It comes only in two colors: black and white. Thus, if your child is a bit mature and like it simple, I can be this one can be an ideal model for him or her.

Talking about its technology and performance, this one is an acceptable smartwatch according to its price. It comes with many functions, just as other smartwatches on the market. For instance, you can insert your Sim Card in and use features such as Call, Text, Internet Browsing, and so on. On top of using it for connectivity, you also have Camera, Calendar, Calculator, and other productivity apps.

You can also connect and sync it to a variety of smartphone running on either Android or iOS using Bluetooth. To make sure this watch is compatible with your smartphone, you can also check it out as the manufacturer also listed down all the phone models that seamlessly compatible with the watch. Lastly, it also comes in 3 different models: X1, X6, and DM09.

In Short:
  • Available in black and white colors so it represents an excellent look
  • Can be easily connected to a different smartphone running on Android or iOS
  • Names of 3 different models are X1, X6, and DM09
  • Comes with advanced features like text, call, web browsing, etc

#6. Kid’s Bluetooth Phone Pairing Smartwatch With Rotating Camera

Orbo Kids Bluetooth Phone Pairing Smartwatch with Rotating Camera, Blue

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By: Orbo

You can judge by its appearance that this watch is truly designed for boys. The blue color is the color of sky and ocean, represents freedom, imagination, and intuition which is a perfect color for your kids. Since this one does not target adult and elderly, it comes with several functions that your child needs, such as Time both the analog and the digital interface, Alarm, Stopwatch, Tiltable Camera, Interactive Activities, Games, and a bit more. The watch also comes with Bluetooth technology allowing your kids to connect it to a smartphone so that they can learn to answer phone important phone call which is the reason this product is considered to be one of the best kids smartwatches.

In Short:
  • The green and black colored design enhances the mood of kids
  • Comes with many different functions for kids
  • Allows kids to connect it to smartphone
  • Comes with call answering capabilities

#5. LeapFrog LeapBand, Green

LeapFrog LeapBand, Green

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By: LeapFrog

If you go through all the products on the list, this one looks the most childish. Having childish appearance can be either good or bad depends on the preferences of your kids. Provided with this appearance, it has three different color alternatives ranging from Green, Blue, and Pink. And as stated by the manufacturer, LeapFrog is suitable for children from 4 to 7 years old. It also comes with a Parent control. This way, you can have the authority and set a specific time for your kids on when to play games and when to stay put.

On top of that, it has approximately 50 built-in challenges that allow kids to have fun and at the same time doing little exercises to grow their organized habit and healthy living style. For instance, kids can choose which challenges that they want to do. After completing the challenge, there will be new pets unlocked for their rewards. Then kids can personalize the pets according to their preferences.

In Short:
  • 3 different color ranges available are green, blue and pink
  • The 50 built-in challenges enhance fun of children
  • Children will be able to personalize pet as they like
  • Highly suitable for children aged 4 to 7 years

#4. Smartwatch DX2 – Black – Online Exclusive

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 - Black - Online Exclusive

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By: VTech

My friend and I surely love VTech. And if you used to have or buy some smartwatches from VTech, I think you also like the brand as well. It might depend on each model, but I can say that VTech is always durable and excellent for our children.

For instance, take a look at this VTech DX2. If you read through, you will find VTech DX2 on the 2nd of the list. Then you might feel confused why there are two DX2, and one is at 4th place while another one is at 2nd?

The reason is that VTech DX2 is an impressive smartwatch. I decided to put in in the second position because it deserves so. But this one is just another special edition of DX2. As the name reveals, it is an online exclusive. So this one is just an extended option for you. You can check the 2nd of the list to see what actually is VTech DX2 and how great it is.

In Short:
  • The classic black color appears beautiful on the hands of kids
  • Extremely durable and comfortable to use by kids
  • Presented in attractive colors and design for kids’ fun

#3. Smartwatch DX – Special Edition – Red Flame

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX - Special Edition - Red Flame

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By: VTech

VTech DX is a great model. I ranked VTech DX as the top (the 1st) of this list. This one is just the special edition of the DX model. There is no different according to functions and performances. The only difference is, as suggested by the product name, this one comes with the red flame art with bonus Royal Blue wristband. (To see more details of this product, you can jump to the read #1 VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX on the list.)

I admit that kids can be exceptionally choosy when it comes to colors and appearance. Therefore, this one can serve as another option that has the same performance yet different color with the 1st one on the list.

In Short:
  • The excellent combination of red and blue color design shows alluring look
  • Packs in many advanced functionalities for convenience of kids
  • Includes an extra Royal Blue wristband
  • Allows kids to play and indulge into fun

#2. Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

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By: VTech

Here it comes another model from VTech. What makes it so unique and ranked as 2nd? It’s the dual cameras. I was a bit surprised when my friend told me that it comes with dual cameras. Honestly, I only have heard the word “dual cameras” from a smartphone, but never from a smartwatch. And this is my first time understanding it from VTech model!

Moreover, it has about 50 clock faces including both analog and digital. For an adult, there is nothing special about it. But for kids, having more clock faces provides kids with excitement and unstoppable discovery. This product also receives a title to be one of the best kids smartwatches from expert reviews.

I did buy this one a few days ago for my young and lovely son as his birthday gift. Today, I still can see him happily browsing and changing the clock faces. Within purchase, you can also get a Micro USB cable to transfer and upload data from watch to your personal computer so that every memory of your child can be store safely! You can check it out for more details, but I bet this purchase will never disappoint the buyer.

In Short:
  • Possesses nearly 50 clock faces for both digital and analog
  • Excellent safety is ensured for kids
  • Pack includes a Micro USB cable for easy transfer of data to a computer
  • The clock faces enhance fun of kids

#1. Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Smartwatch

VTech Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Smartwatch

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By: VTech

You may feel a bit confused and might want to question me. Why I ranked the DX better than the DX2 model? The reason is simple. I personally think that both have similar performance and function except that DX comes in 4 different colors. On top of that, from my friend, he told me that this is the best kids smartwatch he has ever seen so far. This one from VTech is so great that it can fit for both genders since it comes in 4 different colors: Purple, Royal Blue, Bb-8, and Stormtrooper.

So, what makes VTech different from other watches? The main difference is this watch aims to be a teaching device for your kids. It features fun and educational activities so that kids can have fun while at the same time learning new things. It mainly perfect for kids who love photography and video.

Last but not least, it comes along with funny effects for photo and video and at the same time, has a large memory space to stores all of the data. Just as VTech DX2, you can also transfer it to your PC. Having two cameras, motion apps and games, time apps, photo, and video apps and effects, is everything that makes this kids smartwatch a perfect choice.

In Short:
  • The 4 color options are Royal Blue, Purple, Bb-8, and Stormtrooper
  • Essential functions like alarm, calendar, stopwatch, calculator, and many more are included
  • Kids can learn new features and can also have fun
  • Allows fulfilling your dreams for photography and video

Criteria To Know Before Buying Kids Smartwatch

  • Appearance & Color: Although some kids don’t, most of the kids take appearance and color very seriously. You have to know precisely of what color do your kids love the most otherwise they will not enjoy wearing the watch even if it has all the cool functions.
  • Educational Features: We sure think of learning features when we purchase smartwatch for our kids. So be sure to check what can your kids learn from the new smartwatch that you are about to buy for them.
  • Parent Control: This function allows parents to disable or enable some access to the watch. It depends on each parent. For me, I would like to give my kids free access to everything in their own watch. This can boost up their discovery skill. On the other hand, if you want to set up some locks, you should look for any smartwatches that contain this feature.
  • Connection to Smartphone: As reviewed above, I did not focus much on this function since I personally feel that the best kids smartwatch should not come with connectivity to a smartphone. However, if you feel the need of having this feature, be sure to check carefully since most of kids smartwatch does not come with this feature.

Wrapping It Up

Here you go! After going through this list, at least you can have some insight information on the kids smartwatch market. If you have not decided which one you want to buy yet, just go with one of the eight kids smartwatch on this list and you will be surprised how great they are. Also, always be sure to check with your kids and shop accordingly to their preferences.

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