Top 11 Best Laptop Stands In 2021 Review & Guides

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This is a perfect article for you if you are browsing or considering to buy the best laptop stands in the market. Whether for professional work or for gaming or for casual movie watching session, you may need to sit in front of your laptop. The prolonged session for working on a laptop may invite many physical ailments. For example, it is possible to suffer from neck pain, back pain, bad posture, and several other ailments if you work on your laptop for a long duration. Though many people know this fact, they simply overlook it because they prioritize the urgency of working on their computer. Now you will get rid of suffering from the inconvenience and physical pain while working on a laptop. This is because there are many different laptops stands available on the market to work at the best in such cases.

When you choose the best laptop stand, you will be benefitted with its ergonomic design and comfort. The other advantages include an adjustable angle, the flexibility of working, no physical pain, and many more. The prime factors to focus on for their purchase are quality, durability, adjustability, portability, size, design, price, and few more. You will be benefitted from the best viewing angle and unparalleled comfort. Take a look at the best laptop stands described in the following section to know more:

List Of Best Laptop Stands In 2021

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#11. Lap Desk Laptop Stand With 8 Adjustable Angles

Halter Lap Desk Laptop Stand with 8 Adjustable Angles

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By: Halter

The lap desk laptop stand unit, as shown above, comes with 8 different angle settings. This allows you to conveniently adjust your laptop and relish the optimal viewing and hands-free user experience. The overall structure represents the space-saving design and it can be folded flat if the need arises. Inside this stand, there are dual-bolster pillows conforming to your lap. They are dedicated to providing supreme comfort and stability. Furthermore, the smooth, flat surface delivers enough ventilation for your laptop. This is one of the best laptop stands because it can be conveniently used with your tablets, iPads, laptops, and more.

Taking a look at its appearance, it boasts a sleek look with functional and lightweight design. This allows you to easily carry and set it up anywhere as per your need. The best part about this Halter laptop stand is you will have complete control of your viewing experience.

In Short:
  • Appropriate ventilation to your laptop is provided by its smooth, flat surface
  • Made in a lightweight and highly functional design
  • The included dual-bolster pillows match with your lap

#10. Laptop Lap Pad Laptop Stand

MAX SMART Laptop Lap Pad Laptop Stand

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Those people suffering from knee pain or leg exhaustion when lying on your bed or sofa should consider using this laptop stand. This stand from MAX SMART is dedicated to offering supreme comfort while working on your laptop. This Max Smart lap desk can be used as a work stand, laptop stand, or a reading desk. Inside its structure, there is a built-in USB cooling fan assisting to maintain the coolness inside your laptop and also provide protection of overheating. Actually, this stand comes with 5 diverse angle adjustments (0/15/20/25/30°). This will effectively decrease your neck, shoulder, and back pain.

The included laptop mouse pad can be conveniently adjusted and attached to any of the directions for left/right-handed use. Furthermore, the contained detachable cushions perfectly conform to your lap. Therefore, it provides exceptional comfort and stability.

In Short:
  • Suitable for working on laptop, reading, writing, etc
  • Your laptop unit will be maintained cool by the built-in USB cooling fan
  • To suit different needs, it comes with 5 various angle adjustments
  • Comes with removable cushions

#9. LaptopSstand For Bed & Sofa

Laptop stand For Bed and Sofa, Cozy Desk Portable Adjustable Laptop

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One among the best laptop stands form AOOU discussed here, this stand is sturdy yet lightweight. Both features are uniquely combined to give the users the supreme benefits. Inside the structure, there are 2 built-in CPU cooling fans. This makes sure your laptop unit stays cool in less time. Moreover, this stand presents the ideal adjustable height setting. This allows you to conveniently work on your bed, sofa, read books, etc. It is quite easy to rotate this stand by 360 degrees and then lock in place at various angles. When not in use, this portable laptop stand can be quickly collapsed and carried along with.

In Short:
  • Can be rotated 360-degrees and can be locked in different angles
  • The temperature of the laptop will be reduced by the included cooling fans
  • Its height can be adjusted as per your need to work conveniently on your laptop
  • Can be used anywhere comfortably

#8. Adjustable & Portable Laptop Stand

Roost Laptop Stand – Adjustable and Portable Laptop Stand

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By: The Roost

Recognized as a fantastic lightweight portable laptop stand, it features a compact and lighter design. This design is made fully collapsible, making it a perfect product for the formal uses. It is known that this PC and MacBook stand fits almost all models of laptops. Dye to the universal fit, this stand is one of the best choices among customers. It will be quite easy to adjust the height up to 12 inches. Moreover, the height can be adjusted from 6 to 12 inches of lift to provides the perfect eye-level laptop viewing experience.

In Short:
  • Prepared in a lightweight and portable design
  • Can be easily packed in your briefcase, backpack, etc. and carried easily
  • It is possible to adjust its height up to 12 inches
  • Capable of fits almost all models of laptops

#7. Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

Laptop Stand ALIWIKI Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand Laptop Riser Aluminum Cooling

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ALIWIKI presented the best laptop stand shown above to benefit the users at the most. It is alternatively referred to as a laptop riser unit made up of aluminum. It can perfectly fit all models of tablets. The overall design is made durable with the assistance of the reinforced, lightweight aluminum. This kind of unique construction boasts a beautiful appearance. It comes with a utmost dispersal breadth 6.5 inches, and seamlessly supports 17 inches may be even smaller dimensions laptop as well as all tablets. The brand ALIWIKI considered using the foldable design to save the space and make it lightweight to carry around. Besides, the stand provides the functionality to adjust angle in different directions. It is possible to flawlessly shift your appliance to an alignment that seems most comfortable to you.

In Short:
  • Includes 6 levels of tilt allowing you to select the best viewing conditions
  • The contained stable silicone pad near the stand guarantee high constancy of the included bracket
  • Can be folded to compact size and conveniently carried along
  • Found compatible with 17 inches or smaller sizes laptop and all tablets

#6. Medium Multimedia Desktop Stand

Monoprice Medium Multimedia Desktop Stand

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By: Monoprice

The present model of the Monoprice desktop stand is designed beautifully with the 8mm black glass shelf. This shelf comes with a measurement of 25.6″ x 11.0″. Now the laptop users can give themselves an extra shelf or elevate their monitor to a comfortable height through this stackable glass shelf. The supreme weight capacity is 80lbs. The built-in glass shelf seamlessly holds your computer monitor, home audio equipment, laptop computer, or anything else that requires a flat surface. The beautiful design, stackable structure, and durability are the essential qualities of this desktop stand.

In Short:
  • Capable of handling load up to 80 lbs
  • Appearance is made stunning by its beautiful black glass design
  • Boast sturdy construction and includes 8mm thick glass in its making
  • Can be easily mounted on any surface

#5. Adjustable Height Notebook Stand

Rain Design 12031 Ilevel 2 Adjustable Height Notebook Stand

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By: Rain Design

With the adjustable height settings, this notebook stand is one of the best laptop stands in the present market. It allows the laptop users to lift the screen to eye level for excellent posture. On the stand, there are rubber pads that included protecting your desk and notebook. Moreover, the unique tilt design cools the laptop by assisting heat escape and allowing the screen to come closer. There is a particular use of the anodized aluminum to complement with Apple MacBook. It is observed that this Rain Design stand is compatible with all notebooks and Laptops

In Short:
  • The contained rubber pads perfectly protect your desk and notebook
  • The level’s slider can be dragged to adjust the screen height
  • Can accommodate different models of laptops and notebooks

#4. Foldable Portable Laptop Stand Riser

UPERGO Laptop Stand, Foldable Portable Laptop Stand Riser

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Boasting premium quality material and elegant design style, this laptop stand is made portable. There is the use of the aluminum alloy with anti-slip silicone pads. They assist in boosting durability in a unique way. The unique open design facilitates better laptops and allows the stand to work as a heat sink for a laptop. There is a built-in hinge process to perfectly adjust the feet to lift the screen to a convenient viewing. UPERGO considered implementing CNC precision technology. This technology adds a blasting surface to enhance convenience during the use.

In Short:
  • Its lightweight, foldable design allows you to carry it easily anywhere
  • Allows elevating your screen height to allow easy viewing experience and flawless typing
  • Presence of the aluminum alloy with anti-slip silicone pads adds to the durability
  • Removes the issues of neck and back pain

#3. Elevator Stand For Laptops

Griffin GC16034 Elevator Stand for Laptops

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By: Griffin

One of the best laptop stands from Griffin, it works excellently to elevate your laptop as per your need. Actually, it can elevate laptop screen by 5.5″ while offering valuable desktop real estate for accessories like keyboard and mouse. Basically, this stand works to keep your laptop cool with 360-degrees of airflow circulation. For travel purposes, it can be easily disassembled. There will be zero compatibility issues with laptops, PC, and Mac. This elevator aptly conforms to health and safety standards, so your laptop use will be safe and more comfortable. Besides, its ergonomic design boosts convenience during the application.

In Short:
  • Lets you use your laptop safely and more comfortably throughout the day
  • Made in an ergonomic design
  • Can be disassembled easily for the travel purpose
  • Comes with rubber underneath to mount easily on different surfaces

#2. MacBook Pro Stand – X-Stand Aluminum Laptop Stand

Steklo MacBook Pro Stand - X-Stand Aluminum Laptop Stand

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By: Steklo

The Steklo X-Stand is a contemporarily designed laptop stand capable of keeping your laptop cool. Its structure represents the unique design to conveniently fit in your pocket. It is possible to expand its structure to seamlessly support any laptop or MacBook with size ranging from 12 to 17 inches. This MacBook stand is dedicated to presenting excellent stability for all laptops with screen sizes ranging from 12 to 17 inches. The incorporated laptop cooling pad is exceptionally designed to boost the airflow for different models of computers and laptops. Also, the compact size and high portability make this X-stand one of the best laptop stands.

In Short:
  • Its cooling pad is designed to enhance the airflow to feed to your laptop
  • This stand’s lightweight design allows you to carry easily
  • Prepared in an ergonomic design to upkeep a comfortable sitting position
  • Overall appearance is made elegant by the sand-blasted and metallic silver anodized finish

#1. Adjustable Laptop Stand, Laptop Riser

Nulaxy Adjustable Laptop Stand, Laptop Riser

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By: Nulaxy

Holding the position of the best laptop stand in this top 11 list, this Nulaxy laptop stand is made sturdy and protective. Its manufacturing is done utilizing the premium aluminum alloy. The maximum weight it can support is up to 20 kg; so no need to concern about wobbling issues. The unique arc edge design protects you from getting scratched. Furthermore, the rubber pads on the top and bottom perfectly secure your laptop in place and avoid any scratches. The presence of aluminum alloy material makes sure your laptop unit stays cool.

In Short:
  • The use of aluminum alloy ensures effective cooling
  • No need to assemble
  • Prepared in a lightweight and foldable design for easy carry mechanism
  • Capable of withstanding load up to 20kg

Why Should You Buy Laptop Stands?

Prevents Stress Injuries

By using laptop stands, you can easily adjust the laptop screen according to your own convenience. This thing is not only invented to give you the ultimate comfort while using a laptop but also allows you to have the highest work efficiency. When you use a laptop stand, it helps you to prevent repetitive stress injuries. As well as, you can avoid the chronic neck and back pain caused by a forced down perspective. When you use an external monitor, this stand elevates your laptop to have comfortable multitasking. The stand effectively helps to improve your body posture while using a laptop.

Multiple Angle Adjustability

Each laptop stand in the market comes with adjustable heights, angles, and distances. So you can change it according to your body position. As you are able to adjust the angle and height of your laptop screen, you can avoid the eye strain with ease. If you use this stand regularly, you can prevent the Computer Vision Syndrome as well. By changing the position of your laptop stand, you can avoid the screen glare from affecting your eyesight.

Easily Portable

The ergonomic design of this laptop-stand easily folds down and allows you to carry it wherever you go. So, you can use this stand with your laptop all the time without any hassle. You do not need to look for a desktop or table when you are away from your work area.

Supports Proper Airflow

For a sensitive gadget like a laptop, it is necessary to have proper airflow. But, when you put your laptop directly on a table or any other surface, it may cause restriction to the airflow. So, if you use a laptop stand, it allows your laptop to have a frequent airflow. Some of the hi-tech laptop stands come with built-in fans to increase the airflow by cutting down the heat generation.

Easy Manageability

A laptop stand not only helps you to get ultimate comfort, but it also supports you to have easy manageability. Some of the recent-days laptop stands have extra space to hold your additional keyboard and mouse with ease. In this way, it can save a lot of space in your desk or table.

Proper Cable Management

The laptop stand supports you to have easy cable management. By routing the cables underneath your desk or table, the stand can help you to have a tangle-free operation both in your office and home. These stands also allow you to have hassle-free server room as well.

Improves Metabolism

Science says that standing while working can help you to burn up to 170 calories. So, when you have a laptop stand at your workspace, you can easily adjust the height of your laptop. So you can stand for hours during work. If you stand while working, it helps to reduce the risks of having heart disease or high blood sugar level. If you stand for a minimum of 2 hours a day during your work, you can easily manage your weight and stop getting obese.

Multipurpose Solving

You can use your laptop stand not only to hold your laptop but also you can find it useful for holding tablets, music sheets, and books. Owning a laptop stand will definitely help you to relieve your arms, neck, shoulders, and back from straining severely.

Proper Posture Maintenance

It is always healthy to maintain a body position with a straight back and elbows bent at 90-degree while using a laptop. A laptop stand makes it easy for you to maintain this comfortable working position to avoid paining severe and straining.

Buying Guide – Things To Keep In Mind

Different Adjustment Levels

It is obviously better to look for a laptop stand with ergonomic design. You need to focus on how much height, angle, and position adjustments a stand is providing you. More adjustability means more flexibility. So, a flexible stand can allow you to your own comfortable body position during the use of laptops.


You need to opt for a stand with sturdy material construction. A soft metal laptop stand provides enough robustness to last longer. However, it may leave dents and scratches to your desktop. On the other hand, you can go for the sturdy plastic-made stand for easy portability and maneuverability. Some of the laptops stand in the market comes with the built-in fan to keep your laptop cool. So, you need to choose one of them as per your requirement. The laptop riser needs to steady enough, which will cause no movement during fast typing.

Easy Mobility

If you need to travel a lot due to your profession then, you should go for a laptop stand with high portability. Always look for a stand, which folds down easily, has a compact design and very much light in weight. So, you can easily pack them in your laptop backpack or laptop cases.


Weight is an essential factor before owning a laptop stand. You need to focus on the heavier weight stands if you want to use them for your office laptops. On the other hand, if you want them for residential purpose, it is better to opt for the lightweight one. As it easily folds away and allows easy storage.

Multifunctional Appeal

Some of the newest laptop stands offer you additional space to store your external keyboard and mouse. If you need to keep your desktop clutter-free, then this kind of stand is a must-have item for you. They are available in different shapes and sizes. Some of them have an exceptionally aesthetic appeal to match your class. You need to select one, which perfectly matches your need.


Before buying a laptop stand, make sure it allows enough flexibility. You can freely access your laptop at anybody position, like standing, sitting, or lying down. It must come with different height, position, and distance adjustment setting.

Innovative Features

It is better to look for a stand with multi-purpose features. Many laptop risers on the market have small built-in lamps for low light conditions, cord organizers, and more than one inbuilt fan. So, before purchasing a laptop stand, you need to select one, which comes with at least only on the mentioned features.

Increase Airflow

Blocking the airflow of your laptop can damage it. In that case, you need to choose a stand for your laptop, which adequately offers air ventilation. To reduce the heat generation of your laptop, you can opt for a laptop stand with inbuilt cooling fans. Besides, always go for a laptop stand which folds down very easily and allows no-time installation.


Selecting any of these best laptop stands will benefit you with comfortable laptop usage experience. There will be reduced incidences of inflexibility and inconvenience because you can adjust their size.

Check out the previous-version article! (Version 01)

Previous Version (01): Top 15 Best Laptop Stands

When looking for the best laptop stands, the chances of getting the right ones are quite narrow. This is because of the endless number of options available on the market. Of course, no one wants to place their laptop on a flimsy cheap knock-off with less stability. For that reason, we all strive to get the best laptop stands by sifting through every flop to remain with the picks of the bunch as our residue.

Unfortunately, sieving out every flop to remain with the top picks isn’t an easy task. In fact, testing every available item to identify the best one is a back-breaking task which has proven almost impossible. It’s for this reason that I sought to unravel the top 15 best laptop stands on the market this year.

#15. Adjustable Foldable Laptop Stand Desk Table

#15 Readaeer Adjustable Foldable Laptop Stand Desk Table

By: Readaeer

Black in color, this Readaeer laptop stand opens up our list of the top 15 laptop stands on the market. It features a 360-degree rotation with a lockable position for ultimate convenience and flexibility. What’s more, it’s a compact and lightweight item which boasts the latest technology and design for unrivaled convenience. The top which is made of iron makes it incredibly sturdy and highly durable.

This ensures that you have a long-lasting service without fear of breaking. The plastic legs are also quite sturdy, making this laptop stand extraordinarily stiff and strong. If you’re used to those cheap and flimsy stands which wobble like a chameleon on a frail twig, then you might need to try this one out.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It’s quite versatile: Given its versatile construction, this laptop stand can also be used as a writing desk or a sketchpad.
  • It boasts an extendable height: The adjustable height offers ultimate convenience for you to use your laptop without the hassle of having to bend or stretch your neck to be able to work comfortably.

#14. Elevator Stand For Laptops

#13 Griffin GC160342 Elevator Stand for Laptops

By: Griffin Technology

Featuring a silver construction, this is yet another Griffin Technology’s laptop stand. It isn’t one of those flops you see on the market. This is an extremely sturdy laptop stand which is designed to offer ultimate convenience and safety. It elevates laptops of 5.5-inch screen size. And yes, it provides enough space for keyboards and the mouse to ensure that you’re comfortable enough to undertake any activity for longer durations using your laptop.

Just like its earlier sibling; this laptop stand keeps your laptop cool thanks to its 360 degrees of air circulation thus preventing over-heating. What’s more, this is a fully certified laptop stand which is an accredited top deliver ultimate performance.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It keeps your laptop cool: The 360 degrees air circulation delivers adequate cooling, thus keeping your laptop in a tip-top condition.
  • It’s universally compatible: This is a universally compatible laptop stand which is designed to fit most laptops.

#13. Easy Adjust Laptop & Projector Stand

#12 3M Easy Adjust Laptop & Projector Stand (LX600MB)

By: 3M

On the 12th tier position, we have here one of the best adjustable laptop stands: The 3M adjustable laptop and projector stand. This isn’t one of those cheap knock-offs available on the market. It raises or lowers your laptop for better viewing. Given the adjustable height, this laptop stand is a real deal for the dollar! It will guarantee ultimate performance while at the same time offering unprecedented convenience and ultimate durability.

It moves through a distance of four inches in the height adjustability with a single touch. The swivel which offers 360-degree rotation and forward tilt of up to 40 degrees for optimal positioning makes this item quite reliable. What’s more, this laptop stand comes in a convenient weight for ultimate portability.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It comes with a great attachment system: The effective attachment system offers easy docking, thus delivering quick and easy connectivity.
  • It’s quite versatile: This laptop stand doubles as an LCD projector riser thus making it ideal for both tasks.

#12. Metal Monitor Stand – Black

#11 AmazonBasics Metal Monitor Stand - Black

By: AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics has always been a big name in almost every field. Whether in electronic or kitchen accessories, AmazonBasics has ever made an appearance. In this case, their laptop stand scoops the 10th tier position in our list. Of course, don’t let the position get you thinking that this stand is an inferior item.

This AmazonBasics laptop stand is one of the best laptops stands on the market. It offers adequate performance with least hassle. And yes, it’s ideal for various tasks; not just holding the laptop! It raises the monitor for up to 4.25 inches for ultimate comfort.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It holds up to 40 pounds: The fact that this stand can hold up to 40 lbs makes it quite impressive since it can hold even the largest monitors.
  • It’s made using durable metal: The durable metal used in the construction of this laptop stand makes it quite durable and reliable.

#11. Portable Laptop Stand#10 PORTABLE LAPTOP STAND by Desk York - in Bed & Sofa Table

By: Desk York

From the renowned Desk York, this is a plug and play laptop stand designed to deliver ultimate performance. It requires no assembling at all, and neither does it need you to look for any tools or extra accessories.

Furthermore, this adjustable laptop stand is quite firm and steady, which means that your laptop won’t be shaking all over the place. It rotates up to 360 degree and locks in place on various angles for an excellent experience. Extremely durable and sufficiently flexible, this is an item you should be looking for if you want to have adequate flexibility. The adjustable legs offer better reclining positions.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It has foldable legs: The foldable legs offer convenience while at the same time offering easy storage and movement from one place to another.
  • It’s quite ergonomic: This is an ergonomic and versatile laptop table which can be used for various tasks including as a TV dimmer or a breakfast tray. It can also hold projectors or sound equipment.

#10. Adjustable Laptop Table, Portable Standing Bed Desk

#9 Avantree Quality Adjustable Laptop Table, Portable Standing Bed Desk

By: Avantree

The Avantree laptop stand is a multi-purpose item designed to offer adequate convenience for you as you use your laptop. It can be used as a laptop workstation as well as a standing desk for any office. It can also double as a TV tray, or a laptop bed stands to use when you’re relaxing in bed. This laptop stand offers a healthier working environment for the regular working environment.

It offers adequate convenience for you to work while seated as well as while standing. This way, you’re able to avoid some health disorders which come as a result of improper sitting working positions such as backaches and spondylitis.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It’s quite easy to use: The easy to use nature of this laptop stand makes it quite reliable and convenient for daily use.
  • It’s light and sturdy: The light yet sturdy and compact construction makes this laptop stand quite flexible and portable.

#9. Tall Laptop Stand

#8 Samson LTS50 Laptop Stand

By: Samson Technologies

With a tripod base, this is a heavy-duty laptop base which offers adequate convenience as you work with your laptop. The excellent design gives you sufficient flexibility as you sit or stand before your laptop for the whole day.

Of course, too much sitting can result in serious health complications such as spondylitis. That’s why this stand is adjustable to ensure that you interchange between standing and sitting for top performance and convenience. Its silicone surface makes it even better by holding the laptop more securely and safely.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It has an excellent tilt control: The excellent tilt control makes tilting of the laptop a breeze thus offering better viewing.
  • It features a roadworthy steel construction: The roadworthy steel construction makes this product quite durable and sturdy.

#8. Portable Laptop Table Stand With Mouse Pad

#7 Pwr+ Portable Laptop-Table-Stand with Mouse Pad

By: PWE+

Black in color, PWE+ is what I’d like to refer to as a compact, lightweight, sturdy, and highly convenient laptop stand. On top of that, you also can consider it as one of the best adjustable laptop stands in the market.

The high strength aluminum tray and fully adjustable legs make this a must-have item. And yes, the legs offer easy movement while its firm and sturdy design make it sufficiently durable. The 360-degree rotation with easy lock-in-place feature guarantees utmost performance and convenience. It quickly collapses for easy transportation, thus saving you the hassle of having to carry large and bulky things around which is such a pain in the rear. The quiet cooling fans ensure that your computer remains cool during operations.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It boasts an advanced design: The advanced design makes it one of the best items on the market. It’s quite versatile and serves as a laptop desk as well as a cooling pad, computer stand, and a writing desk.
  • It requires zero assembling: With no tools or assembling required, this is an impressive item for daily use.

#7. X-Stand For MacBook & PC Laptop

#6 Steklo - X-Stand for MacBook and PC Laptop

By: Steklo

Boasting a premium quality aluminum construction, this is a sufficiently stable and highly durable ergonomic laptop stand. It can accommodate laptops of screen size between 12’’ to 17 ‘’. Of course, this is a convenient size given the fact that most laptops lie within that range. What’s more, this laptop stand is designed to improve airflow for adequate cooling of your laptop. It folds to a compact size for easy portability and proper flexibility.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It’s lightweight: The lightweight and compact design makes this laptop stand quite reliable and portable
  • It’s foldable for easy transportation: The foldable design makes storage and movement a breeze.

#6. Foldable & Portable Aluminum Laptop Stand

#5 Vogek Foldable and Portable Aluminum Laptop Stand

By: Vogek

Designed to raise the screen height of your laptop to an important position for easy viewing and fatigue reduction, this ergonomic laptop stand is yet another must-have laptop stand for you. The tilting offers easy and comfortable typing while the optional height adjustment of from 6 to 9.5 inches makes it even better for comfortable and convenient viewing. The single-piece aluminum with silicone feet ensures that you have solid stability. The open design offers better airflow for better cooling of your laptop.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It’s quite ergonomic: The ergonomic design makes this item ideal for several laptops and PCs.
  • It’s foldable and portable: The foldable design makes this one easily portable and convenient for storage.

#5. Laptop Cooling Pad With 3 Movable Fans

#4 Cooler Master NotePal U3 - Laptop Cooling Pad with 3 Movable Fans

By: Cooler Master

With a black finish, this is a great laptop stand with an aluminum surface with three fans to offer a chill mat for your MacBook, laptop or notebook. The three high-performance fans spin to dissipate heat for laptops which are used mostly for those strenuous activities like gaming. The heavy-duty aluminum construction with a lightweight and compact design offers excellent portability for your laptop stand. It also prevents overheating thanks to the open design.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It’s a lightweight item: The lightweight construction makes this laptop stand quite reliable and portable.
  • It’s quite ergonomic: The ergonomic design makes it ideal for various activities while offering an ideal viewing angle.

#4. Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

#3 AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

By: AmazonBasics

Like earlier pointed out, AmazonBasics’ items have always boasted an incredible construction. And yes, this portable laptop stand is yet another awesome item from AmazonBasics. And yes, the ventilated design helps reduce overheating, thus keeping your laptop cool and in a tip-top condition. The metallic mesh platform offers adequate heat dissipation, thus keeping your laptop running for longer durations. And yes, since overheating could cause crashes, this is an ideal item for you.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It comes with a cord organizer: The cord organizer with six slots promote a better and tidier desktop and working environment.
  • It features an adjustable height: The adjustable height makes this one quite convenient.

#3. Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk/Stand

#2 Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop DeskStand

By: Executive Office Solutions

On the 2nd tier position, we have this 4 lbs laptop stand which is yet another incredible item on the market. The aluminum construction makes it a must-have item while the easy carrying handles move a snap.

The fully adjustable legs which can rotate up to 360 degrees with lock-in-place design to ensure that the stand stays in the desired position further make this laptop stand quite reliable.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It comes with silent cooling fans: The silent cooling fans make this item quite reliable since it keeps your laptop cool, thus preventing crashing.

#2. Laptop Stand, Silver (Patented)

#1 Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand, Silver (Patented)

By: Rain Design

This silvery laptop stand from Rain Design wraps up our list of the top items on the market. It’s an incredibly durable stand featuring a single piece aluminum construction. The tilt design brings the screen closer to you, thus saving you the hassle of having to strain your eyes. Ideal for almost all laptops, Macs and PCs, this is also the best portable laptop stand. It is a must-have item for any laptop owner. The sand-blasted finish with metallic silver touches here and there makes it even better and more appealing.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It comes with a keyboard stash: The stash saves on space, thus offering a better working environment.
  • It features an appealing finish: The sand-blasted finish makes this laptop stand quite attractive and appealing.

#1. Adjustable Laptop Stand – Use It as a Foldable Standing Desk

Adjustable Laptop Stand - Use It as a Foldable Standing Desk

By: RhinoFlex

The best laptop stands in our review fall to this one. The RhinoFlex laptop stand is surprisingly sturdy – using top-grade aluminum for the components which require strength (like the joints and the top) and super lightweight, reinforced plastic everywhere else. This makes this table very sturdy, but at the same time easy to carry, adjust, and travel with.

The versatility of this stand can also be noticed in the variety of use cases: you can use it at your desk to turn it into a standing desk, but it’s also stable enough to be used in bed or on the sofa. So whether you’re getting some work done or you’re just watching some Youtube videos, this stand will do the job. The mouse tray included with the product is wide and it can be switched between left and right, it can be removed completely, and its angle can also be adjusted, which is definitely a big bonus.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Easy to set up and use: Unlike similar stands, this one is easier to adjust thanks to the angles going from 0 to 360, to the included instructions and the sticker with the top 4 most popular positions, which you can place on the back as an easy reference
  • Great as a gift: How bad is it when you buy something off Amazon as a gift and it arrives packed in a lousy polybag? That’s not the case for this laptop table, which arrives packed in a great looking, colorful box, shrinkwrapped to avoid any damage or dust, making it perfect for gifting.

Bonus #1: Griffin Elevator Desktop Stand for Laptops

#14 Griffin Elevator Desktop Stand for Laptops

By: Griffin Technology

Griffin Technology’s laptop stand is another incredible item available on the market this year. It elevates any laptop bearing screen size of 5.5 inches. It provides enough space for keyboard and mouse, thus ensuring that you work comfortably and conveniently. The size also makes it quite compact and portable. The durable construction ensures that your laptop is safe and secure at all times.

Offering up to 360 degrees rotation, this is a real bang for the buck. It ensures that your laptop is rotated and fixed at the correct position for easy access and ultimate comfort and convenience. The easy disassembling process makes a move with this stand a breeze, thus offering adequate convenience and flexibility.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • It’s quite sturdy: Given the material used in its construction, this is a sufficiently sturdy item which offers adequate safety for your laptop.

Final Word

When looking for the best laptop stands, you need to be extra careful and keen on the material used as well as the design and durability. I hope you can find one or two from the list above that fit with your desire and situation. Along with the items listed above, you can never go wrong.


  1. Some benefits of Laptop Stand

    1) They offer ultimate working comfort: Laptop stands offer better working conditions thanks to their adjustable constructions. They reduce unnecessary stretching and straining and stretching of the eyes thus ensuring that you work comfortably.

    2) They’re portable: Given the fact that most laptop stands are foldable, they are quite portable and convenient for movement.

    3) They are versatile: If you have been keen, you must have noticed that most laptop stands can be used for various other activities. This makes them quite versatile.

  2. More Benefits of Laptop Stand:

    There is no doubt that a laptop brings convenience to work and lets you give complete freedom during the use. The speed, ease of use and flexibility of work location are the prime benefits of using laptops. However, some users may face some hassles while using their laptops. These include eyestrain, neck pain, back pain, and pain in the lap. All these concerns can be effectively mitigated by the use of a decent quality laptop stand. With the use of such positions, there will be no health issues that may arise while using your laptop. Before purchasing any laptop stand, it is vital to know its benefits. Therefore, take a look below to know about the benefits of the laptop stands.

    Improved Ergonomics:
    The major benefit of using a laptop stand is its ergonomics. They assist in enhancing comfort and effectiveness while working on your laptop. There will be a reduced risk of repetitive stress injury. This may commonly happen when you do something every day, like typing on a keyboard frequently. A laptop stand would effectively elevate your notebook screen to eye level. In this way, it will prevent the strain on your neck and back created by an impulsive downward perspective. The laptop stand’s ergonomics are highly beneficial for the students. This is because, with this benefit, they can conveniently operate their laptop in libraries and can mount their textbooks.

    Comfortable Typing Experience:
    There are many people who usually spend more time typing. For example, students and clerks are usually found spending much of their working time on typing. The laptop may prove to be useless if there is discomfort experienced during typing. The majority of the tables and surfaces are not designed, keeping in mind this aspect. If you are one of the regular uses, your laptop should be positioned at an eye level. This allows your back to be straight and also allows your elbows to bend at a comfortable 90 degrees. Through the use of a decent quality laptop stand, you could conveniently adjust your body to gain the perfect and comfortable typing experience.

    Adjustable Angle:
    The whole point of a functional laptop stand is capable of perfectly adjusting angles, distances, and height of your laptop to your body. There will be a reduction in the eye strain created by digital screens. By conveniently adjusting your laptop’s angle, you will be able to reduce screen glare and also defend the health of your eyes. With the perfect angle being attained, you will be able to comfortably work on your laptop and ultimately boost your work efficiency.

    Neat Cable Organization:
    It is a nightmare to deal with the messy cables that are not properly organized. The irregular organization of cables will create lots of problems and it may decrease your work efficiency. These laptop stands to assist in maintaining the proper cable management. Thus, it provides simplicity of access and reduced strain on your devices and plugs. They are capable to route your cables underneath to make sure your office and desk stay tidy.

    Decreases Clutter:
    The laptop stands work wonderfully when it comes to reducing clutter. Some of the models are equipped with additional storage spaces. This kind of structure allows you to keep all your things organized and neat on your desk. It is possible to perfectly organize your mouse and keyboard for effortless access.

    Enhancement in Airflow:
    Maintain the coolness in your laptop is significant for maintaining its longevity. It is an undeniable fact that heat is an enemy of electronics. Therefore, computers are built with fans inside. One of the most significant sources of heat originates from the ineffectiveness for air to flow below your laptop. The use of the laptop stands resolves this problem by uplifting your laptop to boost airflow ultimately. Some of the laptop stand models are equipped with additional fans built-in. These fans provide protection to your computer’s internal components and also protect your body from potential burns.

    Enhances Work Productivity and Metabolism:
    Standing while working comes with a myriad of benefits, which many of us does not know. The research in this direction depicts that it could reduce your risk of obesity. This is because it can burn 170 calories than you would while sitting. Moreover, it is also believed that it can assist lower blood sugar levels and the odds of developing heart disease. There will be a noticeable improvement in your mood, energy levels, and work productivity. Also, there will be excellent alleviation in back pain. With the use of a laptop stand, you will be able to work on your laptop while standing. It allows you to raise your device to a certain height where you could conveniently type while standing.

    The Flexibility of Use:
    While working on a laptop, the most desirable aspect is flexibility because it may become boring to work on your laptop for a longer duration. Whether you want to read a book, watch a movie, or hold up your arms –everything would be possible while using the laptop stand. There will be a great reduction in your body aches and you will feel supreme comfort due to the exceptional flexibility being offered.

    Allows Easy Relocation:
    One of the key benefits of using a laptop is portability. It enables you to work anywhere as per your convenience. However, it may feel uncomfortable to work without a desk or table, particularly for those people who often relocate. Since the laptop stands are made portable, they allow smooth relocation. All you need to do is simply pack it away and benefit from its tons of features.

    In addition to the benefits discussed above, some of the contemporary laptop stands are equipped with several other benefits. These benefits are due to their extra features packed in by their manufactures. In some of the laptop stand modes, you will find the inclusion of a slot for charging your cellphone or a wireless pad. Moreover, in some other models, you will find extra USB ports to avoid the cord tangling issues. In some of these stands, you may discover shelves that can double as TV trays.

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