13 Best Laptops For Kids Review & Guides in 2021

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Your child can build and improve hands-on activities with the best laptops for kids. It is a handy little device with multiple features such as a keyboard perfect for motor skills development. Also, the newer designs have vivid colors and elements to hold your young one’s interest for longer. The following article has the best laptops for kids in 2021.

Best Laptops For Kids Review List

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#13. Magnetic Alphabet Letters and Numbers Laptop For Kids

ToToys Magnetic Alphabet Letters and Numbers Laptop for Kids

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By: ToToys

This is a fantastic combination of a numbers Notebook and Magnetic letters for added fun. The notes total up to 78 pieces to improve your little one’s imagination and critical thinking. Also, its pre-school background design resembles the real Notebook that moves around and manipulates around on display. We love this machine because of its high versatility. Your children can attach first words with the number or letter buttons. Alternatively, they can write with the chalk to make their little hands develop excellent motor skills. In addition, this gadget is a STEM unisex toy for youngsters to practice their counting and spelling skills.

What’s more, this device is simple to use, making it an incredible tool for teaching. The mini sponge comes in handy to rub off any chalk writings. They have a special spot on the notebook for simple access as well as fun. Note that the smartphone is made from cardboard to encourage pretend play at home. Moreover, this item is a great travel set as it keeps the child busy on the go or indoors. It is not bulky or large, which might lead to portability discomforts.

In Short:
  • Combines a Notebook and Magnetic letters for more entertainment
  • Looks lie the real Notebook to make it more authentic
  • Suitable for kids, preschoolers, and toddlers
  • Comes with a sponge and chalk to develop motor skills
  • The lightweight design allows easy carrying

#12. Teach’ n’ Talk Exploration Laptop, Pink

Discovery Kids Teach' n' Talk Exploration Laptop, Pink

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By: Discovery Kids

The best laptops for kids we have is by Discovery Kids for simple readability. Boasting a large LCD, it can pivot up and down, left and down depending on user preference. Also, it is bright enough not to eye little eyes but improve the viewability. This machine has a lovely pink finish suitable for girls to use for learning essential skills. The color can complement most attire, such as shoes, school bags, dresses, and much more. Moreover, this gadget brings learning and playtime everywhere, thanks to its compact structure. Loaded with multiple features such as math games, your youngster can learn how to perform simple calculations. Not only that but also the music and word puzzles improve their creative and critical thinking skills.

Thanks to the standard keyboard, it has easy-to-use keys for the little fingers to type with ease. They are well-made and can bear abuse brought by excessive pressures. Another thing is the simple design for secure portability and placement. Let your kid gain a sense of independence and organization every time they stow away this device. Besides, it is wireless, making it easy to use anywhere at home or on travel. The little one can carry it to camping trips to make the adventure less cumbersome.

In Short:
  • Its wide LCD pivots up and down smoothly
  • The pink finish is sleek suitable for young girls
  • It’s loaded with features like math games for simple calculations
  • With a cordless design, usage and maneuverability is simple
  • Comes in a compact structure that takes minimal storage space

#11. 10.1″ Transformer Mini T102HA-D4-GR

ASUS 10.1 Transformer Mini T102HA-D4-GR

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Kids usually get frustrated when using an unresponsive laptop that takes too much to load. To avoid this, this ASUS machine is the best option that has a 4GB RAM for incredible speed. Not only that, but it also works with the quad-core processor for efficient performance. This unit measures 10.2 inches long x 6.7 inches wide x 0.5 inches tall, making it ultra-portable. You can place it anywhere like a carry bag or laptop stand during operation. Furthermore, the versatile Windows 10 operating system ensures all the latest updates are up to date for more user convenience. With a pen and keyboard, it can be used as a tablet or a laptop.

To have the current security settings, simply update the Windows periodically. This machine comes with a lasting polymer battery that lasts for 11 hrs between charges. What this means is a continuous and seamless use at home or travels. Plus, it runs for 11 hrs for video playback. The 128GB SSD, generally known as Solid State Drive, offers enough storage space. You can store different content, such as music, videos, documents, and much more. Additionally, this gadget charges via the micro USB hub using a power bank or a mobile charger or with a standard micro USB connector.

In Short:
  • Its 4GB RAM and Quad-Core processor improve performance
  • Comes in a compact structure for easy holding
  • Uses the Windows 10 operating system, it provides the latest security settings
  • Its versatile design can be used as a tablet or laptop
  • Has spacious storage of 128GB SSD

#10. Girl’s Play Laptop Computer Style Collection

Disney Princess Girls Play Laptop Computer Style Collection

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By: Disney Princess

Disney Princess unit is among the top laptop for kids suitable for three-year-olds and above. It has a child-friendly design that encourages role-play for the little ones at home. They get to learn how to use their fingers at an early age resulting in excellent motor skills. Also, this gadget is appealing thanks to the sleek and fun finish ideal for any modern girl with great style. Featuring a removable double-sided background, it encourages a safe and functional play. Simply watch as your baby presses the on dial and clicks the keys to produce different computer sounds. Alternatively, they can slide and switch the background to enjoy a new look.

Furthermore, the on button lights come in handy for appeal every time they are pressed. Carrying and stowing away, this device is super easy for the young ones. With a dimension of 7.5 inches long x 5.5 inches wide, it is safe for the small hands to transport on their own. This creates a sense of independence at home or in travels. Powered by three button cell batteries, they last for an extended time to support a continuous application.

In Short:
  • Its simple design is ideal for three-year-olds and above
  • Comes with a modern style keyboard to assist in motor skills development
  • The vibrant finish is appealing and sleek
  • With a compact structure, portability is easy
  • Powered by longlasting three button cell batteries

#9. The Laptop That Teaches Kids To Code

Hack - The Laptop That Teaches Kids to Code

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By: Hack

The Hack is among the top-rated laptop for kids with a lasting battery for extended use. Your children can use it to do simple math problems at a young age. Not only that but also it helps young ones above ten years old t learn how to code. This makes this item a fun and educational tool to aid in developing creative and problem-solving skills. At the same time, it builds their confidence in a safe and fun environment. What’s more, the youngster can solve quests, explore coding apps, and play hackable games for more diversity. Note that there are cast of characters to make the game more interesting and modern.

Using an advanced Linux-based Endless System, this machine improves usability, especially for coding tasks. Your kid can access source code and open-source software systems easily. Boasting a 14 inches size, carrying and operating this machine is comfortable. Not only that but also the dimension fits inside most standard bags perfectly. Moreover, this equipment is fast and delivers premium performance thanks to its 4GB memory. Whether you open multiple tabs at the same time, it will not freeze the screen or cause lags. It has an exciting Flip-To-Hack feature for players to amend the parameters within the game. Also, they get a real-time view of the changes to help them develop familiarity with programming principles.

In Short:
  • It has a longlasting battery for continuous operation
  • Suitable for ten-year-olds and above to learn basic coding principles
  • The hackable games and solve quests add more diversity
  • Comes in a 14-inch size to use minimal storage space
  • Its 4GB RAM offers a fast and efficient performance

#8. Premium High Performance RCA Voyager Pro 7″

Premium High-Performance RCA Voyager Pro 7

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RCA is not new to the computer industry, and this laptop offers a clear viewability. Boasting a high resolution of 1024 x 600, you can see the content clearly. Its touchscreen is 7 inches to support simple use and icon selection. Also, it comes with a virtual keyboard to work the motor skills at an early age. This device’s 1.2GHz quad-core processor and a 1GB DDR memory offer fast performance. They work well together to allow multiple tasks and functions to run at once. Not only that, but also you can connect to an existing internet thanks to the 802.11 Wi-Fi.

Transferring files from one device to the other is simple with the Bluetooth v4.0 technology. It supports a wireless transfer of videos, photos, and movies from the 16GB internal storage memory to a flash disk. This space is enough to hold large data without worrying about the space limit. Alternatively, you can expand the memory with the micro-SD card slot to suit different storage preferences. What’s more, this gadget comes with a front 1MP webcam that takes clear pictures. You can talk via the microphone to enhance communication. More features include an auto-focus, microphone jack, digital zoom, headphone jack, and many more.

In Short:
  • Its 1024 x 600 resolution provides a clear screen viewing
  • Has a 7-inch touchscreen for easy use
  • It is fast and efficient thanks to the 1.2GHz quad-core processor
  • With a Bluetooth v4.0 technology, transferring files wirelessly is a breeze
  • Comes with a large internal storage memory of 16GB

#7. Viking Pro 32gb Quad Core 10.1″ HDMI

RCA Viking Pro 32gb Quad Core 10.1 HDMI

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This is another excellent laptop for kids that has a variety of colors. Your child can pick a vibrant tone like pink suitable for little girls. Also, its 10.1-inch screen is excellent for young readers to read PDF and e-books. The display is clear and has a fantastic 1280 x 800 resolution to allow use in both bright and dark places. It shows vivid colors and graphics for added user comfort. In addition, this equipment is more versatile than the rest to be used for entertainment or work. Let the youngster listen to fave music during free time or play educational games.

The four-core processor comes in handy to offer efficient performance. Whether you are working with one or multiple tabs, it will not lag like the others. Not only that, but also it encourages excellent multi-tasking skills at an early age. This accessory allows a quick keyboard and screen connection for a fully functional laptop. Alternatively, you can disconnect these parts for a portable Android tablet. Featuring dual cameras, it supports video chatting with colleagues, family, and friends.

In Short:
  • Comes in multiple colors for added appeal
  • Easy to read the content with the bright screen
  • Displays clear colors and graphics
  • The detachable keyboard converts it into a simple Android tablet
  • Has dual cameras for video chatting

#6. Delight Tech Too My First 2-In-1 Tablet, Black

Kidz Delight Tech Too My First 2 in 1 Tablet, Black

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By: Kidz Delight

We understand children love to mimic the grownups when they are going. But not all the time can be spent on bonding, and that’s why this laptop comes in handy. It has a bilingual design featuring English and Spanish for your young one to learn necessary spelling and speech at a tender age. Besides, this machine’s 2-in-1 design can be used as a tablet with or without the keyboard. Simply detach it to make the operation simpler and portability smoother. What’s more, it measures 8.5 inches long x 7.5 inches tall x 7.5 inches wide. This makes it easy to carry and also store when not in use.

Additionally, this gadget has a simple user interface making it ideal for kids aged 2 years and above. It uses two AAA batteries that last for an extended time before the need for replacement. Another thing we like is the quality body construction. It can bear light falls without cracking or chipping for more durability. This device’s keyboard develops motor skills and excellent hand-eye coordination. It provides imaginative play as your little one uses the quiz, game, or discovery modes. With the tablet, your child can learn animals, colors, numbers, and letters independently.

In Short:
  • With a bilingual design, it has English and Spanish languages
  • The detachable keyboard allows simple operation
  • Suitable for children over 2 years old
  • Powered by two AAA batteries
  • Its quiz, game and discovery modes encourage imaginative play

#5. 2-In-1 Computer For Kids Ages 6-12

Tanoshi 2-in-1 Computer for Kids Ages 6-12

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By: Tanoshi

Another laptop for kids we have on our list is the Tanoshi suitable for 6-12-year-olds. With a wide touchscreen, it measures 10.1 inches to allow a simple reading as well as visibility. Not only that but also your young one can view the contents in different lighting conditions comfortably. This machine comes with a full kid-size keyboard for added user convenience. It helps strengthen the little fingers’ motor skills as they type and tap away the keys. In addition, its parental controls are simple to set up for added safety. Simply manage the screen time from an Android or a smartphone. Note that it uses the Android 7.0 Nougat for added user convenience and seamless operation.

Thanks to the pre-loaded apps, they offer a fun and educational service. Your little one can learn how to code at an early age to give them basic coding skills. Besides, its 2-in-1 structure is ideal for kids to use at a school-age development level. With a detachable keyboard, your young one can use this equipment as a tablet or as a computer. The easy click setup process allows you to deny or approve apps to prevent adult content from popping up on display.

In Short:
  • With a simple design, it is suitable for 6-12-year-olds
  • The 10.1-inch screen improves readability and visibility
  • Your kids can develop motor skills as they tap the keyboard
  • Comes with parental controls to restrict or allow individual apps
  • Easy to use setup and user interface

#4. Tote & Go Laptop

VTech Tote and Go Laptop

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By: VTech

Personalize this laptop with your little one’s age, name, or favorite food. It has a simple and yet stylish tote design suitable for young kids. Also, the 20 interactive activities can help teach youngsters a variety of subjects. At the same time, these levels increase in difficulty in each progressive stage. Now, your child can learn independently at home before or after joining school. In addition, this unit’s five-word and letter activities help teach your kids their name-spelling easily. What’s more, they can explore numbers and shapes to increase their thinking at an early age. Let your baby use the mouse to learn the necessary muse skills to improve hand-eye coordination.

Moreover, this accessory comes with five math games to teach kids basic counting. They can also explore food and three animal activities to help identify animal footprints and sounds. At the same time, your young ones can categorize food into vegetables and fruits independently. This device boosts problem-solving skills as the kids use the three logic tasks through games and puzzles. Additionally, it included three music activities that allow youngsters to explore instruments sounds. They can confidently play over 30 popular melodies in jazz, country, and rock styles.

In Short:
  • The simple design allows you to personalize your kid’s age and name
  • Its 20 interactive activities let little ones learn a variety of subjects
  • It has five words to encourage name spelling at an early age
  • Fearing a mouse, it supports good hand-eye coordination
  • The jazz, country and rock styles allow kids to explore instrument sounds

#3. Little Apps Tablet, Pink

VTech Little Apps Tablet, Pink

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By: VTech

Pink is a color that most young girls love, especially the little ones. The Vtech is among the top laptops for kids with a stylish finish for added appeal. Not only that, but also it blends well with other accessories in the room, such as a school bag, books, and much more. This machine comes with a color-changing screen for added user appeal. Now, your youngster can concentrate more on the task of content on display. What’s more, this unit enhances motor skills as the little one plays the piano keyboard. It encourages fun and practical leisure time use, unlike watching movies all day.

We love the letter buttons that have a sizeable shape for easy use and visibility. Your kid can press a specific key for more independence at an early age. Besides, this accessory encourages electronic play at home or indoors. With a unique design featuring counting, matching, and number order, doing simple calculations is easier. Plus, the 12 learning tasks with progressive learning levels improve your baby’s critical thinking. This product is an interactive toy with an excellent user interface. The young one can interact with Cody the Smart Cub using the pretend camera, calendar, or piano. Priding an automatic shut-off functionality, it comes in handy to save the battery.

In Short:
  • Its pink finish makes it ideal for little girls
  • The color-changing improves your kid’s operation interest
  • With a piano keyboard, it improves motor skills
  • The 12learning tasks help develop critical thinking
  • Comes with an auto shut-off to save the battery capacity

#2. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click & Learn Laptop

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click & Learn Laptop

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By: Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price is among the top brands that create long lasting and child-friendly products. It has not disappointed with this laptop for kids that comes packed with multiple features. For instance, the music slider, ABC, and 123 buttons give your child a simple way to learn spelling and numbers. Not only that but also the color flipper and shapes come in handy to bring out their creativity. They can identify a simple form on their own after some time as they develop. We love the additional functions such as emojis slider, hash-tag button, and roller bar.

This machine’s colorful lights dance and flicker along to the Integrated music. They ensure your little one is more engaged in the task to let them use their free time more practically. Another thing is the wide chat window with a cute puppy. It acts as an agent or assistant to support a friendly chat. Featuring over 40 songs, phrases, and sounds, kids can develop their speech at a young age. Plus, counting and alphabet improve the youngsters’ basic language. Boasting a stylish finish, this unit is an ideal gift for kids. They can type to gain good hand-eye coordination and also improve their motor skills.

In Short:
  • Its child-friendly is suitable for kids
  • Comes with multiple features for added flexibility
  • The ABCs and 123 buttons encourage learning at a young age
  • With colorful lights, they increase your kid’s interest
  • It has over 40 songs and sounds that aid in speech development

#1. 2-In-1 LeapTop Touch, Pink

LeapFrog 2-in-1 LeapTop Touch, Pink

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By: LeapFrog

Get your kid this 2-in-1 laptop that can convert into a simple with one quick motion. Simply flip the screen to switch it up from the keyboard to a modern tab mode. Now your young one can enjoy a versatile use with the same machine. Also, this device comes with an easy-to-use keypad with A-Z letters and 1-10 numbers. They are easy to press and very responsive to make the action more efficient. This item swivel mechanism allows you to carry and use it with added comfort. In addition, the simple structure lets your kid pretend-play to be like their parents for emailing Scouting.

What’s more, this machine comes with numbers, music, messages, and ABCs. The letters give your kid a learning experience at a young age in a fun way. Besides, they can learn how to pronounce and spell out names more confidently on their own. The music feature is a nice touch to improve speech as they sing along. Furthermore, this unit is customizable thanks to space for writing the child’s name. The handle allows secure take-along to support learning on the go. It is made from premium material that can handle excessive use in most environmental conditions.

In Short:
  • Its 2-in-1 design converts into a tablet in seconds
  • Comes with ABCs and numbers for easy learning at home
  • The swivel mechanism supports a simple carry
  • With a secure handle, it gives you a comfortable hold
  • Features cool music for extra entertainment

The Best Laptops For Kids: Buyers’ Guide

Your little one can learn basic spelling and learning skills at home even before joining preschool. The use of a kids laptop comes in handy to reduce the time spent watching movies and playing video games. Also, the newer models have a simple interface to allow beginners to control the features more confidently. The following are the top factors you should consider before purchasing laptops for kids.

Screen Size

If the laptops for kids display is small, it gets hard to read the content, especially for growing kids. Ensure you buy one with at least a 10-inch size for them to enjoy a comfortable viewing. Not only that but also the resolution matters a lot and graphic display.

Parental Controls

Some newer laptops for kids models have parental controls to improve child safety. You can manage the screen time from an Android or a smartphone device running on Android 7.0 Nougat. Also, you can pick the apps to add or remove, which you feel are suitable for your little one.

Battery Capacity

The next feature to consider is the battery capacity of laptops for kids. Does the machine need another recharge or battery replacement after a short while? Always look at the size the cell has and if it can handle continuous operation. If your little one spends a considerable amount of time learning basic skills, invest in a machine with a reliable battery.


Check the touchpad and keyboard design of the best laptops for kids. These features usually affect those who work for a long time with their machine. When it comes to the young ones, ensure the keyboard provides fast and responsive feedback. Not only that, but also it should have good key travel and space between each key. This will improve typing speed and comfort for the little ones as they learn to use their motor skills.

Educational Features

We understand some kids’ laptops have fun and friendly features only. Others go the extra mile to include educational apps like coding, numbers, letters, colors, and much more. Your young one can learn how to spell their names at an early age. Not only that, but also identify different colors and shapes depending on the included features. This machine acts as a fun learning tool for preschoolers or kindergartners who want to improve their creative skills.

Body Construction

Another feature for the best laptops for kids is the body construction. The type of material should be tough enough to withstand abuse, throwdowns, and other pressures. Also, it should not pill, scratch, or fade after a short time for added value. Some manufacturers include a laptop case in the packaging for added protection. It prevents dust, dirt, and moisture damage.


Color is an essential aspect of any kid’s product. If the laptop has a dull-looking design, your little one might lose interest before the operation. To avoid this, go for an appealing style with a vibrant color like pink and blue. Not only that, but also these tones blend in well in most places such as the home library and children’s bedroom.


Lastly, check the weight of the best laptops for kids. It should be lightweight for the little hands to carry and use comfortably. Also, they can enjoy a sense of independence when starting or shutting down the machine on their own. Always check if the overall load is too bulky for kids under six years to avoid hand fatigue.

To Conclude

Pick the best laptops for kids from the products above to let your children enjoy a fun learning experience. Whether they are at home or the move, this device is ultra-portable. Other best laptops for kids are powered by long lasting batteries to support a continuous operation.

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