Top 10 Best Laser Tag Guns Review In 2021 (With Buying Guides)

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Laser tag guns are must-have items when it comes to playing laser tag. There are plenty of laser tag gun sets out there available that you can choose from. Today, we are here to bring 10 of the best laser tag guns that you should have. They are fun and durable, and the game of laser tag will be super fun. So let’s check them out and pick one or two that you like the most.

What is A Laser Tag?

Perhaps this is the first question we need to answer even before we look at the best laser tag guns or laser tag set. A laser tag is a unique game in which the players use a gun which fires infrared beams. Established in the year 1979, this kind of gaming experience has gained popularity all over the world. When playing this game, each player wears infrared-sensitive targets. Perfect for all ages, the players indulge in competitions, and the game can be played in the indoors and outdoors. The game involves role-play-style, simulation of combat and other forms in which the players can compete against each other. Of course, we have precise game goals and customized settings for a great experience for each player.

Unlike most games which are designed to mimic laser tags, this one doesn’t inflict any form of pain since there aren’t any physical projectiles being released. This way, you are guaranteed to have a great experience without the risks of injuries. Something else, the game is generally described as an immobile adventure when undertaken indoors. Of course, indoors are always limiting concerning space; thus, the players are not at liberty to run around the house like they would have done in the outdoors. To get the details on the best laser tag guns, go through the below products:

List Of The Top Best Laser Tag Guns In 2021

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#10. Multiplayer Infrared Laser Tag Set

Multiplayer Infrared Laser Tag Set

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By: Kidzlane

With quality design, every gun in this set simply offers great fun and entertainment to your game. These high tech laser tag guns come with lifelike shooting sounds along with 4 gun modes. At the same time, the set also includes vests as well. The vests vibrate and light up when hit to alert injuries for the team to cover. Both the guns and vests are powered by batteries, and they are very easy and fun to use.

The best part is that it also comes with a target spider as well that you can easily practice with. When you shoot the bug, it will flip over flailing its legs in the air. Then it will bounce back upright to resume its run for safety. The laser bug simple provides extra fun especially for kids. Plus with the solid design, every item in this set is just great to have. With 9 high quality items in the set at this price, this option is a very good deal.

In Short:
  • 4 weapon modes
  • Lifelike shooting sounds
  • Vibrating and lighting up vests
  • Long lasting battery life robot bug
  • Life indicator light that displays remaining life

#9. Deluxe Laser Gun Set With Designer Case

Deluxe Laser Gun Set With Designer Case

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By: The Adventure Guys

The deluxe edition of these laser guns provides it both quality and durability that you can trust. This option allows for multiplayer with multi-ammo that you can play with up to 4 players. The awesome thing is that each laser tag gun comes with ergonomic design for both small and big hands. That way, both kids and adults can enjoy playing laser tag at home with great fun. All guns are 100% safe with child safety emission, and this is the product that you can trust.

Just like most laser tag guns out there, this one also comes with 4 shooting modes as well. Along with that, the guns also feature tactile vibrations, flashing lights, and lifelike sounds. With these, playing laser tag will always be fun for you and everyone in the team which is simply great. The best part is that the set includes a designer case that you can easily store all the guns. From quality to style it has them all, and you really should check it out.

In Short:
  • 4 weapon modes
  • 150ft shooting range
  • Comes with a robot bug
  • Solid premium deluxe carrying case
  • Tactile vibrations, flashing lights, and lifelike sounds

#8. Laser Tag Gun Set For Kids

Laser Tag Gun Set For Kids

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By: ComTec

Here we have a set of laser tag guns for kids that parents can also enjoy playing with. There are 2 different colors for each gun so that everyone knows their positions and opponents right away. You can group together up to 4 teams, and the number of the member is simply unlimited. Speaking of 4, there are also 4 gun types that you can switch among pistol, shotgun, sub machine, and rocket. Plus with 130 feet of shooting range, the fund is absolutely endless with this set.

Along with the guns, the set also includes 2 vests of different colors as well. Each vest features built-in infrared sensor that will enhance the authenticity of laser game experience. So when you are hit, the vest will vibrant as a reminder to let you know right away. It is fun and easy to play, and everyone in the family can enjoy the game of laser tag. Not to mention the affordable price, this is the option that you should not overlook.

In Short:
  • 4 gun type options
  • Solid grip for easy handle
  • Vibration and lifelike sound
  • Life value indicator on the vest
  • Durable and long lasting quality

#7. Battle Blaster Laser Gun Mega Pack With Carrying Case

Battle Blaster Laser Gun Mega Pack With Carrying Case

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By: Liberty Imports

When it comes to the best laser tag guns, this set has to be in the list. Here you are looking at an extreme 4-player laser gun set that you will love to have. There are 4 guns of different colors in the set, and you can easily choose them in different shooting settings. The awesome part is definitely the ultra realistic sounds that accompany each setting for a riveting game.

The great thing about this option is that you won’t need to wear a vest at all. The blaster is the target, easy and simple as that. More than this, its infrared receiver tracks and registers hits with a max strike distance of 132 feet. These awesome laser blasters will light up and vibrate while shooting to make the game even more fun. All guns come in a carrying case for easy storage and transport, so let’s see if you like this one.

In Short:
  • Wide shooting range
  • Easy and fun to use and play
  • Ultra realistic shooting sounds
  • Solid and roomy carrying case
  • Colorful guns with ergonomic grips

#6. Transparent Laser Tag Gun Set

Transparent Laser Tag Gun Set

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By: Dynasty Toys

The unique transparent design makes every single laser tag gun in this set looks super cool. On top of the fun, these guns are also very easy to play and use as well. If you don’t like the vest, this is definitely the choice to choose. Each blaster has built-in infrared sensors that detect a hit, so no more bulky vests. There is a life indicator display on each gun that shows you the remaining life which is easier to check.

That is not all, the set also includes a fun robot bug that you can practice with as well. It is fast and cute, and it is still super fun even when you play or practice on your own. Every piece in this set is sturdy and durable, and it provides endless fun that you will enjoy. With great style and entertainment, this is simply one of the best laser tag guns choices to have in mind. Don’t forget to check it out, this can be something that you might like.

In Short:
  • Easy and fun to play
  • 40 feet shooting range
  • Cool transparent design
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor

#5. Compact Laser Ops Set

Compact Laser Ops Set

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By: Nerf

The unique thing about this option is that you can connect it to the app for more fun. With the app, you will be able to customize the blasters, track your performance, and detect other players. That way, the game will be extra fun and enjoyable for you and the whole team. Not different from the rest of the items in the list, this one also comes with light and sound effects. Plus with its unlimited ammo and quick-reload button, the fun is simply endless.

That is not all, each gun also has indicators for health, ammo, and teams as well. There are 2 armbands in the set to hold your smart devices on your arms. It offers great excitement and fun, and the fun is always there for you. Both kids and adults can enjoy the fun from these laser tag guns, so everyone in the house can play. This is one high quality option that you will absolutely love. Many users are happy with this choice, so let’s see if you like it too.

In Short:
  • 225 feet shooting range
  • Durable and high quality
  • Realistic light and sound effect
  • Armbands for smartphones included
  • Health status and ammo capacity indicators

#4. Two-Player Toy Laser Tag Gun Set

Two-Player Toy Laser Tag Gun Set

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By: Sharper Image

The extra compact size of the guns in this set makes it extra light to play and run around with. Small yet functional, each gun offers exciting sound, light, and vibrations just like the bigger ones. Along with that, there are also vests that light up, make sound effects, and vibrates with various in-game actions as well. The wearable vests that you get work as targets, and that makes your battle even more exhilarating to play.

The game is also very easy to play as well with this laser tag gun set. Each player starts with 6 lives, and a successful shot will deplete on life from the player’s vest. Once a player runs out of lives, they are out. This option is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and you will absolutely love it. The set is for two players, but you can also connect with other players for a larger team as well. Don’t forget to check it out and see if this is something that you like to have.

In Short:
  • Long shooting range
  • Wearable vest armors
  • Easy and fun to use and play
  • Gun blasters with reload function
  • Built-in sound, light, and vibration effects

#3. Laser Tag Guns Set With Vest

Laser Tag Guns Set With Vest

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By: ArmoGear

This is a set of high quality laser tag guns that come with both style and endless entertainment. There are several unique functions that it features to offer ultimate fun and excitement for you. The awesome thing about it is that it comes with real target vests with invisibility mode and night vision flashlight. Along with that, it even has voice guide directions which is simply nice and fun. Plus with the 150 feet of shooting range, your game can never get better.

There are 4 guns in the set, and each of which comes with different colors to match with the vest. Every gun has 4 gun modes that you can switch among pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket. During the battle, you will experience vibrations and lifelike shooting sounds that make the game super fun. Every piece in the set provides great quality and durability that you can trust. You really should have a look, this option has everything perfect for you and your team.

In Short:
  • Clear voice guide directions
  • Advanced design and quality
  • Solid and durable construction
  • 150 feet shooting range for outdoor use
  • Built-in flashlight for playing in the dark

#2. Multifunction Laser Tag Gun Set

Multifunction Laser Tag Gun Set

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By: Kidzlane

The multifunctional design of these laser tag guns is to provide endless fun that you will enjoy. Each gun comes with top notch quality that allows you to immerse in the action with style. These blasters light up and vibrate while shooting which spice up the game real good. Also, each gun mode comes with a different range of life bars, available shots, and booming sounds. Plus with the 130 feet shooting range, playing it outdoor is absolutely fun and entertaining. Not to mention the shots and booming sounds that make things even more realistic. You can play them at any time of the day, but in the dark makes the experience extra fun. This is the laser gun tag set that you should not overlook, so don’t forget to check it out.

In Short:
  • Durable and solid design
  • Realistic shooting sounds
  • 130 feet of shooting range
  • Easy to learn and fun to play
  • Safe for children to use and play

#1. Phoenix Laser Tag Gun

Phoenix Laser Tag Gun

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By: Nerf

When it comes to the best laser tag guns, this has to be on top of the list. With such sleek and sophisticated design, both of these laser tag guns will definitely bring out the style. Plus with its quality, playing laser tag will be super fun. These guns come with lights, sounds, and vibrations that make your game even more exciting. The design of these guns makes it ideal for everyone of all ages to play from kids to adults.

Along with that, it uses a class one LED infrared light which is safe to play. That also means you won’t need any vest, pinnies, or ammo at all which is so convenient. We really love its design and appearance, and the fact that it receives so many positive reviews makes it among the best. Not to mention the reasonable price that it comes with, this is something that you really should have. Don’t forget to check it, this can be the next laser tag gun set that you love.

In Short:
  • Multiplayer compatibility
  • Durable and heavy duty quality
  • Modern design with cool details
  • Realistic lights, sounds, and vibrations
  • Allows for both indoor and outdoor battles

Benefits of Laser Tag Guns

There are several great reasons that make laser tag games beneficial for people. If there are kids around who spend most of their time playing computer games, then you can gift them the laser tag guns. In order to distract them from the media entertainment and to take care of their eyes, it is the best idea to keep them away from digital devices. Providing them the laser tag guns will let them stay away from digital devices. If must have seen many kids playing Counter Strike or some other popular shooting game. But, now you can easily enhance their game playing experience by gifting them this toy. Basically, the best laser tag guns give the opportunity to play a shooting game in real life. There is no need to worry about safety because nobody will get hurt while playing the laser tag game.

Completely Safe And Fun-Filled To Use

In the laser tag guns, the opponents shoot at one another with uniquely designed guns which basically fire an infrared laser beam. In case this beam touches the appliance worn by the opponent player, it would automatically disable him. Furthermore, it will render that player to go out of the game for a short span. Such infrared laser beams are entirely harmless and nobody will get injured at the end of the gun playing session. Unlike paintball, the player does not need to wear a protective helmet.

Can Be Played Both Indoors And Outdoors

The laser tag guns are extremely versatile and they are found highly suitable for a myriad of battlegrounds. To understand this, for example, if the weather is bad, you and your children can go indoors and continue playing with these guns. Moreover, there are multiple places in huge cities that are especially dedicated to being used as playgrounds to play with the laser tag guns. It is the best idea to take advantage of such outdoor places.

Conveys Great Health Benefits

Being parents, you may be concerned about your child kid sitting in front of the computer for a very long time. For such cases, the laser tag guns might be the solution. Basically, these guns provide the ideal combination of physical activity and amusing shooting games. While your little one runs around the playground to chase opponents to shoot them, he/she would undertake a cardio exercise. This type of activity will enhance their health, making him stronger and resistant to flu and common colds.

It is known that playing with laser tag guns is a safe indoor physical activity. Prior to entering the vesting area, the participants i.e., the players should watch a 3-minute safety video to acquaint themselves with the game rules. Following these rules properly will let them ensure complete safety during the use. Though the gun is entitled as laser tag, there is no use of lasers inside. Inside their structure, only infrared light is used. This is the same type of light that is being used in TV remote controls. Therefore, it is completely safe for your eyes and body. This indicates that playing with laser tag guns is entirely safe.

Encourages Creativity And Shooting Skills

Since the laser tag gun playing is a game of strategy and wisdom, there will be an excellent development of the shooting skills. These guns boost creativity, allowing the members of each team to come up with a powerful strategy to win a game. Moreover, there are some health benefits too. The continuous exercise assists the players in burning calories, decrease stress, and let them stay mentally fit.

Improve Teamwork Skills And Interpersonal Skills

Those players who play with the laser tag guns are opponents only during the game playing. However, once the game completes, they are the best friends again. When you frequently take your child to such guns, he/she will be able to develop interpersonal skills. They will start interacting with other kids and ultimately build teamwork skills. These skills will shape their personality and assist them in the future.

While playing with the best laser tag guns, your children possess the awesome opportunity to learn how to become a team player. They will learn how to work with friends in order to fulfill a common goal. Across the long run, these laser tag guns might avoid your kid from being selfish. He/she will be provoked to think about different winning strategies along with friends. Playing with these guns will establish a perfect rapport among team members present in an organization. The players will be able to alleviate frustration and stress; they will fully enjoy the game playing session.

Laser Tag Guns – Buying Guide

Different Game Modes:

With varying modes of game, your children can have different experiences with one gun. Ensure that the gun has at least four gun modes and that it can be easily used at pistol, machinegun, shotgun, or rocket. All of the guns have differential settings where your kids will let them unlimited fun. Different game modes will also allow many players to join the game and have an exceptional laser tag battle. See if the guns are in different colors, to remove any kind of confusion amongst the players. It will also ensure that there will be endless fun for both adults and kids.

Different Battle Options:

A laser tag gun with multi-game modes have different lives and will shoot accordingly. There will be a thrilling game scenario with the interchangeable gun modes. Each mode has different firing options and will shoot from different ranges. In this, the rocket mode is the most powerful, but you can also switch to other modes depending on the situation of the battle. The infrared battle combination will be amazing and will give good accuracy with each mode. In addition to different game modes, a laser tag gun with reversible vest will serve as the best. The vests can also arrive in many sets and will give unlimited fun. Vests will improve the gameplay and will define the individuals or teams more efficiently.

Safety Features:

Since a laser tag gun emits infrared lights, it should be very safe for the eyes of your children. It must not be a cause of concern for you and must have child safety infrared signal emission. In addition to this, you must make sure that it is made of safe materials like non-toxic ABS plastic. The material should be environmentally friendly, and there should not be cumbersome. Safety is one of the most important things that a buyer must always look out for when buying a laser tag gun. It must be very durable and fit perfectly in your hands. The grip is another important thing which will make sure that it will easily fit in your children’s hands irrespective of any age. Better ergonomics is one more thing that cannot be sidelined. Some will even offer you easy visibility depending on the health status of the player.

Advanced Features:

A gun with smooth operation and advanced features will make your children stay from computers and mobile phones. It must also have a long striking distance so that you can shoot your enemy from a considerable range. In addition to this, look out for the features of shooting guidance; you will be guided for making any shot. It will provide you an almost real-life battle experience and will aid in killing your opponent. There is also a gun with voice-guiding features as well as invisibility mode. Other advanced features include night vision flashlight, which will play you safely in dark conditions, and there can also be target vests.

Lights and Sound:

A laser tag gun equipped with high LED lights will be a good buy. Moreover, some of the guns also have the feature of telling you about the remaining lives with its lights. With proper lights, you can easily play with the gun in low light conditions. Another important thing that your gun should have is a responsive sound. High-quality sounds will provide a thrilling game and make sure that nothing is missed out in the game. The light will illuminate when you hit your target and will notify you regarding your success. You will also look out for vibration for immersive gameplay.

Multi-Play Option:

Most of the laser tag gun comes in a set. Look out for the number of sets that you require; it may be either in two, four or even more. The more the number of guns, the more will be the excitement in the game. However, it should also allow you to have an individual play. Always check, if it will allow having fun for your entire family and that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. A good laser tag gun will provide an authentic feeling for your whole family. It will create cherished memories during any special event like birthday parties or holidays.


When you spend on any laser tag gun, make sure that it is made of right quality materials. It should be durable and must have a hassle-free operation. It has to be rigorously inspected for its quality to ensure that it will last longer and that it will be very safe for kids to play. Make sure that there are no defective parts and everything should function smoothly. It should have an attractive look and should easy to hold. With good fashion and strong elements, it will be a quality buy. Make sure that the battery lasts longer so that you can have more hours of fun.


The best laser tag guns are all here in our list, the choice is all yours to make. There are a few personal favorites that we highly recommend, and those option 1, 4, and 9. Let’s see if any of them matches with your preference.

Check out the previous-version article!

Previous Version: Top 11 Best Laser Tag Guns

Gone were the days where there were limited numbers of games for kids to play with. With each passing day, there is a new game released in the market for the fun and entertainment of kids. It is commonly observed that the laser tag game is a preferred one among kids and even teens. In order to play such games, children need to use the best laser tag guns equipped with advanced features. If these guns are more advanced, then you will have the higher the edge over your opponents. For kids, teens, and adults, such guns prove to be the perfect replacement for video games. Now children can be distracted from the digital media exposure and you can let them play with the laser tag guns.

The working process of such games is based on selecting your team and then finding a hiding spot. It will be appealing to watch as your weapon reloads life on your life meter. You will be able to hunt your opponents with either set of a pistol, machine gun, shotgun, and rocket.

#11. Infrared Laser Tag – Laser Tag Set

AMAREY Infrared Laser Tag - Laser Tag Set

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This AMAREY laser tag set proves to be an amazing gift idea. Now you can quickly treat your little adventurers towards the laser tag of his dreams. When you gift this set to your kids or toddlers, he/she will be benefited with the high-end action tag game. This kind of unique game would lead to inspiring moments and dreamy memories. It is known that this laser tag gun set possess tons of realistic features. Furthermore, the set is equipped with great sound and light effects to let the game playing experience be fun-filled. In this set, all blasters are interchangeable; therefore, you play as a warrior to select your weapons. Such weapons can be chosen from pistol, submachine, and rocket.

Whenever you hit by an enemy, the blaster would inevitably make a strong vibration. This unique vibration will simply blow your mind. It is observed that the laser tag can shoot as far as 98 feet. Also, the set has 4 different types of ammunition, so it is one of the best laser tag guns.

In Short:

  • This high-end action tag game can be used as a gift item
  • Allows the customization to enhance the fun while playing
  • Capable of shooting as far as 98 feet, so you will enjoy shooting at high targets
  • Supports 4 different types of ammunition

#10. Infrared Laser Tag Set 4 Guns

QUQUMA Infrared Laser Tag Set 4 Guns

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If you are in search of the perfect group activity to let your kids stay engaged in, then this is one of the best laser tag guns. Now you can prepare for battle with the advanced laser gun that offers tons of new features. By gifting this set of 4 laser tag guns to kids, they will get pleased. It is the best idea to gift this set during birthday, Christmas, and any other occasion. Basically, this QUQUM laser gun toy possesses ample of useful features.

These guns are packed with great sound and 4 colors of lights. These colors are blue, orange, yellow, and white. These colors allow each player to easily play in the 4 teams together. Playing with these guns will benefit your kids and teens to exercise their body in a unique way. They will definitely love to chase each other to win.

In Short:

  • This cutting-edge laser gun enhances your shooting skills in a safe way
  • The multiplayer laser tag experience is facilitated by changing different colors
  • Easy to hold in hand and will not fall off or create instability issues

#9. Infrared Laser Tag Game

Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Game

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By: Kidzlane

This version of the infrared laser tag game is designed with a mode that you can play up to 4 teams. You will be able to choose your own team among those 4. To make the identification easy, each side can be differentiated by the colors of the light including white, red, green, and blue. One of the best parts about this game is there are actually4 modes for gun. Therefore, you can easily choose one of four modes. Names of these settings are rocket, shotgun, pistol, and submachine gun.

The brand Kidzlane has especially included shooting sounds effect that actually sounds very real. So, diverse sounds are used for each gun mode. During the use, this gun will illuminate and vibrate too. To let you play indoors and outdoors, it comes with approximately 130 feet of the striking distance. Furthermore, it is entirely safe to use for children because it comes with Child Safety Infrared Signal Emission 0.9mW.

In Short:

  • The facility of the 4 gun modes allows you to shoot in different manners according to your needs
  • There is no need to wear a vest because the included receiver permits your gun to act as the target
  • Supports a striking distance of approx. 130 feet, so it can be used indoors or outdoors
  • There is a special arrangement for the thundering sound effects accompanied by cool lights

#8. Infrared Laser Tag 4 Players Game Set

Liberty Imports Infrared Laser Tag 4 Players Game Set

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By: Liberty Imports

One of the best laser tag guns from Liberty Imports, this game set uses the infrared laser. Basically, this set comes with 4 diverse team settings, allowing you to either play in the identical team or different. It is possible to add more players. When there are added blasters, player will get more fun to play. It will be quite simple to make section from 4 diverse weapon settings. These settings are shotgun, pistol, rocket launcher, and machine gun.

The inclusion of the lifelike shooting audios enhances every setting for fun-filled game playing experience. In its operation, the infrared receiver will track and notes hits with a maximum strike range i.e. 132 feet.

In Short:

  • Allows you to make selection from the orange, blue, green, or white team
  • The built-in infrared receiver precisely tracks and registers hits through a max strike distance of 132 feet.
  • No safety hazards when children use it
  • Allows the users to make a selection among the 4 diverse weapons settings

#7. Laser Tag Night 4 Pack Set

Family Games Laser Tag Night 4 Pack Set

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By: Family Games

The 4 pack set in the present discussion comes with 4 different team settings –blue, green, white, or orange team. Each of the 4 blaster settings possesses unique stoppage power, range requirements, and reload times. Actually, there is no limit to team sizes. It is observed that both the team settings and blast settings are actually interchangeable on each blaster. Moreover, they can be set instantly.

For children, this 4 pack set is a certified child safe class 1 laser product which is less than 1mW output. The players can effortlessly tap the butt of the blaster in order to reload. There are built-in speakers that will inform you that your blaster gets reloaded. All such great features make this 4 set one among the best laser tag guns.

In Short:

  • Delivers less than 1mW output, so it is entirely safe for children to play with it
  • Enables the users to select from 4 different team settings
  • Each of the included blasters possesses its own strengths and weaknesses in terms of range, damage and reload time
  • It will be easy to shoot the target

#6. Capture The Flag | Glow in The Dark Yard Games

Dynasty Toys Capture The Flag | Glow in The Dark Yard Games

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By: Dynasty Toys

Suitable for outdoor playing this Dynasty toys laser tag gun is very amusing to play with. Not you can spare more time with your family and friends. Inside this game, you will find the 2 Dynasty cubes along with 4 colors to select from. Furthermore, you will find 2 Dynasty Laser Tag Blasters and a total of 4 siren barrier lights. Essentially, this game set is a Class 1 certified safe infrared laser product. It proves to be an excellent alternative to video games, TVs, and computers.

The players can easily choose their fastest kiddo to enhance their odds to bring opponents cube across the line. It will be easy to select your best marksmen to blast the cube of other teams to your team color. In this way, a win is guaranteed.

In Short:

  • Inside its structure, there are 2 dynasty cubes with 4 different colors to choose from
  • Allows hundreds of games to create and select from
  • Presents a similar fun like computers, TV and video games

#5. Laser Tag & Robot Bug Striker Pack

DYNASTY TOYS Kids Games Laser Tag and Robot Bug Striker Pack

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By: Dynasty Toys

In this striker pack, there is a blaster and a robot bug set included. The Dynasty Toys facilitated to increase the team sizes as per the need by using the laser tag blasters. You can purchase more laser tag blasters and bugs to extend your games. It will be quite simple to practice your target with the included electronic moving NANO-BUG Target as well as Laser Tag Blaster Set. These laser tag guns are capable of supporting a laser range exceeding 120 feet. Furthermore, it allows 4 team settings that are made unique by colors.

In Short:

  • With the help of the Laser Tag Blasters, the team size can be easily expanded
  • Every blaster included in the game possesses its unique weakness and strength
  • It is possible to purchase more laser tag blasters and bugs
  • Comes with wide shooting range and enhances your shooting skills

#4. Infrared Laser Tag Blasters & Vests

ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests

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By: ArmoGear

The ArmoGear infrared laser tag set for kids let them stay away from digital devices. If you want to get rid of a fake, represented battle imitation, then this set will provide real action in an effective way. The players can now effortlessly set yourself for contest with the advanced designed pack. This pack comes loaded with tons of innovative traits which elevate the specific game to an entire new level. In this set, the target vests could attain hits.

In Short:

  • For kids of different age groups, this laser tag gun works as a fun-filled group activity
  • During its working, it will target vests that can receive hits
  • The gameplay experience is enhanced by the directions guided by clear quality voice
  • Supports the awesome 150 feet of shooting coverage so it can be used up to a far distance

#3. Infrared Laser Tag : Game Mega Pack

Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag - Game Mega Pack

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By: Kidzlane

Recognized as one of the best laser tag guns, this game mega pack works as the action toy permitting 4 teams to play in. Now you can easily setup awesome, thrilling battles amongst your friends. It will be easy to choose your team based on different colors –red, bright green, white or blue. The included laser blasters will illuminate and vibrate while shooting within the range of 130 feet. With the special child safety feature, it is completely stress-free to use it for toddlers.

In Short:

  • Allows the user to make selection from one of the 4 gun settings – shotgun, pistol, submachine gun, and rocket
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use whenever you wish to play
  • Supports the wonderful shooting range of 130 feet

#2. Laser Tag Gun Set (4 Pack)

yofit Laser Tag Gun Set (4 Pack)

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By: yofit

The yofit laser tag gun set is ergonomically designed with a comfortable grip in your hand. This grip lets you handle it easily while playing. Each of these guns possesses several useful features along with 4 colors of light: red, blue, green, and white. There is no doubt in the build quality because all the toys are prepared from the environmental, non-toxic, and BPA-free plastic.

In Short:

  • To convey safety during the use, there is the use of environmental non-toxic BPA-free plastic
  • The included vests will attain hits and depict lives remaining
  • The young kids will be able to handle this laser tag gun effortlessly

#1. Laser Tag Set Toys & Carrying Case (4 Pack)

Laser Tag Set Toys and Carrying Case (4 Pack)

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By: Dynasty Toys

One of the best laser tag guns in this list, this laser tag set eliminates the need for clunky uncomfortable vests. Each of the 4 blaster settings possesses unique stoppage power and reload times. Moreover, their range requirements are also different. It is possible to enlarge the size of the team. Each included blaster possesses built-in infrared sensors that can effectively detect a hit.

In Short:

  • Comes with the flexibility of 4 different team settings
  • Can work flawlessly with dynasty toys family robot
  • During its operation, a safe and non-visible infrared light will be emitted to convey safety
  • Children of different age groups can play with it


Choosing any of these best laser tag guns will present you with amusing game playing experience in an effective way. They are completely safe to use for kids and let them explore their creativity.


  1. I am seeing reviews online that are fuzzy on the compatibility between Best choice and Dynasty products. Are they compatible? What are the differences between the guns?

    1. Yes, I agree. There are a few brands here which look identical and have near identical features and range and prices (with obvious differences between 2 vs 4 guns), but each of these reviews/comparisons actually make no differentials between them other than highlighting different parts of the same feature set. It does seem very likely these are all compatible and in fact the same device under a different logo.

  2. I see it the same way you guys do I’ve looked at every single review and all the companies that have reviewed that Brad free and 3 out of 7 all look similar and seem like they’ve all come from the same company just different prices what I’m looking for is the longest accurate range and no annoying irritating sounds that will give you away + options is a must

  3. This coming Christmas I will buy Nerf Phoenix to gift my nephews. Had them last years for my son and they are just great.

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