Top 10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors In 2021 — Review & Buying Guides

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There is nothing more refreshing than a cold breeze during the hot summer days. The cool air creates a nice ambiance, deals with the warm, stuffy environment, and also helps your skin breathe better. We can’t also ignore that it’s much easier to relax in a cool room. Unfortunately, the average door doesn’t allow air to pass through, meaning the possibility of high temperature. You can’t run the air conditioning system continuously as this will lead to your power bills rising. Also, you can’t leave the door wide open as bugs, insects and other nuisances will be a bother. The best solution to the above problems is a magnetic screen door. Magnetic screen door allows maximum ventilation, is easy to operate, stops bugs and insects, and still gives you the desired privacy. The following are the best magnetic screen doors on the market.

List Of Top Best Magnetic Screen Doors In 2021

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#10. Protective Magnetic Screen Door

MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR - Many Sizes and Colors to Fit Your Door Exactly

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By: Inspired Home Living

First on our list is this tough-looking magnetic screen door from Inspired Home Living. It is made using a high-quality 60gram fiberglass which is stronger and more durable than the standard 30g polyester fabric. The reinforced mesh offers extra strength and longevity and fits on door spaces measuring up to 34 x 82 inches.

The brown-colored accessory has 26 powerful magnets for automatic closing of the door. It can handle strong winds, and the fine mesh stops bugs and insects while allowing fresh air in the room. It is simple to fit on the door frame and features loop fasteners and full-frame hooks for excellent performance.

In Short:
  • Available in wide range of sizes and colors
  • Prepared using superior quality fiberglass
  • Exceptional strength is employed by the reinforced mesh
  • Can easily fit on door spaces with measurements up to 34 x 82 inches

#9. Wide Mega French Door Mesh

Magnetic Screen Door 72, Wide Mega French Door Mesh 72 X 80 Fit Doors

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Keeping the mosquitoes and other insects out while allowing in cool air is as comfortable as fitting this magnetic screen on the door frame. Measuring, 72 x 80 inches, the MAGZO screen can fit on door frames up to 70 x 79 inches. It is made of a 60-gram mesh and is much stronger than the 45-gram mesh that is found in other doors.

The nylon Velcro is heavy-duty to handle everyday operation while the black color improves its appearance and that of the surrounding. The precision sewing keeps the 14 strong magnets and 12 magnetic strips intact for easy process, particularly during closing. It comes with high-density technology for reliability and to provide a hands-free operation.

In Short:
  • Build quality is made sturdy using the 60-gram mesh
  • High reliability presented by the high-density technology
  • No hassles while opening or closing
  • Capable to easily fit on door frames with size up to 70 x 79 inches

#8. Heavy Duty Reinforced Mesh Screen Door

Magnetic Screen Door Heavy Duty Reinforced Mesh, Full Frame Velcro Fits Doors 34x82

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By: Easy Install

Coming with a full-frame Velcro, this screen door offers excellent performance and will make the interior more conducive, especially in the hot sunny days. The Easy Install heavy-duty magnetic screen door comprises a reinforced mesh that can endure regular use, insects, wind, nature and other things. It measures 36 (W) xs 83(H) inches and is fit for doors up to 34 (W) xs 82(H) inches.

The heavy-duty item contains 26 mega magnets that are sewn into the material and help the door to close automatically and effortlessly. The easy-to-install door doesn’t require any tools when installing or removing and looks great in many applications. And to assist you in fitting it, the pack also features a video tutorial.

In Short:
  • Excellent working operation presented by a full frame Velcro
  • Can easily fit doors with size up to 34 x 82 inches
  • Being easy to install, it does no need additional tools
  • No issues while using in warm season

#7. Magnetic Screen Door With Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain

TheFitLife Magnetic Screen Door - Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain with Full Frame Velcro

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By: TheFitLife

If you want a high-quality magnetic screen door to improve the ventilation in your room, then you will appreciate this product from the FitLife brand. It measures 81 inches high/ long, 74 inches wide and will fit on door frames up to 72(W) x 80(H) inches. It features 26 powerful magnets that let the door close after it has opened.

The automatic closure prevents insects from entering and also saves you from having to do it manually. It closes smoothly and doesn’t bang against the door frame. Besides the mesh, the Velcro and magnets are also durable and last a long time. And just like installation, removing the screen in winter or fall is also easy.

In Short:
  • Insects and bugs could not enter inside
  • Seamlessly closes without any problems
  • The included magnets and Velcro are sturdy and durable
  • Easy closing mechanism presented by built-in 26 powerful magnets

#6. Universal Magnetic Screen Door

Magnetic Screen Door 36 x 96, Mosquito Patio Screens Magic Door Mesh Fit Doors

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Thanks to its fine, high-quality mesh, you don’t need to worry about stuffy interior or annoying bugs. The MAGZO magnetic screen door lets in cool air while stopping nuisances at the same time. It can fit door frames measuring up to 34(W) x 95(H) inches, considering it measures 36(SW) x 96(H) inches.

The item is made of fiberglass material which is stronger, more durable, energy-efficient and more reliable than other options like nylon or polyester. It comprises a unique Velcro hasp for better fitting and reliability. It is also waterproof and will handle moisture and rain splashes well. The windproof screen can tolerate wish gushes, whereas the heavy-duty construction assures you of long-lasting service.

In Short:
  • High durability and reliability conveyed by use of fiberglass material
  • Capable to handle rain and moisture
  • Includes an exceptional Velcro hasp for exceptional reliability and fit

#5. White Magnetic Screen Door With Heavy Duty Mesh Screen

White Magnetic Screen Door, Heavy Duty Mesh Screen & Full Frame Velcro-Keep Bugs Out

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By: Hoobest

This magnetic screen has a dimension of 39 x 83 inches and is perfect for door opening/frames measuring up to 36x 82 inches maximum. The high-quality piece comprises a touchscreen for easy circulation of air and to tolerate the elements, regular use, and other things.

It comes in a white color to match the surrounding and also give it beauty. Fitting it on a frame is easy and if done right, it won’t leave any gaps around the edges including the bottom. This assures you of a cold breeze free of bugs, insects, and other debris. The item opens easily and closes automatically courtesy of the sewn-in magnets (12 magnetic strips and 14 magnets).

In Short:
  • Prevents entrance of bugs or insects
  • Flawless air circulation presented by touch screen
  • Easy to fit on a frame without any compatibility issues
  • The sewn in magnets make sure opening and closing is easy

#4. Magnetic Screen Door – Black

Homitt (Upgraded Version) Magnetic Screen Door, 36x82 inches Max- Black

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By: Homitt

This upgraded Homitt screen door is among the easiest to install and assures you of reliable service. You simply attach the screen door to the frame/ opening, install the Velcro and use the push pins to hold it in place. This should take you a few minutes, even if you lack the experience. The black-colored screen comes with a strong fiberglass mesh and measures 39 “x83 inches. It will nicely fit on door spaces up to 36 “x82 inches.

The 26 sewn-in magnets are powerful and will ensure the screen door closes automatically after opening. The fine mesh supports good airflow while stopping nuisances from entering the room. And since the fiberglass mesh is scratch-resistant, the door will maintain its nice looks for a long time.

In Short:
  • Effortless to install and attach to the frame
  • Durability is ensured by sturdy fiberglass mesh
  • Capable to excellently fit on door spaces up to 36 x 82 inches
  • The screen door automatically closes

#3. Magnetic Screen Door With Full Frame Velcro

Aloudy Magnetic Screen Door Fits Doors Up to 36 x 98 MAX, Full Frame Velcro Instant

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By: Aloudy

This screen door measures 39 “x 99 inches and will fit door frames up to 36″ x 98”. The full-frame Velcro contains 26 powerful magnets that are sewn into the material. This ensures the screen stays intact and improves the opening and closing. Fitting the item on a frame or opening is easy and requires a few minutes. The door automatically closes once you, other people, or pets enter or leave the room.

It maintains a tight seal around the edges to prevent insects, dirt and other things from entering. The door has an innovative design and is high quality for maximum satisfaction. In addition to its good strength, durability and nice looks, the full Velcro is also easy to maintain.

In Short:
  • Incorporates 26 efficient magnets that are properly sewn in
  • When entered or exit, the door would close automatically
  • Its full Velcro does not require much maintenance
  • No problems to fit door frames up to 36 x 98 inches

#2. Magnetic Screen Door With Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain & Full Frame Velcro

Homitt Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain and Full Frame Velcro

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By: Homitt

Made from a high-density material, this screen door guarantees you of longevity, reliability, and maximum satisfaction. The magnetic screen measures 39 (W) x 83(H) inches and is perfect for a range of doors including 38″ x 82″, 36″ x 82″, 38″ x 80″, and 36″ x 80″. Similar to the rest of the doors in this review, it is effortless to fit and should take you a few minutes when using the common tools.

It has a fine mesh that promotes efficient air circulation to cool the indoors and at the same time, stops nuisance like mosquitoes, insects and more. 26 magnetic pieces are sewed in the screen for easy operation and maintain a strong holding on the frame. And for extra support and reliability, it also includes extra gravity sticks. The antioxidant material protects you and other people as well as pets from free radicals, bacteria, and other harmful compounds.

In Short:
  • Contains extra gravity sticks to provide exceptional support
  • Harmful components are prevented from entering by its antioxidant material
  • Included 26 magnets are sewed inside the screen
  • While fitting, much time is not wasted

#1. Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door, Fits Doors Up To 38 x 82-Inch

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By: Flux Phenom

This screen door from Flux Phenom takes the crown for being the best magnetic screen door in the market. It is made from tough materials that can put-up with regular use, the elements, bugs, insects, moisture and much more. It fits nicely on doors frames measuring up to 82 x 38 inches.

You can fit it on the porch, patio, deck, balcony, garage, and, many other places. The simple mesh installs very fast and can be fitted in many areas including the front, rear, as an original installation or a replacement. For easy opening and closing, the middle seam comprises powerful magnetic strips and cubes. The screen door can be retracted, folded, rolled up or down with ease. The assembly kit also compromises loop necking, weather-resistant hooks, and black metal thumbtacks.

In Short:
  • Capable to outstandingly fit on door frames up to 82 x 38 inches
  • Quick installation of simple mesh
  • No problem to fold, adjust or roll the screen door
  • Its assembly kit includes all necessary tools

Buying Guide for Magnetic Screen Doors

To identify the above products, we looked at the following things:

  • Door Size: The magnetic screens come in different sizes and designs to suit different types of doors. There is a small one that is appropriate for small doors, large ones for the larger ones, wider screens for wide doors and narrow ones for the slender doors. Before purchasing a product, you should first ascertain it will fit your door. Failure to which may mean resizing the screen or leaving gaps around it.
  • Material Used: The mesh found on the screen door is made from a variety of the materials. And just like other things, each material will have its positives and negatives. It may be strong but a little heavy. Lightweight and portable but not very strong. Or it stops bugs and insects but gets stained easily making cleaning a little challenging. You should go for well-known materials such as fiberglass and polyester because of its strength, durability, reliability and easy maintenance.
  • Installation Ease: Fitting the screen door to the door should be easy and effortless. It will have a simple design, have minimal mounting points, and doesn’t require lots of skills. You will note that all the above products require basic tools that are readily available and take a very short time to install.
  • Proper Sealing: The goal of a magnetic screen door is to allow fresh air to circulate inside the room and at the same time stop nuisances like mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs. A good product will maintain a tight seal around the edges, and this stops water, dust, dirt, insects and more. Most feature Gravity Bars that are normally fitted at the bottom section of the door.

For more information and a sample of the installation tips, have a look at this video below.

Why Do You Need Magnetic Screen Doors?

When you live in an area full of fresh air, you will definitely want some good air in the house. That is also when you want a magnetic screen door as well, and we are going to tell you why below.

  • Magnetic screen doors are easy and time-saving to install.
  • It helps to keep fresh air flowing in your house while keeping the bugs out.
  • Some magnetic mesh doors are portable so that you can bring them along with places.
  • Little mesh on the door ensures to prevent bugs, flies, insects, and mosquitos from getting in.
  • Many magnetic screen doors come with cool designs that make a nice compliment to your doors.
  • Kids and pets can easily get in and out of the by themselves since its operation is hands-free. It also closes automatically as well which is even a total plus.
  • On hot days, you can leave the open with the mesh screen on for additional airflow. That way, you will be able to save a lot of energy on air conditioning.
  •  Magnetic screen doors are very durable so you can use it long term with great convenience for years. You won’t have to worry that it will break or tear easily at all.

Magnetic Screen Doors Maintenance

  • For daily cleaning, you can easily use a normal feather duster or cloths to do the work. You can use either of the tools to remove the dirt and debris from the mesh.
  • For weekly or regular cleaning, you can easily remove and wash them with soap and water. Most magnetic screen doors are totally washable which is so convenient to take care of. After cleaning, leave it to air dry before putting it back on the door.
  • You should also clean the frames and the magnets of the door as well. To do so, you have to remove them completely from the door first. Then wipe them with dry soft cloths so that it will not hamper the magnetism of the magnet. Regular cleaning of the frames and magnets is to make sure that the dust won’t build up and settle too long.

How To Protect Magnetic Screen Doors From Dogs

There are curious dogs who love to dig into magnetic screen doors which lead to damages. There are a few things that you can do it protect your magnetic screen doors from your dogs.

  • You can put a visual barrier which is a light-colored plaster baby gate in front of the screen door. That way, your dogs won’t be able to make direct contact with the screen door at all.
  • Trim your dog’s nails regularly to prevent ripping and shredding on the screen door. That way, they cannot damage the door at all even if they scratch it.
  • There is a scratch shield that works as a screen door protector to prolong the screen door’s life. They can come as metal, polyester grill, or protective plastic, and they all work great either way.

In Conclusion

Just because it’s super hot and sunny doesn’t mean you have to tolerate the high indoor temperature. You don’t need to leave the door wide open and in the process allowing in bugs, insects and other things. Also, you shouldn’t increase the power bills by operating the air conditioner and other cooling systems for too long.

What you desire is a magnetic screen door. It supports good air circulation to keep you, other occupants and the room cool. It provides maximum privacy and makes you feel secure. The accessory also keeps bugs, insects, dirt, debris and other nuisances at bay. To assist you in picking the right one, we have analyzed the market and have discovered the best magnetic screen doors available for purchase.

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