Best Megaphones In 2021 Review – Top 10 Products

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Do you want everyone to hear you clearly when outdoors? Or do you find it a struggle to shout or talk too loudly? If you do, then this top 10 best megaphones in 2021 review are for you. The truth is cheerleaders, teachers, MCs (master of ceremonies), event organizers and other people need to talk in a loud voice to be heard and at times bring order to an event. However, shouting or talking loudly does have its limitation.

Our voice may be heard to a certain distance, you may overstrain your vocals/voice box, or even become annoying to people near you. The best way to make certain that everyone, no matter the distance, hears you well is by using the best megaphones in the market. But do you know which is the best? Read on to find out!

List Of The Best Megaphones In 2021

#10. Megaphone With Siren Bullhorn 40 Watt

Pyle Megaphone with Siren Bullhorn 40 Watt

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By: Pyle

Cheerleaders, event organizers, and other people love this portable megaphone because of its lightweight that makes carrying it accessible and user-friendly. You don’t need to struggle with weight or bulkiness.

They also love the versatile design that makes it perfect for a range of activities, including cheerleading, concerts, sports events, special functions, and more. Also, the 40-watt accessory is pretty loud and audible and can be heard as far as 1000 feet away. And in case you need to alert or warn users, all you need is activating the siren bullhorn

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Detachable handheld mic for speaking indoors or outdoors
  • Siren alarm mode for emergencies or warning people
  • Volume control for adjusting the sound level

#9. Megaphone Speaker With Built-In Rechargeable Battery

Pyle Megaphone Speaker [Audio PA Sound System] Built-in Rechargeable Battery

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By: Pyle

Although it’s light, this best megaphone speaker is quite powerful and has a reach of 3,600 feet and more. Furthermore, it’s among the most versatile units on the market and comes with an array of features including siren alert, voice talk, record, replay, and more. It’s well-built to tolerate frequent use and the elements and maintains its functionality and appeal for a long time. Lastly, consumers also love its simplicity, smooth operation, and clarity.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Integrated wired microphone for projecting voice
  • Button-activated nonstop tone for warning people or for emergencies
  • 10-Second Audio Memory for saving and playing back messages

#8. Megaphone Bullhorn With Talk & Siren Modes

Pyle Megaphone Bullhorn with Talk & Siren Modes

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By: Pyle

The days of shouting over your voice or using bulky and heavy megaphone speakers are long gone. Nowadays, event organizers, cheerleaders, teachers, and other professionals are turning to this best megaphone from Pyle.

On top of that, it’s among the lightest and most compact products in the market and feels light even after using it continuously. The easy-clean unit comes with a smooth surface and is well protected against the elements. Last but not least, the included bullhorn siren is not only very audible but also easy to activate.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Revolutionary Piezo Dynamic Technology for extra power
  • Variable volume control to suit different needs
  • Built-in siren to get people’s attention
  • Built-in USB Input for playing back recordings and music

#7. Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn With Built-in Siren

Pyle Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn W Built-in Siren

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By: Pyle

With a range of up to 1000 feet, this megaphone allows you to communicate with people at long distances effectively. Also, it is loved by teachers, cheerleaders, firefighters, promoters, event organizers, and many other people because of its clear sound, lightness, portability, and long-range.

Furthermore, the unit is constructed from light, but sturdy material and will resist breakage, cracking, damage in case of accidentally falls, bangs, or knocks. The handheld unit feels light and comfortable and won’t make your hands tired, even when used continuously.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Detachable microphone holder for easy use of the microphone
  • Siren and talk modes for getting peoples attention
  • Variable volume control to adjust the sound depending on need and space

#6. Megaphone Bullhorn With Siren, 30 Watt Powerful & Lightweight

Megaphone Bullhorn With Siren, 30 Watt Powerful and Lightweight

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By: Groove

One of the best megaphone bullhorn is a crowd favorite for some reasons. One, people love its powerful and clear sound that has good coverage. According to the manufacturer, it can reach as far as 800 yards.

Two, consumers, who include cheerleaders, event organizers, teachers, coaches, firefighters, and more, love its lightweight, portability, and ergonomic design. Three, the included strap makes carrying it convenient and also safe while the bullhorn and siren come handy in alerting users or for emergency use.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Multipurpose design for varied applications
  • Pre-installed audible improve the functionality and excitement
  • Variety of sounds to suit different preferences

#5. Compact Megaphone Speaker | Battery Operated

Pyle Compact Megaphone Speaker | Battery Operated

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By: Pyle

If you are a police officer, teacher, event planner, cheerleader or firefighter, you should consider this megaphone speaker. The compact unit is one of the lightest in weight and is also among the smallest. In addition to easy handling, this unit take-up little space.

Also, the 20-watt device ensures your voice to be heard up to 400 yards and features user-friendly controls for varying volume. Users love the highly effective siren alert mode, easy-fold handle, and the ergonomic design.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Easy-fold handles for better carrying and storage
  • Voice Amplifier Mode enhances voice when using the microphone
  • Lightweight chassis and ergonomic pistol grip improve handling

#4. Bluetooth Bullhorn PA Megaphone iPhone Megaphone Speaker

Pyle Bluetooth Bullhorn PA Megaphone iPhone Megaphone Speaker

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By: Pyle

This Bluetooth bullhorn is undoubtedly one of the best megaphones in 2021. Moreover, the feature-rich unit boasts of advanced options that make communicating with people at an event seamless and stress-free.

Also, the bluetooth function is one of its best and allows the user to wirelessly stream audio and music while the intuitive soft-touch digital control offers an instant response. The iPhone compatible accessory is also loved for its lightweight, compact nature, compatibility with USB/MP3/SD readers, and good design.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Built-in Bluetooth receiver for reliable wireless music streaming
  • Soft-touch digital panel for easy and simple control
  • Wired microphone for clear voice
  • The high-powered microphone reaches as far as 1200 yards.

#3. Megaphone Speaker | Bullhorn PA Speaker System

Pyle Megaphone Speaker | Bullhorn PA Speaker System

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By: Pyle

The Pyle megaphone speaker comes handy in maintaining order in a social gathering, sporting events, drills, cheerleading, and many other situations. Also, the compact and portable accessory scores well in different areas including size, weight, coverage, sound quality, ergonomics as well as construction quality.

According to consumer and expert reviews, this accessory works great outdoors and indoors, is easy to adjust the volume, and doesn’t suffer from distortion or interference. Last but not least, the unit’s wired microphones help to communicate to people indoors while the siren alarm mode is excellent in alerting users, especially during emergencies.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Variable volume control to suit the need at hand and preference
  • Ergonomic pistol grip for a firm and non-slip hold
  • Light Weight Chassis improves handling and portability

#2. Portable 30 Watt Bullhorn/Megaphone with Siren & Cheering

Portable 30 Watt Bullhorn:Megaphone with Siren & Cheering

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By: Croove

The Fanon brand has been making waves in the market when it comes to the best megaphones. Also, this particular type is one of the top sellers and has decent coverage of up to 800 yards. The small and portable piece is rated 30-watts and is symbolic of the air force, navy, army, and marines who are known to go for high-quality accessories.

Moreover, it comes in a versatile design and can be used both outdoors and indoors and also includes variable volume control. Previous and current users praise it for its solid construction, simplicity, built-in microphone and durability.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • ABS weatherproof plastic for use outdoors
  • Built-in microphone improves communication
  • Powerful foghorn signal to grab people’s attention

#1. Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn With Built-in Siren

Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn with Built-in Siren

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By: Pyle

This best megaphone speaker has been in the market for quite a while but remains a favorite choice for sporting events, coaching, cheerleading, firefighting, social activities, and more. Just as it looks, this unit is pretty light but very compact.

It is designed for regular use both indoors and outdoors and comes in a lightweight for easy use. Furthermore, the ergonomically designed piece offers a decent range of 800 yards and will deliver clear audible courtesy of the good technology and design.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Adjustable volume control for easy operation
  • Integrated Microphone improves voice projection and talking
  • Folding Handle for better handling and storage

Specialties of Megaphones

Megaphones, alternatively known as bullhorns, are uniquely identified due to their unique conical or bell shape. For thousands of years, it is observed that the human voice has been projected by megaphones. The reason behind this is the megaphones’ paraboloid shape that possesses natural acoustic properties. This shape emphasizes sound waves to make them travel further yet in a narrow arc. It is found that there has not been much change in the shape, but the recent models of the megaphones utilize an amplifier, microphone, and loudspeaker to let your message reach to large crowds.

Why Use Megaphones?

Megaphones prove to be an effective and portable means to amplify the human voice. Such devices are often utilized to control or direct huge groups for indoors or outdoors applications. Therefore, for such purposes, the compact size and the portability of megaphones are ideal. It is known that the rugged plastics and metals utilized in their construction enhance their durability. Henceforth, they are widely suitable for law enforcement. It is also essential to consider the price. While comparing to the PA systems of identical wattage, the megaphones are always more affordable. This is because they are not designed to imitate and amplify high and low-end frequencies.

Features of Megaphones

Considering the below features of megaphones will simplify your buying hassles:


It is essential to heck the megaphone’s weight to ascertain that you would be comfortable to carry the device. Moreover, you need to consider the presence of convenient shoulder & wrist straps to perceive the benefits of its excellent portability.


Due to their exceptional design, even the megaphones with low wattage can be easily heard hundreds of feet away. The availability of narrow horns amplifies range by focusing sound waves. On the other hand, the wider horns project sound over a wide area but the same comes at the expense of distance. In case you intend to encompass a huge area, you can consider a loud hailer system.

The megaphones usually project their sound in a tight arc which is perfect for audiences in a space deeper than it is broad. Also, it is widely suitable for groups of people on the move. It is vital to contemplate on how your audience will be distributed. Ask yourself the questions like is the crowd be mostly steady? Or will they be distributed over a wide area? If the answers are yes, then you will require a PA system for outdoor events. But if your audience will fill an extended area like a football field, or in case you will be moving from one place to another, then the megaphone is a better option.


Generally, the megaphones boast a distinctive look that can be beneficial in getting the crowd’s attention. Moreover, few other horns are prepared from clear plastic so the user can easily look at the crowd when facing them.


There are few megaphones models that can record and loop a small message for frequent playback. It is this feature that proves to be helpful for official repeating instructions.


The megaphone that you selected may prove to be a futile choice if its included batteries drain quickly. It will be a better deal to go for a pricier megaphone if it sips power instead of consuming.

Removable Functionality

The detachable microphones enable the users to amplify their voice without blocking their face with the horn. Moreover, these types of models allow them to look in one direction and broadcast their voice in another. They also permit users to lift the horn high above their head for getting extra range. It is a wrong idea to assume that more expensive is always better, or a cheaper unit is always worse. Therefore, it is best to assess your megaphone needs before you make a purchase.


Whenever you require receiving the attention of the crowd, the presence of an alarm makes it more noticeable than your voice and also makes it louder. Therefore, it is always a recommended idea to consider megaphone models that are equipped with alarms.


You shouldn’t stress yourself by shouting too much during an event. Say no to repeating things because some people, particularly those in far distances, can’t hear you. You also shouldn’t harm yourself by straining your voice box. What you need is using the best megaphones on the market.

They come in a portable and lightweight design for easy carrying, cover a considerable distance and produce an audible and clear sound. The versatile units are made from sturdy and weatherproof materials including polymer and plastic, and won’t be harmed by the elements. Fortunately, you don’t need to research and compare the many items as we have already done that for you. Simply follow these top 10 best megaphones in 2021 review and ensure everyone hears you.

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