Top 7 Best Pedal Cars In 2021 – Products Review

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I am a tad skeptical about buying the best pedals cars. This is because of an incidence that took place a few years ago. When my son was two and a half-years old, I bought him this attractive pedal car for Christmas. First, this car wasn’t particularly comfortable to put together since it involved me groveling on the floor to get things together. After hours of tweaking and twitching which involved removing and re-installing all the wheels, everything looked perfect.

After I got it ready, my son jumped on and off he drove on the hard floor. Hardly had he taken a turn when I heard a bang followed by loud screaming. I quickly rushed to the scene only to find him on the floor screaming his lungs out. That was a scary scenario and what happened is a story for another day. From that day, I only buy pedal cars with a pinch of salt! Fortunately, after researching all available pedal cars, I realized that we have nice ones as well. In this review, I will highlight the best pedal cars, hoping that it will help you avoid a similar scenario like the one I witnessed on that fateful day.

List Of Top Best Pedal Cars In 2021

#7. Fire Rescue Pedal Go Kart

Fire Rescue Pedal Go Kart

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By: Hauck

Hauck is one of the pedal cars which narrowly sneak into this list. Although I had a few issues with its design, I must admit that it’s an excellent pedal car. My dad bought this pedal car for my nephew a few months ago, and he seems to love it. Although I didn’t have a hand in the assembling process, I could see how easy it appeared as my dad got everything together like it was one of his cars.

Although my nephew is barely two and a half years old, he seems to enjoy using this pedal car. Of course, given his small size, the pedals seem a little out of place for him. However, that’s not a concern for him since he’s overgrowing and in no time, he will be driving comfortably. My sister who is John’s mum loves the fact that this car isn’t plastic since she highly dislikes having her son use plastic toys.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • It features a heavy-duty metallic frame.
  • The seat offers ultimate safety and comfort.
  • Can be used on grass or hard surface as well.
  • Comes with an adjustable seat to grow with your kid.
  • Recommended for kids between 3-7 years.

#6. Kiddie Car Classics 1965 Ford Mustang Pedal Car

#6 Hallmark QEP2129 Kiddie Car Classics 1965 Ford Mustang Pedal Car

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By: Hallmark

Your little bundle of joy will love this pedal car, especially if they’re car enthusiasts. Each car in this series is individually numbered as part of their limited run-time warranty. After my niece saw her brother in the car which had been bought for him by my dad, she also demanded that she be given hers as well.

She is four years old, and I thought she wouldn’t have issues with her brother having a car. My dad believes cars are meant for men, and I bet that’s why he only bought one for his grandson and not his granddaughter. I decided to buy this car for my nephew so that she would stop picking up a fight with her brother in his car.

There’re various features that caught my attention about this pedal car. First, its unique design offers ultimate comfort and convenience for my nephew. The seat is strategically positioned; and so is every other part.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Boasts a top-grade construction.
  • Offers easy assembling.
  • Each car is individually numbered.

#5. Lightning Pedal Go-Kart – Race Green

#5 Hauck Lightning Pedal Go-Kart - Race Green

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By: Hauck

I am incredibly impressed with this little pedal car. After my son was involved in the unfortunate scenario, he couldn’t even climb on a pedal car anymore. However, after seeing this car, his desire to drive was awakened. I purchased it for him a few weeks ago, and he seems to love it. Unlike the previous pedal car, this one didn’t involve complex assembling procedures.

This is a sturdy and well-built pedal car with a super-easy assembling procedure. In fact, all I needed to get everything moving was a Philips Screwdriver. The fact that it came with everything I needed made it even better. My son seems to enjoy the soft and sturdy rubber tires which offer noiseless driving even on our hard floor. Judging from the design and superior performance, I project this car to last longer than all the others I have come across.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • It boasts a sporty three-point steering wheel.
  • Offers quick and responsive steering.
  • Comes with race-styled pedals which are fitted with rubber wheels.
  • The tires offer a skid-free riding.

#4. Street Rod Pedal Car

#4 InStep Street Rod Pedal Car

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By: InStep

InStep is a massive name in the manufacture of pedal cars. In fact, I had heard about them from a few of my friends before I decided to give their pedal cars a try. This wasn’t particularly easy to install as I had imagined, but it was considered impressive. After my son turned four, I could see his previous pedal car was becoming smaller for him.

I decided to get him this InStep pedal car and can’t express my gratitude at how great it performs. Having perfected his art of pedaling, he enjoys cruising around the compound at top speed. I particularly have to stop him from even getting into the road at times. I love the solid construction which gives it unmatched durability and unsurpassed reliability.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Boasts a solid construction.
  • Has authentic detailing.
  • Comes with an adjustable pedal for convenient pedaling.
  • The lead-free paid makes it safe for kids.
  • Features a fully functional steering.

#3. Fire Truck Pedal Car

#3 InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car

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By: InStep

Ever since I bought a new car for my son, my two-year-old has a daughter also seemed to want to have hers as well. In fact, they two bundles of joy would turn my house into a battlefield as the young lady tried to repossess the enormous guy’s car. This went on for a while until I decided to get the little princess her car as well.

After checking all the options, I settled for this pedal car. I looked into several reviews and asked a few of my friends who suggested that I pick this product since my daughter was young. Because we didn’t want the last-minute rush, my wife and I placed the order and the car arrived a few days later. The easy assembling process made things even easier, and within a few minutes, everything was ready, and my daughter was chasing after his brother around the house.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • It’s perfect for kids between 3 years and above.
  • Boasts a solid steel frame.
  • Comes with an adjustable pedal drive.
  • The rubber tires with chrome hub caps look and feel great.
  • Features an easy to control steering wheel.
  • 70 lbs is the maximum weight limit.
  • Requires minimal assembling.

#2. Pink Lady Pedal Car

#2 InStep Pink Lady Pedal Car

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By: InStep

My neighbor bought this car for his 4.5 years old daughter as a Christmas gift. Being the first year his daughter has understood what Christmas really is, this happened to be the only gift she was asking Santa for. My neighbor called me to offer some advice after seeing his little girl’s eyes turn watery with tears when he told her that she was too young for such huge cars.

I advised him to pick this one given its girlish construction. It was going for a reasonably affordable price, and we decided to place the order a few days to Christmas. On Christmas day, Charlotte, who is my neighbor’s daughter, couldn’t hide her joy. She joined my son and daughter and together they raced around our compound. Ever since she seems to get excited every moment she wakes up and sees the pedal car on the driveway.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Boasts a stylish design.
  • Ideal for kids above three years.
  • Boasts a solid steel frame.
  • Features an adjustable pedal drive fits.
  • The rubber tires offer great balance and stability.
  • Ideal for people weighing 70 pounds and below.
  • Requires little assembling.

#1. Police Pedal Car

#1 InStep Police Pedal Car

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By: InStep

I think my son wants to be a cop when he grows up like his grandpa. I don’t know why I have this feeling, but the moment he saw this police pedal car, he was into it entirely. And I haven’t bought it for him because I plan on reselling his car first and then top up the amount and purchase this one.

However, even before buying it, I can tell that this is a great product. In the video which I was watching online, the car appears extremely easy to fix and assemble. I mean, it gets ready within minutes. And yes, given the fact that everything is metal, you never have to worry about things like wearing off.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • It boasts a stylish finish.
  • Ideal for kids over three years.
  • Features a solid steel frame.
  • Introduces authentic detailing.
  • The rubber tires and its chrome hub caps look incredible.


Pedal cars come in all shapes and sizes. We have some cars which are adjustable for convenience while others aren’t. If your kid is growing, I’d advise that you pick a pedal car with an adjustable seat pedal. Given the options in this review, you can choose one and have yourself a happy kid!

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  1. Why Pedal Cars?

    They spice up the experience: Unlike bikes and those small toy cars; a pedal car spices up the childhood experience by making them feel like they’re literally driving their cars.

    They’re convenient: Most pedal cars are convenient since they require your kid to pedal which increases their leg development.

    They increase creativity: Your kid will have their creativity and judgment level increased when they ride on these cars since they will be making crucial decisions.

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