12 Best Plastic Storage Bins For 2020 – Review & Buyer’s Guides

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If you are looking for the best plastic storage bins on the internet, then this article is what you need to read. The need for organizing different things arises frequently and it may turn up into mess if not organized properly. At times, it becomes difficult to find the required accessories if they are not properly organized. Also, it may happen that they are difficult to access when required. To remove such hassles, there are many plastic storage bins available for fulfilling the needs of people. Whether you want to organize your kitchen, need to relocate to a new place, store your food items or books, etc., these plastic storage bins prove quite beneficial.

With the gradual advancements in the manufacturing and design of these bins, there are several high-quality air tight plastic storage bins accessible. They facilitate a convenient facility to safely stow your properties in different styles and sizes. Go through the best plastic storage bins described below to get an idea on which one to choose:

List Of Best Plastic Storage Bins In 2021

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#1. Plastic Storage Stacking AkroBins

Akro-Mils 8212 Six Pack of 30210 Plastic Storage Stacking AkroBins

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By: Akro-Mils

In the structure of this product from Akro-Mils, the durably built polymer bins arrange collectively. Alternatively, you may hang from the included panels and racks. The essential feature includes resistance to water and corrosion. There is a curved bottom hopper front for hassle-free parts removal. Now you will be able to prepare customizable section sizes through different length dividers. There is a broad stacking shelf to provide constancy, prevent spills, and save space.

In Short:
  • For hassle-free parts removal, it has curved bottom hopper front
  • No issues of containers spreading off when stacked
  • For easy organization, it comes with length dividers
  • Resistant to corrosion

#2. Stackable Storage Bins For Food, Snacks, Bottles, Toys

Titan Mall Stackable Storage Bins for Food, Snacks, Bottles, Toys

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By: Titan

The specialties like multi-functional and simplicity to classify define these stackable storage bins. These characteristics make them the best plastic storage bins. They are useful to hold fruits, vegetables, and many more items. Children can use them to organize snacks, puzzles, toys, and books. Excellent saving in space will be facilitated by the use of these stackable storage bins. They provide ample space of room in your bedroom, bathroom, closet, kitchen, lobby, pantry, etc. There will be excellent ventilation to keep things fresh and dry.

In Short:
  • Simplicity of use s conveyed by the plastic body and mesh design
  • Becomes easy to organize different contents inside each of its containers
  • Suitable for persons of all age groups

#3. 70 Quart/66 Liter Ultra Latch Box

STERILITE 70 Quart:66 Liter Ultra Latch Box

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This ultra latch box from Sterilite proves to be a perfect option for presenting a well-built storage solution. The same enables you to instantly recognize the stored contents. Its advanced latch assembly offers a rugged and comfortable grip surface. So, the lid will be securely latched to the base. Extra strength is employed by the thick walls and exceptional protection for the stored items. With the desirable size and convenient shape, it enables you to accommodate many items without any hassles.

In Short:
  • Includes a comfortable grip surface for safely latching the lid to the base
  • Resistant to spillage
  • High strength is provided because the heavy-duty latches are integrated into base

#4. Weathertight Storage Box, 19 Quart – Clear

IRIS Weathertight Storage Box, 19 Quart – Clear

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By: IRIS USA, Inc.

Now you will be able to store your favorite items and other valuables inside this heavy-duty storage tote with a capacity of 19 quart. This IRIS storage box is one of the best plastic storage bins because its lid protects contents inside. The stored content will stay safe against air and moisture. It is possible to safely store up to 25 pounds of material like photos, crafting supplies, etc. The facility of the reinforced lid offers exceptional stability. The availability of grooves in the reinforced lids suggests that these totes with lids could be positioned on top of one another to save space.

In Short:
  • The included content will stay protected by the weather-tight seal
  • Capable of withstanding weight up to 25 lbs
  • The stackable bins gains stability by the reinforced lid
  • To save the space, the bins can be placed on one another

#5. Commercial Brute Tote Storage Bin

Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Tote Storage Bin

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By: Rubbermaid Commercial Products

The Tote storage bin in the present discussion is basically a heavy-duty storage container. It can be used for storing and transporting different items. There are special ergonomic handles equipped with the user-friendly grip handles to reduce the chances of injury. The presence of holes inside the handle enables water to drain. So, there will be reduction in the risk of bacteria accumulation. To keep the contents secure inside, the lid snaps tight. To employ the commercial-grade strength, the product is constructed from the high-density polyethylene resin plastic.

In Short:
  • Presence of the user-friendly grip handles reduces the chances of injury
  • The stored content will stay secure since the lid snaps tight
  • All the included containers will stack securely for efficient use of the packed content
  • Water drainage is allowed by the holes in handle

#6. 28 Liter Ultra Latch Box

STERILITE 19859806, 28 Liter Ultra Latch Box

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Equipped with the capacity of 30 quarts, the included storage boxes in this product are perfect for easy identification of contents. Those people who are in a need for a long-lasting storage option, for them, this product is perfect. For the purpose of easy stacking, this product comes with the index lid. The implementation of the advanced latch engineering offers a comfortable to use grip exterior. This surface is useful for safely opening the included lid over the base. The essential components include clear base, black latches and white lid. The entire structure is made stackable for effective use of space.

In Short:
  • Its well-planned and long-lasting type storage facility lets you quickly identify the contents
  • The structure is made stackable for efficient use of the available space
  • The included 6 latch boxes can be used interchangeably
  • Includes removable lids that snap closed when needed

#7. Kids’ Primary Colors Small Storage Bins

Tot Tutors Kids' Primary Colors Small Storage Bins

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By: Tot Tutors

The colorful small storage bins are perfectly sized as replacement bins for easy organization of the items kept inside. These bins can be conveniently accommodated in the closet, on bookshelves, or under the bed. The overall sturdy plastic construction guarantees high durability. The size of each of the bins is perfect for easy organizing different sized items. They can be separately used as open storage containers. The measurements of the standard size bins are 8.25 “W x 11.75 “L x 5.25 “H. With the assistance of color-coding, the identification becomes simple.

In Short:
  • Its Sturdy plastic construction ensures high durability
  • Suitable for kids aged 3 years and above
  • Facility of the color-coding with primary colors makes the identification easy
  • Kids will be able to learn organization skills at an early age

#8. 6 Liter Clear Plastic Bin

Pekky 6 Liter Clear Plastic Bin

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By: Pekky

The Pekky 6 liter clear plastic bin works excellently for storing small items. For example, it can seamlessly accommodate children’s stuff and can be conveniently fitted on any shelf or cupboard. Basically, this storage container box is equipped with handle and latching fresh design. The overall appearance is made contemporary by its firm upper handle as well as locking system.

There is no need to concern about its plastic handle as well as latches’ holding capacity. It is one of the best plastic storage bins because it comes with excellent versatility. So, it can be perfectly used for storing makeup, pastime supplies, clips, beads, etc. Its transparent appearing base let you instantly see what you desire to find.

In Short:
  • For easy lifting, it comes with a sturdy top handle
  • Its clear base let you instantly see the things packed inside
  • Capable of holding a large amount of weight inside
  • Implements the Latching Fresh Design

#9. 6 Quart/5.7 Liter Storage Box

Sterilite 16428012 6 Quart:5.7 Liter Storage Box

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The above storage box with 6 quart capacity from Sterilite proves to be a perfect product for fulfilling a wide range of basic home storage needs. So, your rooms will stay neat. In this storage box, the transparent looking base enables packed items to be effortlessly identified quickly. Moreover, the obscure lid shatters properly over the base for making sure the included contents stay safe inside. It is possible to stack the identical sized containers over one above for effective implementation of erect storage space. There will be no issues while finding and organizing accessories, shoes, artistic and tiny items.

In Short:
  • Suitable to meet a broad range of basic household storage needs
  • Ideal for arranging shoes, crafts, accessories, and other small items
  • Comes with a capacity of 6-quart storage
  • Hassle-free lifting is allowed by the recessed handles

#10. Super Satchel Double Deep

Artbin Super Satchel Double Deep

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By: Artbin

The Artbin super satchel double deep product facilitates a perfect storage solution for sewers, quilters, scrappers, and general crafters. The structure of this storage bin showcases an added depth, safety latch, and carrying handle. All the included boxes are acid-free and specially designed to effortlessly stack and work together. There will be no hassles while storing clothing, paper, and more. It is found that these containers are molded of the durable plastic and they are made translucent.

The wide assortment of colors makes the process of identification simple. The special area on dividers houses the standard size address labels to ID contents of every section. It is one of the best plastic storage bins because it can customize up to 8 compartments for presenting the multiple storage options. They include card making supplies, photo storage, templates, dies, fat quarters, punches, vinyl rolls, and more.

In Short:
  • The space on dividers seamlessly houses standard size address labels to ID contents of every section
  • Made available in an assortment of colors
  • Its additional depth facilitates the storage of bigger, bulkier supplies
  • Made up of durable plastic to enhance long-lasting use

#11. Stackable Plastic Book & Organizer Bins (Set of 4)

Really Good Stuff Stackable Plastic Book and Organizer Bins (Set of 4)

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By: Really Good Stuff

The stackable organizer bins product shown above facilitates a convenient storage facility. In this product, each set contains four durable plastic baskets. Moreover, the surface of each of the bin is easy to clean. There will be no problems regarding the storage space for storing your household items, play items, books, etc. The books will be held upright and can be accessed easily whenever required. Each stackable plastic book and organizer bin comes with the measurements of 14″ x 10″ x 5 3/4″ overall and the interior measures 10″ x 8″ x 5″. Overall, they are correctly sized right for fulfilling a broad range of organizing needs.

In Short:
  • Comes with a stackable configuration to save the space and allow easy organization
  • Made up of durable materials to last longer
  • Its surface is easy to clean
  • Its overall size is found suitable for a broad range of organizing needs

#12. Large Plastic Labeled Book & Organizer Bin (Set of 6)

Really Good Stuff Large Plastic Labeled Book and Organizer Bin (Set of 6)

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By: Really Good Stuff

The large sized plastic labeled storage bins facilitate the provision of the convenient storage. Every set of this mentioned brand’s bins comprise of 6 sturdy baskets capable to divide into one, two or three sections. All these sections will be useful to store different accessories inside. The corresponding surface is easy to clean. This organizer bin serves as the perfect tool for neatly organizing all your classroom or household items. Whether you want to organize them on your countertops, shelves or tables –everything is possible.

In Short:
  • The bins are labeled to avoid confusion and present easy organization of the packed materials
  • Works perfectly for arranging your classroom or household items
  • Will hold books upright and makes sure they stay organized

Considerations Before Buying Plastic Storage Bins

At times, it becomes difficult to organize different accessories, whether at your home or office. Under such circumstances, it is the best idea to use the plastic storage bins. These bins are basically the plastic containers capable of storing and neatly organizing different accessories. Whenever needed, you can easily find the required accessory and can access it easily. Nowadays, these bins are made available in appealing colors and stylish designs. Besides, they are made up of durable plastic materials to ensure long-lasting use. Take a look at the considerations before purchasing the best plastic storage bins:

Things To Store

To easily determine the correct type of storage container, it is essential to know the type and amount of storage space you will require to fit inside the container. Therefore, you need to first gather up all the things that you intend to pack inside. Next, you need to stack them all in a single spot to easily determine exactly what your requirements are. It is possible that you may be left with surprise to find that you have many more things to pack away. So, you need to sort through and discard the less significant items. Make sure you are not afraid to let go of items you may not need in favor of the things you actually need to store.

Clear or Colored?

On the market, the plastic storage containers are presented in a wide range of colors. There are many people who prefer to choose a different color based on what they are storing. To understand this, for instance, the seasonal clothing can be packed inside a blue container whereas the festive decorative items can be packed inside a red one. Moreover, you can pack the sports equipment in a green container, etc. On the other hand, some people just opt for only clear plastic storage containers to meet their storage needs. The prime benefit of choosing a clear container is that it is simple to see what is packed inside. So, you can easily get an idea on what things are missing and what needs to be filled inside. While choosing a clear plastic bin, make sure your storage look more uniform. Generally, the clear plastic bins are simple to find.

Filled Weight

By gradually packing the things inside, your plastic storage bin may become heavy and difficult to carry around. In order to let you carry it effortlessly, it is essential to opt for the largest box that allows you to move the filled container without any extra equipment. It is essential to first consider what needs to be packed inside the storage container bin. For example, if you want to store books, then small or medium-sized bins will be sufficient. The small plastic bins that can be effortlessly lifted will be better than the bigger bins.


It is essential to keep in mind that the box itself needs to fit in a designated space inside your home. The chosen plastic storage bin may prove useless if it does not fit the dedicated space. So, first, measure your space, jot down the measurements, and take them along with you whenever you go shopping.


While deciding to purchase a plastic storage bin, remember to first examine the lid. It is essential to make sure the lid fits appropriately and is not damaged. In case you would be stacking boxes, check whether the lid support that or not. Generally, the stackable boxes have an additional lip available on the lid that relates to an opposite lip on the base of the box. This will prevent stacked boxes from slipping off of one above the other. You can try stacking the boxes together and check whether they can hold up to the weight of your storage.


There are many people who just overlook the presence of handles while considering the purchase of the plastic storage bins. They actually prove useful when you need to move things around. It is essential to choose the bins that are equipped with sturdy handles that won’t easily break or crack. Make sure you avoid buying those plastic storage is that have the handles built-in on the lid only. If the lid only supports the whole weight of the container while carrying around, then there will be troubles to face. Generally, lids are flimsy and can crack easily. Make sure to check out the handles properly.

Different Ways to Use

For the purpose of clothes storage, such locking lid containers are beneficial for the basement, garage, attic, or use in the kitchen. Make sure you do not store plastic near anything close to hot things like stove or furnace. The heavy-duty plastic storage bins can be used in your garage, on your patios. You may store them in the shed and some other outdoor storage space. When there is a need to organize files, the extra-large file tote box is vital to consider. This is because it can conveniently accommodate large files for different uses. When the new people are added, you may need to adapt to an actual file cabinet.

For storing papers and crafts, the flat, shorted boxes are best to consider. They will aptly fit in any closet or storage space without any insufficient storage space concerns. The open-top style boxes are beneficial for storing items you may need to access easily. Inside such boxes, you can store craft supplies, holiday decor, and some clothes.

Storage Purpose

Before buying the containers, you need to focus on your requirements. There are so many different size and shape options available on this container. The containers are highly stackable, so you can easily store your winter clothes, toys, and so many other things. Even, you can store any pastries, sweets, or fruits with the bulk amount in these containers. So, you first have to determine which things to put in the containers.

Weight-Loading Capacity

You need to opt for the plastic containers, which are themselves light in weight yet sturdy in construction. For instance, if you want to keep your baby’s toys, then you can go for smaller containers. On the other hand, you need to buy a larger plastic storage bin to keep your garments.


The plastic container which comes with the stackable feature is the ideal one to purchase. The main advantage of these containers is that these are very space-saving and allow convenient storage for your regular as well as seasonal items.


Both of the see-through and colored containers have their own distinctive advantages. You can go for the colored ones, as they can help you in pointing out the separately stored different things in several containers. On the other hand, the transparent one is easy to see from the outside and helps you find out objects faster without opening them separately.

Lid Construction

You need to check the lid of these plastic bins before buying them. The lid has to be very sturdy and rather airproof to keep your things safe from absorbing moisture. You need to opt for the stackable containers come with the lid with a lip on the top for a secured storage option.

Plastic Quality

The plastic containers which are made of high-quality virgin plastic are the best one for you to buy. The high-quality plastic construction of the storage bins makes them sturdier and ideal for repeated use. You have to obtain a storage bin, which is highly resistant to wear and tear. You need to opt for the recyclable and BPA-free storage bins to keep the environment safe from the plastic.


If you want to stack up to any foods or medicines, then you need to fix your mind to buy a storage container with food-grade and FDA-approved plastic construction. You can safely store your food items in these containers with ease.


It’s better to choose a multifunctional storage bin set for your home. For example, you need an FDA-approved container in which you can store chocolates or books as well. So, it is smart to spend money over a multipurpose storage bin.


You need to select a set of plastic bin that allows proper manageability over your accessories for easy access. The more manageable storage bin set you to get, the more you can easily keep your valuables organized. You need to opt for the storage bins, which are child-safe products as well. So, you can teach your child to keep your home clean with the help of these containers. Your child can keep their crayons, toys, drawing books, and so many different things in an organized way. Besides, you need to choose storage bins, which allow easy cleaning as well. The bins have to stain-resistant for a hassle-free cleaning option.

Plastic Storage Bins – Benefits

Huge Loading Space

It is good to have space-saving items in your working space. By using these plastic storage bins, you can load an enormous quantity of your products without any hassle. Mainly, these bins come with an interlocking design to stack them one over the other. You can stack 6 to 8 pieces of the loaded bins with ease. They do not get broken or easily crinkled. Maximum of the plastic storage bins are tested to 25,000-pounds of items without any problem.

Robust Construction

Generally, storage bins involve high-quality plastic construction. The plastic is resistant to water, chemicals, or any other moisture causing elements. So, the plastic storage bins provide proper durability. Unlike wood or metal bins, these bins do not catch any debris, rust, or corrosion. They are highly wearing resistant and withstand several cases of abuse.


The plastic storage bins are made of virgin plastic and 100% recyclable. So, you do not need to worry about the disposal of the bins. You can reuse them over and over again without causing any environmental damage. For, food and pharmaceutical purposes, the containers are made of FDA-approved plastic.

Nonskid Base

All of the plastic storage bins come with the non-skid bottom. If your factory generates any vulnerable items, then it is easy to stack your things safely by using these anti-slip plastic storage bins. These are also ideal for transportation or shipping. The plastic storage bins provide safety against the accidental falls to keep your products safe and free of damage.

Multipurpose Utilization

These plastic storage bins serve different fields of industry, like bakeries, electronic, food processing, seafood, dairies, and so on.

Safe To Use

Usually, the plastic storage bins are ideal for any commercial uses. Mostly, they do not come with any sharp edges for hassle-free handling. There is no way to get injured while using these plastic storage beans. They are light in weight, so if they fall on your feet, you will not get any injuries.


The durable storage bins have prolonged shelf-life. Their robust construction does not get easily scratched or broke, so you can use them for year after year without any problem.


As you are running a business, you need to look after your expense as well. These plastic storage bins are highly economical. The plastic storage bins are almost one-time buy. Unlike the cardboard, wooden or metal storage bins, the plastic storage bins offer a prolonged lifespan, which allows repeated loading and unloading with the one-time investment.


I hope you enjoy reading and exploring the reviews of these best plastic storages. Before purchasing, make sure that you know what you want. You need to make sure which size suitable for your stuff the most. There are many available sizes and shape from these plastic storage bins. Thus it won’t be tough to get the one that fits your desire. If you worry about the longevity of this product, then don’t! However, it can be assured that these products were very carefully picked and only the best of the best can be on this list.

Check out the previous-version article! (Version 01)

Previous Version (01): Top 15 Best Plastic Storage Bins

Sometimes, life gets messy and unorganized. Sometimes, you get bored finding your stuff just because you forgot where you put it. That is when plastic storage bins come to place. They can help to get your things organized. With plastic storage bins, you will eventually say goodbye to unorganized home. I know you may want to purchase some right now, but you don’t know which one is the good one. So do I. That is why yesterday I went to my friend who is an expert on this thing to ask him for the list of the best ones. And then he gave me the list of best plastic storage bins. And here they are.

#15. 6QT Storage Box

#7 Sterilite 16428012 6QT Storage Box


Maybe I just forgot to mention earlier that plastic storage bin from Sterilite is very popular. In this list, you will find that there are so many that come to Sterilite. For this one, you have a variety of choices to select. Starting from 1 to 12 packs, you can choose how many packs you want to purchase. This one comes with a hold as a handle that makes it convenient for you to lift and move it. Also, it is designed with an indexed surface, which makes it stable when stacking.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Perfect size: 13.5 x 8.2 x 4.8 in.
  • Suitable for toys and educational materials
  • Comes with handle

#14. 30-Quart Weathertight Storage Box

#5 IRIS 30-Quart Weathertight Storage Box


From Iris, this plastic storage bin comes with so many varieties. At the time I am writing this, there are 7 varieties for you to choose from. The difference between one to one is size and shape. Because of the variety, that is why this one can come to the 5th ranking. You can store documents or other important letters of your since this box will promise to keep them dry.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Variety of shape and size
  • Ideal for document storage
  • The seals are tight, and the clips are easy to open and close

#13. Scoop Front Storage Bins

ECR4Kids Scoop Front Storage Bins

By: ECR4Kids

Here is a plastic storage bin which will allow you to choose from many different colors. This comes in a set of ten and is a handy bin where you can store many items. This comes in a space-saving design, and you can stack it very neatly. Moreover, this is very compact and will not occupy much space even when not in use. This is made with durable polypropylene and is ideal for everyday use.

You can carry it with ease with its easy grip. This has a protruded lip, and there is also a scoop front which makes it easy to pick up. Furthermore, it has rounded edges, which will give additional safety and makes it safe even for children. This is very stylish and will allow you to organize your items efficiently.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Convenient grip for easy carry.
  • Ergonomic design for safety and smooth operation.
  • Stackable, space-saving, and highly durable.

#12. Plastic Modular Stackable Storage Bins With Blue Latching Handles

Homz Plastic Storage, Modular Stackable Storage Bins with Blue Latching Handles

By: Homz

Attached with large ergonomic latches, this plastic storage bin will provide with a secure lid and comes in a stackable design. It comes in a set of two and has a capacity of the 66-quart tote. You can also choose from other sizes and packs and use them efficiently. Moreover, this is durable and can withstand ongoing use. It will let you have easy access to your things as this comes in a see-through design.

This is very suitable for storing clothes, shoes, holiday decorations, and personal items and is very lightweight. Furthermore, this will keep all your items very safe with its lid. The handles of the storage bin make it very easy to lift and carry it has an impressive performance.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Complete storage bin with a lid.
  • Lockable lid with latches for safety.
  • Modular and transparent.

#11. 12-Gallon Plastic Storage KeepBox

Akro-Mils 66486 CLDBL 12-Gallon Plastic Storage KeepBox

By: Akro-Mils

This is a very durable plastic storage bin which is available in two different sizes. This has a full-length hinge pin and is ideal for storing seasonal items. This will easily stack with each other when you close the lid. Moreover, it will stack even when the lids are open. This is a versatile product made with industrial-grade plastic which makes it very durable.

The attached lids will open or close very easily and will let you have easy access to things. Furthermore, it has a textured bottom and will provide a no-slip grip. In addition to this, it has a strong molded-in handle where lifting and carrying will become very easy. This is lightweight and has affordable quality. The unique rib of the storage bin will ensure that there will be no jamming.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Steel hinge pins for smooth operation.
  • Ergonomic lid for easy stacking.
  • Highly affordable.

#10. Stak-N-Store Stacking Hopper Front Plastic Storage Bin

Akro-Mils 13017 Stak-N-Store Stacking Hopper Front Plastic Storage Bin

By: Akro-Mils

Available in four different colors, this plastic storage bin has a storage capacity of 75 pounds. This is very durable and has large radius corners. In this, you will find a curved upper lip, and the side ribs make it very strong. Moreover, it will allow you to carry it conveniently with its handles. You can have easy access to the bulky items as the handles include the comfortable grip.

The bin has a wide hopper front which will allow you to keep anything you want. This is also stackable and will provide you with a vertical storage system. This is lightweight and unbreakable and is a perfect solution for your home or shop. It will help you to organize bulky items and has material handling efficiency.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Suitable for bulky items.
  • Large grip handles for comfort.
  • Ergonomic shapes for easy access.

#9. Stackable Rectangular Plastic Storage Organizer Bin

BINO Stackable Rectangular Plastic Storage Organizer Bin


This plastic storage bin comes in a set of two, and you can choose from many different sizes. You can use it anywhere you want like bathroom, drawers, closets, and kitchens. In this, you will find built-in handles, which makes it very convenient to carry. You can move it with ease, and this can also be easily re-organized. Moreover, this is very durable and comes in an attractive design which will match with your décor.

This is made of BPA-free plastic and is very lightweight. Furthermore, it is in a stackable design and will require less space to store. This is made to organize your wardrobe, and you can also use it in the freezer. This is ideal for your home and is transparent so that you can easily have access to your things.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Transparent for easy visibility of content.
  • BPA-free material and highly durable.
  • Handles for easy carrying, storage, and organization.

#8. 54 Quart/51 Liter Gasket Box

#8 Sterilite 19344304 54 Quart/51 Liter Gasket Box


This one is also from Sterilite and, of course, it is also made in the USA. What great with this one is that it has 4 sizes for you to choose ranging from 20 quarts to 80 quarts. If you love to have some big and some small plastic storage bins, then you can purchase the size that you want. It is also known to be moisture-resistant that is good for some of your stuff which is needed to avoid moisture. For every purchase, it will come with 4 boxes, 4 lids.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Good to store important document (because it is moisture-free)
  • Clamps work really well
  • The price is worth the product

#7. Stackable Storage Bins

Titan Mall Stackable Storage Bins

By: Titan Mall

Available in a set of four, this is a versatile plastic storage bin which is stackable and is very easily recognizable. It comes in a space-saving design and will easily hold different types of items. This is multi-functional and can be stacked very quickly. Moreover, it comes in the shape of the mesh and will provide good ventilation for your things.

It comes in a perfect size and is neither too large nor too small. This is also very durable and is made of premium quality plastic. Furthermore, this is very colorful, and you can easily keep a note on where you have kept the item. This is lightweight, and you can lift it easily. This storage bin is ideal for pantry, tools, hardware, canned food, and other vegetables. All in all, it is one of the best plastic storage bins top opt for.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Multipurpose for storing a variety of items.
  • Stackable and spacing saver.
  • Great ventilation and highly durable.

#6. 30 Quart/28 Liter Ultra Latch Box

#9 Sterilite 19859806, 30 Quart/28 Liter Ultra Latch Box


With the dimensions of 18.13 x 12.25 x 11.5, this one stands on the 9th. With these dimensions, I believe that space more than enough for us to store our stuff. Moreover, this is transparent plastic storage which is made in the USA. The benefit of transparent is that you can see what is inside without bothering to open it. For each purchase, it will come with 6 boxes, 6 lids.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Easy to open and close
  • Durable plastic material
  • Affordable price

#5. 70 Quart/66 Liter Ultra Latch Box

#6 Sterilite 19889804 70 Quart/66 Liter Ultra Latch Box


Here is another one from Sterilite! This plastic storage bin is made in the USA. The material used is very durable that there is no doubt you can have it for long-term use. With the dimensions of 26.13 x 16.25 x 13.5 in. It can hold up to 70 Quart. If you are looking for a plastic storage bin with the size of above the average, then this one would be recommended.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Perfect for food storage
  • Sturdy enough to stack
  • You get what you pay for

#4. Roughneck Clear Storage Container

#4 Rubbermaid Roughneck Clear Storage Container

By: Rubbermaid

This one also has a variety for you to choose as well. Starting from 3 gallons and end in 95 quarts. This is a built-to-last product with strong material and makes its durability out of the question. It is also both weather and dent resistant. If you feel the need for the long-term plastic storage bin, then purchasing this Rubbermaid Roughneck Clear Storage Container is the right thing for you to do.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • The container is very sturdy
  • Made to be weather-resistant
  • Super strength for lifetime usage

#3. Commercial Products BRUTE Tote Storage Container With Lid

Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE Tote Storage Container with Lid

By: Rubbermaid Commercial Products

This plastic storage bin includes ergonomic handles which makes it very easy to carry. The handles have strong grips and will reduce the chances of having a finger strain. This is made of high-density polyethylene and is very durable. Moreover, it can be used commercially and is ideal for transporting items. In the handle, there are holes which will prevent the buildup of bacteria and will also allow the water to drain.

This has a secure lid which will keep all your contents very safe. Furthermore, it has a reinforced ribbed bottom which allows you to easily drag it without causing any damage. You can easily stack these together so that it will let you have more space. You can lift this easily without having a fear of back injury. It is definitely one of the best plastic storage bins on the list.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Suitable for heavy-duty storage.
  • Ergonomic handles from the comfortable grip.
  • Easy drain holes and secure lid.
  • Ribbed bottom for easy dragging.

#2. Large Clip Box

#1 Sterilite 19638606 Large Clip Box


And now let’s welcome the winner of the list. It is Sterilite again. Come to the 1st position; this plastic storage bin must be very special. Of course, first of all, there are 7 options for you to choose from. The options vary in size and package. Second, please forgive me if I haven’t mentioned with the above products that all Sterilite in this list were made in the USA. This would make you feel safe about its longevity. If you are looking for one or more transparent plastic storage bin that can last longer than its competitors, then consider purchasing this one. I bet there will be no regret here.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Wonderful sizes to choose
  • The lid is perfectly fit
  • Very tough and not easy to crack

#1. Airtight Food Storage Container

#2 IRIS Airtight Food Storage Container


As by the name suggest, this one is the best storage for food. But that does not mean that it can only contain foods. You can actually put any of your stuff with your desire if you think fit. From 11 to 69 quarts, you can feel free to choose the capacity that you like. Last but not least, from 33 quarts up, it will come with 4 wheels which make it the best of all when it comes to portability.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Superb for pet food container
  • Very movable with those 4 wheels
  • Easy to open and close

Bonus – IRIS 4-Drawer Storage Cart with Organizer Top

Bonus - IRIS 4-Drawer Storage Cart with Organizer Top


If you feel like you want something bigger, then I would recommend you to get this one. It is a storage cart from Iris. The price is very affordable, yet at this price, you get a cart that is full of boxes to put your stuff in. With its 4-wheel drive and its lightweight, portability is out of the question!


These best plastic storage bins are capable of accommodating different sized items inside. They facilitate easy organization of various accessories and provide easy access when needed.

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