Top 10 Best Printer Stands with Storage In 2021 Review

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Printer stands with storage are one incredible invention to ever have in the office. They do not only offer space for the printer but also for extra storage with their drawers and shelves as well. If you office has a small room, printer stands with storage will help a lot. We bring 10 best printer stands with storage that you should have in the list below. One of them will totally match with your preference, so feel free to check them out.

List Of Best Printer Stands With Storage In 2021

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#10. Printer Stand With Desk Storage

Printer Stand With Desk Storage

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By: zhimei

Comes with the multifunctional design, this stand can do so much in the office. You can use it as a printer stand, a book shelf, storage shelf, and pretty much many other things. It features the durable double tier design that can withstand daily office storage and decoration easily. The stand comes with the construction from quality MDF which is sturdy and durable to offer large load capacity. At the same time, it is also very easy to install and assemble as well,

You can use the upper tier as a printer stand, and it has large surface that can accommodate most printers. As for the second tier, it has great space for books and other office supplies of your preference. The best part is that it is very compact, and it does not take up too much space in the room at all. With clean white color finish, this printer stand with storage makes a great compliment in any office and room.

In Short:
  • Double tier design
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Spacious storage space
  • Easy to assemble and install

#9. Multifunction Printer Stand With Storage Shelf

Multifunction Printer Stand With Storage Shelf

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By: Puncia

With the unique yet sophisticated design, this printer stand is super cool and modern to have. Just like the above option, this one also comes with a 2-tier design for compact storage. You can put many things and supplies on the tiers, and it can handle them all for you. That is because the stand is durable and sturdy due to the combination of its metal frame and thick chipboard. It can hold up to 45lbs in weight so storage is very convenient with it.

That is not all, this printer stand also comes with anti-skid pads to improve stability as well. That way, you can trust that it will not wobble or sway at all. The whole thing is very easy and fast to assemble, and its quality lasts for years of use. There are 3 colors available that you can choose from among black, white, and brown, the choice is all yours. Great quality with reasonable price, don’t forget to check it out.

In Short:
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Ample storage capacity
  • Smooth wooden surface
  • Stylish texture and design

#8. Multipurpose Printer Stand

Multipurpose Printer Stand

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By: Fellowes

The multipurpose design of this stand allows it to support a variety of office equipment and supplies for you. The stand comes with large and durable surface that can support printer, fax machine, or scanner effortlessly. At the same time, it also comes with drawers as well which allows you to store documents and other items. The awesome thing is that the drawer comes with slide design to keep your items from dust.

The best part is the side compartment that allows you to store ink cartridges and other supplies. Not every printer stand out there offers that, so this is the option that you should take into consideration. It even comes with non-skid rubber feet that protect your work surface from scratches or scuffs. This stand alone can support up to 50lbs of weight which is pretty tough and sturdy. You might want to check it out, this can be something that you like.

In Short:
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Non-skid rubber feet
  • Convenient slide drawer
  • Side compartment for additional storage

#7. Wood Halifax Storage & Stand

Wood Halifax Storage & Stand

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By: Winsome

This is the storage stand that can totally take your storage to the next level. It comes with a cabinet design that allows for multiple storage with all of its drawer. With this unit alone, and you will be able to organize many of your tools in the office neatly. There are 5 drawers to be exact, and each of them offers great storage space for everything in the office. That is not all, there are also another cabinet on the left with two compartments inside as well.

This stand is ideal for medium size office out there, and its sturdy composite wood construction offers long lasting durability. We really like its classic black design as it compliments any office and room. From quality to style, this cabinet has them all for you. So don’t forget to check it out, its performance and durability are unbeatable.

In Short:
  • Spacious design
  • Compact and portable
  • Extra drawers and cabinet
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Optional locking casters for stability

#6. Wooden Monitor Printer Stand With Storage

Wooden Monitor Printer Stand With Storage

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The authentic wooden design makes this printer stand with storage one of a kind to have. It comes with the construction of eco-friendly and sturdy melamine board to ensure quality for you. The whole stand is durable, wear resistant, and formaldehyde free which is safe and long lasting to use. That allows it to load better and sturdier than most plastic stands out there.

There are two tiers in the stand, and they offer just the perfect space for office supplies storage. The cool part is the 3 compartments design in the lower tier that allow you to store different items conveniently. Plus with its smooth polish and rounded corners, this is one stylish choice to have in mind. There are two colors that you can select between brown and black, so don’t forget to check them out.

In Short:
  • Spacious design
  • Comfortable and ergonomic to use
  • Smooth polish with modern design
  • Sturdy and durable wood construction

#5. Printer Stand Shelf With Storage

Printer Stand Shelf With Storage

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By: eMerit

With strong structure and bearing capacity, this is one of the best printer stands with storage to have in mind. This unit is strong enough to handle a printer or monitor on it without losing its stability or quality. The part that we like about it is definitely the space saving and convenient design that it comes with. You can use it to store pretty much anything in the office from paper to books and other small items. Plus with its versatile design, it makes a great storage stand anywhere you like.

Another thing that we like about this stand is the intimate protection that it offers. It comes with the design from MDF with edges protection along with non-slip rubber feet. These are to reduce movement and protect your work surface from scratches and scuffs. The whole unit is very easy to assemble and maintain, and it makes a nice compliment in your office or room. It comes with two colors including black and white, the choice is all yours to make.

In Short:
  • Easy to assemble
  • Neat and sturdy design
  • Ample storage capacity
  • Durable and stable design
  • Space saving and convenient

#4. Under Desk Printer Stand With Storage

Under Desk Printer Stand With Storage

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By: Safco

In case the space in your office is extra compact, then this under desk printer stand with storage is great for you. This printer stand is so compact yet so spacious when it comes to storage space. That makes it one of the best printer stands with storage that many users are happy with. This stand can fit neatly under almost any standard desks out there which is simply convenient to use. It is a total win because it does not take any floor space yet offers even more storage area for you.

The great part is the commercial grade perforated steel that makes the unit durable and sturdy. Along with that, its legs also come with silver powder coat finish as well to resist chipping and scratching. You can use it for years, and the quality and durability are always there for you. Plus with the four swivel wheels, you can also move it from one place to another easily as well. Great quality and mobility, so let’s see if this is the printer stand with storage that you like.

In Short:
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Swivel wheels with lock
  • Large storage compartment
  • Compact and space saving design
  • Chip resistant powder coat finish on legs

#3. 3-Shelf Printer Stand With Storage & Wheels

3-Shelf Printer Stand With Storage & Wheels

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By: Mind Reader

The 3-tier design of this unit makes it one of the best printer stands with storage to have. That is because you can store and organize more things in the office with ease and comfort. The best part is that it comes with adjustable height that you can easily adjust. Not to mention that you can go from a 3-tier to a 2-tier rolling cart within seconds, it is simply great. This unit alone can hold up to 75lbs, so you can organize many office supplies and items easily.

Another awesome part is that each tier comes with cable management to keep your power cords neat. Should you place your printer on its top surface, you can easily tidy up your cables for a tangle-free use. Plus with its caster wheels design, this is one high quality printer stand with storage to have in mind. Not to mention that its price is less than 50 bucks, this is a rare find so don’t overlook this option.

In Short:
  • Adjustable height
  • Durable, stable, and sturdy
  • Neat cable management on each tier
  • Swivel castor wheels for easy portable
  • Extra slide drawer for additional storage

#2. Tough Wire Machine Stand With Storage

Tough Wire Machine Stand With Storage

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By: Safco

Here we have a super tough and durable printer stand with storage that you really should consider. This one is tough it can handle up to 200lbs which is way stronger than most stands out there. It comes with two storage shelves that offer ample room for storing paper, toner and other office supplies. Plus with its durable assembly, this printer stand can work for you for years without losing its quality at all.

Another great thing is definitely the steel wire frame and laminate top of this unit. That is to provide exceptional stability and support while the powder coat finish offers chip and scratch resistance. So no matter how long you use it, the professional quality and appearance are always there for you. This printer stand is also easy to move from one place to another as well. Its four swivel wheels allow for smooth movement which is simply convenient. Let’s see if this is the option that gets your attention.

In Short:
  • Stable and supportive
  • Ample storage shelves
  • Smooth swivel wheels
  • Durable and sturdy assembly
  • Height adjustable lower space

#1. 3-Tier Wood Storage Cart

3-Tier Wood Storage Cart

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By: Mind Reader

With this design, you can use this storage cart pretty much anywhere you prefer with different purposes. There are 3 shelves that offer easy and simple multipurpose storage with ample space for you. At the same time, there are 4 omnidirectional smooth gliding wheels that offer easy maneuverability. That way, you will be able to move from one place to another with ease. The wheels also come with lock as well so that you can keep it in place with great stability.

The whole unit is very easy to assemble, and it takes just minutes to put together. It is durable and stable, and you can store many different office supplies on it easily. We also like its luxury rustic design as well, and that makes it a great compliment in most offices and rooms. Plus with its aesthetic look, this printer stand blends very well in any room you put it in. From quality to style it has them all, no doubt why it is among the best printer stands with storage to have.

In Short:
  • Compact and sturdy
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy and fast to assemble
  • Rolling and locking design
  • 4 omnidirectional smooth gliding wheels

Buying Guide For The Best Printer Stand With Storage

Keeping your office neat and functional is possible with a reliable printer table. It has multiple compartments that accommodate a variety of office supplies. You can store a printer, toner, cartridge, paper reams, and much more to have easy access. If you are looking for the best printer stand with storage, we have the top features you need to consider before buying. They are as follows:

Size and Design

The overall design of the mobile cart will give you a better idea about the floor space use. Ensure you check out the dimensions before purchasing a specific model. This will allow you to save valuable desk space and at the same time, keep the office clutter-fee.

Weight Capacity

Consider the maximum load the printer stand can support. It all depends on the number of gadgets you wish to store and their weight. For smaller amounts like printer or paper reams, a design with a limit of 75 pounds works best. For the heavier loads, go for a higher capacity such as 200 pounds that accommodate a printer, toner, cartridge, and more items at the same time.

Mobility and Stability

Another feature to check for when looking for the best printer stand with storage is its portability. Some advanced designs have wheels with a braking system to move and stop quickly on most surfaces. Others lack casters but are lightweight to allow easy lifting, repositioning as well as placement to meet your office storage needs.

The Material Used for Construction

Finally, consider the overall construction and the elements used. If you prefer a functional and attractive printer table, steel is an excellent choice. It not only looks good but is easier to maintain. Also, for strength, metal does well as it withstands extreme pressures to improve longevity.


We hope that the review on the best printer stands with storage above will be helpful for you. Since we only picked the best options, any item you choose is all great to have. Let’s see which printer stand with storage in our list that you like the most.

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Free up valuable desk space with a reliable mobile cart. Most people working at home or in the office use the best printer stand with storage because of its user-friendly service. It comes with a variety of shelves that hold various office supplies like a printer, toner, and even paper ream. In this review, we feature the best printer stand with storage in 2021.

#11. Rolling Printer Stand With Storage Yaheetech Rolling Printer Stand with Storage for Office Home

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By: Yaheetech

If you want a convenient and easy to use printer stand, Yaheetech is here for you. Boasting of one open storage, it improves the accessibility of your items. The other designs have a lot of slots that require a better storage system to locate each valuable. With the four wheels, they rotate up to 360° for natural movement. Whether you move backward, forwards, side to side, you get easy mobility. Plus, its modern braking system stops quickly when the need arises, such as avoiding sliding. This moveable cabinet has four closed slots behind the sturdy dual doors. They have an adjustable shelf divider that lets you set at 5”, 7” and 10” intervals to meet your preferences.

We love the thoughtful design of this product featuring door metal hinges with a superior hydraulic rod. What this means is less buffering, and more silence in every door opening/closing. Also, your fingers stay safe from injuries like nips. This accessory is easy to assemble, thanks to the included instructions. Two people can finish the setup in minutes. The multifunctional structure of this office equipment doubles as an office printer stand or a home microwave cart. Also, you can use it in your restaurant, cafe, bedroom, or kitchen to store dishes, files, books, or food.

In Short:

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Simple one open storage design
  • Wide 360° swivel wheel angle
  • Different height options
  • For home, kitchen or office

#10. Mobile Printer Stand With Organizing Storage

FITUEYES Mobile Printer Stand with Organizing Storage

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Enjoy a simple office utility storage with the Fitueyes printer stand. Featuring 4 open storage slots, 2 smaller and two large ones, you have extensive options to where to keep your items. The compact shelves are divided by an adjustable compartment to improve the inner appearance. You can place the more significant load on the bottom and compact ones on the top, depending on your accessibility preferences. Besides, this mobile cart lets you keep your printer, toner, cartridge, paper, and more accessories under your desk or floor space.

With quality casters, movement is a breeze. They move swiftly and smoothly on most surfaces, such as hardwood floors, tiles, and others. Also, they have a braking system in case you need to make a sudden stop during mobility. Besides, this gadget has better durability than other designs. Made from longlasting particle board, it can withstand excessive use. Not only that, but it has a 12mm thickness to improve stability and usability.

In Short:

  • Easy to use and store office supplies
  • The multiple slots accommodate various items
  • Fits perfectly under a desk
  • Quality casters move and brake quickly
  • Durable 12mm particle board design

#9. Printer Stand With Wheels & Drawer

Mount-It Printer Stand With Wheels And Drawer

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By: Mount-it!

Mount-It office cart has joined the best printer stand with storage in the market. It allows you to customize the setting thanks to an adjustable height. Not only that, but the installation takes seconds by adding or removing parts to adjusts the height. With a modern stacking column style, it uses minimal space than the other standard ones. Each shelf supports up to 22 pounds suitable for holding a variety of loads. You can use the compartment to store your toner, paper, printer, or fax machine for easy access. No more running back and forth in your office to get a specific office supply. With rolling wheels, you can relocate your printer as frequently as you want without worrying about breaking.

Each shelf has a dimension of 19.25 x 12.62 inches, to hold a sizeable ink-jet printer. Not only that, but a 25-inch height can store office items such as papers under the riser. Other premium features include cable management that keeps cords neat and out of sight. Plus, the wheels move swiftly on most surfaces, and you can lock them to have more stability. Now, you can move and position your printer table effortlessly. This item assembles in minutes with no tools by stacking the columns and platforms to assemble in minutes.

In Short:

  • Customizable printer table height
  • Uses minimal floor space
  • Each shelf hold a 22-pound weight
  • Smooth moving wheels
  • Simple to stack the columns

#8. Piper Home Office, Walnut

Winsome Piper Home Office, Walnut

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By: Winsome

Piper best printer stand with storage supports productivity and flexibility. Its compact structure with a top dimension of 24.1 inches wide x 17.7 inches diameter, lets you use it in different locations at home or in the office. Also, the bottom drawer measures 16 inches wide x 13 inches diameter x 11 inches high, perfect as a file or storage cabinet. The pullout tray is sturdy and slides in/out quickly, ideal as an office utility slot or a laptop stand. Another thing is the larger lower compartment allows you to keep oversized items like cartridges, toners, and much more.

Built from both solid and composite wood, it guarantees an extended service. The material in a walnut finish improves the current decor style to let you enjoy functional and attractive file storage. There is no need for length assembly as this office cart comes ready to use after minor setup. Besides, a keyboard slot lets you keep your keyboard when working on a project to improve productivity. At the same time, you use less desk space to keep the area clutter-free.

In Short:

  • Supports office productivity and flexibility
  • The compact structure fits multiple spaces
  • Easy to slide in/out the pullout tray
  • Quality and dependable wood constriction
  • Keeps your desk clutter-free

#7. 3-Shelf Printer Cart Stand With Wheels

Mind Reader 3-Shelf Printer Cart, Stand with Wheels

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By: Mind Reader

We love the Mind Reader printer cart because it saves valuable desktop space. It measures 24.8 x 17.4 x 13.4 inches to fit in small locations comfortably. The design plus a 9.25-pound makes it easy to move around your office or home. Boasting of sturdy shelves, this 3-tier stand accommodates multiple items such as fax machine, scanner, printer, toner, and more office machinery. Not only the safekeeping of valuables but also aids in keeping your desk organized. Built from sturdy wire material, the shelves hold a variety of items that weigh less than 75 pounds. Besides, this material does not rust, fade, chip, or break over time like the others.

This equipment’s compact profile can fit under your desk to keep the space looking cleaner and inviting. At the same time, you get a clutter-free desk to maximize work performance. Another thing is the is integrated cable management on all the compartments to eliminate unsightly cords. The shelves adjust to fit your height level needs as you customize the work surface. If you have a friend opening a new office, this gadget is the perfect gift. It is functional, looks stylish in its back finish, and also uses minimal space.

In Short:

  • Saves valuable desk space
  • The lightweight structure weighs 9.25 pounds
  • Its 3-tier design improves storage appearance
  • A convenient cable management solution
  • Functional and beautiful office gift

#6. Rolling Printer Cart Machine Stand

Halter LZ-308 Rolling Printer Cart Machine Stand

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By: Halter

We understand cables dangling all over makes a place look unkempt and uninviting. If you have a home office or work in a commercial setting, this machine stand is the best option to improve the setup appearance. Featuring modern cable management, you can conceal the wires easily as you access them more quickly. Also, you don’t have to use any special tools to fix the cords perfect for new users. This item assembles in minutes, thanks to a simple structure and clear construction. Follow them to quicken the installation process for you to enjoy a safe storing system.

Moreover, this product comes with multiple shelves that accommodate ink-jet or laser printers that weigh less than 75 pounds. This means most standard designs of these printers can fit in comfortably as you get easy access. The other slots let you keep your office supplies, such as paper, files, and much more. In addition, a black finish improves and coordinates well with most office design. Whether you work in a conventional or modern setting, there is no color clashing. The robust wheels with safety locks enhance mobility as you position your unit to your ideal location.

In Short:

  • Convenient cable management to improve the storage look
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Its multiple shelves accommodate different items
  • Can support up to 75-pound load
  • The wheels quickly move from place to place

#5. Printer Stand Wooden Storage Cabinet

Bestier Printer Stand Wooden Storage Cabinet

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By: Bestier

There is no other storage cabinet that gives an excellent versatility than the Bestier. You can use it in your kitchen, home, or office to improve your utility storage. With multiple compartments, including a 2-tier shelf, you can place your scanner or printer safely for an easy reach. Besides, this structure doubles as a nightstand, storage cabinet, shelf, or side end table to meet various applications. An added advantage is the integrated mobile slot that customizes your storing organization. Made of solid wood, it looks sleek while ensuring a longlasting performance. Plus, the material improves the decor display in your home or office for a modern appearance.

There is no need to use a small stand when you have this one with a spacious design. Its top surfaces, large drawer, hidden lower shelf, and an open slot let you keep a variety of items. The lower storage measures 14.8 inches wide x 8.9 inches long perfect for small to medium-sized office essentials. Now, you can fix under or beside your desk/table to free up workspace. Not only that, but safely keep paper reams, office supplies, ink cartridge, decor accessories, books, or letters.

In Short:

  • Perfect for kitchen, home or the office
  • Multiple slots to improve your storage design
  • Sturdy and longlasting wood construction
  • Spacious top surface to accommodate different items
  • Frees up work or desk space

#4. Office Suites Multi-Purpose Printer Stand

Fellowes Office Suites Multi-Purpose Printer Stand (8032601)

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By: Fellowes

Getting the best printer stand with storage that gives you a lightweight service is easier, thanks to the Fellows machine. It weighs only 6 pounds but supports a considerable weight of 50 pounds. This makes it easy to operate when compared to the bulkier designs. With a dimension of 18.1 x 21.2 x 5.2 inches, it occupies a small floor room suitable for home or office use. Apart from its space-saving structure, it comes with drawers that keep A4 size paper, legal, or letters for fast reloads. Also, this gadget has sturdy compartments that accommodate toners, ink cartridges, and more office supplies.

We love the multi-purpose structure of this accessory that allows the placement of a scanner, printer, or fax machine. The surface area ensures no utilities take too much space of your desktop table to improve work performance. A bonus functionality is the anti-skid rubber feet. They offer maximum protection to keep your floor surfaces free of scuffs, markings, or scratches. Boasting of a black/silver color, it adds a refreshing style in most environments. These two shades improve the current form suitable for conventional and modern offices. To improve appearance, wipe off dust away regularly with a soft cloth.

In Short:

  • Weighs only 6 pounds to give a lightweight service
  • Can support a maximum of 50 pounds
  • Space-saving and reliable design
  • Multipurpose construction holds a printer, scanner, letter and more
  • Non-marking and anti-skid rubber feet

#3. Printer Stand With Storage & Wheels, Chocolate

South Shore 1-Door Printer Stand with Storage on Wheels, Chocolate

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By: South Shore

If you want a dedicated and secure place to hold your office utilities, stop searching. The South Shore printer stand has a modern style with robust wheels for easy portability. You can push or pull this item to your suitable location, no matter the floor surface. We love the chocolate finish that adds a contemporary feel in any room. Match it with other decors at home as the neutral finish blends in perfectly. You can choose a different color apart from the chocolate such as Natural maple, pure black, royal cherry, soft gray, or white.

Moreover, this accessory allows you to keep all your cartridge, toners, paper reams, and more supplies securely. Its open storage shelves are adjustable to give you easy access as well as storage customization. In addition, a solid closed door improves the safety of your valuables against foreign elements such as splashes. This product is made of non-toxic particleboard with a premium lamination suitable for indoor use. Another thing is the sleek handle made of a premium handle to give you maximum control when maneuvering this unit.

In Short:

  • Modern style that offers a dedicated office supply storage
  • The robust wheels move gently on most surfaces
  • Comes in a variety of colors such as white and soft gray
  • Holds small to medium-sized items like toners and paper reams
  • Sleek handle improves operation and maneuverability

#2. Deskside Wire Machine Stand

Safco Products Deskside Wire Machine Stand 5207BL

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By: Safco

The best printer stand with storage gives you easy access to items like the Safco mobile table. Boasting of four quality swivel wheels, you get a smooth movement around the office. Also, its easy mobility is perfect for setting in an office, meeting area, home, or conference room effortlessly. The two casters lock to give a fixed placement when you are working. Measuring 24 inches wide x 20 inches diameter x 27 inches high, it holds multiple utilities such as a printer, scanner, and other office essentials off your desk. This gives you an easy reach as compared to other methods.

With two storage shelves, they provide ample room for holding toner, paper ream, and much more. Assembly is easy, thanks to an ergonomic construction with a laminate top and steel wireframe. They deliver exceptional support and stability as the powder coating resists scratching. Now, you can enjoy a more extended use as well as professional appearance. In addition, this equipment can support up to 200 pounds, which is more than other brands. The deskside has a 27-inch height perfect for both short and tall users to use comfortably.

In Short:

  • Easy access to your office essentials
  • Smooth mobility is suitable for offices, conference halls and much more
  • Holds multiple items such as a printer, toner
  • Quick and straightforward assembly
  • Supports up to a 200-pound weight

#1. Midnight Black Collection Wood Printer Stand

Victor Midnight Black Collection 1130-5 Wood Printer Stand

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By: Victor

Organize your office space with the Victor best printer stand with storage. It has a black finish to go well with other utilities such as chairs, tables, and even stationery. With two sizeable drawers, you can keep printer supplies as well as office utilities securely. There are four shelf placements for you to customize the setting as the compartments are removable. You can fit folders or paper reams after opening the storage at the top or bottom. Now, you have easy access to your essentials without using too much office floor room.

This item’s attractive design offers a refined look thanks to the brushed metal pulls. Not only that, but the frosted glass inserts improve aesthetics while the faux leather insert looks more appealing. Leather is also a durable material that requires minimal care to keep it in its original state. Alternatively, use a soft cloth to wipe off dirt away. Constructed with MDF wood, it is much stronger than other storage units in the market. The material plus a triple painted finish delivers a luxurious feel in any space, whether at home or in the office.

In Short:

  • Simple office organization space
  • Lovely black matte finish
  • Multiple drawers accommodate a variety of office supplies
  • The leather insert is sturdy and attractive
  • A triple painted finish improves the overall stand design

In Conclusion

Keeping your office space neat and functional does not have to be expensive. You can invest in the best printer stand with storage to help you organize all your office supplies. It has multiple compartments that hold a printer, cartridge, paper ream, and more essentials. Similarly, you get easy access to your valuables to improve office performance. Check the products above and pick the best printer stand with storage to enjoy a smooth operation in the office or home.

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  1. Benefits Of The Best Printer Stands With Storage Space:
    Organization: They help us become more organized by knowing where things are especially when we need them the most.
    Space Saving: If you don’t have sufficient room in your desk, the printer will help you in storing the necessary supplies.

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