Top 5 Best Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes Review Of All Time

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If you are reading this article on the best self-cleaning litter boxes, you probably are tired of regularly cleaning the litter box. Or maybe you are thinking of acquiring a cat, but the thought of the smell of their litter box is giving you second thoughts. The truth is that owning a cat is very rewarding. I mean, who doesn’t love their cute, little, bubbly faces? Who doesn’t like the way they rub their furry body against your legs, especially when you enter the home?

One thing I am sure of is that no one loves cleaning their litter boxes. In fact, I know of so many people who changed their minds and decided not to own just because of this. Others, as we speak, are in a grumpy mood since they have just cleaned the litter box. Well, you don’t have to do it the old-fashioned way. How about you invest in an automatic or self-cleaning litter box. You can stay for as long as a week without worrying about the surrounding. What you can be sure of is that your cat or kitten is living in a very clean and hygienic environment. You also know that your home won’t have a bad odor even while you are away. In this review, I will show you the best self-cleaning litter boxes in the market.

List Of The Best Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes In 2021

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#5. ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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By: PetSafe

This is one of the most effective automatic self-cleaning litter boxes in the market. At first, you may not be convinced that this unit can self-clean. This probably why I never gave much thought about it. However, once you see it in action, you will be amazed by how such a simple thing can maintain such good hygiene. It features a simple rake and a primary mechanism that clears the mess as per your setting, and you can set the interval as you deem for. And to ensure there is no odor, the unit features crystals that absorb the urine and is said to be 5 times more effective than other options.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Closed waste compartment for odor minimization and improved cleaning
  • Disposable litter trays for minimal fuss and improved handling
  • Leak-proof lined trays for easy and quick cleanup
  • Health counters for monitoring the frequency
  • Adjustable timer for selecting the best raking frequency

#4. Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

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By: CatGenie

Just as the name suggests, this is the “Cat Genie” that clears the poop and cleans the litter box without being seen. It is based on a superior system that automatically flushes the waste and after doing so, it cleans itself. This ensures that the environment, as well as the cleaning tool, is spotless and the chances of the residue remaining on the flushing system are minimal. One thing that attracts me to this unit is that it comes with granules that encourage the cat to dig and then cover afterward. This design encourages the cat to relieve itself rather than shying away because of a hard surface.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Automatic operation for flushing the waste away and also cleaning itself
  • Washable granules for encouraging the cat to dig when relieving itself and covering thereafter
  • Large size to cater for up to 2 cats of 6 months or above
  • Recyclable SaniSolution cartridge for keeping ownership cost low
  • 8-foot long water supply hose for improved performance

#3. ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

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By: PetSafe

The first time I saw this automatic self-cleaning litter box, I thought that the cat was yet to relive itself. It’s only after my friend told me it had that I got a bit curious. Sure enough, it had done it not once but severally. However, because of the hidden trap and the unique cleaning mechanism the solid waste was held in a hidden place. The holding space was pretty large and could accommodate a large volume without getting filled easily. And to contain the odor, the unit features crystals that absorb the odors as well as urine. Other reasons that make the PetSafe unit one of the best self-cleaning litter boxes include a simple design, easy to operate, hygienically-styled, and durable.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Self-cleans without requiring cleaning, scooping, or refilling
  • Automatically cleans itself for up to one week without requiring any human intervention
  • Crystal litter for dehydrating waste and absorbing urine
  • Covered trap for containing the odor and solid waste
  • Closed design for concealing the waste and improved hygienic cleanup

#2. Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Pewter

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Pewter

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By: Omega Paw

Your hunt for the best self-cleaning litter boxes in the market will end after you acquire this unit from Omega Paw. I helped my neighbor discover it a few months ago, and he says that its one of the most user-friendly and effective automatic litter boxes he’s ever used. First, it comes with a decent capacity to accommodate large quantities of solid waste. Second, it doesn’t run on electricity, and this keeps it going even in areas where there is no electricity. Thirdly, the cat-friendly accessory is suitable for cats of different ages and sizes. Fourthly, he loves the pullout trays that make disposal easy. One thing I can say is that it’s the simplest to assemble. We managed to put it together within 2 minutes.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Large size for accommodating large volumes
  • Simple design for easy assembly and cleaning
  • Patented Grill for separating solid waste from clean litter
  • Simple step by step instructions for quick assembly
  • Pullout tray for easy and convenient disposal

#1. Open-Air Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Litter-Robot III Open-Air Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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By: Litter-RobotLitter Robot

Having owned the Litter-Robot III for more than one year, I can, without doubt, say it’s among the best self-cleaning litter boxes in the market. It serves my two felines and never seems to get filled up even after one week thanks to its large size and capacity. The cats enter and leave the unit very convenient since they always find it clean. Other than easy entry, the large entry also improves the cleaning process. It still looks pretty new despite having being used for more than one year. This is because of the high-quality construction and materials that resist wearing, tear, scratches, rust, corrosion, and it’s yet to fade.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Fully automatic for improved self-cleaning
  • Large dimension to cater for several cats
  • Large Entryway for easy operation
  • Automatic Night Light for improved functionality
  • Durable Construction to last for a long time
  • Good quality for infrequent maintenance

Factors To Consider When Comparing The Best Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

Do you have a cat or several pets that clutter your space with food crumbs and litter? Using a self-cleaning litter bin is an advantageous solution. Not only to leave the area clean but also fresh. And it prevents odors from food waste and litter to add freshness to the setting. The following are some of the common factors a consumer should consider.

Number of Cats

How many pets do you own in your house? This is a significant factor when buying this litter box because some felines don’t like sharing their bins. Also, their territorial nature makes it a bit tricky to use the same unit for several canine pals. For those with more than two cats, it’s perfect to buy each his own. Not only to prevent fights but also domination when using the litter. If you purchase several containers, note that it’ll cost more but leave the kittens peaceful.

Ease of Operation

The many designs for cat litter boxes will either give you a simple or hard use. Just check its overall structure and previous customers’ review for extra information. In addition, the complex ones tend to make cleanup a stressful task, especially if it has corners and small edges. Even those with whistles and bells can cause unnecessary stress to the owner when it comes to maintenance. What’s more, most manufacturers provide a user manual for extra guidance on use, as well as cleanup.

Size of The Cat

Another consideration is the size of your canine pal. For large pets, consider a bigger self-cleaning litter box to avoid a messy floor. Also, a larger space prevents waste all over their body after each to promote a healthier and cleaner routine. For the smaller kittens, go for a low-profile bin to reduce waste in every application. Furthermore, most of these units are measured in inches or centimeters to let you buy the accurate size.

Cleanup and Maintenance

The best self-cleaning litter boxes are usually simple to clean. Although they have an automatic washing stem, you can add extra protection by manually cleaning the plate. What’s more, this improves the kitten’s well-being as well as health.


What material has the manufacturer used to create the body of the litter box? Most are premium plastic for extended use and also simple care. Also, this structure offers incredible stability when placed on an even floor surface. And it can bear excessive strikes and knocks imposed by the furry friend without breaking. In addition, the base of the litter bin is anti-slip to handle daily use from the cat.


The best self-cleaning litter boxes are ideal for pet owners. Whether you have one or several, you need these bins to leave the space clean. Also, they accommodate the waste to prevent odors from infecting your area. You can wash it after the automatic cleaning has done its job for added safety to the feline’s health. Besides, these units are sturdy to handle knocks and strikes from the cats.


While many people love having a cat for a pet, most chose not to own one simply because of the bad smell that comes from their litter boxes. Others who own the pet always detest the thought of cleaning their mess. And as well all know that cat poop and urine is quite strong and disgusting. In fact, you can smell it from far, and it does stick around for quite some time. Poor cleaning will lead to your home smelling not so nice. And this is the last thing you want.

The perfect solution to this problem is for cat owners to invest in the best self-cleaning litter boxes. These units automatically clean themselves once the cat is done and this ensures the place is clean and hygienic. With all kinds of accessories on the market, I saw it fit to educate you on the best self-cleaning litter boxes. I looked at types that were cat-friendly, cleaned easily, and didn’t require any human intervention. I also focused on types that cleaned thoroughly, last for a long time, and was ergonomically-designed. By acquiring any of the above items, you and your furry friend are guaranteed good cleanliness, ultimate hygiene, and pace-of-mind.

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