12 Best Stair Climbing Carts In 2021 Review — The Top Pick

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Hauling things up and down the staircase can be a daunting affair. First, you may need to make several trips if you have many items. Second, there is a risk of dropping or even messing something in case you fall while carrying too many and some fall. Third, you will spend lots of effort and feel quite tired after the episode. Four, chances of being injured while moving increase if you make more movements up and down. As an answer to these and other similar problems, the staircase-climbing cart was invented. We advise you to pick up one of these best stair climbing carts below.

It looks similar to other utility cart but is specifically designed for moving things up and down the stairs. To do this, it will be lighter, portable, have decent capacity and can be folded to a smaller size after use. In this article about best stair climbing carts in 2021, we will look at the top-quality and popular ones in the market. And they are here as follows.

List Of Best Stair Climbing Carts In 2021

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#1. Folding Shopping Cart Grocery Utility Lightweight Stair Climbing Cart

Flyerstoy Folding Shopping Cart Grocery Utility Lightweight Stair Climbing Cart

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By: Flyerstoy

The title of the best stair climbing cart on this list goes to Flyerstoy’s. With this product, moving things up the stair is easier. The nice-looking accessory comes in a compact design and size for better operation. And although it is lightweight, the unit holds a reasonable volume. The wheels swivel for easier control and also move silently and smoothly on the surfaces.

It has a strong metal frame and tough canvas fabric to put up with the movement. The wheel bearings ensure the wheels not only move smoothly but also produce little noise. For good protection to the things from the rain, the cart comprises a waterproof fabric. The bag can be removed for easy storage and cleanup.

In Short:
  • In spite of being lightweight, it can sufficiently handle a large volume
  • Will not create any noise during the movement
  • Use of the waterproof fabric guarantees outstanding protection against rain and water
  • The included accessories are packed in a compact size

#2. Stair Climber Laundry Trolley Dolly, Grey Laundry Bag Hamper Basket

dbest products Stair Climber Laundry Trolley Dolly, Grey Laundry Bag Hamper Basket

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By: dbest products

This stair-climbing cart may be light in weight. However, it can handle large capacity. The unit has a tough construction to prevent ripping while carrying things. It folds and unfolds easily and effortlessly. This characteristic also contributes to its portability. Thanks to the rubber wheels, it maintains a firm grip on different surfaces.

Placing things into the cart is straightforward courtesy of the open-top design. It features heavy-duty wheels to withstand the load and movement, and they move seamlessly. If used as recommended, this item will last many years. When done with the cart, you can fold it down to a smaller and compact size.

In Short:
  • Issues of ripping are prevented by its durable construction
  • Equipped with the open-top design to easily place stuff inside
  • There are easy gliding wheels on either side of this cart’s bottom

#3. Stair Climber Bigger Trolley Dolly Shopping Cart, Blue

Stair Climber Bigger Trolley Dolly Shopping Cart, Blue

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By: dbest products

The dbest brand is a top distributor of stair climbing carts. This one is a top seller not only from the company but in the market as well. It features a simple design for ease and convenience. Removal is equally easy, and once finished with the move, you can fold the accessory. It also has an adjustable height like other top types.

The robust material is resistant to ripping and looks good courtesy of the blue color. Movement on different surfaces is made easier by the high-quality tires. And due to the good traction they provide, chances of the cart toppling over are minimal. They also offer nice traction on the surface. Furthermore, the none marking wheels won’t stain or leave marks on the flooring or staircase.

In Short:
  • The blue color throughout the structure looks exquisite
  • Not just loading but the removal of stuff is also easy and quick
  • The included robust material in its making resist ripping
  • Use of superior quality tires allow easy movement without any flaws

#4. Bigger Trolley Dolly Stair Climbers, Moroccan Tile Grocery Foldable Cart

Bigger Trolley Dolly Stair Climbers, Moroccan Tile Grocery Foldable Cart

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By: dbest products

One of the best stair climbing carts, This stair climber is very functional and perfect for everyday use. Although looking smaller than other alternatives, it has a good capacity. According to the manufacturer, it can safely carry up to 150 pounds. To ease the movement, it features smooth-rolling rubber tires. The swiveling wheels offer better maneuverability, whereas the comfortable handle provides a firm hold.

The cart is ergonomically designed for better and safe handling, whereas the 8 compartments improve the organization. It also comes with an umbrella holder and beverage holder. Like other options in this reviews, this cart trolley also comprises into half for convenient storage. Besides being a staircase climbing trolley, this unit also doubles as a utility cart, grocery cart as well as a shopping cart.

In Short:
  • Safe handling is made possible by its unique ergonomic design
  • The included rubber tires roll smoothly without creating any marks on the surface
  • Special inclusion of beverage holder and umbrella holder is found in this cart
  • Can be compressed into half of the size and stored safely

#5. Stair Climber Trolley Dolly 2, Red Grocery Foldable Cart Condo Apartment

Stair Climber Trolley Dolly 2, Red Grocery Foldable Cart Condo Apartment

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By: dbest products

This cart is not just good-looking but also very practical. It is spacious enough to accommodate a sizeable volume, has a nice open top for easy placing and removal of stuff, and feels solid. The tough materials are held in place by a strong metal frame. This keeps the contents intact, and the possibility of the fabric ripping is minimal.

The piece features compartments for easy organization. What’s more, the smooth-rolling rubber wheels prevent toppling over and boost the traction. Using or pulling it is, therefore, an effortless affair. The sturdy cart can be used frequently (moving up and down the staircase), and won’t break down easily. It is also easy to take care of and doesn’t need frequent cleaning.

In Short:
  • The spacious design makes sure this red climbing cart is capable to hold great volume
  • Comes with a decent open-top to allow easy placement and removal of stuff
  • No chances of fabric material getting ripped off
  • Can move on different surfaces without making noise

#6. Deluxe All-Terrain Stair Climbing Folding Cart

UpCart Deluxe All-Terrain Stair Climbing Folding Cart

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By: UpCart

Coming from one of the renowned brands, this cart is what you need to move things up the staircase. It has a decent capacity to accommodate a good volume. Furthermore, it has a strong fabric that can resist ripping. The wheels are made of smooth and solid rubber for a good grip. They also move flawlessly without staining the surface. Additionally, you will not hear any noise during the move.

The cushioned handle provides good hold and keeps your fingers and hands comfortable. For better organization, this utility cart features several compartments. It has a nice color that matches different decors. Other notable benefits of this product are solid construction, durable, easy folding, compact size, and good quality.

In Short:
  • Use of the strong fabric avoids the chances of ripping
  • While moving, there will be no stains left on the surface
  • The excellent hold is provided by the cushioned handle
  • Presence of solid rubber in the wheels guarantee excellent grip

#7. Climb Cart by BulbHead – The Folding Cart That Climbs Stairs with Ease

Climb Cart by BulbHead - The Folding Cart That Climbs Stairs with Ease

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By: BulbHead

BulbHead is a known brand when it comes to the best stair climbing carts in 2021. The modern design is ideal for today has needs and works perfectly with different kinds of staircases. Furthermore, it can hold a decent volume of goods and stays firm during the movement. This is courtesy of the sturdy construction and solid rubber wheels. Consumers say the wheels glide smoothly and quietly is even on rough surfaces. This makes it a right solution, particularly in areas where silence is needs. It also comes with an adjustable height to cater for various users and preferences.

To prevent damage from rust and corrosion, the metal frame is coated with a protective material. The cart also has excellent ergonomics for secure handling, movement, and extra comfort during handling.

In Short:
  • Compatible to work with different types of staircases
  • The solid rubber wheels at the base ensure easy gliding experience
  • Even on rough surfaces, this cart can move without any noise

#8. Stair Climber Cart 30 Inch Folded Height Folding Stair

BestEquip 330 LBS Capacity Stair Climber Cart 30 Inch Folded Height Folding Stair

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By: BestEquip

If you want a heavy-duty stair-climbing cart, then this one is perfect. It is made of tough metal to endure the load and movement. The maximum recommended load capacity is 330 pounds. Despite its good strength, it is relatively lightweight, making hauling it up and down the stairs convenient. Like other types, it comprises smooth rolling wheels for effortless operation. Furthermore, the front wheels are lockable for better control.

The design and material allow it to carry many things, whereas the folding nature improves portability and storage. And for excellent protection against the wet environment and rain, the unit has a waterproof fabric. The key advantages of this product are good capacity, easy movement, superior portability, robust construction and durable.

In Short:
  • The supreme load capacity is 330 pounds
  • Its front wheels can be locked to employ better control whenever needed
  • Comes with decent portability and excellent portability
  • Use of waterproof fabric gives a relief that this cart will resist the effects of water and rain

#9. Deluxe Stair Climber Cart | Folding Cart Holds Up to 60 lbs

Helping Hand Deluxe Stair Climber Cart in Silver | Folding Cart Holds Up to 60 lbs

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By: Helping Hand

This is a heavy-duty staircase climbing cart can handle up to 60 pounds of weight. It is among the strongest and versatile pieces on our review. Similar to the leading types, it boasts of durable steel that can put-up well with the load, movement, and mishandling to some extent. The unit has good stability courtesy of the superior construction. It also moves seamlessly on different surfaces.

The wheels also emit little noise thanks to the high-quality rubber and superior bearings. To assist in maneuverability, the front wheels swivel while the handles have a nice grip. The height can be adjusted to suit different individual preferences as well as the need at hand.

In Short:
  • The use of strong steel in its making make sure this cart can sustain mishandling
  • Found to withstand up to 60 pounds of weight
  • The flawless gliding wheels at the base do not make much noise
  • Included handles come with a comfortable grip so you can transport this cart conveniently

#10. Folding Shopping Cart Stair Climbing Cart With Quiet Rubber

2018 Upgraded Folding Shopping Cart Stair Climbing Cart with Quiet Rubber

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Considered one of the leading distributors of stair climbing carts, the ROYI brand has many reliable carts under its sleeve. It has a basic design that makes placing and removing items easy. It is made of a quality material that is held together by sturdy metal frames. This assures the user of durability and reliability. Thanks to the adjustable height, selecting the right height is comfortable.

For smooth movement, it has high-quality tires that maintain excellent traction on the surface. Furthermore, they are none marking, meaning they leave no markings or stains on the surface. This cart is also easy to fold. It folds to a quarter its size and together with the lightweight, carrying and storing should not be a problem.

In Short:
  • It is possible to select the appropriate height based on your preference
  • At the bottom, the rubber gliding wheels to make sure the movement is smooth
  • There will be no stains or markings left on the surface when it is being moved
  • The use of quality materials and sturdy steel frame indicates high durability

#11. Stair Climbing Cart Portable Climbing Cart With 6 Wheels

VEVOR Stair Climbing Cart Portable Climbing Cart 330 lb Capacity with 6 Wheels

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The newly upgraded staircase-climbing cart is more improved than the earlier one. This one is no doubt, one of the best stair climbing carts. It is much lighter in weight but has a better, loading capacity. It also features quieter rubber wheels that move quickly on different surfaces. The utility cart is sturdily built and is safe to handle up to 330 pounds.

Loading the items into the accessory is simple thanks to its versatile designs. When done moving carrying stuff, you can fold it down to a smaller size. It has 6 heavy-duty wheels to handle the weight and movement and comes in basic black color. It is easy to maintain courtesy of the seamless design and quality fabric.

In Short:
  • Maximum weight lifting capacity is 330 pounds
  • When you have completed the process of carrying the stuff, you can easily compress it to foldable size
  • The weight will be sustained by the 6 heavy-duty wheels

#12. Folding Shopping Cart, Stair Climbing Cart Grocery Laundry Utility Cart

LUCKUP Folding Shopping Cart, Stair Climbing Cart Grocery Laundry Utility Cart

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Moving stuff up and down staircases is less of a hassle with the LUCKUP shopping cart. The stylish piece is among the lightest thanks to the light fabric and compact design. However, it can hold a decent volume. It measures 37 inches long, 16 inches wide and is 14-inched deep. You will, therefore, have little problems carrying small or large items.

It features a stainless steel frame to bear the weight and for long-lasting service. For smooth movement, it has sturdy wheels. Additionally, the superior bearings help in the actions as well as reduce noise during movement. It enjoys positive comments because of the stylish design and the vibrant deep blue color. Other than a staircase-climbing cart, this product is also suitable for shopping, grocery, and laundry.

In Short:
  • The overall dimensions are 37 inches (L) x 16 inches (W) x 14 inches (H)
  • Bulky weight is withstood by the stainless steel frame
  • The sturdy wheels present at the base allows effortless movement on different surfaces
  • Presence of the superior bearings makes sure there will be no noise during movement

Benefits Of Stair Climbing Carts

  • There is a wide range of style and size options for you to choose from.
  • You can easily store heavy loads such as groceries and more conveniently.
  • Some stair climbing carts are washable which is easy to clean and take care of.
  • There are large compartments along with multiple pockets for convenient storage.
  • The adjustable handles allow you to choose the most comfortable setting option easily.
  • Stair climbing carts are foldable and compact which is easy to pack and bring along with.
  • It can climb the stairs behind you with a simple pull which means no more uncomfortable lifting.

Stair Climbing Carts Buying Guide

They are very easy to find, but choosing the best ones is not so easy. With this buying guide here, we sure hope that you will be able to pick the best stair climbing carts easily. There are only a few points so feel free to take a look.


Since you are going to put a lot of weight into that stair climbing cart of yours, durability is essential. Check the materials to make sure that it is durable and heavy-duty enough to handle the items inside. At the same time, double stitches are also durable as well so don’t forget to look for that function. If it is durable, you will also be able to use it for long term use as well which is a total plus.

Easy Carry

This is one of the most important things that you should have in mind. That is because you have to make sure that the stair climbing cart that you choose is comfortable and convenient to use. Look for the ones with a wide and ergonomic handle so that it does not put too much pressure on your hands.


The wheels are something that you should not overlook when you shop for stair climbing carts. Go for the ones with three-wheel design because it is smooth and durable. The cart of this design can handle a wide range of weight of various loads that you have. Along with that, make sure that the wheels are large enough to run smoothly on most terrains and terrains. That way, you won’t have to worry that using it is difficult to use at all.

Additional Factors To Consider In Stair Climbing Carts

  • Compartment & Pockets: provides storage space for items that you buy. The more the compartment and pockets mean the better and more convenient it is to use.
  • Foldability: makes it easy for you to collapse and storage when not in use. The compact size also provides ease as you bring it to place as well.
  • Rotatable Wheels: offer extra convenience as you use it on various terrains. This also means it is flexible as well which is a total plus.
  • Versatile: means you can use the cart for a wide range of items from grocery to utility and more.


A good climbing cart will simplifier moving things up the staircase. It saves you from making countless strips on the stairs, worrying about dropping something or wasting too much effort and time. In addition, this accessory prevents damage and gives you peace-of-mind. Thanks to increasing awareness and stiff market competition, the product has become readily available. It has also become more affordable.

Nevertheless, just like there are right products, there are also bad products. Unfortunately, without proper knowledge or guidance, you may buy a poor product while thinking it’s the best choice. To make your life easier, we looked at the available options and had summarized the best stair climbing carts in 2021. Our focus was on the capacity, material, size, mobility, weight, durability, reliability and price. What you need now is to pick your favorite piece.

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