12 Best Toddler Chairs Review — Top Choice In 2021

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As a parent, you should know that your toddlers need special chairs to sit and enjoy themselves. The regular furniture set in your home is not suitable for them. That is where the toddler chair comes into play. These chairs are tailor-made for toddlers from all perspective. They are short and extremely comfortable. Moreover, they can withstand the regular rough use of the kids perfectly. Most importantly, these chairs have stunning designs and color combinations to attract the minds of the kids all the time. We have selected the best toddler chairs available online and listed them below for your easy purchase.

List of Best Toddler Chairs

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#12. Kid’s Star Patterned Chair Seat With Armrests

Best Choice Products Kids Star Patterned Chair Seat w:Armrests

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By: Best Choice Products

This is a very comfortable toddler chair that comes in the form of a sofa. The foaming is extremely soft and cozy, and therefore, your kids can have a pleasant seating experience. The product has a sturdy wood frame construction, and it is going to withstand the regular rough use of the kids. There are armrests as well as backrests, and therefore, it provides superior coziness.

The design of the upholstery is also going to impress the kids as the color is vibration and the pattern is eye-catching. It is a perfect furniture to have in your kids’ playroom. The transportation of the chair is also easy as it is rather light in weight and the weight capacity is 100 pounds.

In Short:
  • Color and pattern is made attractive
  • Due to lightweight construction, transportation is simplified
  • Comes with a weight capacity of 100 pounds
  • Comfort is boosted by backrest and armrest

#11. Solid Wood Chairs

Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Chairs

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By: Melissa & Doug

This is a pack of two wooden chairs, and these are tailor-made to withstand the rough use of the kids. There are three different colors available, and it is one of the most affordable toddler chairs on the list. The height of the chairs is 11 inches, and it is solid wood. The product has reinforced construction for greater durability, and the tip-resistant design is one kid-friendly. You can also set up a table with it for your kids to have their foods and play with toys.

Furthermore, these chairs are also light in weight, and they will surely look great in the kid’s room. The chars are suitable for kids in the age bracket of 3 to 8 years, and each of them can hold up to 150 pounds of weight. Moreover, you can assemble the chairs with a screwdriver, and you can also add additional foam if you want to for more comfort.

In Short:
  • Construction is made unique to present great durability
  • Use of solid wood adds to the comfort
  • Suitable for kids aged 3 to 8 years
  • Each chair can hold up to 150 pounds of weight

#10. Roundy Child Size Chair With Microsuede Ottoman, Brown

KEET Roundy Child Size Chair with Microsuede Ottoman, Brown

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By: Keet

From the look of it, you can say that it is one of the best toddler chairs you can buy. It comes in the shape of a sofa, and there is a microsuede ottoman available. The product is suitable for children between the age bracket of 2-5 years. Besides, it comes in assorted colors, and it can hold up to 100 pounds of weight. Therefore, two children can enjoy it simultaneously.

The foam is extremely comfortable as it is dense and there are wooden legs available which make it real furniture. Besides, the microsuede fabric is also stain-resistant and therefore, it is suitable for kids. It is very soft, and the kids will have a very comfortable seating session. The surface is also water repellent. You can clean it with mild dish soap and warm water. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and crumbs easily.

In Short:
  • Comfortable seating arrangement keeps a smile on the face of toddlers
  • The surface will resist penetration of water
  • Cleaning and maintenance is simple

#9. Disney Minnie Mouse Upholstered Chair

Delta Children Disney Minnie Mouse Upholstered Chair

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By: Delta Children

This chair is perfect for the children within the age group of 3 to 6. The toddler chair can hold the maximum weight of 100lbs. This chair also includes two storage pockets on both sides for a convenient storage option. Moreover, these pockets are big enough to hold your child’s drawing books, comic books and so on. The hardwood frame with the padded seat will make your kid sit comfortably.

Besides, you can also wash the upholstered chair with mild soap and water. The polka-dotted design with an attractive cartoon character graphic grabs the attention of your kids. The chair reaches the CPSC standard safety to keep your children safe with this chair. The supple fabric of the chair also supports a comfy seating for your children.

In Short:
  • Can hold a maximum weight of 100lbs
  • Include pockets to hold kids’ accessories
  • Padded seat presents comfortable seating arrangement
  • Included fabric is flexible

#8. Roundy Kid’s Chair Gingham

KEET Roundy Kid's Chair Gingham

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The comfortable gingham fabric of this chair cover looks attractive to your kids. The children with 2 to 5 years old can comfortably sit on this toddler chair. With the sturdy wooden frame, this chair really provides durability. The high-density foam also allows your child to have a relaxing seat on this chair. The wooden legs of the chair also offer an actual furniture look.

However, you need a daily vacuuming to prevent the dust formation over the chair. To maintain the bright color, you just have to wash this chair with warm water and light dishwashing soap. The gingham fabric goes well with all kinds of home décor. This chair is ideal for your kid for relaxing, watching TV or reading. The toddler chair is a hand-made product just like other furniture with wooden legs.

In Short:
  • Great durability presented by sturdy wooden frame
  • Its wooden legs maintain stability
  • Its gingham fabric matches well with the decor
  • Can be used for reading, relaxing, TV watching, etc

#7. Owl Children’s Chair

Sweet Seats 49559 Owl Children's Chair

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By: Sweet Seats

This toddler chair comes with the design of the cute animals which your kids would love to have. The chair has the long-lasting, yet, comfortable fabric cover. The cover also has a unique child-safe zipper. So, you can remove the cover and clean it by the hand wash or machine wash. The soft foam cases with backrest foam also give your child the ultimate comfort of sitting.

This chair looks great at any rooms in your house. Kids between the ages of 2 to above 2 can sit perfectly on this chair. The robust design of the chair also makes it an absolutely safe product for your toddlers. The cute animal cover allows easy assembling and disassembling. The chair only weighs 2 pounds and has a diameter of 14″ X19″ X20″.

In Short:
  • Suitable for any kids above the age of 2 years
  • The included cover allows simple assembly/disassembly
  • Convenient to carry because it just weighs 2 lbs

#6. Chair Desk With Storage Bin

Delta Children Chair Desk With Storage Bin

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By: Delta Children

The toddler chair with a desk is ideal for the kids with the age group of 3 to 6 years. It can hold up to 50 lbs. The engineered wood and fabric sit construction of the chair also keeps this chair low to the ground. So, the chair supports convenient access for the kids. Moreover, a detachable cup holder on the desk helps to organize the art supplies. Additionally, it comes with a pullout fabric storage bin under the seat for an additional storage option.

You only need to wipe this chair to keep it clean. This colorful chair with graphic design is scratch-proof. The toddler chair with a desk is totally a safe product for your children. A drop-down cup holder also permits an extra space to store crayons, pencils or a drink. Therefore, it is one of the best toddler chairs to buy.

In Short:
  • Cleaning is easy and quick
  • Elegant graphic design let it look attractive
  • Includes a drop-down cup holder to store kids’ accessories
  • Can easily hold load up to 50 lbs

#5. Upholstered Chair With Ottoman

Delta Children Upholstered Chair with Ottoman

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By: Delta Children

The ottoman type toddler chair provides the maximum sitting comfort for your children. With colorful graphic design, this toddler chair is ideal for the children, with the age group of 3 to 6. This chair has the capacity to hold 100lbs of weight. The sturdy wooden frame, with the layer of plush pads, makes this chair a durable one. By wiping clean with mild soap and water, you can also keep this chair clean.

The diameter of the ottoman is 9.5″ X9.5″ X5.5″. Moreover, with this toddler chair, your child can get a coordinating footrest. The chair meets all the CPSC standards by making this chair a child-safe product. This chair gives your child a relaxed reading or sitting experience. Furthermore, the vibrant color combination of this chair attracts the toddler’s mind.

In Short:
  • Excellent weight capacity of 100lbs
  • Can be cleaned easily by water and soap
  • Its plush pads enhance comfort
  • Presented a relaxed lounging or seating experience to toddlers

#4. Trendy Toddler Chair Set Of Two Kid’s Chairs

Kid-Century Modern- Trendy Toddler Chair Set of Two Kids Chairs

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By: B. spaces by Battat

This pair of two toddler chair comes in a soothing mint shade and modern design. These chairs can look great both in the playroom and your drawing-room décor. Each chair can hold up to 154lbs of weight. These petite seats also provide a comfortable sitting experience for your kids. Moreover, the legs of the chairs are stylish, steady and entirely safe for your children.

Additionally, you need no tools to install the chairs. You only have to spin the chair legs to assemble the seats. With a damp cloth, you can also easily clean these chairs. You can avail a matching table with these chairs to complete the set. Your kids can easily read, relax or watch TV, by cozily sitting on these chairs. Furthermore, the chairs do not require any further maintenance.

In Short:
  • No tools required for installation
  • Excellent weight holding a capacity of up to 154lbs
  • Its petite seats offer relaxed seating provision

#3. Green Plastic Stackable School Chair

Flash Furniture Green Plastic Stackable School Chair

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By: Flash Furniture

One of the best toddler chairs, is from Flash Furniture. This chair promotes child development by teaching toddlers the proper sitting habits. This chair is ideal for the toddlers who have started to go to Primary school or kindergarten. The lightweight yet sturdy polypropylene plastic body of this chair makes it a tough one. Moreover, you can stack up to 10 chairs, high to have convenient storage. Your kid can move this chair independently.

The primary color of the chair helps your child to learn the colors. This chair has a 10.5-inch seat height. It can hold up to 154lbs weight. You can also clean this plastic chair with a damp cloth. It requires no extra maintenance. This chair does not tip easily while riding or getting out of it. The chair is a real money-saver.

In Short:
  • Allows sacking up to 10 chairs
  • Toddlers can move it easily
  • The plastic body is comfortable yet durable
  • No hassles while cleaning and maintenance

#2. Elmo Upholstered Chair

Sesame Street Elmo Upholstered Chair

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By: Sesame Street

This chair has the capacity to hold the maximum weight up to 100lbs. From 3 to 6 years, old kids can comfortably sit on this comfortable chair. The upholstered chair has a diameter of 22.5″ X17.25″ X16″. This chair also comes with a durable wooden frame with a fully padded seat. You just need a mild soap and water to clean this chair. By taking care of the child safety, the chair also meets the CPSC standard.

Moreover, the properly stitched details of the famous character on the cover make it clearly recognizable for the kids. The toddlers will find this chair lovable and a cozy place for reading stories, watching TV and likewise. Furthermore, you can put this chair almost every corner of your house with style. It comes at a pocket-friendly price and definitely one of the best toddler chairs to buy.

In Short:
  • Comes with a diameter of 22.5”x17.25”x16”
  • It appropriately meets the CPSC standard
  • Affordably priced to suit budget-friendly customers
  • The wooden frame is made durable

#1. Extra Large Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

Creative QT Extra Large Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

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By: Creative QT

It is the best toddler chair on the list, and there are various color options available. The design of the cover is very attractive for the kids. There are also different sizes available. There is also a storage organizer for stuffing soft toys, and it can accommodate as many as 90 toys. You can also clean up the room instantly, and there is a zipper system not to spill the stuffed toys. It acts like a bean bag chair, and it can be used in various ways by the kids.

You can also storage pillows, blankets, costumes, and other items and kids can sleep with it, sit on it, play with it and much more. On top of that, the company also offers a lifetime warranty on the product. It has soft cotton fabric and reinforced zipper for higher durability.

In Short:
  • Incorporates storage organizer for storing soft toys
  • Can be used as a bean bag chair if required
  • Its zipper system makes sure included toys do not fall off
  • Variety of sizes available

Toddler Chairs Buying Guide

New to toddler chairs and don’t know where to start? Worry no more because this buying guide is here to help you out with that. We list some of the most important things to consider when buying toddler chairs for you below. Feel free to check them out and get ready to shop.


Quality is important and all, but comfort is also one of the most important parts as well. Make sure that the seat and the backrest are wide enough to support your toddlers. So no matter how long they sit, the comfort is always there for them.


The best toddler chairs should not be too tall for the kids to sit on. You can tell that the chair is right when your toddler’s feet can touch the floor when seated. This will helps to sit down and stand up conveniently without falling off the chair. At the same time, the right height also helps them to balance as well which is a total plus.


There are a few safety features that you want your toddler chairs to have, and those are:

  • Buckle: If your toddlers tend to move a lot, you might want the chair to have a buckle. This is to ensure that the baby is safely seated in place.
  • JMPA Certified: With JMPA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Associations), you can trust that the chair is among the safest. It meets the standard, and you can trust that it is right for your toddlers.


No matter who the chairs are for, they have to be sturdy so that they remain in place. Once the chairs are sturdy, they will not shake or wobble as the kids sit on them at all. The sturdiness of a chair relies on its feet. This is what to have to focus on, the design of the feet of the chair. That is the quality that you should look for in a chair for toddlers.

Toddler Chair Materials

  • Metal: The toddler chairs of this material is sleek and very easy to clean which is so convenient for parents. At the same time, it is also durable and stylish as well which makes a great compliment in the room. Most metal toddler chairs come with non-skid rubber feet that keeps the chair in place while protecting your floor.
  • Plastic: When it comes to lightweight toddler chairs, plastic wins them all. This type of material allows your child to move it on their own after use. Along with that, it is also budget-friendly as well since the price is normally low. Plus with the easy cleanup surfaces, no doubt why this material is quite common and popular.
  • Wood: It gives a classic vibe to any space, and it is also sturdy and long-lasting as well. Most wood toddler chairs can blend very well with most home décor both indoor and outdoor. Because wood is heavy, that also means it stays in place to avoid the kids from moving it around as well.


While buying a toddler chair, you have to check a few parameters to buy the best one. First of all, the color was to be bright, and the design has to be eye-catching. The comfort level must be given attention to, and the overall structure has to be sturdy enough. Moreover, the weight capacity is important to pay attention, and the age suitability of the kids for the chair is crucial. Therefore, you need to go through the description of the above best toddler chairs and select the one that is best for your kids.

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