The Top 10 Best Truck Bed Tents In 2021 Review — Best For Camping

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While traveling, you may find yourself needing temporary shelter. The car may break down; you may be too tired after extended driving, you may desire to enjoy the beautiful scenery, or are traveling on a budget and don’t want to spend money on expensive accommodation. In such situations, a truck bed tent is the most suitable. It comes in a small size and works with different vehicles. Can be fitted quite fast and with ease, it provides a nice shelter and protects you from the weather, and also is very practical. Once done with it, you simply fold it and place it inside the bag or sack. With more people choosing this item, it has become necessary to provide more products. Our research for the best truck bed tent led as to the following products.

List Of Best Truck Bed Tents In 2021

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#10. 2 Person Avalanche Truck Tent – 5.6 ft.

Napier Outdoors Sportz #99949 2 Person Avalanche Truck Tent - 5.6 ft.

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The Napier Outdoors Sportz #99949 starts off our list of the best bed tents for trucks. One thing we admire it for is the easy installation. A complete newbie will be able to mount this on the truck without needing any external help. All he/she requires is following the included instruction.

Besides that, the product is 5.6 feet long and is perfect for up to 2 people. The roomy interior allows you free movement and you don’t need to struggle to crawl over each other. It has a sewn in the floor for sturdiness and protection from the truck bed and 1 large rear access and 1 large front door. It features color-coded fiberglass poles for quick identification and easy setup.

In Short:
  • Made sufficiently long to accommodate 2 persons
  • Identification becomes quick because the fiberglass poles are color-coded
  • No extra assistance required during setup
  • Its spacious interior allows people inside to move freely

#9. Full-Size Standard Truck Bed Tent, 6.5′

Rightline Gear 110730 Full-Size Standard Truck Bed Tent 6.5'

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By: Rightline Gear

If you are wary of setting up tents or just want to use the least effort, then the 110730-bed tent is what you need. The full-size accessory has a length of 6.5 feet and will nicely in a range of trucks. It has a floorless design which allows you to merely harness it to the vehicle’s frame without worrying about the flooring.

In addition to that, the fabric is coated by a water-resistant compound and together with the PU2000mm tape, sealed seams will keep the interior dry even when it’s raining. It is suitable for up to 2 adults and like the other tents on this review, it sets up and disassembles in a very short time. For easy assembly, the fiberglass poles are color corded while the strong nylon buckles and heavy-duty straps firmly harness it to the truck.

In Short:
  • Prepared in full size and made 6.5-inch in length
  • Process of assembly and disassembly is easy
  • Comes with color-coded fiberglass poles
  • 2 adults can be comfortably accommodated inside

#8. Overlander Tent

Smittybilt Overlander Tent

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By: Smittybilt

Next, we have the Smittybilt Overlander Tent. And although it seems to have a small footprint, this tent can accommodate up to 3 people. The standard size item is crafted from tough 600D PVC and will stop the harsh sun, rainfall, wind and other things from accessing the interior. It is PV coated to offer maximum protection from sun rays and held firmly by anodized aluminum poles.

Likewise, according to consumers and the manufacturer, this item doesn’t need any advanced skills or tools to set up. The 92 x 55-inch high-density foam mattress provides a nice sleeping/napping platform. You just need to follow the instructions that come with it. And with the interior LED strips, you don’t have to run your battery down or stay in the dark.

In Short:
  • No expertise required for setup
  • High durability conveyed by the use of tough 600D PVC material
  • Allows you to sleep or take a nap
  • To operate in dark, it comes with interior LED strips

#7. Explorer 2 SUV Tent

Explorer 2 SUV Tent

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The Explorer 2 SUV Tent is a top pick by many people. It’s loved because it’s very lightweight and very sturdy. It is compatible with many trucks and has few mounting points which make using it more convenient. The simple accessory depends on a Bungy cord fitted with hooks to attach to the frame of the vehicle.

And to give the hooks strength and also protect them from water, moisture, rust and other things, they are coated with plastic. The 2-way zippers improve accessibility, whether entering or exiting while the No-seem insect screen stops annoying bugs and insects and also improve the ventilation.

In Short:
  • Accessibility is enhanced by 2-way zippers
  • The entry of insects and bugs is prevented
  • Found compatible with many different trucks

#6. Truck Tent Blue/Grey (Full-Size Short 6.5-Feet Box)

Sportz Truck Tent Blue:Grey (Full-Size Short 6.5-Feet Box)

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By: SportZ

This spacious tent sleeps 2 adults and is suitable for most trucks. The 6.5ft item has a headroom of moreover 5.6 feet, and movement inside won’t be a problem. It has a sewn-in floor to protect you and other consumers from a cold hard floor. You can also fit in a mattress or airbed for added comfort.

In addition to that, it has a color-coded sleeve and pole design for quick setup and includes strap protectors for longevity. And since the 4 x 4 ft awning secures to the tailgate, you don’t require guide ropes. Entry/ exit is via the large entrance door and proper ventilation is offered by the side vents and 2 mesh windows. The tent will fit inside the expandable carry bag for carrying and/or storage.

In Short:
  • Comes with a sewn-in floor
  • Setup is streamlined using a color-coded pole and sleeve design
  • Sufficient airflow provided by 2 mesh windows and side vents
  • To carry it, simply pack it inside the flexible carry bag

#5. Full-Size Truck Tent

Guide Gear Full-Size Truck Tent

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By: Guide Gear

When sleeping or relaxing ion the truck bed, you still deserve the same comfort and protection as a regular tent. With this tent form Guide Gear, you will experience the satisfaction without breaking a sweat. It sets up fast thanks to the fewer mounting points. However, this doesn’t mean it is less secure.

What’s more, the full-size tent has large headroom of 5.25 feet and a large D-shaped door for quick access. The 190T polyester cover is less likely to rip or tear. It is held together by 4 lightweight poles that connect easily and the 1500mm coating improves its water resistance. Like other tents, it has several storage pockets, good ventilation, and is suitable for many vehicles.

In Short:
  • Hassle-free access presented by a huge D-shaped door
  • The entire structure is maintained stable by 4 lightweight poles
  • Includes some storage pockets to securely hold your items
  • Superb airflow maintain inside

#4. Backroadz Full Size Regular Bed Truck Tent, 6-Feet 5-Inch

Napier Backroadz Full Size Regular Bed Truck Tent, 6-Feet 5-Inch, Green:Beige:Grey

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By: Napier Enterprises

You and your spouse, partner or friend will find it comfortable to sleep on the rear of the truck if using this bed tent. The Napier Enterprises Backroadz mounts off the ground and is perfect with most trucks. It’s made of a waterproofed polyester taffeta material for the right shade and shelter. The 3 season product works great in different seasons and has a sewn-in floor which provides a warmer and cozier interior.

In addition, it is relatively spacious (5’5″ interior) and includes 1 easy entry/exit door and 4 large windows that deliver good air circulation. For enhanced privacy, the door comes with a storm flap. If you are worried about setting up, then the included instructions and 4 shock-corded fiberglass poles will guide you.

In Short:
  • Interior is made spacious i.e. 5.5-inches
  • Proper shelter is provided to protect against sunrays
  • No issues while working in any seasons
  • The comfortable experience inside provided by sewn-in floor

#3. Ranger Overland Rooftop Tent With Annex Room

Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland Rooftop Tent with Annex Room

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By: Tuff Stuff

Unlike most bed tents, the Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland has a rooftop design. This means that you will be placed a bit higher and you will have better views and protection too. It includes a simple ladder for accessing the high height. The 280g Poly/Cotton Rip-Stop fabric is durable enough to bare storing winds, downpour, and other things.

Moreover, it measures 96(L) x56(W) X 52(H) when open and can fit a mattress measuring up to 96(L) x 56(W) inches. The fabric is waterproof coated for a dry interior and is also resistant to mold, and mildew. And to safeguard you from harmful sun rays, it is UV protected. The all-aluminum frame and roof rack mounts offer support and can be unfolded from the Side or Rear.

In Short:
  • Stability is excellent by its aluminum frame
  • To access height, it includes a ladder
  • Its waterproof coated fabric maintains dryness inside

#2. Truck Bed Tent

Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

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By: Kodiak Canvas

One of the best truck bed tents, The Kodiak bed tent is the runners-up on this review. It outscores the above units in many ways, including mounting ease, portability, material quality and affordability. The item is made of sturdy 100% duck canvas and handles the rough outdoor and weather much better. Fitting it on a truck isn’t just comfortable but also require lesser time. The tunnel shape, together with the 5 ft tall interior space, provides adequate space for the user. In contrast, the 2 convenient pockets hold your gear nicely.

And although it’s sturdy, the tent is very lightweight and stretches nicely over the Sturdy 3/4-inch, steel tube frame which links seamlessly with the clamp-on rails. The D-shaped door includes premium YKK zippers that open smoothly and are tolerant of the elements. The 5 windows not only give you proper lighting but also improve good ventilation. It is breathable, watertight, elegant and also easy to maintain.

In Short:
  • Made lightweight yet sturdy to last longer
  • Its D-shaped doors allow easy entrance and exit
  • Decent ventilation provided by 5 windows
  • Design is made elegant to enhance your mood during use

#1. Full Size Truck Tent

DAC Full - Size Truck Tent

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By: Dac Inc.-Vehicle Tents

This is the best truck bed tent. It works well with different vehicles and creates a protective space. You can use it with an SUV with a tailgate, a full-size vehicle, truck whose rear window rises up and many and many more. It also works with flat back or high back camper tops and can be placed over the airfoil or the carrier rack. The sturdy fabric doesn’t stretch unnecessarily, and when fitted as instructed, it stays firm even in windy conditions.

On top of that, the smooth interior surface doesn’t chafe the skin and also protect your things. The 2-way zippers are easy to operate from inside or outside and don’t move unless you operate them. Installing and removing the tent is straightforward and effortless and it compresses inside a small carry bag.

In Short:
  • Provides great protection in the interior
  • Compatible with many different vehicles
  • Its durable fabric is elastic
  • No hassles to use it during different seasons

What Are Truck Bed Tents?

Truck bed tents or truck tents are like regular tents except you set them up on your truck bed. This simply provides more protection along with comfort since you won’t have to sleep on the ground. Your truck functions as the campsite, and it is way more convenient and comfortable to use. Apart from camping, truck bed tents are also ideal for drivers who usually sleep on the road as well. With them, you simply get a proper place to sleep so that you can sleep better and more comfortably.

Additional Features Of Truck Bed Tents

High-quality truck bed tents are not difficult to find since there are many of them. However, there are some additional features that you might want your truck bed tents to have. These extra features are to provide more comfort for a better camping experience in your truck. Let’s take a look and find out what they are with us below.

  • Built-In Floor: For additional comfort, the built-in floor plays a great part in truck bed tents. It provides an extra layer of protection between the truck bed floor and you or your air mattress. Some truck beds offer this floor while some others don’t, so don’t overlook this feature.
  • Installation: If you are going to install the tent by yourself, make sure that the installation is easy and fast. You wouldn’t want to end up in bad weather conditions trying to install a tent that takes forever.
  • Storage Pockets: The best tents have to come with storage pockets no matter what purposes they are for. That goes the same with truck bed tents, you should look for the one with storage pockets. This allows you to store your phones, wallets, and other valuable items with ease. It also keeps those items dry and safe as well which is a total plus.
  • Strapping: For better and more secure fit during the installation process, strapping is important. In case you are sleeping on windy nights, strapping will help a lot in keeping the tent stable. Some truck bed tents include strapping in the package, so don’t forget to look for that.
  • Ventilation: This is important in every tent that you buy because it reflects the comfort that you receive. When buying a truck bed tent, don’t forget to look for windows, air vents, or a combination of both. With good ventilation, you will also be able to sleep soundly and comfortably at night as well.

Truck Bed Tents Maintenance

  • Make sure that your tent is completely dry before you fold them down for storage.
  • To clean the tent, you can hose it down with water and wipe it with a cloth. Avoid using soap and detergents because it can damage the water-repellent ability of the tent.
  • Do not spray bug repellent or insecticides on the canvas directly.
  • For long term storage, store your truck bed tents in a cool and dry location without direct exposure to sunlight.

In Summary

A truck bed tent is a handy accessory. It gives you a nice temporary shelter while on the road and comes in a practical, user-friendly design. Unlike the normal tent, this one requires little space and doesn’t come with long stakes or poles. Setting up the tent is straightforward since it is attached to the car’s frame and most don’t need flooring because you have the cargo bed.

With so many products, choosing a good one isn’t very easy, even for seasoned users. You need to consider things such as the truck size, the tent size, material, access points, ventilation, price, quality and more. To come to your aid, we have selected the best truck bed tents that are available from Amazon.

To read more on buying tips, and what you should consider when buying truck bed tent, please refer to comment section below!

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  1. From The Author: Before Buying Truck Bed Tents, You Should Consider The Following Criteria:

    Car Design
    Before buying a product, first, understand the kind of truck you will be fitting it on. Is it an SUV with a tailgate, a double cabin pickup, single cab, or a camper, or minivan? This knowledge will help you identify an item that is specific to the vehicle or can work with several models. It also stops you from wasting money on an impractical unit.

    Tent Design
    The bed tents come in different forms and are also mounted in varied ways. Some are placed on the cargo bed, others along the sides, while some can be used in different positions. A type that isn’t designed for rooftop mounting will be too elevated and this affects the stability especially in strong winds. Hatchback type is best suited for smaller spaces like in a sedan/saloon or hatchback while minivans, SUVs and pickup trucks require bigger types.

    Normally, the tents will be rated 3 or 4 Season. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the rating or simply choose to ignore the recommendation. A 3-season tent is ideal for summer, spring and early fall. A 4-season unit is suitable for summer, spring, early fall, late fall and also in winter. You will feel too cold when using a product rated 3-season during winter.

    The products have different dimensions to cater to the many needs. A longer one is best for larger vehicles like minivans, SUVs, or large pickup trucks. Smaller ones are good for smaller vehicles like hatchbacks or station wagons. Before buying a product, measure the length and width of the vehicle and confirm it matches the tent. Some tents list the most suitable vehicles.

    Ease of Use
    Truck bed tents are easier to fit compared to other types. However, if you lack the knowledge or are doing it for the first time, then it can be a challenge. You should go for the easiest to install and remove. It will have a simple design, fewer poles, and mounting points. It is helpful to practice using a tent before you finally get to use it.

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