The Top 10 Best Ultralight Tents In 2021 Review & Tips

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Traveling with a heavy tent can kill the whole camping, hiking, or fishing experience. Rather than enjoying the outdoors, bonding with friends or family, and being close to nature, you’ll be complaining and whining about how heavy and cumbersome the tent is. The wiser decision is to go for ultralight tents. And as the name implies, this accessory is super light, and at the same time, strong and reliable. With many products on offer, it can be hard choosing one. To help you achieve your dream of a memorable expedition, we have identified the top 10 best ultralight tents. We also have provided some handy tips on how to properly pitch the tent. Join us on the journey of discovery.

List Of Best Ultralight Tents In 2021

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#10. Camping & Backpacking Ultralight Tent

Archer Outdoor Gear 1 Men Camping & Backpacking Tent Ultralight, Spacious, Waterproof

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By: Archer Outdoor Gear

If you are a single traveler or camper, then the Archer Outdoor Gear 1 is worth consideration. The one-person tent is 210 cm long (2.1 meters) and offers a convenient space. The roomy interior will serve you and your belongings well while the backcountry enclosure improves the privacy. It’s made of a lightweight but sturdy 190T polyester fabric to safeguard you from rain, wind, and other elements.

Furthermore, it features lightweight and corrosion-free aircraft-grade aluminum frame poles that give it steadiness even in windy conditions. For support, the item comes with wind ropes and pegs. The 3-Season tent sets up and pulls down easy and collapses into a tiny size to fit inside the storage bag.

In Short:
  • Lightweight yet made sturdy by its 190T polyester fabric
  • Compact size allows fitting in a storage bag
  • The spacious interior presents great comfort
  • Provides excellent privacy

#9. 2 Person Camping Tent With Ultralight Silicone Coating

Weanas Backpacking Tent 2 Person Camping Tent 3 Season Ultralight Silicone Coating

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By: Weanas

This tent is suitable for you and your spouse, partner or friend. The 2-person tent has a spacious interior and has a floor dimension of 85 x 53 inches. The excellent length is suitable even for tall people, and this is enhanced by the 45-inch peak height. The 3 Season tent is super light and is made from lightweight polyester and has an anti-UV aluminum frame. It’s silicone-coated for added strength and protection from the weather and UV as well.

In addition to that, to improve convenience and minimize the two users from crawling over each other, the tent has 2 doors for exit/ entry. You also get adequate storage space for your boots, backpacks, and other gear courtesy of the 2 side vestibule. The colorful tent comes in an orange color.

In Short:
  • Measurements of the floor are 85 x 53 inches
  • Strength is enhanced by a silicone coating
  • Provides sufficient storage space
  • Easy entry and exit

#8. Ultralight Backpacking Tent

Trekking Pole Tent, Ultralight Backpacking Tent, 2 People All Weather Tent

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By: Trekking Pole

This 2-person tent is suitable for backpacking, hiking and more. It easy to put-up even for an inexperienced person because of the simple basic design. Taking it down is also a no-brainer and will take very little space inside your carry/ stuff bag. The product is suitable for any kind of weather and has a smooth interior for better comfort.

Additionally, it is more than 7 feet long and tall users won’t have a problem fitting inside. The width is 5 feet and 2 people will be comfortable inside it. Just like the material, the 8 aluminum stakes are very light and come in a beautiful red color.

In Short:
  • Sufficiently wide to accommodate 2 people
  • Its 8 aluminum-based stakes are light
  • Suitable for different outdoor trips

#7. Ultralight Backpacking Dome Tent

TNH Outdoors 2 Person Camping & Backpacking Tent with Carrying Bag and Stakes

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By: Teton Sports

Teton Sports is a known brand when it comes to ultralight tents. This one is known to be one of the best ultralight tents. It is designed for 1-4 people and set up in an instant. You don’t need a helping hand or sophisticated tools to set it up. The Two-door tent is made of durable Oxford and has 2-way zippers. It has a large footprint for decent space and free movement. The Free-standing dome design allows it to be used almost anywhere while the built-in cut away vents in the Rainfly improve airflow.

Also, it comes with Quick release buckles for fast set up and packs down tight in the included carry bag. The Clip-On Rainfly extends its reliability and will prevent the entry of rain.

In Short:
  • Can seamlessly accommodate up to 4 persons
  • Its free-standing dome design makes sure it can be used anywhere
  • Quick setup facilitated by quick-release buckles
  • Sufficient airflow inside to remove suffocation

#6. Ultralight Backpacking Tent For 3-Season

Featherstone Outdoor UL Granite 2 Person Ultralight Backpacking Tent for 3-Season

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By: Featherstone

With this backpacking tent, you get an excellent shelter when out in the wild. It’s ideal for one or two people and has 2 built-in doors on each end for easy access. The rugged material can endure the rough terrains and harsh weather pretty well, and the lightweight aluminum poles give it the much-needed stability. It will be up and ready for use in less than 10 minutes.

What’s more, the Seam Taped Construction provides a barrier against rain. In contrast, the Bathtub Floor design raises the floor level for protection from wet ground. Although the material and poles are tough, the tent is generally lightweight and carrying it is easy and stress-free.

In Short:
  • Excellent shelter against external conditions
  • Can withstand rough terrains
  • Can be set up in less than 10 minutes
  • Excellent stability in any conditions

#5. Ultralight Tent & Footprint – Perfect for Backpacking & Kayaking

Bryce 2P Two Person Ultralight Tent and Footprint - Perfect for Backpacking, Kayaking

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By: Paria Outdoor Products

If the two of you are planning for outdoor activity and are looking for a practical and straightforward shelter, then you wouldn’t mind picking this tent. The 2-man unit is fit for backpacking, camping, kayaking, biking, bike packing and more. It’s one of the lightest you will find in the market because it measures 3 lbs. 7 oz. The tent is sturdily-built of 20D ripstop silicone-nylon, PU fly while the floor is prepared from 40D ripstop silicone nylon/PU.

For ventilation, it relies on a 20D No-see-um mesh and 5,000 mm silicon/PU and taped seams for waterproofing. The cover is supported by 7000-series aluminum alloy stakes and poles and features mesh storage pockets and 2-way zippers.

In Short:
  • Designed in elegant appearance
  • Sturdiness is presented by 20D ripstop silicone-nylon
  • Suitable for backpacking, camping, kayaking
  • Sufficient ventilation inside

#4. Meramac 2-Person Ultralight Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person Tent

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By: ALPS Mountaineering

If you desire an outdoor tent that is ultra lightweight, then you should pick the Meramac 2-person tent. It has a base size of 5′ x 7’6 and features free-standing designs for easy use in different environments. The 48-inch (4 feet) center height is sufficient and will allow you and your partner to move freely. Assembling the tent is made more accessible by the two-pole design and lightweight.

Furthermore, the shock-corded poles are created from fiberglass and are not only lightweight but can tolerate the outdoor environment and frequent use. The polyester fly is UV coated to protect the occupants from the harsh sun. It has an awning on each door and 2 zippered windows doors and comes fully equipped with a gear loft, storage packets and is secured by Guy Ropes and stakes. The item weighs only 7 lbs. 9 oz.

In Short:
  • The base is sufficiently wide to accommodate many people
  • Assembling is easy and would not take much time
  • Its shock-corded poles are capable to withstand outdoor weather conditions
  • Proper airflow maintained by the 2 zippered windows doors

#3. Lightweight Zephyr 1-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 1-Person Tent

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By: ALPS Mountaineering

Anyone who has ever used the Zephyr 1-Person Tent from ALPS Mountaineering will agree with us that its one of the lightest outdoor tents on the market. According to the manufacturer, it has a total weight of 4 lbs. 5 oz. It is fit for different seasons and environments and has a frustration-free assembly. The two-pole design will have the tent up in a few minutes. The polyester tent fly is not only water-resistant but has good UV resistant.

Besides that, the aluminum-made poles are lightweight, flexible and also resistant to rust. For storage of your gear, gadget, boots and other things, this item features one vestibule. The walls and two doors are made of mesh and allow easy air circulation. It comes fully equipped with Guy ropes, #8 zippers, gear loft, and aluminum stakes.

In Short:
  • Capable to work flawlessly in different weather conditions
  • Poles are made up of aluminum to make the structure lightweight
  • Mesh is available on doors and windows to offer sufficient ventilation
  • All accessories included to complete the setup

#2. 2 Person Camping & Backpacking Tent With Carrying Bag & Stakes

TNH Outdoors 2 Person Camping & Backpacking Tent with Carrying Bag and Stakes

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By: TNH Outdoors

The TNH Outdoor tent is designed with portability and simplicity in mind. This basic tent is an ultralight tent but still provides good protection from the elements. It’s perfect for 2 people and is suitable for many situations including camping, backpacking, and hiking. The eco-friendly material, together with watertight seals and zippers, keep the interior and occupants dry while the ventilated windows support good air circulation to prevent condensation or excessive sweating.

Moreover, the aluminum poles are also very light but strong and flexible. Also included are a reflective rope and aluminum stakes. Once done using it, you just need to pull it down, fold it and fit it inside the carry bag. Many people are impressed at how small it collapses and this makes carrying and storage easy.

In Short:
  • Showcases excellent portability for simplicity of use
  • When not in use, it is easy to pull it down, fold and pack inside a carry bag
  • 2 persons can be conveniently accommodated
  • Decent air circulation in the interior

#1. Extra Light Lynx 1-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

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By: ALPS Mountaineering

Forget about tugging a heavy tent when out camping or hiking. You also should struggle to pitch a tent because it’s cumbersome or has a complicated design. With the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person tent, even an inexperienced person will be able to set it up and also bring it down with ease. And like other tents from the Lynx Tent series, this one also has a free-standing design which makes adjusting it and placing on varied terrains easy.

In addition, the polyester fly is water-resistant to maintain a dry and comfortable interior. It’s also UV protected and has a vestibule for holding your accessories. Considering it weighs only 4 pounds and shrinks to a small pack, you will be able to move around with it hassle-free.

In Short:
  • Made extremely lightweight since it just weighs 4 lbs
  • Easy to pack inside a small carry bag and take along
  • Great adjustability presented by free-standing design
  • No skills required to set it up properly

Important Features To Look For In Tents

If you are new to camping, there are some essential things to know about tents. We want to focus on the important features that the tents that you choose should have. This is to ensure comfort throughout your adventures so that you will want to go camping again. We list them all for you below, so feel free to check them out.

  • Framework: Make sure that the tent that you choose comes with a flexible framework. This is to ensure the stability and strength of the tents under windy and harsh weather conditions. The sturdier the poles, the more stable your tents will be.
  • Guylines: This is the thing that connects through the rainfly to the pole and the tent. This is to ensure that the tent is more stable especially on windy days or nights. With guylines, you will be able to rest or sleep with peace in mind knowing that the tent is secure.
  • Insects Protection: One of the enemies of camping is definitely the insects. We are talking about mosquitos and other annoying bugs that disturb your peace with nature. When you buy a tent, make sure that it has mesh windows or entrance in the set. This is to keep the insects out while letting the airflow in at the same time. That way, you will be able to sleep comfortably with zero worries about insect bites.
  • Pole: Ultralight tents are important, but you want your poles to be light as well. Pick the aluminum poles because they are lightweight yet durable and resilient to use. In case aluminum is not available, fiberglass makes a great alternative to choose.
  • Rain Fly: All rain flies come with construction from waterproof materials. It extends and covers the tent to protect your tent from the rain. During the daytime, it also plays a part in keeping the harmful rays from the sun out as well. By out, we mean out of the tent and out from damaging the waterproof coating of the tent. The best rain fly should extend all the way to the ground for the most effective and best protection possible.
  • Ventilation: You need enough ventilation to be able to sleep in a tent. This is a must, and that is why you have to make sure that there is enough airflow in the tents. There are a few things that you should focus on with are the entrance, roof, and windows. Either or all of these should allow enough air inside so that you will be able to sleep comfortably. If not so, there will be a lot of tossing and turning because of the stuff nights.
  • Vestibule: In case you want to enjoy watching sunrise or sunset, then you want your tent to have a vestibule. It is the covered front porch or an entry-way to your tent. It has enough space for a person or two people sitting to watch the landscape without getting out of the tent. This is to avoid bugs while receiving fresh air at the same time. Most large tents offer these features, so don’t forget to look for that.

Pitching A Tent

  • Read the Instructions: All tents will come with instructions on how to pitch it. Take time to go through them to understand the tent and also how to use the tools. A good product will have simple and clear instructions.
  • Lay down the Ground Cloth: The next step is to prepare the surface where the tent will be placed. This involves laying down the ground cloth or footprint. Make sure it spreads out evenly, and there is nothing beneath it.
  • Position the Door away from Wind: Identify the wind direction and ensure that the door(s) don’t face it directly. Instead, it’s the sidewalls that should be in the direction of the wind. Allowing too much wind inside the tent will increase the possibility of it tipping over and also make the interior noisy and uncomfortable
  • Assemble the Framework: Identify the poles and lay them down as indicated in the instruction. The best types will have color-coded poles for quick, easy identification. Make sure they connect to each other and fit tightly. Some require clips while others come with sleeves.
  • Attach the Fly: After assembling the framework/poles, attach the fly as suggested by the instructions. It should easily slide over the framework. Secure them to the poles or body.
  • Stake the Tent: Stakes are used all around the tent to make them tighter and firmer. When not done right, it will sag and also wobble a lot. Begin with the corners while applying the same tension for uniformity. Also, make sure the stakes are firmly nailed to the ground.

For more details on pitching, you can see the following YouTube clip


When going on a camping, hiking, hunting or in any other outdoor adventure, you want a stress free and fun experiment. And considering the tent is one of the must-have accessories, it is vital to make certain it won’t bog the users. One of the most critical things is that it needs to be lightweight as this improves moveability and storage.

At the same time, it should be strong enough to handle the weather and different elements, should give long-lasting service, and also provide decent shelter. This review takes you through the best ultralight tents on the market. We have looked at the weight, size, setup/removal ease, durability, and price among other things. Your outdoor experience will be more rewarding when using a good product.

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