Top 10 Best Wire Stripping Machines In 2021 Review & Guides

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Stripping a wire by hand is not only a bit challenging but also requires some skill. Removing too much cover is wasteful, and you also don’t want you cut some of the strands. Additionally, it is not easy to maintain consistency when working on several pieces. Due to these and other drawbacks, people turn to a wire stripping machine. It will do the job fast and efficiently, and the results will be surprising. There are many machines for stripping the wires and each will have its benefits and demerits. Electrically operated types are easier to use and work faster than manual ones. However, they will cost more than their counterparts. You need more skill to use manual type compared to an automatic one. The following items are the best wire stripping machine in the market.

List of Best Wire Stripping Machines in 2021

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#10. Self-adjusting Cable Cutter Crimper

DOWELL Wire Stripper, Self-adjusting Cable Cutter Crimper, Automatic Wire Stripping

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This wire stripper is fit for aluminum and copper cables. It can handle different lengths and thickness ranging from 10 to 24AWG. The machine features a built-in crimper for 10-24AWG insulated wires and 4-22AWG non-insulated wires. It has a one-handed motion for straightforward grappling and operation. The excellent grasp on the wire ensures the jacket is smoothly removed from the wires without affecting the copper or aluminum core.

The built-in thumbwheel allows you to micro-adjust the tension and clearance for smooth operation. It makes clean cuts and runs seamlessly with ease. The adjustable stopper/ gauge control the wire’s core length and is suitable for 1/4 to 3/4 inches.

In Short:
  • The clearance and tension can be easily adjusted
  • Compatible with copper and aluminum cables
  • Employs outstanding hold to make sure jacket detaches smoothly from wire
  • Wire’s core length can be varied by an adjustable stopper

#9. Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

Steel Dragon Tools WRA20 Automatic Wire Stripping Machine Strip Scrap Copper Wire

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By: Steel Dragon Tools

Why should you struggle to strip wires, yet you can use this handy machine? The WRA20 automatic wire stripper by Steel Dragon Tools is among the practical and durable devices in the market. It can handle a range of wires including sheath flat cable and round cable. The machine works relatively fast due to the powerful built-in motor and advanced technology. It is fit for wires ranging from10 to 1/0AWG.

The smooth running item requires little energy but delivers professional performance. It has 4 cutting channels to handle various wire types and has an emergency stop button. Similar to most top products, it is made of metal to withstand the operations and is very portable due to its lightweight. The compact machine doesn’t take up too much space.

In Short:
  • Does not consume much energy during operation
  • Contains an emergency stop button
  • The efficient built-in motor facilitates the swift operation
  • Can sufficiently handle different wire types

#8. Electric Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

Yescom Electric Automatic Wire Stripping Machine Benchtop Powered Cable Stripper Tool

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By: Yescom

The Yescom Electric Automatic machine will help you to strip wires in a faster and more effective way. It works with most cables on the market and works best when placed on a benchtop. The effective thickness/range is 0.12-1 inch which makes it ideal for most wires. It has a 1/4HP single phase motor that delivers good power for quick service. The machine is designed for 110V AC 50-60 Hz and will strip off rubber and plastic insulation.

It has 3 different sized holes for feeding the wires and will strip about 50 feet of wear every minute. With such speed, it’s no wonder that it’s among the popular choices on the market. It is made of metal to handle demanding tasks and is also lightweight for good portability. The machine measures 9.5(L) x12.6 (W) x12.6 (H) / 24x32x32cm and has a space-efficient design.

In Short:
  • Wire feeding is simplified by 3 varied sized holes
  • Can sustain wear & tear by use of metal
  • Boast space-efficient design to make sure much space is not occupied

#7. Powered Electric Wire Stripping Machine

Goplus Powered Electric Wire Stripping Machine Portable Scrap Cable Stripper

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By: Goplus

The Goplus wire stripping machine is electric powered and can handle even the demanding tasks. It is useful for home use, workshops, scrap shops, electronic shops and much more. The simple device removes the plastic or rubber coating from the wire effortlessly and can handle different shapes. The nicely-designed hand crank moves easily and seamlessly while the firm base prevents unnecessary movement.

Consumers love its portable nature courtesy of lightweight and space-saving design. You can use it for a long time and it will remain effective for long. The adjustable rollers and blade maintain a tight hold on the wires for easy quick stripping. It also ensures you don’t damage the strands in the process. The included instructions will help you operate the machine.

In Short:
  • Capable to easily remove rubber or plastic shielding from wire
  • No issues for long-term use
  • A firm hold on wire is maintained by the presence of adjustable rollers and blade
  • Easy operation if you follow the included instructions

#6. Automatic Electric Copper Stripper

BEAMNOVA Automatic Wire Stripping Machine Electric Copper Stripper, Yellow

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This Yellow-colored wire stripper is what you deserve as an electrician, mechanic, gardener, hobbyist, electronic expert or if you regularly handle wires. The BEAMNOVA stripping machines automatically removes the outer coating of wires and is ideal for plastic, rubber, and other materials. It will comfortably handle wire gauge ranging from 0.12 to 1 inch (3mm – 25mm).

The machine works with 110V AC 50-60Hz and features a powerful 1/4 HP Single Phase Induction motor. It has a good stripping speed of about 50 feet per minute and can run continuously with ease. The 3 different sized holes/ slots enable you to feed different types of wires. It has a firm base for secure handling and is very portable because of its lightweight.

In Short:
  • Three unique sized holes allow user to feed varied types of wires
  • Effortless handling allowed by its firm base
  • Made in a lightweight design to convey good portability
  • Can handle wire gauge from 0.12 to 1 inch

#5. Adjustable Automatic Cable Wire Stripper With Cutter/Bend Nose Bolt Clippers

Kinee Adjustable Automatic Cable Wire Stripper with Cutter:Bend Nose Bolt Clippers

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By: Kinee

This practical tool will not just save you effort but time as well. It is suitable for most users including electricians, gardeners, wiremen, hobbyists, mechanics, and machine repair workers. Because of its simple shape and smooth operation, the Kinee Wire Stripper can handle wire thickness of 0.2-3.3mm and maintains a firm grip to prevent wastage or poor service.

It is useful for solid or stranded wires and works well on 10-24 AWG wires. The adjustable tip offers consistency, whereas the replaceable blade system improves functionality. The simple machine strips effortlessly without noise or erratic performance and comes with a cutter as well as a bending piece. And thanks to the compact design, you don’t need lots of space to use it.

In Short:
  • Suitable for casual use and professional projects
  • Beneficial for solid or stranded wires
  • While stripping, there will be no annoying noise generated
  • Does not demand much space for setup

#4. Manual Wire Stripping Machine Cable Stripper Copper Machine

BEAMNOVA Manual Wire Stripping Machine Cable Stripper Copper Machine

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The BEAMNOVA Wire Stripper comes in a newly improved design to handle everyday wire stripping needs. It is fit for wires measuring from 3mm up to 25mm thick and has a simple design for easy handling and operation. The machine has an adjustable clamp that allows you to vary the gap according to the thickness easily.

It also works with thick wires as well as Romex. The product includes a close cut guide that prevents wastage and also provides consistent results. Changing the blade is as easy as pushing out the shaft and inserting another one. Once inserted, it stays firm. The machine will last a long time because it’s made of a special alloy.

In Short:
  • Contains a close cut guide to avoiding waste of wire
  • Use of superior quality ensures long-term use
  • Based on thickness, the gap can be varied by its adjustable clamp

#3. Automatic Wire Strippers & Cutter

Capri Tools 20011 Automatic Wire Strippers and Cutter

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By: Capri Tools

This wire stripper from Capri Tools will make removing plastic and rubber covering from wires very easy. The electric unit runs automatically and doesn’t require lots of monitoring or adjusting. It’s very portable and can be used anywhere there is a power outlet. The 20011 Wire stripper is designed for wire gauges 24-10AWG and works seamlessly. It has a narrow profile to occupy little space and also for secure handling.

And thanks to the solid construction and superior technology, it delivers consistent performance. In addition to being a wire stripper, the machine is also a good wire cutter. It can handle wires gauge up to 12 AWG and firmly grips the wire and strips it in a simple squeeze. And unlike other types, adjusting the stripping blades is very easy.

In Short:
  • Boast solid construction for durability
  • Can seamlessly handle wires gauge up to 12 AWG
  • East to adjust the stripping blades
  • Prepared in a narrow profile to save the space

#2. Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

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By: StripMeister

This wire stripper comes in a unique design and is more user-friendly compared to other types. It comes in an industrial-grade construction and can work with many kinds of wires. The item seamlessly strips rubber, plastic, and other coatings from the wire without damaging the strands. It is meant for wire gauge 18-250MCM and is also suitable for use with stranded /braided wires. The machine features a built-in Romex that will work with ROMEX wires and improves performance by up to 33%.

The electric wire stripper is built with lightweight but strong steel and can handle the stresses and everyday use quite well. It’s simple to operate, produces minimal noise, and can run continuously without overheating. Besides being energy-efficient, it also takes up minimal space.

In Short:
  • The included steel material is lightweight yet sturdy
  • Saves energy throughout the operation
  • Will not take up extra space
  • Accomplished to strip plastic, rubber, and other coatings from wires

#1. Cable Wire Stripping Machine

BestEquip Cable Wire Stripping Machine 0.06-0.79 Inch Diameter Wire Stripping Machine

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By: BestEquip

This is the best wire stripping machine from BestEquip. Tops our list for several reasons. One, it’s straightforward to operate thanks to the simple design and superior technology. Two, it has an excellent wide range of 0.06-0.79 inches and will handle many types of wires. The powerful 0.18 kW motor strips the wires fast and effortlessly and can handle large volume without problems. Four, it’s a heavy-duty design from the top-grade durable steel.

And despite the solid construction, it’s lightweight and moving with it is convenient. Another reason why it takes the top slot includes smooth and silent operation and is easy to adjust rollers and blade. The well-built product is very safe and will reduce the chances of injury to your fingers.

In Short:
  • Solid construction is made lightweight for easy movement
  • No harm to your fingers while stripping
  • Delivers high wire stripping efficiency
  • Use of the premium-grade steel boasts heavy-duty design

Bonus: For more information and guides on how to use The Automatic Wire Stripper, you can see the video below

Buying Guides – Wire Stripping Machines

  • Need at Hand: Know the kind of work you intend it to do. If you handle large volumes, then an automatic machine is friendlier compared to a manual one. And if you handle hard wires then go for a heavy-duty piece. Automatic machines require lesser effort, and less-experienced people will appreciate them more.
  • Experience: How are your skills and experience like? Although wire strippers are simple to use, you may have a hard time determining the best setting for the wire in hand. The amount of material to be removed is determined by the application and also the desired connectivity. And as we all know, the wires can be expensive, and no one wants to waste. It pays to familiarize with the art before actually attempting it.
  • Price: You will notice that the prices of the machines are very diverse. The fundamental ones are the most affordable while the more complex ones cost way more. Nonetheless, a simple, affordable machine can give good service, especially if you know how to handle it. It is advised first to set a budget before you venture into the market to look for a product.
  • Reviews: Reading reviews is an important part of selecting and identifying a good product. This will give you a true picture of what consumers are saying. And as you will observe, the above products have many positive and 5-star reviews. You are thus certain of good performance and reliability.
  • Brand Reputation: We only went for products that have a good name in the market. Consumers and analysts will praise them for solid performance, simplicity, easy operation, durability, affordability, and much more. They are backed with a manufacturers guarantee in regards to quality workmanship and material.

Important Features To Consider In Wire Stripping Machines

  • Construction: You want to make sure that the wire stripping machine that you choose is durable and strong enough. So always look into the materials and build of the machine before picking one. Make sure that all the components are durable and heavy-duty to ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Cutting Blade: The sharper the cutting blade means the better the performance that it will offer. When the blade is sharp, it allows you to cut the wires faster while being able to handle longer ones. Also, look for the ones with blades that allow you to resharpen so that you can use them long term.
  • Speed: If you have to work with a lot of wires on a daily basis, speed is an important aspect to consider. You want your wire stripping machine to work fast so that your productivity is better. Some models even offer great performance along with the speed that you can use with various types of materials. You might want your wire stripping machine to be able to cut copper, rubber, and plastic if you work on them daily. With both flexibility and speed, you know your work will also be more convenient and faster which is simply great.
  • Wire Capacity: This is one of the most important things to consider when buying a wire stripping machine. You want your machine to be able to work with a wide range of wire sizes. So that means one machine can deal with various wires which are so convenient to use. There are some machines with adjustable feeding holes that can accommodate many wire sizes. This is the type that you should look for since they are functional and versatile to use.

Wire Stripping Machine Types

There are two main types of wire stripping machine that you will come across when you look for one. Each type functions great, and the decision is all yours to make on which you think is the most suitable.

  • Automatic Wire Stripping Machine: When you use an automatic machine, it does almost all of the job for you. This type grips and strips the wire in a single motion which is faster and more convenient. Usually, automatic wire stripping machines have limited capability in handling different wire sizes. So before you buy one, you have to check if the machine has the appropriate range in wire size that you work with. If you deal with many different wire sizes and types, then you have to go for manual wire stripping machines.
  • Manual Wire Stripping Machine: This type normally consists of a pair of scissors or wire cutter-like device with two opposing blades. You have to place the wire in a notch of appropriate size for the wire then cut through the insulation to the wire. The solution does not bond to the wire, so you can easily strip it off by pulling the wire down after cutting.


You don’t have to struggle stripping wires. You also don’t want to waste the wire because you took off too much material. There is also the risk of injuring yourself when attempting to strip by hand. The best solution is to go for a wire stripping machine. It will deliver professional performance and will provide consisted results.

Using it is easier and safer since you only need to place the wire on the machine. We have looked at the market, compared the available products and identified the best wire stripping machines. And as you can see, we went for the highly rated and popular products. What is certain is that the above items will make the work of stripping wires easier, faster, safer and more professional.

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