Elegear – Decorative Long Strand LED String Lights

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Elegear – Decorative Long Strand LED String Lights 1

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By: Elegear

LED string lights make great decoration for both indoor and outdoor, and that is why they are so popular. The key to choose the right option is to check and test, and that is very time consuming. To makes things easy for you, I have tested some high quality LED string lights on the market. After quite some time, I am sure that this is the best LED string lights that I totally recommend. There are some reasons why this option stands out among the others, and I list them all below. Let’s take a look and see if this LED string lights matches with your preference and interest.


As outdoor lights, the ability to withstand outdoor conditions is a must have. I like this LED string lights because they are super durable and long lasting to have for long term use. The awesome thing about them is that they are waterproof, so leaving them outdoor is totally okay. Along with that, their copper light strings play a great part is ensuring the safe use every time. With such durability, this LED string lights make a perfect decoration for any holiday and occasion.

Energy Efficient

This part is very important because you have to make sure that your light offers low energy consumption. Even if it is just for a special occasion once in a while, energy efficient is still important to consider. The less power they consume, the better because this is just how they should work. There are some holidays that you have to keep your lights up all nights, and energy efficient function helps a lot. In case you are looking for the best LED string lights, do not overlook this part.


When the LED string lights are flexible, you can use them to decorate a wide variety of places with ease. Simply put, you can mold your string lights to any shape that you prefer. So this allows you to decorate pretty much any objects and items using this LED string lights. You can weave it along the stairs, handrails, and anything which is absolutely incredible to have. Even better, you can also use these LED string lights to decorate your patio umbrella as well. It is fun and convenient, and you can easily enhance the beauty of your space as well which is a total plus.

Long Strands

With the length of up to 328 feet, there are up to 500 LED fairy lights in this one string alone. This allows you to decorate one whole tree or an area outdoor with style conveniently. Along with that, it makes a great compliment in any space as well. Such long length with this price, you will not regret choosing this LED string lights.

Multiple Lighting Modes

The beauty of night lights depends on the number of lighting modes that it offers. As for this one, there are 8 lighting modes to ensure that it is ideal for multiple occasions and events. The lighting modes are waves, slogs, sequential, slow fade, chasing /flash, steady, and twinkle/flash. Each mode is beautiful and unique in their own way, and you can easily control and switch them as well. With a simple push on a button, and you will get to change the lighting modes right away. Easy and simple as that.

Elegear – Decorative Long Strand LED String Lights 2


Anything associates with electricity has to be safe to use, and this option also comes with that in mind. The string features insulated wires to ensure that this light is safe to use. The awesome part is that the bulbs are cool to touch since it does not overheat at all even during long hour use. That way, kids and pets can safely play around these string lights without a single problem at all. In case you use them for Halloween or Christmas decoration, it is also great as well since it is super safe.

Warm Glow

Light quality is important, and this is the reasons why this LED string lights is great to have. It delivers this warm glow that makes a beautiful decoration for both indoor and outdoor use. In fact, it makes a beautiful addition to pretty much any space that you put it in. Along with that, each bulb delivers this rich color that illuminates the whole area beautifully. Another thing that I like about the light is definitely the tiny lights that the bulbs show. It looks so elegant and stunning at night, and it is simply nice to have for any space.

Elegear – Decorative Long Strand LED String Lights 3

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In Summary

  • These LED string lights are durable and waterproof.
  • You can use it for both indoor and outdoor decoration.
  • These LED string lights are flexible and convenient to use.
  • The light that it delivers is warm and soft which is simply beautiful.
  • They are safe to use and cool to touch, and they don’t overheat at all.
  • There are multiple lighting modes that you can easily switch and use.


The festive seasons are coming soon, and you cannot celebrate without string lights. After some bad experience using string lights, I sure know how to choose the right one. This is why I highly recommend this option because it offers both performance and quality that you can trust. Along with that, these string lights are also beautiful and cool to have as well which is super cool. Great price with high quality, this is the LED string lights that will not let you down.

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