LUXEAR Arc-Chill Bedding Comforter – All Season Double Sided Cooling Comforter

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Comforter are already cozy and comfy, let alone the cooling comforter. It is never comfortable to sleep in a hot and stuffy night even with the help from air conditioner. With cooling comforter, you can forget all about the sweaty and heated nights that you have experienced before. To make things easier for you, I am here to present a great cooling comforter that you can take into consideration. This option is unique and comfortable, and many users also find it awesome to have as well. Let’s check out some main features of this cooling comforter with me below.


The unique thing about this cooling comforter is that it comes with three-dimensional hollow structure. This design is to provide more airflow along with the ability to keep you cool even the night is stuffy. At the same time, this cooling comforter is also high elastic as well which is a total plus. You can sleep under this comforter for hours, and the comfort is always there for you. Not to mention that it is also lightweight and breathable, this cooling comforter is a jackpot.


One of the reasons why this cooling comforter is great to have is definitely its cooling ability. It comes with the special Japanese cooling fiber of Q-Max 0.55 material. With this value of 0.55, the cooling ability of this cooling comfortable is incredibly amazing. It can absorb your body heat fast, and that is how you get to sleep comfortably in hot nights. No more sweating, and no more tossing and turning, just the pure comfort all night long.

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Double Sided Design

This design is better because it is comfortable to use in any seasons of the year. Each side features the different designs that make it ideal for all seasons. One side comes with the Japanese cooling fiber which makes it soft, silky, and cool. This side is perfect for hot summer since it is extra cool and comfortable to sleep under. As for the other side, it features the design from high quality and 100% cotton fabric. That makes it skin-friendly and comfortable, and this side is perfect for all seasons throughout the year.


Comfort and convenience are important, but durability should also come along with those two as well. This cooling comforter comes with a unique single-needle quilting technique to ensure long lasting durability. It simply secures the inner fiber filling in place firmly so that the filling will not shift or lose its shape. No matter how many type you wash it, the filling and comfort are always there. At the same time, this cooling comforter is durable enough to resist wear and tear to provide long term use. It is durable enough to be with you for years, and that is why I highly recommend this option.

Easy Maintenance

Some people have difficult experiences in washing their comforter, and that was not pretty. The thing is that you won’t have to worry about such problem with this cooling comforter at all. It is machine washable which makes keeping it clean so easy and simple. You can wash it once a week or more often, and the quality and performance of this cooling comforter remain the same. Along with that, even its filling inside will not shift so that you won’t have to concern about anything at all. You will also get the instructions to follow on to wash it as well so everything is prepared for you.


There are cooling comforters out there that cause allergies and discomfort to users. I recommend this option because it is absolutely safe and natural to use. This cooling comforter is antibacterial and anti-mite, and it will not cause any allergies at all. You can sleep under this comforter for hours, and the comfort is always there for you.


I really like the softness that this cooling comforter provides because it feels like I am on cloud. This comforter is super soft and fluffy, and it makes sleeping under so snuggling and comfortable. Thanks to its 100% cotton fabric design, this comforter is also skin-friendly as well. You can sleep under this comforter for as long as you like, and you won’t have to worry about skin irritation at all.

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Get this product now

Use this coupon : 4BVYZ8BO (10% OFF – availabe for the grey small size, store:PCLOCS Direct)

In Summary

  • It is comforter is breathable and soft.
  • This comforter is safe and natural to use.
  • It is anti-shrink, anti-fade, anti-pill, and anti-mite.
  • This cooling comforter is lightweight and portable.
  • It is machine washable which is very easy to take care of.
  • The high quality materials make it durable and long lasting.
  • It features the double sided design for versatile use all year long.
  • With unique cooling technique, it helps to keep you cool all night.
  • The comforter is soft and fluffy, and it is extra cozy to sleep under.


This cooling comforter does not only provide comfort but also compliment to the room. I find this option so convenient and highly durable to have, especially for long term use. Since it comes with everything in one package along with good price, I am sure that you will like it too. Many users have great experience using this cooling comforter, and you can be one of them. You really should check it out, this option is among the best to have into consideration.

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