LUXEAR Arc-Chill Pillowcase – Standard Size Cooling Pillow Cases Pack

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LUXEAR Arc-Chill Pillowcase 1

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Nothing is more comfortable than sleeping on a cool pillow during hot summer nights. To achieve that, you have to get high quality cooling pillow cases for your pillows. Cooling pillowcases are the type of pillow case that provides great coolness as you sleep. There are sleepers who tend to sweat a lot, especially the ones with long hair. With cooling pillowcases, you can avoid that from happening. This article is here to introduce you to a pack of high quality cooling pillowcases that you can consider. We list every important feature that this set delivers, so feel free to check them out.


These cooling pillowcases are breathable and silky smooth, and that makes it super comfortable. You can sleep on your pillow for hours, and the comfort is always there for you. The special thing about these cooling pillowcases is that they are so cool to sleep on even on hot days. With 100% cotton fabric, this cooling pillowcases are super fresh and comfy. No matter how hot the day gets, you can always sleep comfortably.

LUXEAR Arc-Chill Pillowcase 2


Comfort is nice and all, but design also plays a part in pillowcases as well. This one comes with the neat design along with multiple colors that you can choose from. Each pack contains 2 pillowcases with the same color to match with your mattress color. Every color is bright and clear, and it makes a nice compliment to your room décor. There are 2 size options available including standard and queen, and the choice is all yours to make.

Double Sided Design

The special thing about double sided design is that it allows the objects to work all season. From blanket to comforter and pillowcases, they are all the same with double sided design. One side of the pillowcase is silky and cool which is perfect for hot summer days. Meanwhile, the other side features 100% cotton fabric which is both comfortable and soft for the most relaxing sleeping experience possible.

Easy Maintenance

Since it comes with quality, you can easily take care of this pillowcase without a problem. It is both hand washable and machine washable, and they dry quickly as well which is great. After wash, the pillowcase stays fresh, clean, and odor-free to ensure convenient and comfortable use for you. When it is easy to wash and maintain, its quality also lasts longer as well which is why we like this option.


The cooling materials of these pillowcases provide both quality and performance that you can totally trust. We recommend this option because of the Japanese Q-Max at 0.55 value that the pillowcases come with. This material can effectively absorb the body heat from your neck and face as you sleep. At the same time, it will transfer the heat away to keep you cool all night long. On top of that, this cooling fiber material is naturally anti-static which is a total plus. That means you will wake up with a frizz-free and smoother hair every single morning.

Natural Feeling

The frizz-free hair is not the only thing that these awesome pillowcases provide, there are more. We like the fact that the pillowcase allow your skin and hair to slide over them very freely and gently. The feeling of sleeping on such comfortable pillowcase is indescribably extraordinary. This can also help you to fall asleep faster and better as well. The moment you touch the pillow, you feel both the comfort and support which makes you sleep soundly all night.

Skin Benefits

Some people overlook the importance of pillowcases and randomly picked them. You have to be careful when choosing pillowcases because it also affects your skin as well. Poor quality pillowcases can cause irritations, allergies, and even acnes on your facial skin. That is why we highly recommend this pack because these pillowcases are not only comfortable but also beneficial for facial skin. Sleeping on these cooling pillowcase can help to reduce facial wrinkles, and it does not cause acnes at all. You can move and sleep close to the pillow as much as you like with zero worry about facial problems.


The neat and clean design of this cooling pillowcase also plays a part in making it great to have as well. On top of that, it features this hidden zipper design that makes it safe and nice to use. Along with that, this hidden zipper also reduces the facial damage for sleepers who move a lot. You won’t have to worry that this pillowcase will scratch or cause any minor injuries on your skin at all. This design also makes it easy for you remove and put on the pillowcase as well which is a total plus.

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Get this product now

Use this coupon : 7VS72FUX (15% OFF – Store:Alanda Direct)

In Summary

  • It helps to reduce facial wrinkles.
  • They are both hand and machine washable.
  • The pillowcases offer double sided cooling ability.
  • Anti-static material for smooth and non-frizzy hair.
  • These pillowcases are soft and comfortable to sleep on.
  • It helps to prevent knotted and dry hair after a long sleep.
  • The zipperless design allows for safe and convenient use.


Choosing the right pillowcases provides convenience to both your sleep and health. We highly recommend this set of cooling pillowcases because they are comfortable to sleep and convenient to use. At the same time, their quality and durability are also long lasting as well which is a total plus. Not to mention the stylish design along with reasonable price that it offers, this option is simply great. Hundreds of users have great experience using this pillowcases, and you won’t regret choosing it. Let’s see if this option matches with your preference and style.

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