Novtech Waterproof Outdoor LED Globe String Lights

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Novtech Waterproof Outdoor LED Globe String Lights 1

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By: Novtech

Glove string lights are, vintage, chic and modern ways to decorate both indoor and outdoor space. The awesome thing about them is that they look great pretty much anywhere you place them in. I have two strings, and I swear I want to use them forever. One string is for the decoration on the wall behind my bed because I love the beautiful night look. As for another one, I save it for holidays and other special occasions throughout the year. I wouldn’t want to keep the cool stuff to myself, so I am here to share my favorable LED globe string lights today. Feel free to check some main features of these super cool string lights with me below.


Simple yet elegant, these LED light strings come with just the right design to match any room décor. I just went to check, and each bulb is about the size of the golf. I find this nice because it is neither too big nor too small. It is just the right size for convenient decoration in both indoor and outdoor space. Another cool part is that each bulb comes with hook that you can easily hang it securely on other surfaces. This also allows you attach it to other strings with ease for a more steady decoration as well. The design of these globe string bulbs come with convenience in mind, and this is also why I like it.


The ability to last for long term use is exactly the reason why I love these globe string lights so much. I have been using the lights for almost a year now before I decided to write this review. The one for outdoor use stays out the most, and its appearance surprisingly remains the same. I used that one for both Halloween and Christmas, and I left it out for a couple of days each time. The description doesn’t say anything about snow, but it worked pretty fine during winter in where I live in New York. The description however, says that it is waterproof so leaving it outdoor is totally okay.

Energy Efficient

Just like most LED outdoor lights, globe string lights are the type that you use for long hours. This is why it should be energy efficient. I really like this option because it does not level up my electricity bill too much at all. Sometimes I turn on the lights the whole night because it is just beautiful to watch. Since these lights are low energy consumption, using them is just so nice and convenient.

Novtech Waterproof Outdoor LED Globe String Lights 2


The length of the light is important because it reflects the ability to cover your decoration. Mine are both 26 feet because I don’t really like the long strands of lights since my place is small. However, there are 3 length options that you can choose from and the longest one is 58 feet. If your place is bigger, I highly recommend you going for the longest one because it offers great flexibility. You can easily use it to decorate the trees, handrails, and pretty much any object both indoor and outdoor.


Most lights come with multiple lighting modes that you can switch. In case you are like me who does not like anything complicated, then this is the light for you. There are two colors that you can choose between warm white and purple. Mine are both purple because I am not into the simplicity of yellow light. The choice is all yours actually, and I would recommend purple because my purple glows so beautifully in the dark.

Novtech Waterproof Outdoor LED Globe String Lights 3


One of the most important things about high quality lights is definitely the safety features. With this one, you won’t have to worry that they will overheat after some hours at all. In fact, you can use it the whole night and it is still cool and safe to touch. Actually, these LED globe string lights are low voltage which means it is safer compared to the high voltage ones. That means you won’t have to worry about any security problems at all.

Novtech Waterproof Outdoor LED Globe String Lights 4

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In Summary

  • The design is stylish for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • It is safe and cool to touch, and it does not overheat at all.
  • the light glows softly and warmly which is simply beautiful.
  • These lights are energy efficient which is economical to use.
  • The bulbs are durable and waterproof to have for long term use.
  • There are 4 replacement bulbs in the package in case you break them.
  • The wire is heavy duty to withstand any weather conditions all year long.
  • Each LED light bulb has long lifespan to ensure long lasting performance.


LED Globe string lights give both style and quality that many people are happy with, especially me. You know what, they are just the right decorative items to have for both home and other outdoor use. I personally like this one because it never goes out of style, vintage design like this looks great everywhere. At the same time, I also like the fact that these globe string lights are durable and long lasting. Plus with the good price, I am sure that you will also find it nice to have too. I highly recommend this option, and I really hope that you will like it as I do.

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