Quntis 18W – Fast Type C Charger For iPhone

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Quntis 18W - Fast Type C Charger For iPhone 1

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By: Quntis

We all need a fast charger that juice up our phones and other smart devices fast. The thing is that you won’t have to buy the ones with super expensive price or famous brands all the time. There are many high quality fast chargers that you can take into consideration on the market out there. I used to think that famous brands only offer the best, but that is not the case actually. So I reached out and gave a try on several fast chargers out there. My final verdict is this fast type C charger that I am showing you here. I have great experience using it, and below are the reasons why I recommend this option.

Apple MFI Certified

In case you worry, this fast charger is Apple MFI certified so it is safe to use with Apple devices. It works equally great for pretty much any iPhone devices even the new ones. The thing is that it works just as good as original lightning to USB C cable from Apple. I don’t have an iPhone 11, but I did test it with my friend’s phone to see it if really works. And boy, the charging speed is incredible.

Extra Long Cable

With the length up to 6 feet, the cable of this charger is simply great to have for both indoor and outdoor use. The cable is long enough for you to place the phone on the table or chair nearby as you charge. Also, this cable is the lightning to USB-C cable so it provides a wide range of compatibility as well. You can use it with iPhones, iPads, and pretty much any device that supports the cable. It is so convenient, and using this fast charger is simply great.

That is not all, this extra long cable also provides fast data transfer as well apart from fast charging. You can use it to transfer data from your phone to your PC and vice versa within minutes. It works fast and efficiently, and its performance is incredible every single time. I don’t really use it to transfer data, but I did give it a try. I can confirm that the speed is great, so you can trust this part as well.

Fast Charging

This is exactly why this charger stands out among the others because it delivers super fast charging. To be exact, it offers up to 50% charge in just 30 minutes for you. It is fast and efficient, and it ensures quality charging every time for you. The great thing is that the battery will not drain fast despite the fast charging. I am sure that we all experience the time when the battery drains fast when using with fast charger. This case will not happen with this charger at all which is why I highly recommend it.

Quntis 18W - Fast Type C Charger For iPhone 2


There are chargers that are so complicated and difficult to bring along with. As for this one, it is compact and lightweight which makes it easy for you to fit inside a bag. With such portability, you can easily bring this fast charger along with no matter where you go. There is even a cable velcro to hold the cable in place neatly as you bring it along with to places. This makes storage even easier and simpler which is a total plus. Not to mention that it is also stylish with its clean and neat design, having this one is simply nice.

Safety Features

We often worry that when a charger works too fast it can cause any accidents. This is true, and that is why you have to make sure that the ones that you choose have safety features. As for this fast charger right here, it comes with multiple safety systems to ensure that it is safe to use. The systems provide protection against over-voltage, short circuit, and overheating. So no matter how fast it charges, you won’t have to worry about these three problems at all. Also, there is a built-in smart chip that offers the perfect match with the current of the devices for safe charging. Along with that, your phone will not heat up during the charging process which is a total plus.

Quntis 18W - Fast Type C Charger For iPhone 3

Get this product now

Use this coupon : QUNTIS20 (20% OFF)

In Summary

  • The charging speed is super fast and efficient.
  • The cord is 6 feet long which is so convenient to use.
  • There is a 22AWG internal line that delivers safe charging.
  • The price is great for the performance and quality that it delivers.
  • It is compact, lightweight, and portable, and there is a cable velcro as well.
  • The cable offers protection against over-voltage, overheating, and short circuit.
  • This USB C to lightning cable is Apple MFI certified which means it is compatible with Apple devices.


It is true that not all of us can afford buying the charger and cable from Apple all the time. The good thing is that there alternatives with similar quality and performance that you can trust. If you usually find your charging died on you like I do, then you need the high quality alternatives. I did go out there and test my iPhone X and iPad with multiple fast chargers. This one gets my attention the most, and I highly recommend this option. Since I already tested it out for you, you can trust that this option is among the best.

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