Quntis 30W – iPad Charger iPhone Fast Charger MFi Certified

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Quntis 30W - iPad Charger iPhone Fast Charger MFi Certified 1

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By: Quntis

When it comes to fast charging, 30W charger owns them all. This is why this review is here to introduce you to a high quality fast charger that you can take into consideration. The special thing about this option is that it is both fast and safe to use for your smart devices. Fast charging is time saving and convenient, especially for busy people out there. I highly recommend this option, and there are some reasons why I think this fast charger is among the best. Let’s take a look and see if you find this option interesting to have.

MFI Certified

As for the cable, it is MFI certified which means it is safe to use for iPhones and iPads. There are cables that show the “this accessory is not supported” on the screen when you use. This case does not happen the cable from this charger at all. Along with that, this charging cable ensures that the charging is both fast and safe for you. You won’t have to worry that it will damage or degrade the quality of your charging port at all. This charging cable is absolutely safe and high quality to have for your expensive iPhones.

Fast Charging

30W is a very fast charging speed that not many fast charger out there can deliver. This is one of the reasons why this option stands out so much. The thing is that it can fully charge your iPhones or iPads in only about two hours starting with zero. This is incredible, and this is exactly what the best fast chargers should do. The combination of fast charging cable and head makes this whole thing super convenient to use. With this fast charger, you won’t have to worry about waiting for your smart devices to fully charge anymore. How convenient, right?

Quntis 30W - iPad Charger iPhone Fast Charger MFi Certified 2

USB C to Lightning Cable

The cable that this charger comes with is long enough to offer convenient charging just the way you like. With the length of 6 feet, charging is going to be very easy and simple no matter where you are. At the same time, it is also easy to bring along with as well. There is a velcro cord strap that allows you to keep the cable tidy, tangle-free, and neat. This allows you to bring it along with easily no matter where you go which is so convenient. Not to mention the wide compatibility that it offers, this charger is super great to have for any Apple lightning interface devices.


We all want our chargers to be strong and durable so that it lasts for long term use. This is the reason why I like this charger and its cable so much because it is not fragile at all. That is because it comes with the thicker copper wire along with increased cell area. Such design is to reduce the voltage drop and resistivity to ensure the long lasting performance. Along with that, it also increases the charging speed of the charger for your smart devices as well. The best part is the high coverage aluminum foil that provides extra fast data transmission with zero disturbance.


A good charger should also be portable so that you can use it pretty much anywhere you are. This is exactly what this fast charger right here offers, the compact design for easy portability. Its size is just compact enough for you to slide into your bag for convenient use as you go to places. Plus with the velcro strap for the cable that we mentioned above, the convenience is all yours.

Quntis 30W - iPad Charger iPhone Fast Charger MFi Certified 3

Safe Charging

One of the main features of fast charger is the safety features that the charger comes with. As for this one, it also provides that as well which is absolutely safe to use. With this cable, you won’t have to worry about overheating, overcharging, or overcurrent at all. Your devices will be 100% safe, and I can agree with that because I already tested this cable for quite a while now.

Quntis 30W - iPad Charger iPhone Fast Charger MFi Certified 4

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In Summary

  • Its charging speed is stable to ensure safe charging every time.
  • The charger provides safe and fast charging to all Apple devices.
  • There is protection against overheating, overcharging, and overcurrent.
  • This fast charger is MFI, FCC, and ETL certified which is safe for daily use.
  • It is compact, lightweight, portable, and there is a cable velcro for neat organization.
  • The cable is long and durable, and it provides both fast charging and data transmission.


Fast charging alone is not enough, the charger that you choose have to come with quality as well. I highly recommend this option because it comes in a whole package of quality and performance that you can trust. It is durable and strong, and the charging speed that it offers is incredible. The fast charging is great, and it is also safe for your devices as well which is a total plus. Great price with great quality, this is definitely the fast charger that you should have in mind.

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