Quntis No Glare E-Reading LED Task Lamp

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Quntis No Glare E-Reading LED Task Lamp 1

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By: Quntis

LED task lamps are very helpful when it comes to aiding your work with your monitors. There are times when the brightness from the monitor is not right, that is when you need the LED task lamp. As a person who works with PC myself, I understand this very well. That is why I am here to introduce you to a high quality LED task lamp that I really like. Based on the experience, let me list down all the great features that this lamp offers. Feel free to check them out, and I hope that my review can help you with what you look for.

Adjustable Brightness

One of the most important features in lamps is definitely the adjustable brightness. This LED task lamp right here brings just that, with high quality and performance as well. There are 3 color modes, and each mode has 10 different levels of brightness that you can adjust. You can easily use the button to adjust the brightness of the color which is so easy and simple.

With a simple press, and you will be able to change the brightness of the lamps right away. This is also why I really like this LED task lamp because it is so convenient to manage and control. Plus with the memory function, you will also get to resume the last brightness and color that you used as well.

Dimmable Lighting Modes

Not everyone has the same preference when it comes to lighting modes. This is one of the reasons why I like this LED task lamp a lot. There are 3 lighting modes that you can easily dim including warm light, cool light, and natural light. Each light is clear and bright in their own way, and it helps to boost your productivity as well. Dimmable lighting modes are very helpful because different tasks require levels of light and concentration.

Quntis No Glare E-Reading LED Task Lamp 2

Easy Installation

With clip design, the installation process of this LED task lamp is very simple and fast. You can just let sit it on top of the monitor, and it remains stably there without falling off or wobbling at all. The installation takes seconds, and anyone can do it which is so easy and simple. I have no experience with task lamp before, and I still could get to install it fast and easy. And I am sure that you can easily do the same as well.

Efficient Heat Dissipation

Another great thing about this LED task lamp is that it is safe and cool to use. The lamp comes with the design from all aluminum alloy material to ensure efficient heat dissipation. No matter how long you use this lamp, you won’t have to worry that it will heat up too hot. It is extra safe to use, and you won’t have to concern about any hazard or accidents. With peace in mind, you will also get to concentrate on your tasks better as well.

No Flickering & Glare

Working with PC is already a challenge to the eyes, so none of us wants the lamp that hurts our eyes. Even with protective glasses, I still need the high quality lamp that offers quality light; if that makes sense. The moment I installed this LED task light and start using it, I know that this is the one. It has neither glares or flickers, and it is very convenient and comfortable to the eyes.

According to the description, that is because they have this suspension design to provide enough light. At the same time, it also helps to avoid reflective glare from the PC screen as well. On top of that, it also emits the average and soft light as well to ensure that there is no flicker. Simply put, the light is clear and easy to read without any flickering or glaring at all. If you are looking for the LED task lamp like this, I highly recommend this option.

USB Powered

So easy and simple, you can easily power this LED task lamp using just the USB cable. This provides you a wide variety of power option that you can choose from. That includes PC, power bank, phone charger, and pretty much any power source using USB cables. It is convenient and simple, and you can also use it pretty much anywhere as well.

Quntis No Glare E-Reading LED Task Lamp 3

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In Summary

  • This LED task lamp is safe and convenient to use.
  • It is easy and simple to use with low energy consumption.
  • There is no glare or flickering that can hurt your eyes at all.
  • The clamp design allows for more space saving on the desk.
  • The temperature and brightness are adjustable for convenient use.
  • The light is warm and soft which does not cause fatigue or strain to the eyes.


I really like LED task lamp because it saves a lot of space on my table. Unlike lamps, it has no base that can take up the room on my desk at all. At the same time, the easy installation on the monitor brings no glare or flickering to the screen. I really like the adjustable colors and brightness that it delivers. It has been about 7 months now since I am using this LED task light, and I love everything about it. I also checked some reviews before buying, and many users have the same experience. You should give it a try because I am sure you will also like it too.

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