Scholarship Program – Result (1st Batch)

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Scholarship 1st Batch - Result

We would like to say THAK YOU to all students who spend time participating in this scholarship program. Until the deadline, we have received a total of 322 of valid essays. Finally, we found the winner!!!

Winner: Randy H. ***. (Please note that we do hide winner’s personal information for privacy purpose.)

Winning Essay


What is the impact on education in the society? This is a controversial question bound to elicit mixed reactions globally. The Oxford dictionary defines “society” as a community of people living in a particular country or region having shared customs, laws and organizations. On the other hand, “Education” is defined as the process of receiving and giving systematic instructions, especially in schools or universities. Since time immemorial, Education has been a tool of raising and enlightening a new generation.

Unlike our modern system, the ancient education system mainly focused on quality of life, religion, and spiritual wellness. Education has dramatically impacted on society both economically and socially. When citizens are well educated, the results are beneficial to the community in both short and long-term durations. Martin Luther King Jr Once said “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

When it comes to economists, Education is often broken into three specific levels:

  • Primary – referred to as an elementary school in the U.S.
  • Secondary – includes middle schools, high schools, and preparatory schools
  • Post-secondary – universities, community colleges and vocational schools.

Education and Economic Growth

In the 21 century, technology and science have advanced prompting many countries to pay a greater emphasis on developing an education system that can produce workers who can function in their specific fields. Over time, several new industries have mushroomed rendering the old ones obsolete; and so has the need for advanced education and vocational training. Machines seem to overtake human labor slowly, but education equips people with the skills to operate the new machines for faster economic growth.

When a country’s citizen is well educated, the economy grows faster since educated workers can efficiently carry out tasks which require literacy and critical thinking. It is proven that educated workers tend to be more productive than less educated ones. In most countries, especially the developed ones, obtaining a higher level of education can be costly, with tuition fees rising to thousands and thousands of dollars. A country doesn’t necessarily need to have an extensive network of colleges or universities to benefit from education; it can just provide basic literacy programs and training that still ensure economic improvements.

Statistically, countries with a higher population attending and graduating from schools experience faster economic growth than those countries with less-educated people. Many countries provide funding for primary and secondary education to improve economic performance. Studies show that the enrollment ratio is higher in developed nations than it is in developing ones.

When it comes to businesses, an employee’s intellectual capability can be treated as an asset. This asset can be used in creating products and offering services which can then be sold, hence promoting profitability. When a firm employs more well-trained workers, it can theoretically translate to increased output. When an economy treats employers with education as an asset, it is often referred to as a knowledge-based economy.

Investing in education involves an opportunity cost for the worker. Employers tend to pay more wages when the tasks required to complete a job require a higher level of education. Therefore, while wage earning might be lower in the short-term as an opportunity cost to becoming educated, wages will likely be higher in the future, once the training is complete. A country with well-developed education system also enhances better lives for those who work in different fields such as medicine, law, science, etc.

Workers who have the knowledge and skills in labor supply are a critical factor in determining both business and economic growth. The good education system, as well as training, offers a significant supply of skilled labor, and when the economy runs on this type of labor, it often capitalizes the development of more value-added industries thus, promoting growth.

Education and Social Growth

Seeking higher education level has been linked to greater educational achievement as a route to higher social status for individuals. A schooled society defines the component of contemporary society. Over the years, the education system has produced a powerful culture and transformed most individuals in the world and impacted greatly on all facets of a society.

Education provides “social benefits” for individuals and society at large, including a better way of taking care of everyone, and consequently creating a better society to live in. Human needs and consumptions have risen steadily over the years, bringing about enormous pressure on the natural resources and increasing pollution levels.

We have encountered outbreaks of various diseases that cause health hazards and natural disasters because of over-exploitation of nature. With education and powerful research, we can solve these problems and also prevent degeneration by educating the society on the importance of protecting the environment

Whenever we focus on quality education, we see improved quality of life. You will even notice the societies impacted by education are peaceful, developed, and uphold order. Thanks to education, there is an improvement in the public health, social amenities and living standards. Many new branches of science and technology have originated making life easier and offering solutions to new problems and challenges. Due to Education, many social evils have been eradicated.

Moral degeneration and decline in social values have increased in the recent times, and this has led to unforeseen social and natural crisis. Education can be used to solve these problems by teaching children and adults about the importance of values in their schools.

With education, we have seen discoveries, inventions, and innovative ideas. With it, we have experienced the positive impact of new branches of education like nanotechnology and biotechnology which are offering better medicines, new cures and new hopes for the killer diseases and health-related problems.

Thanks to education there is a huge increase in the productivity in the fields of agriculture, dairy technology, and various farm sciences, etc., which are the sources of feeding the robust human population around the world.

Bottom Line

Education has generally impacted on our lives positively and provided many with numerous opportunities for better livelihood. But, not all that glitters is gold. We have experienced its negatives as well. Criminals, antisocial elements, and terrorists are now making use of modern science and technology to stage wars and implement terrorist attacks. This has led to the loss of lives over the years. If we properly utilize Education, it can boost the quality of life and can act as a source of sustenance and vitality to humanity. In the wrong hands, education can be misused thus having a negative impact on society.

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Full Detail of This Scholarship - The10Pro Scholarship Program: 1st Batch

Scholarship Purpose

We understand that there are intelligent students who is struggling economically with their school fees or upkeep money. This scholarship is aimed at assisting such students to further their education for a better tomorrow. For that reason, we will be awarding any eligible student who proves to having unique writing skills with an amount of USD 2,000.


  • The entrance fee for this scholarship is FREE.
  • You need to be A STUDENT from any country/area.
  • Show that you are currently studying or pursuing any field of study.

How to Apply for This Scholarship?

1 – Write an essay about one of the following topics (1,000-1,500 words):

  • He who sees education sees the future.
  • The impacts of education in the society.
  • The rise of Internet is the rise of Education.

2 – Send the following information to

  • Full name
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(Please put “Scholarship Program 2018” as your email title)


The amount of USD 2,000 (Two Thousands US Dollars) will be given to the number one contestant.

Scholarship Timelines (EDT)

  • Jul 07 2018: Start accepting essays
  • Oct 15 2018: Deadline of essay submission
  • Nov 05 2018: Winner will be announced on

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.Nelson Mandela