5 Amazing Facts You Did Not Know About Boo Dog

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5 Amazing Facts You Did Not Know About Boo Dog

You probably know Boo dog as the cutest dog on the planet. I am a sucker for cute pets, and I suddenly feel in love with Boo the moment he hit the internet. A few years ago, Boo made headlines when he first appeared on Facebook. He has ever since seen an upward rise in popularity. One of the main reasons behind this Pomeranian popularity is the cute and innocent look which leaves one wanting to see more of him.

For those of us who only know him for his cute face, then there’re so many things you’re yet to learn about Boo. He has lots of peculiar characteristics which will leave you wishing you owned him. For instance; did you know Boo has his own Facebook page which has more than 17.5 million likes? And, do you even know the owner of this cute pet? To answer these questions and several others, here are the top 5 facts you didn’t know about Boo.

#1 Boo Has Been Immortalized

We all know Boo is the cutest dog on the planet, that’s why I wouldn’t include that in my list of the top 5 facts you didn’t know about him. But, did you know boo is now immortalized? Okay, not in the sense that he will never die! The famous and renowned stuffed animal makers, GUND, have made Boo into a toy such that his image and cute face remains on earth forever.

This means that you can also own your replica of Boo by purchasing one of the toys. I remember having to buy his calendar and having to view his images on Facebook every day. Now, that’s a thing of the past since I won my own immortalized picture of Boo which I can hold.

#2 Boo is A Teddy Bear Pomeranian

Perhaps this might not be of interest to most people, and that’s why they don’t know about it. But it’s important to note that there’re three types of Pomeranians namely: the fox-face Pomeranians, the baby doll Pomeranians and lastly the teddy bear Pomeranians. As for Boo, he belongs in the latter class, which is the teddy bear Pomeranian. Pomeranians have for a long time been associated with royalty with most royals having had them as their pooch choice. The most prominent royalty to have had a Pomeranian being Queen Victoria, Boo happens to lie in this category of royal pets.

#3 Boo’s Best Friend is Buddy

Buddy isn’t some guy; this is another Pomeranian who happens to be the best friend to Boo. One thing you should understand is; Boo isn’t the only Pomeranian on the planet. However, he happens to be cutest Pomeranian whose image has made headlines and is associated with cuteness. In fact, he was named the official pet liaison of Virgin America in the year 2012. So, if you want to get some tips on how to make Boo happy, perhaps you could get some advice from Buddy!

#4 Every Wednesday is Boo’s Naked Wednesday

You call it WCW; he calls it naked Wednesday! Interesting, huh! That’s how this Wednesday goes down every week. He doesn’t get dressed on this particular day of the week. Like he needs no sweaters or outfit on Wednesday! Choosing to remain in his natural suit is one of the most exciting things, and most dog owners decide to join Boo in celebrating this day by letting their pets walk around naked. Although I am still trying to wrap my head around the exact reason why Wednesday had to be the day, the bottom-line is; Boo is a real trendsetter!

#5 Pink is His Favorite Color

Okay, we all have our favorite colors and mine happens to be black. I don’t know about your favorite color, but Boo happens to adore pink more than any other color on the planet. I personally associate pink with feminism, and I have been wondering when he chose the color as his favorite.

Maybe one day I’ll get the chance to ask him that question (pun-intended0 However, for anyone who didn’t know his favorite color, now you know! So, the next time you want to send him a present, how about you get something with shouting oink colors and who knows; you might just replace Buddy and become his new best friend.

More Interesting Facts

The question surrounding Boo’s sudden rise to fame remains a mystery to many. However, one thing is for sure, he is more famous, and most of us will ever be in our lifetime. I mean, I only a few thousand likes on Facebook and Boo has over 17 million likes. He is an inspiration to most people.

Being the cutest dog on the planet, he has come out with his own book as well. The book features much information about him as well as a plethora of amazing photos of him at his best. Most celebrities have also been associated with Boo with the most significant being the famous musician Kesha who sent a tweet in the year 2010 stating that she had gotten a new boyfriend and linked it to Boo’s page.

What’s your favorite food? That’s a common question asked by someone who wants to know more about you. I don’t know about yours, but Boo’s favorite food is grass; yeah, you read it right! He loves grass more than any other food. Something else, if you’re Pisces, then you happen to share your horoscope with him. He was born on March 16th which makes his a Pisces.


In a jiffy, there are so many facts about Boo dog I’d really love to share with you, but you can also find all of them in his books. If you want to get to know Boo more, then you can check his Facebook page or purchase any of his books. You could also buy his calendar and see him every day or go for the stuffed toy and let him sleep by your side every night!

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