AIRBOLT: The Truly Smart Lock

Truly Smart Lock. Almost everything is smart these days, and smart locks are among the best of them. With smart locks, you can forget all about the keys, passwords, and any other combination. All you need is a simple touch on your phone to unlock the lock, easy and simple as that. Since it is super advanced and convenient, we are here to introduce you to a high-quality smart lock today. This particular smart lock is so lovely, so let’s dig deeper and see what it can do below.

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Just like all locks, durability is essential. As for this smart lock right here, it features the construction from heavy-duty metal alloy. This material is super tough and strong, and no one can easily cut or damage it at all. Plus, with the combination of stainless steel, the durability is all there for you. You can use this smart lock for years with zero worries about it becoming rusting or corroding which is excellent. It is durable and sleek, and it makes a great companion for pretty much any luggage and items out there

Easy Control

Locking and unlocking this lock is super easy and straightforward since the control access is from your smartphones. Simply download the app for free, and you will be able to manage this lock right away. The app is available on both iOS and Android, and it is absolutely free. This one app alone can control all smart locks that you own which are so convenient and easy. At the same time, you can also share access to other people using the app as well which is simply outstanding.

Long Battery Life

As a smart lock, battery life is essential which is why we also like this option. On an average use, the battery life of this smart lock lasts up to 9 months on a single charge. This is super long, and it is absolutely convenient to use. Also, the battery life of this smart lock is rechargeable so you can recharge it pretty much anywhere.


Another great thing that we like about this smart lock is its tracking system. With the app, you can quickly check if your belonging is stolen based on the location of the lock. This app alone does not only provide the ability to lock and unlock but also to track your valuables. It will show you the location of the lock so that you can easily track and find your bag back.

Along with that, AirBolt also offers alerts to ensure that you know if your stuff is not with you. This feature is very useful, and it has helped many users already which is why it is quite popular. With this smart lock, you won’t have to worry about losing your belonging again; isn’t that nice?

TSA Approved

Traveling in the US and US territories these days is more convenient with TSA approved luggage locks. This is also one of the parts that make this smart lock super great to have. It is 100% TSA approved. That means you won’t have to go through the nightmare of seeing your lock being cut during the security check at all. The TSA agents can access your luggage for inspection using the universal key which is safe and convenient. The fantastic thing is that you can also turn off the TSA access in non-TSA regions which is super cool. If you travel a lot, the safety and convenience are all there for you with this smart lock.

In Summary

  • 100% TSA approved
  • Compact and convenient to use
  • Free app on both iOS and Android
  • Easy control and access from smartphones
  • Long-lasting battery life on a single charge
  • Durable and heavy-duty metal alloy construction


We really like everything this smart lock offers, as it has them all for the safety of your belongings. Simultaneously, it is also convenient and easy to use as well with the simple control of the app. The simplicity in this smart lock is both useful and convenient which is why we recommend this option. You should give it a try, many people have a great experience using it and we think you will too.

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