Top 9 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets To Have In 2020

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I have been riding motorcycles for years now. I have bought different types of helmets, and they have been functioning properly. Recently, I wanted to update to a better one because of the new Bluetooth technology installed in the helmets. This device makes it easy to communicate with friends and other riders who we ride with when we are on track. Before I could buy one, I decided to check online on the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets we have in the market, and this piece offers great insight into the best that we have in the market. Be sure to stick around because I am about to take you to a ride that you will never forget.

List Of The Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

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#9. Helmets Rebellion Unisex-Adult Half Helmet Motorcycle Helmet

LS2 Helmets Rebellion Unisex-Adult Half Helmet Motorcycle Helmet

By: LS2 Helmets

My brother was happy when he bought this motorcycle helmet because he would no longer have to wear a helmet and some sunglasses. Instead, it features a sunscreen, which ensures that the direct rays do not affect his vision when he is riding in the sun’s direction. The helmet also comes with an installed Bluetooth system to help you communicate with your counterparts, or even between you and your passenger. You will also have a strong strap at the bottom to ensure that the helmet does not topple when you wear it.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • The ventilation is efficient
  • Bluetooth technology ensures that you can communicate with your passenger, and other riders
  • Inner liner is made of a hypoallergenic fiber- You can remove it to clean it

#8. T27 Full Face Modular Helmet With Integrated Bluetooth

TORC T27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Integrated Blinc Bluetooth


Whenever I am on the road, I love listening to fast-forwarding and replaying songs. When I found how perfect this was, I sure fell for it. This is because it is easy to fast forward and replay songs since it will be connected to a Smartphone. Additionally, with this best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, it is so easy to accept phone calls while still on the road. The shell is plastic made, and will not easily break in case of a crash.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Great venting inlets and outlets
  • Uses Bluetooth 2.0 technology
  • When connected to the phone, you can easily change songs and receive calls

#7. H-510 Glossy Black Bluetooth Full Face Helmet – Medium

Hawk H-510 Glossy Black Bluetooth Full Face Helmet - Medium

By: Hawk Helmets

This best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet has an in-built Bluetooth system that works pretty well with most types of smartphones. Despite it being a half-face helmet, this helmet has an awesome ventilation system; hence, I do not have to worry about suffocating while I am in them. You also have clear vision even when you are breathing moist air, or when it is cold, and fog forms on the visor of the helmet. The shell is molded ABS, which makes it strong against any form of scratches.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Shell is made of inject molded ABS
  • You can remove the inner lining for cleaning
  • Clear visor, which is an anti-fog screen

#6. T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet

Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet


I took this as a gift for my cousin during the December holidays. He was delighted to have it, and he even suggested that I rank it as the best motorcycle helmet. Every rider knows that the most essential factor in every helmet is that safety comes first. This helmet ensures that your head is safe in case of a crash. The visor is easy to push upwards and downwards. Furthermore, the ventilation works perfectly as the wind finds its way through the vents to prevent humidity forming at the visor. You are free to remove the inner liner when you want to clean it.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Dark visor protects the individual from exposure to sun rays
  • Inner liner is washable
  • The shell is integrated with Bluetooth

#5. H-500 Flat Black Bluetooth Full Face Helmet

Hawk H-500 Flat Black Bluetooth Full Face Helmet

By: Hawk Helmets

I noticed that my previous helmet would always form some scratches that really made the helmet look old. When I found out that this helmet would be able to handle such scratches, I was shocked at how strong it was. Additionally, when riding in this helmet, just know that the visor will not form any fog when you are on the road. I do not have to struggle washing the interior because it is removable and washable as well.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • The visor is always clear
  • Hard shell that can withstand scratching
  • Ventilation to keep you well aerated during a ride
  • Weighs at least 4.6 pounds

#4. Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


This best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet uses 3.0-Bluetooth technology. If you are wondering how you can communicate with fellow riders when they are a few meters away, then this is the right helmet to buy. The technology facilitates intercommunication between riders, a maximum of 8 hours while talking, and features answering incoming phone calls buttons. With this helmet, I am sure that you will be able to speak to your fellow riders even when they are 1000ft away from you. I promised my best friend that I would buy him this specific helmet for his birthday.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Comes with 2 speakers, which are of high quality, and offer stereo sound to the user
  • Removable microfiber interior
  • Bluetooth 3.o ensures communication between riders

#3. Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

By: HJC Helmets

My friend had a problem with his previous helmet because it would always fog up due to the carbon he was exhaling. I decided to be of help and offered him this best motorcycle helmet as a gift for him. He was delighted because he does not experience the fogging up issue. It has a vent on top of it that lets air into the helmet, and a small vent, which acts as the exhaust, to rid of all the unnecessary air. Therefore, he can see all through while riding. The helmet is also very light. It will fit precisely into your head once you wear it.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Has in built Bluetooth function
  • Interior speaker ensures that you can hear everything correctly
  • Faceshield protects the rider from harmful UV rays from the sun
  • Vents that assist in air flowing in and out of the helmet

#2. Matte Black Modular Flip up Helmet DOT

By: IV2

I noticed that most of the time, when I was buying helmets, I used to buy the ones that were either big or small for my head. This time around, I was careful. With this product from IV2, the manufacturer provides you with a chart where you can measure the size of your head. This will help them send the right size for you. I loved the way the visor is very clear, including the darker one, even when it is dark. The Bluetooth function is not built but a great helmet. Additionally, the helmet would go down from the head to hold on to the chin tightly.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Comes with an extra dark visor
  • You will have to purchase the Bluetooth unit separately
  • The inner liner is perfect for impact absorption
  • The flip up button is easy to push

#1. Flip up Dual Visors Full Face Helmet With Built-in Bluetooth

By: FreedConn

I have come across different helmets but the minute I set my eyes on this one, I was so eager to order it online. After it arrived, I decided to test them on the road. They did not disappoint because the visor is a great feature with this helmet. One reason is that it has dark features to protect the eyes from exposure to sun rays; two is that this best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is easy to open and close. You will not require a lot of energy to flip it up and down. Additionally, it uses the Bluetooth 3.0 feature, which you can use to communicate with friends even when they are half a kilometer away from you.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • In built Bluetooth 3.0
  • 1 button that does all the work: to receive calls; control the music player and the GPS; to change to FM
  • The helmet weighs about 4 pounds

Final Thoughts

After hours of research, I concluded that the FreedConn Flip up Dual Visors Full Face Helmet with Built-in Bluetooth is the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet among the list. This is because the feature can connect with different riders who have the same type of helmet from a distance of half a kilometer. Be sure to check the stability of the helmet before settling for the one that you want.

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