Why is CO Dangerous? & What Are The Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors?

Have you installed the best carbon monoxide detector in your home? If you haven’t then you should read this article to the end. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), many people lose their lives due to carbon monoxide poisoning. The latest data from the government website, CDC, from the body indicates that 393 people died as of 2015 from unintentional poisoning. 2,244 deaths had occurred from 2010 to 2015, and this should have you worried.

The worrying trend was also witnessed in other parts of the globe, and this has led to governments and other organizations encouraging people to install detectors and alarms to stop the death. In fact, Forbes, in an earlier article has also described carbon monoxide as “A Silent Killer

Why is CO Dangerous?

Did you know that people get poisoned by the gas without even knowing? They will start experiencing flu-like symptoms such as dizziness, fever, severe headaches, weakness/fatigue, nausea, sleepiness, confusion, and disorientation. Many unfortunately won’t know what’s happening and some who do may discover it too late. The following are some reasons why the likes of Forbes and other organizations refer to it as a Silent Killer:

  • Colorless: Do you know that you can be inhaling carbon monoxide right now? The reason that you may not know of its existence is that it’s colorless. You will, therefore, continue with your chores only to experience the symptoms and die if you don’t get medical help.
  • Odorless: If there is gas leakage in your home, restaurant, office or any other place, you’ll immediately know there is a problem and will take the necessary steps. This is because of the smell to gives off. But, with CO, there is no odor. You will innocently inhale it until fatality strikes.
  • Tasteless: You can taste many gases, and this is always a good signal for you to run for dear life or look for the source of the gas/taste. Some will be sour, others salty, some may have a sweet taste. Sadly, carbon monoxide has no taste. Combined with the lack of smell and lack of color, it ranks among the dangerous gases that exist freely.

Sources of the Gas

The gas comes from incomplete combustion of certain fuels or when there is poor air circulation. Likely sources include gas stoves/ranges, fireplaces, water heaters, gas clothes dryer, fuel-burning space heaters, wood burning stoves, charcoal grills, generators car exhaust, generators, blocked chimney, and damaged furnace exchanger. Operating a fuel burning stove, grill, or range in an enclosed space where there is a limited supply of fresh air increases the poisoning.

Read More: The article from Kidde sheds more light on carbon monoxide, poisoning symptoms, and how to stay safe.

Common Types of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  • Battery-operated: This is among both basic detectors you’ll find in the market. They run via batteries and may come with a digital screen or may have none. They are loved for their simplicity and easy installation. Nevertheless, you need to constantly examine them to make certain the batteries have enough charge or aren’t leaking.
  • Hardwired: As implied by the name, this detector is connected to the circuitry (electrical system). The unit may be rated 110V AC, 220V AC, or dual voltage (100-240V AC).Unlike the battery-powered device, you won’t need to constantly monitor or replace batteries. But, the unit won’t work in case of a power outage.
  • Digital: This type of detector has a digital screen that not only indicates the presence of the poisonous gas but also the volume. The bars will increase if the level is high and low in case it’s only a small amount. The unit, just like other types, is based on sensor technology to spot the gas.
  • Dual-function: This unit serves two purposes which are CO detection and also an alarm. After sensing the presence of the carbon monoxide gas, the unit will trigger an alarm or siren. This notifies you in case you are far or are busy doing something else.
  • Smart: Unlike other types, this detector is highly advanced. It will run self-diagnosis to ensure that every part is working as designed. Older types would at times jam or trigger the alarm a little late. This was usually caused by the accumulation of dirt, dust, corrosion and other debris. Due to the sophisticated nature, this unit is very precise.

List of Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors in 2021

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#7. Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm

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By: Wewalab

It’s not hard to find this detector /alarm in many homes. It is also among the most reviewed products in 2021. The reason for its popularity is the excellent service it provides and affordability. It can easily sense carbon monoxide in environments and will alert the user via the clear 3-digit LCD screen. The built-in LED unit also flashes, and it also produces a loud alarm (85 decibels) to further notify the people around of the impending danger. The portable gadget runs on batteries which last for a good time. It has a unique design that enhances its appearance and functionality as well.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Loud audible alarm
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy installation
  • Good weight and portable

#6. Carbon Monoxide Alarm/Detector With Battery Backup

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By: First Alert

The “First Alert” name is very popular when talking about carbon monoxide detectors and alarms. In fact, the company has lots of products on offer. The CO605 is among the top items. It has good sensitivity to detect even small volumes of carbon monoxide. This plug-in unit will easily fit in the standard wall sockets. And in case you experience a power outage, you will still be safe, thanks to the 9V DC battery backup. It produces a loud noise/alarm (85 decibels) to alert you when far or if too preoccupied with other things. The light accessory fits easily and works for a long time without problems. It has an easy-to-operate push button and is made of durable materials.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Simple operation
  • Quick fitting
  • Good design and size
  • Works well

#5. Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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By: Kidde

This carbon monoxide alarm is what will keep you, your family and other occupants safe from CO poisoning. The reasonably small unit is lightweight and can be placed in different locations with ease. It displays the readings in digital form via the well-sized screen and has an easy-to-operate button. The unit is plugged into a 120V Ace power outlet but has a 9V DC battery backup just in case there is power interruption or outage. I love the unit’s memory keeping that records earlier detections. This can help you detect a recurring problem, for instance, a leaking flue, damaged chimney, generators, and more.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Simple design
  • Easy to read
  • Works well
  • Good quality and price

#4. Dual-Power Carbon Monoxide Detectors With Digital Display

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By: First Alert

I have fitted this detector in my workshop, and I know it works as well as the company and consumers claim. It had gone off severally when I left the car running for too long while in the garage which is next to the workshop. The unit also sensed the gas after the space heater developed some problems and started redirecting the fumes towards the workshop. The unit is very versatile and can be fitted in different places with ease. In fact, a complete novice will manage to do it using ordinary tools. The device can run via a battery or plug into the mains. It has a bright display for showing the readings and is easy to operate.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Dual powered
  • Quick installation
  • Very sensitive
  • Good display

#3. Battery-Operated Carbon Monoxide Detectors & Alarm With Digital Display

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By: Kidde

I helped my neighbor install this unit in his home several months ago. And to test if the unit actually worked, he directed exhausts fumes to the unit using a long hose. True to the manufacturer and seller’s claim, it did pick up the CO, and the alarm went off. I loved the nice display that indicated the presence and volume of the gas. I love the user-friendly interface that is easy to read and the audible alarm that can be heard from a distance. The battery-operated unit can last for a long time before requiring new batteries. It comes in a small size, and you can fit it with or in many places easily.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Small and lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Good detection capability
  • Easy-to-read display

#2. Digital Carbon Monoxide Detector & Alarm, White

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By: Delling

This alarm and detector from the Delling brand should find its way into your home. This comes at a time here, cases of carom monoxide poisoning are on the rise. The white-colored gadget is also suitable for the office, business premises, dorm room and other places. It’s made of tough material to withstand the exposure to the environment, gases or poor handling. It installs fairly easy and fast and should be up and run in a matter of minutes. The device has an LCD display for easy reading, an alarm clock warning, and Led lights that flash red when carbon monoxide is detected. Additionally, you get a loud alarm (85 decibels) that sounds at different intervals. It runs on 3, 1.5V AA.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Unique design and good precision
  • High consistency and sensitive
  • Stable and portable
  • Easy installation

#1. Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector Alarm

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By: Nest

Purchasing this unit was one of the best moves I’ve ever made in life. There are so many reasons why this product is the best carbon monoxide detector. First of all , barely two weeks after installation, was it able to detect the presence of carbon monoxide in my home. The alarm went off to notify me. A closer inspection revealed that my aging chimney and flue had miniature cracks that let in some carbon monoxide instead of allowing it to escape. I was told by the repairman that this wasn’t a new crack but had been increasing over time. The previous detector had failed to detect the CO and is lucky that no one had been poisoned by the gas. Fitting the unit took men a few minutes, and I loved the simple design and the clear instructions.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Easy to understand
  • Audible alerts
  • Accurate and precise
  • Very effective and versatile

The Installation of Carbon Monoxide

It’s important that you have installed the detector properly. Failure to do so may affect the functionality and precision of the unit. If you aren’t very conversant with the device or aren’t confident about the installation, you should seek help from an expert. The below YouTube video should help you with the installation.

In Summary

After looking at the above statistics and learning about carbon monoxide, you are certainly worried if you haven’t installed a CO detector. As you have seen, the cases of deaths have risen globally. This may be attributed to rising use of heating devices and fuels that emit the poisonous gas. The most worrying thing is that the gas is odorless, tasteless, and colorless. You may even be inhaling it now as we speak.

The good news though, is that you, your family and other people in your home or even office can stay safe. You only need to install the right CO detector to alert you of any presence of the gas. We have picked the best carbon monoxide detectors and alarms in 2021 that guarantee you the best service and improved safety.

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