Top 10 Best Corded Drills You Should Own In 2021 | Products Review

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The corded drill has made life more comfortable and more convenient. You don’t have to use lots of effort or time drilling holes or inserting screws. Nonetheless, you will only enjoy maximum efficiency and performance if you are using the best corded drill. Such a drill drills much faster. It comes in a user-friendly design, is easy to operate, and doesn’t produce lots of noise.

Additionally, the cord will cover a long distance, the motor will be powerful to drill hard surfaces, and the unit will also work with different bits and attachments. Corded drills are even more powerful than the cordless type and can handle tough jobs. They also won’t stop running because the battery went out of charge and this improved productivity since there will be no delays. So, which is the best corded drill? Read on to find out.

List Of Top Best Corded Drills In 2021

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#10. DW235G 1/2-Inch VSR Drill, 8.5-Amp

DEWALT DW235G 1:2-Inch VSR Drill, 8.5-Amp

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By: DeWalt

DeWalt is a name that is respected when it comes to corded drills. The DW235G is commonly mentioned and is respected for its high performance and reliability. The drill is very light but quite solid and is also easy to operate. It can drill through hard surfaces thanks to the high power and torque and also doesn’t produce lots of noise. Controlling the unit is easy, thanks to the two-finger trigger.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Helical-cut steel for strength and long life
  • Heat-treated steel gears for improved performance
  • Metal gear housing for maximum reliability and durability
  • Two-finger trigger for improved accuracy and extra comfort

#9. D13VF 1/2-Inch Drill, 9-Amp, EVS Reversible

Hitachi D13VF 1:2-Inch Drill, 9-Amp, EVS Reversible

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By: Hitachi

My neighbor occasionally uses this drill, and he says it’s the best corded drill he has ever handled. It can drill on many surfaces with ease, doesn’t produce too much noise, and is also very practical. He also claims that his hands don’t sweat or feel numb even after using it continuously. Furthermore, it has a simple trigger that provides the best control. Well, all the above is true because I have borrowed it severally.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Electronic variable speed control trigger for improved accuracy
  • Two-finger operation for easy maneuverability
  • Lock-on function for nonstop operation
  • 416.6 in-lbs torque for optimum impact
  • Form fit palm grip for improved control and reduced vibration
  • Contractor-grade cast aluminum gear casing for sturdiness and durability

#8. 3/8-Inch VSR Pistol Grip Drill, 8.0 Amps

DEWALT DWD110K 3:8-Inch VSR Pistol Grip Drill, 8.0 Amps

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By: DeWalt

This DeWalt drill is undoubtedly one of the respected corded drills in the market. Both amateurs and professionals choose it because of its long-lasting high performance, solid construction, and reliability. It’s relatively lightweight, compact but is very solid. It’s easy to operate and produces decent power to drill on different locations. Thanks to the two-finger trigger, controlling the accessory is very easy.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • 8.0 Amp motor for optimum performance
  • 3/8-inch ratcheting keyless chuck for improved bit retention
  • 0-2,500 RPM for faster drilling and fastening
  • Soft grip handle design for maximum comfort and good grip
  • All ball-bearing construction for long life and reliability

#7. 3/8-Inch Variable Speed Drill, 6.5 Amp

PORTER-CABLE PC600D 3:8-Inch Variable Speed Drill, 6.5 Amp

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The Porter-Cable PC600D is among the best corded drills in the market. It is renowned for its top performance, reliability, easy operation, and functional design. The stylish drill is suitable for a range of applications including woodwork, metalwork, art & crafts, and auto repair. It has a strong housing to absorb the shock and impact and also protect the internal components including the motor. The comfortable unit comes with a lengthy cord for improved functionality.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • 6.5-Amp electric motor for optimum power
  • Keyless 3/8-inch chuck for faster and convenient bit changes
  • Variable 0-2500 RPM speed trigger for effective drilling and driving
  • Lock-on button for extended use and easy control

#6. 6445-04 1/2 In. Hammer Drill, 7.0 Amp

Skil 6445-04 1:2 In. Hammer Drill, 7.0 Amp

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By: Skil

This drill is suited for many applications in the home, workshop, office, and other places. It is well-balanced for improved handling and can be used even from tight angles. The smooth handle provided a nice grip and is also very comfortable. It has very good ergonomics, resists impacts, and has a sturdy housing that won’t break or crack even when dropped many times. It also protects the internal components guaranteeing you of long life. Thanks to its simple design, changing the bits is simple and effortless. It also stays intact until you decide to remove or swap it.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Powerful 7.0 amp motor for heavy-duty operations and fast speed
  • 1/2 in. keyed chuck for use with large diameter bits
  • Versatile design for metalwork, woodworking, drilling, driving, and hammering
  • Side assist handle for improved control and precise drilling
  • Variable Speed trigger for better drilling speed and minimizing overdriving the screws

#5. Matrix AC Drill/Driver


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By: Black + Decker

I could tell that this electric corded drill from Black + Decker could deliver the best service the first time I tried it. The construction quality was pretty good, the trigger was very receptive, and the weight was well-balanced. Despite the good power and torque it produces, it was fairly silent compared to other cord drills. I was impressed by the non-slippery firm grip surface, good quality, and ergonomic design.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • Matrix Quick Connect mechanism for easy tool change
  • 4.0 Amp Motor for reliable power
  • Lightweight and compact for easy carrying
  • 11 Position clutch for preventing accidental overdriving or stripping of screws

#4. 1/2″ (13mm) VSR Hammerdrill, 7.8 Amp

DeWalt DW511 1:2 (13mm) VSR Hammerdrill, 7.8 Amp

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By: DeWalt

The DW511 constantly appears in top corded drill reviews. It gets a nod for solid construction, reliability, effectiveness, and high performance and reliability. The electric drill is very versatile and can work on different surfaces. Although it’s lightweight, the accessory is very strong and will last for many years. Like other top drills, it comes with a simple and user-friendly two-finger trigger for maximum control and improved accuracy.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • 7.8 Amp motor for the best performance
  • Overload protection to protect the drill
  • Variable speed for extra precision
  • Dual mode for drilling and hammering
  • 4.3 lbs weight for reduced fatigue and improved handling

#3. 1/2-Inch Pistol-Grip Drill, 10-amp

DEWALT DWD210G 1:2-Inch Pistol-Grip Drill, 10-amp

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By: DeWalt

DeWalt has been around for decades and continues to dominate the market for best corded drills. The DWD210G is one of the top types and is a perfect choice for amateurs and professionals. It features a nonslip grip that offers better control and precision. The simple design together with the reactive trigger makes using it easily, whereas the good power speeds up the process. It has a relatively long-lasting battery and produces minimal vibration.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • 10.0 Amp motor for the best drilling performance
  • Patented DEWALT motor design for offering twice the power of conventional cord drills
  • Variable 0-1200 RPM for increased versatility
  • Two-finger trigger a soft grip handle for greater control
  • Metal gear housing for durability and better reliability

#2. 3/8-Inch VSR Electric Drill, 8.0 Amps

DEWALT DWD115K 3:8-Inch VSR Electric Drill, 8.0 Amps

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By: DeWalt

The DWD115K corded drill from DeWalt will make drilling holes and drive screws on different surfaces very easy. Thanks to its sturdy construction, the unit can tolerate regular handling as well as mishandling, bangs, and knocks. The decently-sized power tool is suitable for many applications including woodwork, metalwork, mechanical work, crafts, hobbies and much more. Like many other consumers, I love the powerful motor that delivers adequate power and torque. It’s also very handy and easy to control and comes with a mid-handle grip for better maneuverability.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • 8-amp motor for heavy-duty implications and high performance
  • 3/8-inch all-metal ratcheting keyless chuck provides good bit retention
  • Variable 0-2,500 RPM speed for improved performance and fast drilling and driving
  • Mid-handle grip design plus soft grip for enhanced comfort and better balance
  • All ball-bearing construction for extending the tool’s life and smooth operation

#1. 3/8-Inch VSR Pistol-Grip Drill, 8.0 Amp

DEWALT DWD112 3:8-Inch VSR Pistol-Grip Drill, 8.0 Amp


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By: DeWalt

I normally use this drill in my home, and it’s the best I’ve ever used. I love the well-balanced weight which makes it easy you use from different angles. It is very ergonomic and minimizes tiredness while enhancing the comfort and stability. The drill is very well built and has survived many falls, bumps, knocks, and impact. Changing the bits is very easy and also convenient. It is very precise and prevents overdriving the screws thanks to the variable speed motor.

Reasons To Buy This:
  • 8.0 Amp motor for powerful performance
  • Pistol-grip for improved handling and control
  • Tough construction for heavy-duty application
  • Keyless 3/8-inch all-metal ratcheting chuck for the best bit retention

Corded Drills Buying Guide

Corded drills are ideal heavy-duty jobs such as metal, strong bricks, or masonry drilling. This buying guide is here to give you some tips on how to choose the right corded drills. Let’s find out what they are with us below.

Chuck Size

Various jobs require different sizes of drill bits, and that is why chuck size is important. Different corded drills come with different chuck sizes that you can choose from small to big. It is important to know the difference so that you know which one that suits your need the most. The most common chuck sizes are usually 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2. The 1/4 chuck is ideal for light-duty small drivers while the 3/8 is great for general use. Meanwhile, the 1/2 chuck is for heavy surfaces and it requires larger holes.


Also known as torque control, the clutch is a part between the chuck and the motor. There are numbers on the ring that represents the amount of torque or the spinning power. The higher the number means the more torque is transferred to the screw head until reaching the last point. Because the clutch controls the power over the screw, the ease in using it is important. Find the corded drills with a clutch that you can easily control so that your work is neat and clean every time.


Ergonomic design is important in drills because you wouldn’t want to experience hand fatigue after working. Go for the options with a comfortable grip and light in weight so that you can use it comfortably. Even if for long hours of use, the drills are still convenient because they don’t put too much pressure on your hand.


Another important thing to think about before buying corded drills is definitely the length of the cord. It has to be long enough so that you can plug it into the socket for the work. If you are new to drills, don’t forget to get an extension socket because it always comes in handy. Also, make sure that the cord of your drill is durable and heat resistant. This is to ensure safety for long term use as it will not overheat or get damaged easily.

Motor Power

Each drill comes with their own specific motor power, and that is your job to pick the right one. Usually, common corded drills come with the motor power of either 5 amps or 7 amps. The ones with 5 amps are suitable for drilling into different surfaces and objects. As for the drills with 7 amps motor power offer more power for various jobs.

Motor Speed

Just like power, different drills come with a different speed that you can choose for your work and projects. There are drills that come with 2-speed settings that you can use in different situations. The speed is usually high and low, and you can easily select between them with a simple switch. If your work requires both fast and slow, it is advisable to go for the ones with 2 speed.

The Bottom Line

Finding the best corded drills can be difficult. One, there are all types of brands readily available. Two, you need to ascertain the need at hand and the future demands. Three, you have to look at the features, specifications, advantages, and disadvantages of each drill. Four, It’s paramount to compare the different products. Five, All the research and comparison require time and effort, which you may not have. However, by using these reviews as a guide, you will own the best cord drill in the market. The featured accessories are powerful, versatile, ergonomically-designed, comfortable, feature a long cord, and energy-efficient. In addition to improved performance and efficiency, you will enjoy a strong service.

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