The 8 Best Drywall Screw Guns In 2023 | Review & Tips

In the following review, we will examine the best drywall screw guns. Our aim is not just to shed more light on the most suitable options but also to give a chance to own a good piece. As you may already be aware, working on drywall is different from a normal stone or cement wall. And if not careful or using the wrong tools, you may end up damaging the surfaces. In your attempt to fit a small screw to hang a wall painting or picture, you may leave a big hole gaping on the wall.

This means additional costs in terms of repair, and also spending more time. You, like other people, will obviously, not be happy. To address the ever-growing needs and desires, manufacturers keep releasing new products. Some are better than their existing or earlier ones while others are not. And with different options in the market, all claiming to be the most useful, it can be hard to settle for a particular piece. The good news nonetheless, is that we have singled out some of the best drywall screw guns in 2021.

Best Drywall Screw Guns Review List

Table of Contents:
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    By: Makita

    This drywall screwdriver from Makita weighs 3 pounds and feels well balanced. You can thus hold it for an extended time without any inconvenience. In addition, it’s also ergonomic to manage it and to prevent fatigue and discomfort. The tool is made from lightweight cast lightweight aluminum and boosts of good engineering. It’s also lightweight and durability hence easy to handle. Besides, it features a nice handle for maximum grip and also good control. This reduces the downtime and the possibility of dripping it as well.

    The tough surfaces put up with abrasion, bangs, vibration, sweat, dust, and much more. In addition, it has a directional airflow design that channels hot air away from your hands and face. The 6.0 AMP electric motor feels powerful and also has good torque. It has a top speed of 6,000 RPM and offers faster rotations to handle the tasks. Also, the built-in brilliant LED light illuminates workspace for good visibility in dark setups.

    It’s made from steel; it will handle the use and misuse pretty well. Moreover, the steel belt clip rise improves the handling and convenience. You’ll find simple and clear guidelines inside the pack. Also, it doesn’t requiem too much or frequent maintenance. It’s alone of the tools that will serve you for messy years without any issues.

    In Short:

    • Weighs 3 pounds and feels well balanced
    • Holding it for an extended time is easy and convenient
    • Very ergonomic to manage it and to prevent fatigue and discomfort
    • Made from lightweight cast lightweight aluminum and boosts of good engineering
    • A nice handle for maximum grip and good control
    • The tough surface put up with abrasion, bangs, vibration etc
    • The 6.0 AMP electric motor feels powerful and has good torque
    • Top speed of 6,000 RPM offers faster rotations
    • Built-in brilliant LED light illuminates workspace for good visibility in dark setups

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    #7. Drywall Screw Gun, Variable Speed Reversible, 6.5-Amp (DW276)

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    By: DEWALT

    With the DEWALT DW276, you have an easier time and experience driving screws into the drywall. Additionally, you’ll utilize less effort in addition to time. It has a compact styling that boosts handling as well as operation. Besides, it fits quite well in the hands of most users. Nd being small and compact, it also calls for very little room. It’s lightweight and additionally has a comfortable texture. Holding it frequently or for prolonged durations is thus made more convenient and comfortable. This permits you to complete a task quicker and also experience less fatigue. Similarly, you will not experience any numbness, particularly on the fingers.

    The control switch is well placed and also very receptive. With merely a little press, it will instantly power up the electric motor. The system comes with a brushless electric motor that runs much smoother and is also more quite. It also has great power as well as torque to drive the screws in many drywall surfaces. The Helical-cut steel, along with the gears, are heat-treated for resilience and also longevity.

    It also delivers high torque and will withstand regular as well as demanding use well. Moreover, the steel case offers excellent security to the internals including the gears. For a good firm grip and also to minimize it falling or slipping, it has a non-slip rubber grasp. We like the two-finger trigger, for it offers better control and feels nice. Also, the tool is ergonomic and also easy to maneuver.

    In Short:

    • A compact styling boosts handling as well as operation.
    • Fits quite well in the hands of most users
    • Small and compact and needs little space
    • Well-places and very receptive control switch
    • Brushless electric motor runs much smoother and is also more quite
    • Great power and torque drives the screws in many drywall surfaces
    • Resilient and durable helical-cut steel and heat-treated gears
    • Firm non-slip rubber grasp
    • Two-finger trigger offers better control and feels nice

    #6. 6.5 Amp Drywall Screwdriver

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    By: Milwaukee

    The Milwaukee 6742-20 is the best drywall screw gun for most people. It’s a high-quality piece and also very versatile. Therefore, handling everyday operation isn’t a problem. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or professional. The unit feels safe and offers secure handling. We like the design, which is appropriate for drywall, secure fencing, deck, floor covering, as well as roofing applications. Likewise, the 6.5-amp electric motor gives exceptional power and torque but still feels less bulky. This lets you enjoy an extensive use with little exhaustion.

    The practical locator helps balance the depth and performance. Besides, the guidance system minimizes wobbles and streamline continuous running. It’s a smooth-running unit, which also doesn’t produce lots of noise. Moreover, the vent design helps to direct the heat away from your face as well as hands. Also, the handle texture feels nice and cozy at the same time. Handling the tool with wet, oily, or sweaty hands is also not a challenge.

    It features a durable diaphragm that works okay with the steel gears. You also find a quick snap-action clutch for faster performance and loading. The screw gun is strong and durable and has a long life span. You also get a premium rubber two-cable that is resistant to abrasion. And measuring 10 feet long, it offers a good reach and is also very flexible and easy to maneuver. Furthermore, the tool comes with a recessed lock switch, which is much safer and also more convenient. The belt clip is removable and the handy bit storage space safeguards the screws and bits.

    In Short:

    • High quality and very versatile
    • Handles everyday operation quite well
    • Appropriate for drywall, secure fencing, deck, floor covering, roofing etc
    • The 6.5-amp electric motor has good power and torque
    • The guidance system minimizes wobbles and streamline continuous running
    • Smooth running and doesn’t produce lots of noise
    • Nice vent design directs the heat away from face and hands
    • Nice and cozy texture on the handle
    • Durable diaphragm and steel gears
    • 10-foot long premium rubber two-cable

    #5. Drywall Screw Gun, 6.0-Amp (DW255)

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    By: DEWALT

    The DEWALT DW255 is an incredibly versatile item. It works fantastic s and additionally is rather easy to use. The device is compact in nature and likewise lightweight. Consequently, you can manage it for a prolonged period and your hands won’t really feel weary or numb. In addition, it does not occupy great deals of room thanks to the portable styling. You can conveniently utilize it in restricted areas without any issues.

    It’s ergonomically crafted and extremely comfortable to hold. Additionally, it does not have a slippery surface, but what you have is a nonslip texture. It is powered by a 6-amp electric motor that works together with a robust rechargeable battery. And with just a single charge, it will last a very long time and give you many cycles of use. The electrical motor churns decent power and torque to guarantee the screws enter well. It also includes a two-finger trigger that is fairly responsive. And thanks to the rubber finish, it feels comfortable and also less likely to slide.

    The Helical-cut steel is solid, tough, and likewise long-lasting. This handles the vibration, heat, impact, shock, and much more well. The gears inside the sturdy steel housing are heat-treated and will also last a long period. Moreover, they ensure you get top performance. The tool completes a job fast and is also quiet. Furthermore, it saves power due to the brushless motor. Additionally, it requires minimal maintenance and deals with the vibration, bangs, impact, and more.

    In Short:

    • Versatile tool works fantastic and easy to use
    • Compact in nature and l
    • Ergonomically crafted and extremely comfortable to hold
    • A nonslip and firm hold texture
    • Powerful 6-amp electric motor powered by a robust rechargeable battery
    • The electrical motor has good torque
    • A very responsive two-finger trigger
    • The solid Helical-cut steel handles the vibration, heat, impact, shock etc
    • Sturdy steel housing with heat-treated steel gears

    #4. SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver With Screw Holder

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    By: WORX

    The WORX WX255L SD Semi-Automatic also gets a slot on the top drywall screw gun review. It’s a sturdy and compact tool that speeds up screw installation. Moreover, it’s among the easiest you use thanks to its design and portable nature. It comes with a conventional 1/4- inch hex shank to handle the bit and is also very easy to fit. Removal is equally as simple. And with the slide-action function, the unit bolts quickly for better performance.

    For safe handling as well as convenience, the bit moves seamlessly into the open slot. At the same time, it makes certain the correct bit is placed. This tool has a robust and durable screw holder. It supports the one-hand procedure. And together with the lightweight, it allows you to use it well, especially in tight locations. We like the semi-automatic nature, which improves operation as well as convenience. Moreover, it runs quiet and also has a nice venting system. This helps the tool run cool.

    The comfortable layout and ergonomic styling improves the use whereas the nonslip handle minimizes slippage or falling of the tool. You can easily operate it in limited locations thanks to the LED light. It improves the visibility due to the better illumination. Moreover, it is energy efficient and also doesn’t become hot. Driving in screws, thus becomes a breeze. The accessory has a re-loadable cartridge that will hold 6 bits directly inside the screw gun. Therefore, you’ll always have a bit available.

    In Short:

    • Sturdy and compact semi-Automatic drywall screw gun
    • Speeds up and simplifies screw installation
    • Easy to use and very portable
    • Comes with a conventional 1/4- inch hex shank
    • Slide-action function improves performance
    • A robust and durable screw holder
    • Supports one-hand procedure and is lightweight
    • Runs quietly and also has a nice venting system
    • Built-in LED light improves illumination in the dark

    #3. 20V MAX Lithium Single Speed Drill/Driver

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    BLACK+DECKER BDCDD120C is another popular drywall screw gun. It’s the go to option for beginners and also expert users. We like its standard styling, which has few unnecessary features. This makes using it more users friendly. Also, it’s a compact tool, which occupies little space. And with the small head, it fits in tight spots okay. To get you going, you’ll discover easy direction inside the pack. It’s an excellent tool that function’s quick. It likewise can run for a long session with no concerns.

    It’s not too noisy and also doesn’t become too warm or hot. What’s more, it depends on a reliable electric motor that has good power in addition to torque. It drives the screws inside any drywall with minimal effort. However, the results are quite impressive. The item is flexible and suits most circumstances. It relies on a 20V rechargeable battery for power. And owing to its excellent balance and weight, it feels nice in the hands. It likewise has a good texture and is also ergonomic. As a result, it’s unlikely to slide or fall even when held with damp, oily, or sweaty hands.

    You won’t experience any kind of numbness or fatigue, even in demanding jobs. And weighing just 2.5 lbs carrying it is not an issue. It provides top performance and will keep going and going and going. Also, it is premium quality but costs less than most in a similar category. The device is unlikely to break down and also needs minimal care.

    In Short:

    • Popular drywall screw gun chosen by beginners and also expert users
    • Standard styling and user-friendly
    • Compact and occupies little space
    • The small head fits in tight spots okay
    • It’s not too noisy and also doesn’t become too hot
    • Reliable electric motor has good power and torque
    • Powered by a 20V rechargeable battery
    • Excellent balance and weight and also ergonomic
    • Weighs just 2.5 lbs and needs minimal care

    #2. 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Drywall Screwdriver (Bare Tool Only)

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    By: Makita

    The Makita XSF03Z 18V LXT is yet another best drywall screw guns out there in the market. It’s an extremely flexible and reliable item that works excellent. Besides, it’s simple and really easy to use. Therefore, even as a beginner, you should hack it. And since it has a simple design with clear directions inside the pack, it shouldn’t give you any trouble. We like it’s small and compact nature that enhances its handing as well as portability. The lightweight improves this aspect. As a result, you can manage and work with it for a long session. Your hand won’t get numb or too exhausted.

    It doesn’t use up a great deal of space, thanks to being compact. Therefore, you can also take advantage of it in limited spaces. It’s ergonomically made as well as comfortable to boost its reliability and use. Furthermore, it does have a safe surface and is very ergonomic to prevent numbness. It is powered by an 18-volt rechargeable battery that will offer many cycles and also lasts a very decent period. A single charge will deliver good service for hours. It also recharges fairly fast and doesn’t get hot.

    The effective electric motor delivers good power as well as torque. This ensures the screws go in well for professional outcomes. The unit has a top speed of 4000 RPM and this will handle the job fast. Also, it features Push Drive technology that is renowned for its silent and smooth operation. Like other top options, it comes in brushless form and also runs smoothly. This not only improves performance and productivity but also saves power.

    In Short:

    • An extremely flexible and reliable tool that works excellent
    • It’s simple and really easy to use
    • It’s small and compact nature enhances handing and portability
    • Ergonomic and very comfortable
    • Powered by an 18-volt rechargeable battery that offer many cycles of use
    • The effective electric motor delivers good power and torque
    • Top speed of 4000 RPM handles the job fast
    • Push Drive technology keeps the operation silent and smooth

    #1. M18 FUEL Drywall Screw Gun (Bare Tool Only)

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    By: Milwaukee

    With the Milwaukee 2866-20 M18 not only will you have one of the top drywall screw guns but will also say good-bye to using lots of effort. Also, it saves you time and boosts productivity. It’s not new in the scene. However, for the time it has been in the market, it’s proven very reliable. We enjoy its compact styling and lightweight, which boosts handling an operation. Also, it fits in the hands all right and has a cozy texture and finish. Additionally, it needs very little area to work in and this suits it for those tight zones.

    It’s lightweight and holding it continually or for long periods is easy. This enables the operator to finish a job much quicker without experiencing too much exhaustion. And thanks to the very responsive control button, the machine works like a charm. No need to apply too much effort to activate it. The system counts on a tough and energy-efficient brushless motor. This gives it good power to drive the screws in the surface. Furthermore, it works pretty fast courtesy of the high speed of 4,500 RPM. Therefore, it will finish the work fast.

    The screw gun relies on a high-grade rechargeable 18-volt battery for power. It has a large capacity that will run the tool for long. And taking into account, it has a brushless electric motor; it will conserve the energy. Therefore, the battery will last for a much longer duration. It may be powerful but still isn’t too loud. Also, it doesn’t need complex or frequent maintenance. Similar to the other featured options, it also comes in a nice pack and you’ll find clear guidelines inside it. It’s also compatible with most screw types in the market.

    In Short:

    • Compact styling and lightweight boosts handling nd operation
    • Fits in the hands all right and has a cozy texture and finish
    • Lightweight and holding it continually or for long periods is easy
    • Very responsive control button
    • A tough and energy efficient brushless motor
    • Works pretty fast courtesy of the 4,500 RPM
    • Relies on a high-grade rechargeable 18-volt battery
    • Energy efficient brushless electric motor
    • Powerful but not too loud
    • Compatible with most screw types in the market

    How We Picked The Best Drywall Screw Gun

    Yes, it’s true that there are many good products out there. They will offer good service, work efficiently, are sturdily built, easy to use and also last for a long time. Also, they will be ergonomically designed and this improves comfort, handling, and minimizes fatigue. But, with a lack of proper information or guidance, you may end up owning a not so good product. It may feel a bit bulky or heavy, maybe too slow, struggle to drive screws on some surfaces, or has a battery that doesn’t keep power for too long. To pick out the most suitable options, our main focus was on the following:


    A good unit generates decent power. This enables it to drive screws quickly and efficiently. You won’t need to apply lots of pressure on the unit. Also, it will handle different screws and will work for long periods without the performance dipping. A unit with low power will struggle, especially when dealing with long screws or in a demanding job.


    It’s necessary that you pick a unit, which is super comfortable. This allows you to hold it for long periods without any problems. Moreover, it also minimizes strain and fatigue, especially on a long project. The weight and design play a crucial role in its comfort. A good piece will be light Weight hence Very convenient to handle and also move around with. Also, it will have a nice texture that feels nice to the skin and won’t make your hands sweat a lot.


    Closely associated with comfort is ergonomics. Basically, this means the feel of the unit. The top-rated drywall screw gun will have good ergonomics. Firstly, the weight will be well balanced. This improves support as well as maneuverability. This prevents fatigue and numbness, particularly in a demanding situation. Secondly, the surface will be good to prevent discomfort or odd feeling. A rubber-like surface improves the grip even with sweaty, oily or wet hands. Thirdly, it will not generate too much heat, which also will affect the handing. Any hot gases and surface will obviously not feel nice on the hands.


    It’s very likely that you will be holding the unit for long sessions. This may be in your home projects or for commercial applications. Another thing is that you may be moving a lot with the tool. This particularly applies to people who undertake the jobs in a commercial capacity. The last thing any person wishes for is struggling with a unit because it’s too heavy. Not only does this feel uncomfortable and strain your hands, but it also increases the potential of it slipping off and falling down. Also, it will greatly undermine your productivity and efficiency since you’ll find yourself taking breaks more often than not.


    With some tools costing an “arm and leg’, it’s critical that you try and pick a piece that will prove handy in many situations. It will work well on different drywall surfaces, both thin and thick. Also, it will handle different kinds of screws. Furthermore, the best drywall screw gun will also double as a drill. This saves you money since you won’t need to invest in several pieces.


    Torque is closely related to power. Power basically has to do with the speed of the unit. And the more powerful it is, the faster it will work. Torque, on the other hand, defines the brutal force that pushes the screw in the materials. A tool may have power and will work okay on thin surfaces. However, because of low torque, the speed will greatly reduce when handling tougher or thicker walls. A torquey unit may not be super fast but will also not struggle to drive the scares even in thick or tough materials. It’s thus essentials to pick a unit with high power and also high torque.


    The speed of the unit influences how fast you complete projects. The faster it is, the lesser time you will use. Also, this means that your productivity and efficiency becomes better. Each tool will have the ratings in terms of rotations per minute (RPM). The higher it is, the quicker the tool will run. Nevertheless, as earlier stated, it’s also critical that you look at the torque specifications. This is because it may perform fast on thin materials, but the speed greatly dips when using on thicker drywall.

    Brand Reputation

    Type the term best drywall screw gun 2020. You’ll be amazed by the number of results you’ll get. Also, you’ll discover so many brands, most of which will be pretty new to you, especially if you are a novice. But, you’ll be able to recognize some names even if you are an amateur. This is because they are household names and have been in the scene for decades. They also will be known for top performance, easy availability, Reliability, high quality, good customer service, and much more. Notable examples include Makita, Dewalt, Black & Decker, Hilt, Senco, Worx, Milwaukee, and Ridgid, among others.


    We, like other potential consumers, also pay attention to the maneu verability. When using the tool, you want something that is easy on the hand. It will l not just be light in the hands but also well balanced. This allows you to hold it up in the air with minimal ease. Another thing is that it should have a slender head as this makes using in tight location easier. Moreover, the best drywall screw guns also come with a built-in led light. It will illuminate the dark spots for easy use.

    NB: In addition to the above, we also paid attention to the design, weight, features, quality, noise level, and price.

    Final Thoughts

    In the above read, we have examined the best drywall screw guns in the current market. Our goal was/ is to make the process of finding a good piece easy and also convenient at the same time. You won’t need to acquire more knowledge, compare different options, or spend too much time researching. Instead, all you need is to simply identify the one that you believe will offer you the best service. This entails you first ascertaining your current need at hand as well as future expectations.

    One thing we can assure you of is that any of the above choices work pretty well. They will prove resourceful in small as well as large projects. They are very handy and also very portable. Therefore, you can operate them for long sessions with minimal inconvenience. And as you’ll observe, we went for products from reputable brands. Therefore, you are certain of reliability, long service, safety, and peace of mind. Pick the best drywall screw gun for optimum satisfaction.


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