Top 9 Best Electric Nail Files To Buy In 2023 Review

We desire to have a well-kept and elegant finger and toenails. However, most of us lack time to visit the salon or nail center. This leads to many people walking around with not so attractive nails. In fact, some will still have chipped or faded nail polish while in some the nails will look uneven or croaked. Did you know that you can still have awesome fingernails and toenails even without going to a professional? All you need is the best electric nail files. This accessory will help to file, shape, buff, or engrave your nails. It can be used right from home by anyone, including people with little skills. A look at the markets indicates that these are the top products at the moment.

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List Of The Best Electric Nail Files In 2023

Table of Contents:
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    By: Medicool

    Manicuring and pedicuring at home or on travel has never been this easy. With the Medicool electric nail file, you can file or curve the nails like professional. The kit comes in a carry case for ease and convenience and can be used at home or salon. It features variable speeds for selecting the best option, whereas the strong motor easily eliminates the unwanted regions. Included in the set are 11 tools that will help you achieve the “Dream” nails you’ve always wanted.

    Reasons To Buy This:

    • Sturdy plastic for longevity and stretch
    • 11 high-quality tools for professional results
    • Powerful 20,000 rpm variable speed motor for efficiency and flexibility
    • Versatile design for manicuring, depicturing, natural and acrylic Nils
    • Travel case for easy and convenient carrying

    #2. 30000RPM Electric Nail Drill Machine

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    Filing, buffing, engraving, or curving nails at home is more comfortable with this nail drill. It’s straightforward to use and works on any type of nails whether natural or acrylic. The built-in motor rotates at high speeds allowing the file to quickly and conveniently shape or file the nails. The ergonomic shape together with the lightweight makes carrying and operating conveniently. It features a forward and reverse switch for changing the direction and produces minimal noise even when filing hard nails.

    Reasons To Buy This:

    • High-Speed bearings for improved efficiency
    • Ventilation holes for effective cooling
    • Adjustable speed from 0-30000 RPM for selecting the best mode
    • LED display for indicating the speed signal
    • High Torque motor for dealing with tough nails

    #3. Professional Electric Nail File

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    By: Fancii

    Want the best manicure and pedicure from your home? How about investing in the Fancii Professional nail file? The electric piece is one of the powerful and smoothest files and will file, buff, carve, and shape finger and toenails. The device is fit for regular and acrylic nail and is relatively quiet despite the high-speed operation. It comes with a convenient stand for placing it during use as well as a UV dryer for drying nail polish.

    Reasons To Buy This:

    • 5 interchangeable heads for easy and quick operation
    • Cordless design for using the device anywhere
    • Multipurpose for manicuring, pedicuring, natural, acrylic, a pet paws.
    • Improved motor for more power and less noise
    • Built-in UV dryer for speedy drying of nail polish

    #4. Nail Care System

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    By: LaFlantine

    Buffing, shaping, and buffing finger and toenails is convenient with this electric nail file. It comes in a user-friendly design and is effective on natural, polished, or acrylic nails. The strong electric motor runs at high speed for quick service and efficacy. This also delivers amazing results and also saves time. The Bluish Green accessory looks very cool and will easily fit in the included free pouch. And to get you started, the nail file comes with AA batteries.

    Reasons To Buy This:

    • 5 replaceable Rollers for buffing, filing, and shining nails
    • Filing Guide for improved protection and safety
    • Small travel bag for storing the accessory
    • Curve design for better ergonomics and comfort

    #5. Electric Nail Drill & Clipper Set

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    By: Morpilot

    If you want professional results, then you should go for this electric nail file. It files, smoothes, and buffs all kinds of nails, including natural and acrylic. The small device works fast and isn’t noisy. For easy handling and carrying, it’s lightweight and will fit in the organizer, cabinet, or drawer. It’s the right choice for both manicure and pedicure and can still work on your pets such as cats and dogs. You can also take it along during your travels.

    Reasons To Buy This:

    • Multi-Function design for home, salon, travel, pedicuring, manicuring, shaping, polishing, buffing and removing callus.
    • Efficient heat dissipation for extending the lifespan
    • Aluminum body for long lifespan and quick dissipation of heat
    • Professional quality for smooth and silent operation
    • Light pen-shape for easy handling
    • Adjustable speed for varying the operation

    #6. 6-In-1 Professional Electric Nail File

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    By: Dr. HeiZ

    Many consumers admit that the Dr. Heinz 6-in-1 is the best electric nail file they have ever had or used. They say it is very fast and will easily file or buff the finger or toenails. Some also say it works seamlessly and is very silent even when set at the highest speed. They also love its simple design that is easy to control as well as the compact design. When not filing the nails, they will use it for engraving, sharpening, grinding, carving the nails or removing callus. According to a number, the nail file can also work on dogs.

    Reasons To Buy This:

    • Multifunctional for filing, engraving, shaping, depicturing, manicuring, and calluses removal
    • 6-in-1 function for versatility and convenience
    • High-performance motor for quick operation and improved efficiency
    • Adjustable speed to suit different requirements
    • Taiwan-made motor and Japanese-made bearings for smooth and silent operation

    #7. Professional Electric Nail Drill Buffer

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    By: Belle

    Whether its natural or acrylic nails, this electric drill by Belle will file, shape, or cut them to size. Designed for maximum efficacy and convenience, it comes in a decent size and practical design to cater for daily use. The accessory works fairly fast thanks to the robust electric motor and solid attachments. It operates smoothly without creating lots of noise, and it also takes up little space. When done right, you will be amazed by the professorial results it gives.

    Reasons To Buy This:

    • High-quality construction for effective manicure and pedicure
    • 30000RPM for fast service and efficiency
    • Included foot pedal for convenience
    • Well-placed Forward/Reverse direction switch for both right-handed and left-handed users
    • Multifunctional for Filing, Sharpening, and Carving, Routing, Engraving, Grinding

    #8. Professional Cordless Nail File

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    By: Vogue Professional

    File and shape your nails anywhere with this cordless electric nail drill by Vogue. It’s straightforward to use and will work on nails with polish, without polish, as well as those with acrylic or stick-on. It has a powerful motor that revolves at high speed to complete the task fast. However, despite the fast pace, it delivers professional results. It’s very light, and this makes using and carrying convenient. It can be slipped in your purse, handbag, backpack, and is suitable for home, salon, office, travel, and other places. You can choose low or high speeds depending on the task or personal preference.

    Reasons To Buy This:

    • Cordless design for use anywhere
    • 7 specialty tools for foiling, buffing, shaping, and drilling
    • Stainless steel construction for troth and durability
    • Simple design for easy use
    • Light and compact for good handling and maneuverability
    • Slim design for reaching tight spaces
    • Powerful motor for effective nail filing

    #9. 25000RMP Electric Nail File

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    By: ZENY

    Why struggle with a manual nail clipper/file when you can file or drill the nail with an electric nail file? Coming from ZENY, this sleek looking device is what will deliver the professional look. It will easily drill, file, and shape any nails, whether natural or acrylic. It’s lightweight and ergonomically designed for secure handling. The powerful motor is high-speed and efficient and is also useful in eliminating calluses. The accessory is perfect for the home, salon, travel, and other places. Did you know you can use it on your dog or cat?

    Reasons To Buy This:

    • High torque for filing hard nails
    • Metal construction for sturdiness
    • White powder-coated for elegance and preventing rust and corrosion
    • Dialing speed control for easy operation
    • Minimal noise and vibration for quiet operation

    Best Electric Nail Files Buying Guide

    Electric nail files are very convenient and easy to use. However, you have to make sure that you choose the right ones to achieve the convenience that they offer. Worry no more because the buying guide below will lead you to the ways of shopping for the best electric nail files. With just a few steps, and you will be able to choose the right one right away, so check them out.

    Convenient Operation & Features

    Upon convenience, there are a lot of things that we want to focus on which are:

    • Compact & Lightweight: In case you want to bring your electric nail file on the go, the lighter, the better. Plus, with the compact size, you can always bring your tool along with easily no matter where you go.
    • LED Display: This function helps you to know about the speed of the process. This allows you to maintain the right speed for the most effective and accurate work possible.
    • Sound: Quiet operation is very important in an electric nail file. That is why you should choose the ones that work noise-free to ensure that both you and the customers are convenient.
    • Vibration: The less the vibration, the more convenient the operation is. Vibration causes a lot of discomfort on the fingers during nail filing which is why a vibration-free function is important.


    Electric nail files with high frequency are perfect for professional and commercial use. With high frequency, you will be able to do your work more effectively and easier. At the same time, it is also more durable to use as well which is perfect for daily and long term use. The ones with high frequency can be a little pricey, but it is worth the performance and durability it offers. So in case you have a salon or work with nail filing a lot, don’t forget to consider this part.

    Nail Types

    There are 2 types of nail that electric nail files usually have to work with which are:

    • Acrylic Nail Powder: This type of nail powder requires powerful filing under they feel rough. The minimum speed to work with acrylic nail powder is around 25000 RPM to achieve the best result. So if you work with this type of nail, always go for the most powerful electric nail files
    • Natural Nail Powder: As for natural nail powder, it is like your natural nails. That means it does not require much power drills at all which is more convenient. In case you work with both types, it is obvious that the powerful electric nail files are what to go for.

    Wire Or Wireless?

    Either way is both convenient, it depends on how you will use it. If you are on the go a lot, using the wireless electric nail files will be more convenient. If it is for home or salon use, wired options will do the job. Just remember to choose the ones with long battery life or convenient charging features if you like the wireless options.

    Final Thoughts

    With the best electric nail file, you will be able to give yourself or another person a professional manicure or pedicure. The accessory is similar to those that are used in high-end salons only that it is more portable and user-friendly. The best types such as the ones listed above work on any nails, are very practical, easy to use, and will serve you for a long time. Other than just filing, they also buff, shape, carve or even engrave the nails. You can still use this kit to give your furry friend, cat, dog, a pedicure or a manicure. So, have you made your choice yet?

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