Discover Top 13 Best Hedge Trimmers – Products Review

Investing in one of the best hedge trimmers will help you beautify your yard or garden. It has quality and reliable blades that cut irregular-sized branches and twigs. Also, you don’t have to use too much effort because it has a powerful motor. This machine is easy to hold than the traditional ones with a bulky structure. The following review has the best hedge trimmers in the market.

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    By: Sun Joe

    Sun Joe is a global brand that has different outdoor landscaping tools, including this hedge trimmer. It has a compact design suitable for cutting hedges, shrubs, and tall bushes. Not only that but also you will enjoy superior cutting control to leave the yard or garden neater. This machine is designed from premium material safe for use on both dry and wet branches. The blade metal will not discolor, fade, or rust, hence support extended use. In addition, this device has a telescoping pole that extends up to 7.9 feet to provide up to 13 feet of overhead reach. You can work on the tall and low hedges thanks to the adjustable pivoting head.

    Furthermore, the wide cutting capacity of 0.7 inches gives you superior control. You can cut more accurately than using the traditional device to leave the garden neater. Plus, it works on most bush sizes when cutting both tough and soft branches. We love the dual-action blade mechanism of this tool for optimal longevity and performance. With one or two quick motions, it trims the overhang branches or overgrown vegetation in seconds. An added advantage is an integrated 4-amp motor that spins the slicers quickly to quicken the landscaping task.

    In Short:

    • For cutting shrubs, hedges and tall bushes
    • Its ergonomic design gives you superior cutting control
    • The telescoping pole reaches to 7.9 feet
    • Comes with a rust-resistant blade
    • With a 4-amp motor, it spins quickly and efficiently

    #12. Cordless Electric Power Hedge Trimmer

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    By: Ukoke

    Another top-rated hedge trimmer we review is by the Ukoke brand that offers maximum safety. With multiple certifications, including UL, ELT, EMC, CSA, CE, and GS, you get an additional guarantee of user security. These standards make it durable and suitable for trimming hedges, bushes, and other vegetation. Besides, this tool comes with dual-action blades featuring a 20-inch cutting range. This gives you an extended reach while producing 40% fewer vibrations. They cut branches and twigs up to 3.4-inch thickness to provide you with maximum comfort. Plus, a plastic knife cover comes in handy to protect the slicers from damage when not in use. It keeps out dirt, moisture, debris, leaves, sap, and other unfavorable.

    Furthermore, this device is comfortable and safe, thanks to its 6.8-pound weight. It is encased in a compact and cordless structure for true portability. Take it with you anywhere that needs trimming, such as a garden tree and more areas. We love the D-grip handle that supports a fast and clean cutting either from the side or top. And the over-mold soft grip provides a better grip than the rest. This machine’s longlasting battery system of 20 volts lasts 30 minutes per charge. You can complete multiple trimming tasks and also swap with compatible Ukoke cordless power tools easily. In addition, the durable start protection switch prevents the dangers of accidental operations.

    In Short:

    • It has multiple certifications for maximum safety
    • The dual-action blades produce less vibrations than the rest
    • Comes with a plastic knife cover to protect the edges when not in use
    • It weighs 6.8 pounds to support a comfortable hold
    • With a 20volt battery, it runs up to 30 minutes

    #11. Corded 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer

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    By: Toro

    The Toro hedge trimmer has a corded design to give you superior control in a specific area. You can use it in locations near a power outlet to prevent consistent plugging and unplugging. It has a dimension of 36 inches tall x 8 inches wide x 8 inches long for added user comfort. You can use it in most orientations to reach the high hedges and also undergrowth. Plus, this machine’s 4-amp motor is powerful and durable than the rest. It can spin quickly and efficiently to transform messy hedges into tidy ones in minutes. Now your garden or backyard can look neater without spending money on hiring professionals. We take note of the 22-inch cutting bar to cover an ample space to let you complete the task quickly.

    We understand some blades are quite mediocre and tend to bend or break after a short time. With this one, they are built from hardened steel to give you a lasting and comfortable service. You can cut a 9/16″ thick easily with minimal hand effort. Besides, the metal will not fade or corrode even when used for slicing wet vegetation. This equipment’s dual-action system dissipates vibrations for more user convenience. The cord-lock system keeps the cable safe from external damage and prevents disruptive disconnects.

    In Short:

    • Its corded design allows use in location shear a power outlet
    • Comes with a 4-amp motor for a powerful rotation
    • Helps keep the backyard clean and tidy
    • The blades cut up to a 22-inch surface
    • With a cord-lock system, it prevents disruptive disconnects

    #10. Cordless Battery Hedge Trimmer

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    By: Husqvarna

    Trimming your bushes or hedges should not be a difficult task. This trimmer comes with multiple modes that let you maximize the run time much better than other models. It ensures the motor works faster and more efficiently to improve your trimming action. Not only that but also the brushless electric motor comes in handy when delivering has high efficiency. This helps extended your machine’s lifespan and, at the same time, leave your garden looking more appealing. What’s more, the blades provide a dual-action in low vibration and extended reach. You can now enjoy maximum comfort when snipping hedges, branches, and twigs.

    Made from premium material, the blade can withstand excessive use. Whether you are working on wet or dry branches, the action is more superior than the rest. Besides, this machine produces low noise levels to let you work peacefully for long hours. Even the other people around the working area will go on about their businesses as usual. This unit weighs 7.3 pounds suitable for trimming medium to large-sized places such as a backyard. Also, the 4 Ah battery runs lighter, stronger, and longer for added flexibility. Its telescopic shaft allows quick height adjustment as the instant start button quickens the start-up.

    In Short:

    • The multiple modes let you maximize the run time
    • Its brushless electric motor delivers high and durable efficiency
    • With dual-action blades system, they work with less vibrations
    • It weighs 7.3 pounds suitable for medium-sized yards
    • Comes with a telescoping shaft for quick height adjustment

    #9. 2-In-1 Cordless Grass Shear + Shrubbery Trimmer

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    Are you looking for the excellent hedge trimmer that delivers a high performance? We have the WORKPRO tool with a 2-in-1 design for more user flexibility. You can switch it from a shrubbery trimmer to a grass shear in seconds. Not only that, but also the shear measures 4-23/32 inches while the shrubbery 3-35/64 inches wide. Another thing we like is the high no-load speed of 1100rpm. What this means, is that the motor rotates 1100 spins per minute to provide consistent and neat cutting results. It is perfect for pruning and trimming trees, bushes, shrubs, and branches.

    A convenient 7.2-volt rechargeable battery lasts for approximately 40 minutes per charge when using the trimmer. For the lawnmower, its run time is around 50 minutes and needs up to 5 hours for charging. Moreover, this device is cordless for hassle-free operation. You can move around from one area to the other with maximum comfort as well as control. The double-lock design of the child-lock design and security key forms offer maximum protection. Whether you are using this machine or not, it keeps adults and children safe. Weighing 1.04 pounds, it is among the lightweight in the market. You can use only one hand to control it as the handheld grip structure improves comfort.

    In Short:

    • Its 2-in-1 design improves versatility and use
    • The high-speed motor rotates 1100 spins per minutes
    • Comes with a rechargeable battery that runs up to 50 minutes for the lawnmower
    • With a child-lock feature, it keeps you and the kids safe
    • It weighs 1.04 pounds for added user control and comfort

    #8. 40V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer

    #8. 40V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer

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    The Black & Decker trimmer has a versatile design to give you more benefits over previous models. With a 40V lithium-ion mechanism, it is more reliable and efficient than the gas options. Not only that but also the cell puts more power and consistency into a compact structure. This lets you work in any area, whether wide or narrow, with maximum comfort. Plus, the battery lasts longer on a single charge to give you an interrupted use. This machine’s Energy Star-rated charger charges your unit quickly in just one hour. We love the convenience the cutting power provides, thanks to the Power Drive transmission. You can cut double the amount of twigs without stalling. And the dual-action blades guarantee fewer vibrations while cutting or trimming, unlike the single-action edges.

    In addition, this item’s blades are sharp and durable to cut a 3/4″ branch swiftly. Some of the other machines only handle a thin twig thickness, making this one more reliable. Another thing we like is the wrap-around handle that offers superior and comfortable gripping in all cutting angles. Not only that but also it is large enough to allow use with gloves. Its soft rubber grip design and cord retention system adds more safety as it prevents accidental unplugging.

    In Short:

    • The 40V lithium-ion battery offers better power than other designs
    • Comes in a compact and lightweight structure for better control
    • Its Power Drive Transmission provides excellent cutting power
    • The dual-action blades trim branches quickly and smoothly
    • With a soft rubber grip, your hands remain strain-free

    #7. 20V Power Share Cordless Hedge Trimmer

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    By: WORX

    The best hedge trimmer can be lightweight and yet powerful like this one by WORX. It is much lighter in size than the rest made with premium materials. Not only that but also you will get a comfortable use when trimming shrubs. The extended design with a 22-inch cutting range lessens the time for all your landscaping needs. You can use it for sides, long and flat tops, as well as round corners. Controlling the potion and angle of this tool is simple for most users, even for beginners. Another thing is the unique D-grip handle for superior and comfortable holds at any orientation. The cuts will be cleaner, neater, and quicker, unlike the use of traditional models. Plus, the structure has enough leverage to allow you to hoist it up when working on tall hedges.

    What’s more, this device is easy to operate thanks to its friendly structure. You can point it down for the low undergrowth to make them cleaner. Besides, the dual-action blades come in handy to cut an area with one rapid movement. It then trims back the area to make it neater. Furthermore, this hedge trimmer has a 3/4-inch blade gap that helps you get around rips and twigs much better. It keeps your hands and arms less fatigued as it reduces vibrations. In addition, the construction of the over-mold grip dissipates the working power for added comfort.

    In Short:

    • It has a lightweight and yet sturdy design for best performance
    • Its 22-inch cutting range is perfect for sides, long, and flat tops
    • The D-grip handle provides superior hold at any position/angle
    • Featuring a friendly structure, you can trim the lowest undergrowth accurately
    • The over-mold grips help reduce vibrations during operation

    #6. 20v Max Hedge Trimmer

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    By: DEWALT

    The friendly dimensions of this great hedge trimmer make it comfortable to use. Measuring 38.7 inches long x 9.4 inches wide x 7.9 inches tall, controlling the angle is comfortable. You can cut both short and long branches effortlessly to get cleaner cuts. Besides, this machine weighs 7.5 pounds, which is lightweight for easier manageability. Featuring a powerful motor, it delivers a high output to withstand excessive use. Not only that, but also the blades are made from premium steel for faster, cleaner, and accurate cuts. Note that they can cut up to a 3/4″ twig for the best results. The material will not corrode, rust, or fade, making this tool more reliable.

    An added advantage this machine provides is simple snipping. Thanks to the 22″ sharp blade with superior crooked teeth, it handles most branch type. Plus, a compact structure fits most storage locations when not in use. This accessory has an ergonomic design featuring quality handle to minimize stress on the fingers and arms. You can work on an ample space as you move around quickly with the 5mah lithium-ion battery. It delivers up to 20 volts to get the landscaping job done comfortably. This style does not come with the battery, but the other available one includes one. It’s yellow/black finish has more appeal than the plain-looking ones in the market.

    In Short:

    • It weighs 7.5 pounds for a lightweight and comfortable use
    • The powerful motor delivers high output
    • With sturdy blades, they can cut up to 3/4″ twigs
    • Its compact structure fits most storage places perfectly
    • Has a vibrant black and yellow finish

    #5. Lithium-Ion Cordless 22″ Hedge Trimmer

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    By: Makita

    Not all top-rated hedge trimmers in the market, have a low energy consumption. If you want one that provides an excellent service in little energy use, stop searching. The Makita is equipped with advanced Star protection Computer controls that help protect against overloading, overheating, and over-discharging. You no longer have to worry about loading problems and high temperatures, especially during an extended task. Moreover, this item’s powerful motor provides up to 2, 700 SPM for clean and fast cutting speed. It spins quicker than the rest suitable for hedges, shrubs, and even trees. Besides, the dual-action shear blade has a double-sided design measuring 22 inches. You can cut with maximum comfort and precision to make the area neater.

    In addition, this machine prides an anti-vibration structure engineered with five paddings. Note that the cushions are within the motor casing to minimize vibrations during use. The previous designs usually caused too much noise that exceed this one’s 87 decibels, causing disruptions to other people in the area. Also, the battery lasts for a long time, and you can monitor the remaining level with the capacity warning system. It will turn the indicator light on and stops the motor from operating. Note that the packaging does not include the charger or battery.

    In Short:

    • Comes with an advanced Star protection Computer controls that help protect against overloading
    • The motor spins quickly up to 2,700 rotations per minute
    • With a double-sided blade, it leaves neater cuts
    • Its anti-vibration system minimizes vibrations
    • The battery indicator shows the remaining charge level

    #4. 20V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer (LHT321FF)

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    Most people love Black & Decker products because of reliability and efficiency.this hedge trimmer has a cordless design to improve control and usability. You can move around a place more easily, thanks to the cord-free design. Not only that, but it is also powered by a 20V lithium-ion battery for an endless task. It will last for long on a single charge, and you can load it using the provided charger. What’s more, this machine measures 40 inches long x 7 inches wide x 7.5 inches tall with a 22-inch blade. Note that the slicer is constructed from premium material suitable for tough shrubs and hedges. With an agile design, it goes the distance to trim up to 3,000 square feet.

    The ergonomic grips give you superior comfort as they work in low vibration. You can trim a large area or trees in lesser time than using the other units. Furthermore, this gadget lets you trim though a jam by pressing the push button. Cutting a 0.75-inch and a less sized branch is easier and safer with this hedging tool. Weighing only 7.85 pounds, this equipment is easy to handle as well as store. After the landscaping task, clean the blades and store them in a safe location. Another thing is the black and orange finish for extra appeal during and after use.

    In Short:

    • Its cordless design improves control and movement
    • Powered by a 20-volt battery for added flexibility
    • Has an agile construction that trims up to 3,000 square feet
    • The ergonomic grips improve operation comfort
    • Weighs only 7.85 pounds to support a quick use and storage

    #3. 4.6-Amp Corded Hedge Trimmer

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    There’s a more straightforward and safer way to make your hedges and trees look neater. The GARCARE trimmer keeps your hands and fingers safe, thanks to the 2-hand safety switch. Not only that, but the handguard comes in handy to safeguard against accidental operation. You can now concentrate on the working area better, knowing that you have full protection. Another thing is the soft rubber grips integrated with the handle to help absorb any vibrations during use. What this means, is maximum comfort and reliability when trimming off dangling branches. In addition, the rubber material has excellent wear-resistance than the rest for added value.

    This machine boasts a 4.6A motor that rotates at a higher speed than most models to quicken the task. It also prevents overworking of the other parts, making it ultra-reliable. With a 3/4″ cutting/trimming range, you’ll spend less focus on one area. It slices a sizeable path to make the action feel less of a chore. Additionally, this accessory is lightweight and ergonomically-designed to allow superior control. You can work on a surface at any angle that suits your landscaping to achieve neater and cleaner results. Moreover, the laser cutting blade measures 24 inches and is made from hardened steel for extended service. It cuts quickly and cleanly for effortless sculpting and shaping.

    In Short:

    • Safe and straightforward design to make trees neater
    • Comes with a 2-hand safety switch and handguard to prevent accidental use
    • The rubber grips improve holding stability and safety
    • Its 4.6-amp motor rotates quickly and fast
    • The hardened steel on the blade improves cutting action

    #2. 22-Inch 4 AMP Corded Hedge Trimmer

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    By: GreenWorks

    What do you look for when planning to buy the best hedge trimmer? If it is a lightweight and easy to control system, we have the best gadget for you. The Greenworks trimmer weighs only 5.8 pounds, which is lighter than other similar brands. Not only that, but the molded grip has enough padding to add operator comfort. You can now work in a large area without worrying about hand and arm strains. In addition, this item comes with a front handguard to offer maximum protection against accidental hand snips. Note that the handle area has a 3-sided wrap to make the cutting easier. This device measures 37.8 inches long x 8.9 inches wide x 7.9 inches tall. You can control and manage the slicing angle with maximum comfort.

    What’s more, this unit has dual-action blades for less vibration during operation. They are made from robust metal to cut both soft and sturdy vegetation quickly. Not only that, but also you’ll enjoy comfortable use to make your landscape more appealing. With a bright green handle, locating it from a dark-lit storage location is simple. The color plus a red-black blade area makes the whole construction attractive. In addition, this machine’s 4-amp electric motor works quickly and efficiently than the rest to get the task done.

    In Short:

    • It is lightweight for easy control and use
    • Comes with a molded grip to improve holding comfort
    • The front handguard offers maximum protection
    • With dual-action blades, they produce less vibrations
    • The green handle finish has better visibility and appeal

    #1. Electric Tools Fuel Hedge Trimmer

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    By: Milwaukee Electric Tools

    Finding the top hedge trimmer is not a walk in the park. If you want one that gives you easy control and use, you’ve have found it. The Milwaukee comes with a brushless motor that offers a superior under load during operation. Not only for longlasting but also smooth cutting. It has use a total system communication that coordinates the charger, battery, and this device to work efficiently. Note that the 9.0 cell provides an extended run time to give you a continuous application up to 2 hours. Plus, a 24-inch blade cutting length ensures you snap an area with one smooth motion. This machine can cut a 0.75-inch branch quicker and accurately than the rest.

    Furthermore, the handle placement area makes the weight distribution much better. It is made from premium material that can bear the toughest and harshest conditions. Besides, you can cut both robust and soft twigs effortlessly. What’s more, this equipment has a sturdy design to meet both residential and professional landscaping. You can control the angle or position of the handle thanks to a well-balanced structure. Also, the slider-crank mechanism and a gear case provide exceptional durability. The cover is made from heavy-duty metal for added strength.

    In Short:

    • The brushless motor works quickly and smoothly
    • Comes with a 9.0 battery that runs up to 2 hours
    • The 24″ cutting length of the blade trims rapidly
    • Made from heavy-duty and reliable metal
    • Has a sturdy handle that improves your trimming balance

    The Best Hedge Trimmer: Buyer’s Guide

    What do you look for when planning to buy the best hedge trimmer? Is it durability, performance, control, or blade structure? All of these play a huge role in service as well as trimming action. Let us look at each one of them more closely below.

    Blade Design

    Most of the leading hedge trimmers in the market have steel blades. This is because this material is superior to the rest in terms of performance and reliability. Not only that, but also it will not rust even when used to cut wet vegetation and twigs. You can also check if it uses a dual-action or single-action system. The former style gives a better cutting performance as it trims tough branches quickly in one rapid motion.

    Control and Performance

    Another feature to check for the best hedge trimmer is the handle design. The most common style is the D-grip handle. It supports a swift and clean cutting action either from the sides, bottom or top. Besides, most models have an over-mold soft grip to provide better grip and control.


    The next factor to consider is the overall weight of the best hedge trimmer. Some weigh as little as one pound while others more than 8 pounds. It all depends on the features you are looking for and the number of tasks. If you are planning to work in a large area, choosing the lighter models is ideal. Also, storage and carrying the lightweight unit is much more comfortable than the bulkier ones.

    Battery Capacity

    If the trimmer runs by battery only, it is a nice idea to check its capacity. Some have a higher load but don’t last as long as the lower load ones. This is because of the motor operation and overall design. If the motor is made from poor quality material and mechanism, it might lead to overworking of other parts leading to higher energy consumption.

    Sound and Vibration

    Lastly, consider the sound level this machine produces. You can enjoy a peaceful yard work at home or workplace with one that creates a little noise. For instance, the Makita uses an anti-vibration structure engineered with five paddings. The cushions are within the motor casing to minimize vibrations during use up to 87 decibels. Note that the models with dual-action blades and over-mold grips help reduce vibrations.


    The best hedge trimmer can make your landscaping work more manageable. It usually comes with sturdy blades that cut both thin and thick branches effortlessly. Not only that, but also the handle designs improve your control. If it is made from durable material with an ergonomic shape, you can work on a large area more comfortably. Also, the best hedge trimmer leaves a messy yard clean and inviting.

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